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    looking for someone to get my website to 100/100 in google page speed also make my website fast. It is a wordpress website. i have tried different plugins and other options but i couldnt make it work. i have carefully checked pingdom and other websites to analyse speed and results. if you are skilled enough to fix this, write to me, if not dont bother.

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    Analyse 2 books to find most common n grams between the 2, and most similar paragraphs

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    Hi, I'm looking for a web designer who specialises with the ‘Duda’ platform, that can design professional looking bespoke websites. The requirement will be to create a bespoke design (8-10 pages + 20 product store) based on a customer brief which you will be provided. Depending on your design success, repeat work is a possibility. Any product images & full customer requirem...

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    We have 3 websites that are depending a lot on facebook traffic. A year ago we hired a danish facebook expert and thanks to him our content is now ahead of the sites we compare ourselves with. But we still have much less engagaments then the sites we compare ourselves with though we have a creative designer making posts, and post videos etc. while they only have link posts. He is convinced that f...

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    I need a data entry worker for collecting information from websites. The work is to analyse and collect useful datas. Only for students and new freelancers. Should have a little knowledge in seo also

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    Seo expert to analysis system 6 hari left

    Hello We have develop a similar platform like shopify but with [log masuk untuk melihat URL] have around 50k products in our database So a client can have a website with us with products and he does marketing to get sales He can chose any template from our system,edit colors , add logos and banners, edit products We have make like 500 stores until now for our customers but they got around 30 sa...

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    Web Content Editor — Remote 6 hari left

    We’re looking for a self-sufficient and motivated content editor that has experience writing and editing for the web to join our team! Preference will be given to applicants with two plus years’ experience, an online portfolio of work, and is comfortable working with WordPress, Google Analytics, and Google Docs/Sheets. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] is a comparison service devoted to ...

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    I have a list of data in excel spreadsheet that follows a particular sequence. I need someone to study and analyse the data and how the sequence was generated Once the sequence is understood, I will like more data to be generated using the same sequence This should be an easy task for anyone with strong analytical skills Only bid if you are available to do this quickly. Thanks

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    Art Edvard Munch 6 hari left

    Analyse 4 painting of Edvard Munch in this virtual exposition : [log masuk untuk melihat URL] The 4 painting that i want to be analyzed are 1 Death in the Sickroom, 2 Madonna, 3 Self-portrait : between the lockroom and the bed, 4 The Scream. The work will be divided in two part : I) a description of the tables and their arrangement (500 words) II) and a critical analysis (1000 words

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    Social & Google Ads expert 5 hari left

    Exciting opportunity for an experienced Facebook, Instagram & Google Ads guru to create a cracking strategy for the launch of an online store. Excellent understanding of profiling & targeting the perfect demographic per niche campaign, experience in budget management and cool copywriting skills. Initially - 4-6 week project. Completely flexible working hours - as long as the content an...

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    Based on 5 images, need to answer the questions accordingly

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    I need help with an analysis of investment behavior using 2 datasets We are stuck at finding the right variables for our regressions So we have a research project and need to analyse investment behaviour but we are beginners in R Studio We did few steps, but got stuck The variables we use are not good We need a great explanation on how to approach the dataset and what to use exactly to find great ...

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    Build Bank Statement analyzer 5 hari left

    Customers who apply for a loan submits a bank statement that is analysed for creditworthiness. I want an algorithm that can analyse bank statement provided in Json for credit appraisal.

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    analyser un roman 4 hari left

    Analyse détaillée un roman tout en mettant en évidence son appartenance /fasse appartenance à un certain espace littéraire francophone

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    Dysarthria is a speech disorder . We will take the speech samples from the torgo database of dysarthric patients. It will go through a pre processing stage of windowing and framing and then we can extract various features and analyse those features. I am attaching a PPT for a clear picture. Also I am attaching a set of codes which I got from Github. As we dont know coding we are unaware of what to...

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    computer application that uses specific data structure such as Stack, Queue, LinkedList, ArrayList, Tree, and Graph. Analyse the application in your group and address the following tasks in your powerpoint slides

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    ich habe zZ ein Projekt bei welchem ich Hilfe in Sachen, R / Excel, Datenbank benötige. Generell geht es um eine Zeitreihe mit mehr als 1.5 mio Datenpunkte. Diese muss bereinigt werden, auf Abruf sollen Graphen über eine bestimmte Zeitspanne abrufbar sein und die Daten sollen aggregierbar sein - also min Daten zu 180min Daten zusammen zufassen. Weiterhin geht es um die Analyse der Daten,...

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    SEO Specialist 3 hari left

    Work closely with the Marketing team to identify the target keywords, find insight and opportunity through keyword, and drive more traffic to the website. integrate SEO techniques, and create an analysis report as requested Improve page speed Analyse website and landing pages and recommend changes to improve on-page SEO Influent in English and Japanese would be a plus

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    Project budget: up to 650 USD. Expected time spent on the project: 10-20 hours. Description: We are looking for a highly qualified C++ developer to analyse and remediate a list of currently known vulnerabilities within our game project. The game project consists of five sub-projects: game and engine, backend (4 executable projects). As a developer, you will need to go through a list of our issu...

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    About the brand Created by Samantha Faiers and Paul Knightly, My Little Darlin started by setting the benchmark for premium personalised baby gifts & clothing. The brand is now expanding by increasing the range of items past the tracksuits they initially started with, we will be bringing out a Christmas collection of pyjama’s for not only kids but the whole family. In the new year the br...

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    Analyse writing 3 hari left

    Journalisms Analyse

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    Based on a FT ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) news article, select a company that is facing a failure/decline and analyse possible reasons of its strategic mistakes.

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    Air quality monitoring system 2 hari left

    Development of an Air Quality Monitoring System with Sensors to Collect, Analyse and Visualise Air Quality with MATLAB. Using raspberry pi and required sensors to collect and analyse the quality of air. Also a report of 10,000 words.

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    Dear Applicants, I am the sole owner and designer of a sustainable fashion brand selling bags, accessories jackets and more made of 100% recycled material. Currently my focus is on design, production and finance and i can't seem to find time to create a proper niche and market for my brand. Please keep in mind that this job posting is for a GROWTH HACKER and not a social media handler, i ne...

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    Need help with an assignment on personal development plan for doctors...I have the 3 goals ...Need to research analyse etc.

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    I need some one who can analyse .. create a work flow and process .. and develope backend with android application or cross platform app with Flutter... I am ready to give 30k

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    According to the IEEE 1159 – 1995 standard, a voltage sag is defined as a momentary decrease between the range of 10% to 90% in RMS voltage magnitude noticed for a duration from 0.5 cycles to 1 minute. Voltage sags are mostly caused by short circuits within the local distribution system, overloads, and starting of large motors. As voltage sags are becoming a major issue in Power Quality (P...

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    Analysis of the governance structures and the effects of flawed governance structures within a firm Within the context of corporate governance structures, this project must include research, consider, analyse and provide reference.

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    SAS_and_R_expert 16 jam left

    develop your customer analytics skills via performing customer churn analysis tasks. Case Study: Customer retention is a critical stage for customer relationship management (CRM), in particular for established businesses after their initial exponential growth. Churn management or attrition management is important as when customers leave, there are negative impacts on revenues. Churn analytics has...

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    Analysis of Transmission and Distribution Networks Clarify the following concepts please, (a) Transmission and distribution systems and their analysis; (b) Power factor analysis and its balancing. You should not only present results but analyze them in accordance with the theoretical fundamentals and calculations. Required Software and Hardware: Suggested to use MATLAB Simulink software packa...

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    ahrefs API account sharing 14 hari left

    dear SEO pro, read this carefully we do not search for a SEO guy, we search for a pro who uses the named tool... We have to develop some bots to analyse for clients domains and keywords with ahrefs API This bots produce about 100 API calls a month with about 200 rows each. => 20.000 rows We search you to share us credentials for the API in ahrefs. We pay you the expenses for the API part we...

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    sistrix API account sharing 21 hari left

    dear SEO pro. read this carefully we do not search for a SEO guy, we search for a pro who uses the named tool... We have to develop some bots to analyse for clients domains and keywords with sistrix API This bots produce about 100 API calls a month with about 200 rows each. => 20.000 rows We search you to share us credentials for the API. We pay you the expenses for the API part we use and ...

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    There are two independent tasks in this challenge: ● Improving KYC ● Catching fraud Your submission should contain: 1. Improving KYC report/presentation of your findings and solutions in pdf / doc / html etc. (up to 5 slides or pages, document can include appendix ) 2. Catching fraud report in pdf / doc / html (up to 2 pages or 3 slides) 3. Supporting materials (calculation files, additional analy...

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    7 bida

    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a monitoring automation bot. AI will be required. The bot will need to scan through Aliexpress finding products based on certain criteria. These criteria will include statistical factors for example price and number of orders as well as more ambiguous factors such as product uniqueness, how much of a ‘wow factor’ the product has and ava...

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    19 bida

    Hello I need someone who is good with R studio to help me with a work I tried the make it myself but I dont know where I made a mistake , its a simple database with few variables to choose which streaming platform is the best

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    15 bida

    Under abnormal conditions, the power of photovoltaic cells will be low. These abnormal conditions include short circuit, open circuit, shielding, ageing of photovoltaic modules and other conditions. analyse how different faults can cause power changes, and find ways to distinguish different situations. Detect faults using different algorithm due to partial shading. My working on Mostly DC side of...

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    We are a Dynamics NAV solution centre. We are looking for additional functionality as an add-on to our core ERP. We are looking for a distribution solution. We must be able to analyse orders received into the system and allocate them to delivery runs (optomisation), Then produce reverse load order manifest for drop-off's. We want to have geo tracing of order in transit, POD (with picture...

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    i need someone to write an academic essay about poverty. essay must be between 1000-1200 words + a bibliography not included in the word count. essay must: explain significance of the issue identify stakeholder groups analyse disciplinary perspectives to determine at least two different viewpoints on the issue. examine the reasons for differing viewpoints include a bibliography with two annotated...

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    My project is impact sound detection in a golf field. Record the impact sound when a ball hit the club using a microphone in the smartphone and analyse its a good hit or bad hit using acoustic machine learning. I have library of impact sounds and now want to create a dataset and train them using a machine learning algoritham.

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    BGGS Consulting has been recently started and I am too busy to work on the website. I need a professional website Brand new responsive mobile-friendly website with up to 5 pages that include: Home page About page Services page Blog section page (for articles - pick articles from LinkedIn page) Contact page (details of office locations, map, form, phone, email, social media links) The domain name ...

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    Hi, I want to build an dynamic model by using the software called "Arena Simulation." Since I want to analyse what are the outcomes and implantation under Covid-19 pandemic situation, I would like to see if the school should continue to open under Covid-19 where there is confirmed case without confirm source. I can provide the school information and rate of spread. The objective is find...

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    I am looking for someone to create a program to analyse a large amount of data for me using Python (and whatever else is necessary). This program needs to look at a database of around 10,000 diamonds (we can not provide a CSV for this and using Python you will need to get this information from our supplier website) and work out an average price for of a diamond at each combination of Colour, Cla...

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    You need to prepare content on the below four questions (Minimum words required by each mentioned) - 1) Give an overview and evaluation of the current global energy resources, production, management and conservation. (1500 Words) 2) Analyse New Zealand’s current energy scenario (primary energy resources and electricity generation) (1200 Words) 3. Outline and discuss the priority areas of...

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    Reverse and android app if needed, analyse, and say how data is being calculated

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    Data analyst needed to analyse promotional price points and elasticity/uplift of products on promotion. 2 years of sales data will be provided.

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    8 bida

    - Requirement 1: SQL scripts to allow the user to query/analyse the database - Requirement 2: Create utility (or similar) to update database See attached for more info

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    I'm Tresor Kane, based in France, My parter and I I'll be starting business in live events streaming and VOD providing soon. We have streaming servers, the first on is the main and the other will cashing. Our need is to have an server side dynamic ad insertion (SSDAI ) application to hadle ads for live events as well as VOD. We expect a smooth solution, with no bufering or black s...

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    I need a person to analyse the data that i collected from surveymonkey using spss.

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    Overview: We need a meticulous Technical Writer to assist in updating 25 policy templates. The average size of each document is 4-5 pages, a couple are 25 pages. Most policies are already written, they require updating in according to our requirements. About Us At Pragma, we’re well aware of the impact our security have on the world’s leading brands. But we won’t rest until eve...

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