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    I need an app that locks the screen for a set duration i.e ( 4 p.m-8 p.m. so its set like an alarm clock, though you pick when it starts and finishes. it needs to be recurring, the only way to get past the lock screen is with a 4 digit pin. Settings in app. turn airplane mode on/off, data on/off, WiFi on/off. I'd prefer if the lock screen was a clock like a bedside alarm. the app is loc...

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    Hey, I will need to create a number of games. The first will be an application for 8 ball pool and snooker.

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    I am developing a web app that sells 50/50tickets. The app requires an admin to login select how many tickets they want to buy (update database) and print ticket to a bluetooth thermal printer. I can build almost everything, but have no idea how to get the ticket to print with the thermal printer. They have given me an android sdk with the printer, but i am unfamiliar with programming for android....

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    T-Novo is a company in the mobile technology area that are producing an app to distribute video messages to large volumes of customers across multiple mobile device types both mobile and tablets. The senior Management Team have a requirement for a technical white paper which explores some of the following questions: 1. What is the best approach to producing high quality video that can be adapte...

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    I need a project built in appcelerator studio for iOS and android app with next functions. - Progress bar - Splashscreen - When opened app for first time then a popup message appears with "thanks for downloading this app" - App will directly open a given URL (webview) - Popup message "no connection to the internet, please connect" when there is no wifi/gps connection o...

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    location based game. The app allows the user to send clues to find the user when meeting friends on a night out. It creates a enjoyable experience within your journey of meeting your friend.

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    I need a simple project, built using Unity 3D, that will activate the front camera of a phone or tablet, and show the video in a small frame (about 25% the size of the screen). There will be 3 buttons: Record, Stop, and Playback. "Record" will start recording the video and audio from the camera, "Stop" will stop the recording and save it to a file (location and filename may...

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    Create a prototype software platform that facilitates communication between phones based on predefined input. GPS tracks and displays communication ( matches of inputs) on map and opens up opportunity to message or email thus connecting users. If right person is found willing to explore continuing working relationship. Preference would be North American Freelancers but will consider all.

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    It is a basic Customer / prospect management software, where i can categorize and also create action items for calling, reminder from the dashboard.

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    This small project is to compile an out of tree usb wifi driver for raspberry pi 2. I have chosen the usb wifi device based on other people being able to successfully compile this driver on RPI. I had transferred and unzipped the file in the home directory. The RPI is available over the internet via ssh. The kernel source headers have been loaded. kernel [log masuk untuk melihat URL] has be...

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    ich hätte gerne eine App für mein Android. Ich möchte jedes Jahr, einen eigenen Adventkalender erstellen. Für jeden Tag möchte ich ein eigenes Foto verwenden. Nachdem ich die App von mir (für jedes Jahr neu) erstell wurde, möchte ich sie an bestimmte (nicht alle) Kontakte schicken können. Die Empfänger sollen dann die App bei sich einbinden kö...

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    Create a prototype software platform that facilitates communication between phones based on predefined input. GPS tracks and displays communication ( matches of inputs) on map and opens up opportunity to message or email thus connecting users. If right person is found willing to explore continuing working relationship.

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    I need android app for parts order system, app is for tablet, server part is ready, it will be 5 screens. App will work thru wi-fi.

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    I want a simple android application for education purpose. Will add more features with same freelancer in future but for now simple application for school children. Its nothing more just learning application

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    I want to add context to android mobile OS about app sub-states, precisely, leverage the bar from the few default app life cycle states to more detail sub-sates like 'using the keyboard', 'using the microphone', 'using X sensor' and so on..., there by making sure it is done and updated within real-time tracking. More description given in the attachment. I will prefe...

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    - Develop using Phonegap Build - Able to run on Andriod & iOS - Functions (1) Configure: (a) URL (string); (b) SMS (international phone number) (c) Refresh Frequency (in sec, from 5 seconds to 10min) (2) Activate (a) Will start GPS location function and go to background mode. (b) Based on refresh frequency: (c) Read GPS location ...

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    web services with send: user, pass, type of members/ Get: title, pdf file when choose..

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    Nice and simple project for someone.. (please dont bid silly because I know how long this takes and the effort required) Need a basic webview android app for my website.. URL and logo will be given to selected bidder. All the best

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    We have an idea. It's really simple; a game which allows you to send 'xyz' to your friends (xyz will be defined later, for commercial reasons - but xyz are simple things!). ***THINK 'CARDS FOR HUMANITY' TYPE MODEL*** When you receive xyz from your friend via the app, you respond with your interpretation of what XYZ is (i.e. you write what you believe xyz should be). ...

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    I have lost my WiFi router password. Currently tethering from my phone for an internet connection, but cannot continue to do so due to the expense. I need someone to locate my password for me so I can regain access to my connection. Could do this via team viewer if required.

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    write an android [log masuk untuk melihat URL] by phone.

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    1. Application to run local swf file 2. run swf file in fullscreen 3. lock the player into portrait mode. Do not want to run in Browser. Want standalone app. This will mean working around the lack of an api in android OS as I think they removed them.

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    swift and android working code just to convert this java code [log masuk untuk melihat URL] OR implement this flash game in swift and android [log masuk untuk melihat URL]~kboye/jones/[log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    Hi, I already have a newspaper app and want to add radio options and few more small things. If anybody is interested in this project please feel free to discuss but please make sure that you are offering me a competitive budget within a good time framer. Otherwise just ignore it. I really want to work with someone who really willing to do work. Thanks

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    Hello, The required solution will have many interconnected circuit boards(your choice how to and what to use), with a capability for each of them to work independently also. These boards should be equipped with GPS and Network connectivity via wifi. It should also have a LAN port that will allow the user to connect to the network to which the circuit board is wirelessly connected. Also, the ci...

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    It must be compatible with iOS 7+ and Android 4+. Both for Tablet and smartphone It must be compatible with phonegap version 3.5 Pdf will be accessible locally or remotely Must be easy to use and compatible with the plugin in reference in the screen. And sharing by email should attach the file not a link to the post. In any case, it should never share link to the file. (Local or remote) I woul...

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    Bonjour, Le projet consiste à dupliquer une application existante avec les sources fournies. Modifier des noms, menus et images dans l'application.

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    We need to develop a Business Community organization than cater member interaction such as : information sharing, Forum & community, Knowledge sharing, audio voice teaching / reflection sharing, marketing tools, etc.

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    Android application that aggregates dealers of a particular type of goods. The application's interface should be like a Search Index for the Buyers to Search and Select what they require. Process Flow Chart and Content will be provided.

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    This is part of a larger project. If you are successful in this test assignment you may be granted the full project. This test assignment encompassess the following: make an android studio application that makes it possible to check in to a certain geographical location (by the press of a button). As soon as you are checked in to this location your WIFI signal and mobile data signal must be block...

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    App para mi pagina web. Necesito algun desarrollador de una app para mi pagina web y que tenga un diseño futurista

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    16 bida

    I am currently building a mobile app of which 30% of the work is already complete. I am looking for experienced Android developers (less than 2 years of android development need not apply). The work has been divided into multiple phases. I'm already done with Phase 1 (which is a 30% completion milestone). I am currently looking for someone who can complete Phase 2 & 3. Currently the...

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    A simple 5 screen app in android I need a Android app of 5-6 screens 1. Loading 2. Login 3. Data collection (with edit and save function) 4. After collection , data will be stored in local device 5. Putting data from offline to Online upon getting Internet acess (sink function) (Only daily data will l be sink online. Online data need not have to be on local device) It...

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    Hi there, I'm basically looking to create a custom infinite runner game based on source code from similar games which can be bought from sites like chupamobile. I would like to mix the infinite runner concept with the bejeweled theme. So for example running along avoiding objects and picking up coins etc whilst being chased by an enemy, if your caught you have to do like a bejeweled thing of ...

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    i want to get developed android app which will be able to collect notebooks from users page by page and will show all notebooks on masterpage altogether.

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    I want to build an media/files transfer and storage app. Something like a cloud app.

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    Lo que va a hacer: La empresa de construcción web móvil (HTML5, JS, CSS) y iOS nativas (de Objective-C), Android (Java) y Windows Phone (C #) aplicaciones móviles Ganando conocimiento técnico de software, hardware y pilas de tecnología de código abierto Cómo ayudar a evaluar los marcos de plataforma cruzada emergente La asociación con ...

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    Photo taken game. When interview,I will share detail spec and design

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    We have hired a freelancer for our android app but unfortunately she is nit well, as the work has to go on we want someone else to take it further. She has already done 80 % of the work. You have to design just 5 screens and alter few things. Experience in android designing is mandatory.

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    I have an application :- [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I need some minor changes done urgently 1) There are premium tables ( Static Page) which needs to be udpated as per the new table I'll send 2) A push notification has to be sent If you can do this within few hours I can convert this to long term as I have a lot of additions to be made to this app.

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    $1 - $6 / hr
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    I have an ionic webrtc chat application that requires some front end polishing, and I have a backend admin panel written in node that needs to be completed. For the video application, I need the progress bars to disappear when video is playing, and I need an overall cleanup from an experienced designer. The app is a two way doctor patient video chat system. I need the back end administration pane...

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    Need to create a simple Android App that opens directly into a Panframe player module that will stream video from our CDN (Wowza). App is VERY simple, and does not include any menus or pages besides the initial loading Panframe player. Panframe: [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    Create two apps and a backend. APP is a user to share your route with another user, you can save your frequent users who share route and also frequent routes, panic button may be pressed by any user and send an alert to the second APP and Backend. The second APP, will make a tracking of all users who use the first APP. Will have a tracking mode and emergency. To help when there is an emergency ...

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    I would like to develop an app for sailors. The idea is to track regattas, so the app needs to use the gps and accelerometer in order to track the position and speed of each sailor. Every sailor would have its own profile to login (maybe a facebook or linkedin connect) and the info of the boat (name, position, speed...) should be also streamed in real time to an external web page so that people...

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    Hola Freelancers Looking for someone who can create a water delivery app like this [log masuk untuk melihat URL] If anyone can make it in less time and good price with good feedback on freelancer i will hire him. my deadline is 3-5 days so bid accordingly

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    Need a simple app to trigger a switch through the usb cable of the android device when a screen button is pushed. The app will have a permanent and continuous counter to count the number of times the screen button is pushed. The app will show on screen the information from the device. Every week the app will send an automatic email with to inform how many times the counter was pushed in that sp...

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    need app that can have universal android keyboard connectable with other devices on same wifi I can discuss multiple projects i have similar to this in personal messages as long as you sign NDA.

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    Create an app (Anriod and iPhone) with the load and [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Features Required: 1. Search by word, (Query entered by user) [log masuk untuk melihat URL] by page number 3. Change back ground of E Book in app 4. Readout (text to speech) text using google voice api (Telugu pdf and English pdf) 5. Save user favorite topics 6. Under line important points 7. Should giv...

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