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    ...important ebook information: Title: ADHD Supplement Buying and Usage Guide Subtitle: Learn how to buy ADHD supplements, use vitamins, and handle dosages Author Name: [login to view URL] I expect the book cover to be professional and have the same layout as the example book cover on this page: https://www.amazon.com/Strategic-ADHD-Guide-Kids-Grown-ups-ebook/dp/B0786KLYR6/...

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    I am a psychologist who specializes in evaluation and therapy with children, adolescents, and adults. I work primarily with learning issues and ADHD, which most typically impacts a school-aged and college population. My company name is Allison Asher, Ph.D., LLC. I am seeking to promote my services, and I would like a logo to display on a website

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    ...ramach zajęć chętnie wybiorę się z uczennicą (uczniem) do kina/teatru/muzeum/galerii sztuki. Mam doświadczenie pracy z młodzieżą w każdym wieku, także z uczniami z zespołem ADHD, zespołem Aspergera, dysleksją, dysgrafią, autyzmem,. Oferuję organizację pomocy naukowych, systematyczną pracę, indywidualne podejście do każdego z uczniów. Materiały z każdych

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    ...am trying to put a survey in a graph form. One child with severe ADHD greatly improved and I want to show this in the chart How would you chart this data? There were 11 students (10 normal function and 1 child with severe ADHD symptoms) I want to show how substantial the ADHD kids in comparison to normal functioning children. This chart will

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    Write a 4-6 page paper on Controversies in Psychology - Medication Assisted treatment vrs Behavioral Interventions in ADHD Patients

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    Write a 4 to 6 page paper on controversies in Psychology - Medication Assisted Treatment hrs Behavioral Interventions to Treat ADHD patients.

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    Write a Annotated Bibliography Paper - Medication versus behavioral interventions to treat ADHD

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    I am designing a cardgame to raise awareness for the talents of people with autism, adhd, add, etc. In total 90 cards have to be designed divided over 3 catagories. We'd like to ask you to design 3 sample cards (one for each catagory) before we could grant you the entire project. Please let us know what your price would be for the entire project

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    ...cover to be professional and have the same layout as the example cover on this page: https://www.amazon.com/Strategic-ADHD-Guide-Kids-Grown-ups-ebook/dp/B0786KLYR6/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1522669100&sr=1-1&keywords=adhd+guide+for+kids+and+grown-ups NOTE: Just like the example book cover, I expect the title of the book to be at the top

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    ...chosen developmental disability. Identify and describe a common behavioural problem or mental disorder that is associated with the developmental disability (e.g. aggression, ADHD, schizophrenia). Describe one non-medication approach (e.g. therapy, treatment, intervention, management etc.) that can be used to address the behavioural problem or mental

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    We are a company which creates tools for different kids (ADHD, Autistic, etc.) in order to reestablish their self-esteem. We use technology to help them become more independant. Are tools are considered medical devices, even though some of them include video gaming. We analyse how our clients are motivated and provide tools that suit their needs. We

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    I need you to write a research article. Hi! Im a dr and I wana write a research project about health issues like ADHD research , Down syndrome , mentally retarded children's , HIV virus in worldwide

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    ...Neurological disorders Psychosomatic disorders Psychological disorders Immunity and auto-immune disordersInflammation Cognitive Disorders –Focus, Attention ADD and ADHD Anxiety Mental Health Depression Boring and boredom Fear, worry, uncertainty Panic attacks Sleep and sleep disorders like insomnia, sleep apnea Anti-aging and

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    Trophy icon Logo for a conference Ended

    We are a conference of experts that are critical about the construction of "Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)" in children. Our current website ([login to view URL]) needs to be renewed, we will do that based on the template called "fontaine" ([login to view URL]). We will be using the blue color scheme

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    A blog that I created about my ADHD but I am a beginner.

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    Hi Eliza Dore, ...who knew people who would be interested to read my story and give a review that suit the story so please don’t be offended and block cause of a misunderstanding you see I’m ADHD and a sensible person meaning I don’t want someone to hate me because of my mistake and situation so please tell me what I can do for you to forgive me

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    I want someone to write me about 3000 words on the impact that technology such as smartphones, gaming consoles and television has on children with ADHD, and on the possible link between the two. I want the article to purport the idea that excessive "screen time" is having a negative impact on children's attention spans, in particular for childrren who

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo Ended

    ... middle to high income earners. They will be people suffering from digestive issues such as leaky gut, food allergies and intolerances, and conditions such as autism, ADD, ADHD. Logo Style: My logo should connect with my ideal client audience (so be slightly feminine), but not alienate men. While my niche will work with Mums and children, my work

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    ...As an example, we use all available information about a student to determine if they are at risk of falling behind in school because they share certain risk indicators with ADHD students. Once a child is identified, we alert educators that they need to be evaluated by school counselors and possibly psychologists. After the evaluation, should

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    My company is Developing a System for treating ADHD disorder we need to develope a 3D animation child figure to use in the programing

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    ...You have to take the contents of the link I'm providing here. Be specific on every slide and all slide data must be covered in that infographics. [login to view URL] This is the link where you have to take data. Use the space very well don't make it messy. it must be very clean with all

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    ...wise, caretaker to bee and elephant. ELEPHANT (5 yrs old): knows karate, very shy, loves science, sensitive, like bee's younger sister, the bee annoys. BEE (7 years old): ADHD, impulsive, lacks manners, trixster to elephant, like older brother to elephant. AGES they need to look like as 2D FULL COLOR: GIRL: 9 years old BEE: 7 years old ELEPHANT:

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    Trophy icon adhdbarn.com -- 2 Ended

    My webpage, need twitter feed, and facebook feed, It´s a podcast about ADHD. need it connected with [login to view URL] Design for web and logo and coding into WP

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    Doctors or pharmacists only please!!! I am preparing a lost of drugs to be used for a list of 19 differetn diseases. I would require you to: 1) Give me a .../Homocysteine/Long QT-interval) Hypertension Alzheimer's Disease Depression Schitzophrenia Diabetes Type 2 Inflammatory Bowel Disease Macular degeneration Glaucoma ADHD Thanks.

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    I need someone to write my Proposal with 5000 words, and Harvard reference style.

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    ...200 / 250 words. Articles will be related to benefits of our products to the patients who are going through: menopause, ADHD, autism, pain, tension, depression, Alzheimer, etc. You would need to research and understand benefits of our products, write an article about our products with clear understanding of SEO and keywords, write related articles

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    ADHD in children and the family role and teacher role

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    I need you to write some content for a website. I’m looking for someone to come write a script for a documentary about ADHD

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    ...google-home, smart security, smart-locks, video cameras, just whatever. I would like this as soon as possible. I can write very well, but I cannot seem to do this now because of my ADHD and writer's block. _________________________________________ Well developed intro​ ​and​ ​thesis statement.​ ​They​ ​are engaging​ ​and inform​ ​the​ ​reader of​ ​the​

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    ...google-home, smart security, smart-locks, video cameras, just whatever. I would like this as soon as possible. I can write very well, but I cannot seem to do this now because of my ADHD and writer's block. _________________________________________ Introduction/Thesis Well developed intro​ ​and​ ​thesis statement.​ ​They​ ​are engaging​ ​and inform​ ​the​

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    This eBook should be about calming sensory activities for kids with ADHD & Autism. It supposes to be an inspiration for school and home environments. The book has to have min. 6 pages, on each page, must be minimum 1 picture with a kid. Author: Jennifer Smith (Anonymous)

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    ...related to The secrets to raising happy, healthy, children How to raise resilient children so they become independent adults The importance of impulse control The impact of ADHD Topics related to mental health Total of 10 articles, 500 words each People who are experienced in writing and good English can bid; please send me previous sample articles

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    We're creating a website for college students to get adhd coaching online. Need long-form sales copy for home sales page. Thinking of copying Amazon product page layout. Open to suggestions. Objective: To create long-form sales copy for a page that a prospect coming from Google Adwords link will read the page and choose BUY NOW.

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    ...books and projects you are working on. You have become such an inspiration to them. Orion has begun writing short stories all on his own. This is huge for a 10-year-old with ADHD and Autism. Getting his thoughts from his head down on paper or computer is a HUGE step. Angela Glunt. If you liked the Lion, the Witch, the Wardrobe, you will love Quetzalcoatl

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    ...after multiple health issues; including several concussions and MBI's have been documented by my neurologist as disabled.. In conjuction with a recent diagnosis at 53 with ADHD and other health issues. However with that said, I have a patent pending on a innovative mop product and concurrently working with a virtual insurance company to sell packaged

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    Genuine blog content writer ADHD blog about symptoms life cure treatment and living with it and trying to survive

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    Trophy icon Design Business Cards Ended

    Need a Business Card Designed. Front of card want it t...it the dark color-logo (attached) [login to view URL], phone 512-775-2700, email-info@[login to view URL] Back of card-want it white Helping Parents Navigate ADHD Anxiety Autism Spectrum Behavior Plans/FBA Dyslexia/Dysgraphia Educational testing IEP/ARD 504/Accomodations

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    ...closely familiar with the South Korean culture and SNS to assist with promoting our Internet based product for enhancing Memory and Concentration issues (usefull for both ADD, ADHD sufferers as well as regular students looking to enhance learning skills ) Our Marketer should be able to promote the product on both Naver and FB as well as other relevant

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    We are a small school located in Plantation, FL. Our student population includes students with ASD, ADHD, etc., as well as those that perform well in a small classroom setting. We have a small facility and are trying to raise funds to provide our students with better technological resources and to build a safe playground.

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    ...or Aspirin? 5) Cannabis Reduces Opiate Addiction 6) How Cannabis Reduces Brain Cancer 7) Cannabis Reverses Lung Cancer 8) Cannabis Strain To Combat Depression 9) Cannabis And ADHD 10) How Cannabis Cures Bi-polar Disorder 11) Can CBD Help Reduce Aging? 12) CBD From Hemp 13) Cannabis Reduces Parkinson Disease 14) How The Endocanebanoid Was Discovered Through

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    Trophy icon Logo needed Ended

    The logo must use the let...pieces), or helping create clarity in the lives of people with ADHD is what we are going for in the logo. We are also thinking it should be simple, calm, safe and soothing. Simple Calm Soothing Safe Clever Symbolism Clarity Guidance Incorporating the letters of ACTS This is for an ADHD society treatment centre.

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    I need a product description similar to the link attached. The product is the same and has the same features, but...s=toys-and-games&ie=UTF8&qid=1498277142&sr=1-1&keywords=DNA+Stress+Ball+by+YoYa+Toys-+3+Pack-+Squeezing+Stress+Relief+Ball-+For+Kids+%26+Adults-+Stress+Squishy+Toys+For+Autism%2C+ADHD%2C+Bad+Habits+%26+More-+Risk-Free+Sensory+Rubber+Ball

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    ...“Buy Now” PayPal button at top of page
 3. Forms (Link to “VASTER” page on this site) e. Products - Sub-heading on page “Read, Listen, Watch, Learn” + “Buy Now” PayPal button at top of page
 (Link to home page products on “[login to view URL]”) ?
 1. Books “Buy Now&rdq...

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    Aloha! Thank you for taking the time to view my listing. I am a novice writer and full-time student dealing with her ADHD, and it has been difficult getting my life together lately since I left my job. I am a freelancer like you, but could use the extra help with reminders and such. Here is a more specific list of tasks I need help with: -Reminders

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    ...closely familiar with the South Korean culture and SNS to assist with promoting our Internet based product for enhancing Memory and Concentration issues (usefull for both ADD, ADHD sufferers as well as regular students looking to enhance learning skills ) Our Marketer should be able to promote the product on both Naver and FB as well as other relevant

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    I am looking for a software progamma that stores automatic online internet users with mail addresses that search for the words ADHD / ADD. I have a product that is suitable for these people and wants to bring it to attention. Or a software program that can be properly deployed to bring my product to worldwide attention. Who can help me? My product

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    ...physical disabilities with Integrative Medicine based Nurses and psychologists. Nursing and coaching is done at the houses of the clients. The client base varies from clients with ADHD to more severe psychological symptoms (dissociation) in disabled persons, or children from an age of 12. I need a clean, but warm professional healthcare website in which blogs

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    We require counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists for all listings in the UK. Our model being based on data from cou...[login to view URL] but further on other directtories. In an Excel spreadsheet. Contact Name, Address, Postcode, Email, Website, Professional title, Type of therapy (i.e Alcohol, ADHD, Trauma, Stress, Relationships etc)

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