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    Context: We are running two regular Python courses where we need assistance. We are looking for a long-term agreement. The last time we filled this job position for over 2 years. 1) Data Analytics with Python Course: Content (introduction to python, data wrangling with pandas, descriptive statistics with python, data visualization with seaborn, t-test/anova /chi-square tests with python, correlation, regression with statsmodel) 2) Machine Learning with Python Course: Content classification(dcision trees, knn, naive bayes, logReg, classifier evaluation) regression (linear regression with normal equation, stochastic gradient descent, polynomial regression, ridge regression, lasso regression, elastic net, early stopping, regression trees) advanced supervised learning concepts (feat...

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    In need of someone able to conduct Two-Way ANOVA analysis using jamovi software. Not only do I want you to carry out the analysis but also desire interpretation of the complex results in a comprehensible manner. Key requirements: - Proficiency in jamovi software - Strong understanding of Two-Way ANOVA - Ability to translate statistical significance findings into layman's terms The purpose of this project is to provide thorough testing for statistical significance amongst the variables of my dataset. Completion timeframe is within a month. If you demonstrate comprehensive understanding and application of Two-Way ANOVA analysis in jamovi, please make a bid.

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    I'm seeking an Excel specialist with a strong grasp on statistical analysis to assist in the construction of a comprehensive report on attrition. Key Components: - Implementation of various analysis including descriptive statistics, regression models, and ANOVA into the report. - Detailed examination of attrition in relation to the reasons behind it and the length of employment. - Visualization of analysis using histograms, scatter charts, correlation plots, probability distribution graphs, and regression plots. Ideal Skills/Experience: - Proficient in Excel - Strong experience in statistical analysis - Previous experience in producing excel statistics reports or similar - Ability to present complex data in an easily interpretable way is crucial and increase data volume if ...

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    ...understand normality, correlation, regression, Anova with a post-hoc t-test, and constructing an intercorrelation matrix. Ideal Candidate Skills and Experience: - Proficient in SPSS software - Experienced in analyzing survey data - Knowledgeable in performing normality tests, correlation and regression analyses, Anova with post hoc t-tests, and developing intercorrelation matrices Job Requirements: - Conduct a normality test on the provided survey data to ensure the data distribution is appropriate for further analysis - Perform correlation analysis to identify the strength and direction of relationships between variables - Execute regression analysis to understand the predictive relationship between independent and dependent variables - Carry out Anova with post...

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    I'm currently finalizing my Doctor of Nursing Practice project and require in-depth statistical analysis to support my findings. This analysis is pivotal in understanding the data at hand and making informed conclusions. **Required Analysis:** - Descriptive statistics to summarize the dataset. - Regression analysis to understand how variables are related. - T-Tests or ANOVA to compare means across groups. - Correlation analysis to identify relationships between variables. **Presentation of Results:** I prefer the results to be presented in a way that's both accessible and professional. Specifically, I'm looking for: - Tables to neatly outline the statistical findings. - Graphs to visually represent the data and trends. - Summaries to explain the statistical results ...

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    I'm requiring assistance with a vital data analysis task that needs expert handling. Proficiency in SPSS and Excel is essential, as the work involves completing a document filled with categorical data. Experience with the following is desired: - Understanding and ability to analyze categorical data with the highest level of proficiency. - Expert knowledge in One-way ANOVA analysis technique. - Ability to handle large data sets and convert them into a digestible format. Your task will be to utilize these skills to provide accurate and thorough data analysis. Experience in statistical modelling and report generation will prove advantageous for this role. I look forward to seeing your proposals. The template needs to be filled and the dataset needs to be analysed using SPSS pl...

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    I am looking for an SPSS expert who specializes in ANOVA/MANOVA analysis for a personal project. Skills and Experience: - Proficient in SPSS software and experienced in conducting ANOVA/MANOVA analysis (main AND interaction effects), especially in dealing with the violation of assumptions (sources needed) - Strong understanding of statistical concepts and hypothesis testing - Ability to develop specific hypotheses based on provided data/research question - Experience in summarizing and simplifying analysis results for easy understanding including relevant graphs - Excellent communication skills to explain the analysis findings in a clear and concise manner The ideal candidate will be able to provide a summarized and simplified analysis report in Word while still incorpora...

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    Seeking a dedicated statistical analyst for hypothesis testing utilizing the ANOVA (Analysis of Variance) method in SPSS. Key Responsibilities: - Conducting ANOVA testing on data as per project requirements. - Interpreting the results of the statistical analysis. - Providing a comprehensive brief after completing the analysis. Skills & Experience Required: - Proficient in using SPSS and in conducting ANOVA. - Strong analytical skills in statistical analysis. - Knowledge about handling different types of data is a plus. Kindly note, the type of data for the ANOVA test has not been specified, hence potential bidders must be versatile in handling both continuous and categorical variables.

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    ...essential English terminology, to cover core topics in "Statistics for the Social Sciences" course. The tutor must be capable of comprehensively and clearly covering the following key areas: - Descriptive versus inferential statistics - Probability - Normal distributions and z-scores - Probability and null hypothesis significance tests - Compare two means: t-tests - Compare more than two means: ANOVA - Prediction: Correlation - Prediction: Regression - Categorical variables and non-parametric tests: Chi-square - Problems with NHST and modern methods Ideal candidates will have experience in teaching university students and be able to provide in-depth explanations within a two-day time frame. The goal is to master the material for an English-language examination with a...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me summarize the SPSS results tables for my project. The specific SPSS results tables that I need summarized include Descriptive Statistics, ANOVA, and Correlation Matrix. I have specific criteria and format requirements for the summary, so I would prefer someone who can adhere to those guidelines. However, I am open to suggestions if you have any. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Proficiency in SPSS and statistical analysis - Strong attention to detail and ability to accurately summarize data - Excellent communication skills to understand and meet the specific criteria for the summary - Experience in writing concise reports and distilling complex information into easily understandable summaries.

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    I am looking for someone who can summarize SPSS tables for my project. I would like the summary to be in a Word Document format. The level of detail required for the summary is a brief overview of key findings. Skills and experience: - Proficient in using SPSS software - Strong understanding of statistical analysis and ANOVA - Excellent written communication skills for summarizing findings in a clear and concise manner - Attention to detail to ensure accuracy in summarizing the tables

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    ...need to pull together a mix of both: - subjective metrics (manual assessment by a manager) - objective data points (from a variety of excel reports) The KPI scorecard should report on an employee performance across 14 different categories including: Quality Cultural Fit Final Reports Productivity Efficiency Leave Planning Client Interaction Travel Record Sheets Admin Compliance (Connx/Concur) ANOVA App Logging Safety The scorecard should follow a specific format and layout, as I already have an existing template in mind. Coverage: - Up to 100 employees Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Experience in designing and implementing KPI scorecards - Strong knowledge of employee productivity metrics - Ability to customize scorecards based on specific KPIs ...

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    jasp analysis Tamat left

    ...business. You can not use a data set from class and you should not collect primary data via surveys as you will not have ethical approval. You will analyse your data set using, at minimum, a multiple regression or ANOVA based on what you think is most appropriate. You can also apply other analytical techniques demonstrated in the module if this helps answer the question. You will need to collect at least 20 cases for your analysis, and you should have either At least three independent variables for a multiple regression analysis or At least three dependent variables to use for ANOVA analyses. Based on your findings, you should relate this to relevant academic theory, and make evidence-based recommendations for practitioners. To support your report, you should create tables...

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    Smart PLS Tamat left

    We are seeking an expert in the smart PLS tool to help us with our data analysis project. The ideal candidate will have a deep understanding of the tool and its functionalities. The main responsibilities include implementing the smart PLS tool for our research project, conducting data analysis, and interpreting the results. The candidate should be prof...squares-structural equation modeling SEM is a combination of two statistical methods: confirmatory factor analysis and path analysis. • Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) is a statistical technique used to verify the factor structure of a set of observed variables. CFA allows the researcher to test the hypothesis that a relationship between observed variables and their underlying latent constructs exists. 3-ANOVA. 4-Regressi...

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    ...independent variables, as well as the dependent variables. The file has three tabs, the data tab, my graph tab of the two 2-factor ANOVA tests, and a questions tab. I am well able to do the analysis myself, but I'm struggling to interpret the results. I have consulted with other statisticians, but I am not happy with their analysis because it feels like they are ignoring the violation of certain assumptions. The second aspect that I am uncertain about is - if indeed there are interactions - the pulse size seems like it is a dominating factor, which seems to skew the interpretation of looking at the interaction. My personal opinion is that we should do an ANOVA analysis per pulse size to see if the other independent variables have an effect on the peak current. I ma...

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    I am looking for a Freelancer to conduct a quantitative analysis for me. Specifically, I need statistical analysis done on a dataset I already have. I prefer the analysis include Cronbach reliability analysis, correlation, regression analysis, anova test and t-test. but I am open to discuss other methods with the analyst. My goal is to understand the relations among tested variables and the underlying patterns and trends present in the data so I can draw conclusions and make data-driven decisions.

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    Analysis of variance (ANOVA) and Kruskal-Wallis T

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    ...are relatively similar at baseline. There is age related change in the outcome measurement to be expected in both groups I'm interested in the change between Pre and Post. Is it bigger in the treatment group? However, given that the baseline measurement may influence this I'm also interested if there is an interaction between baseline and treatment. Normally without control variables I'd do an ANOVA to look for differences in the mean change between baseline and outcome. But I don't see that capturing my complexities. I could also do an ANCOVA, but I believe this is rather to look for a difference in outcome means adjusted for baselines. I could also do a regression on the outcome and add an interaction Condition*Baseline to account for the baseline. I'...

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    A report in the form of a short research paper of 3000-4000 words on a pre-decided topic. The report shall involve statistical and econometric analysis (i.e. descriptive statistics and OLS regression(s). You are supposed to choose a multiple regression / ANOVA / ANCOVA model. Preferably, choose linear regression. The data should be cross-sectional. N (number of observations) must be as large as possible. Less than 30 will not be accepted.

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    I need help doing the descriptive statistics aka SD and means of my three IVs. I have them for them as individuals and as a three way interaction but cannot do three two way interactions

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    I am looking for an expert to help reduce the number of factors in a dataset based on statistical methods. I would like to use the Chi-squared test, ANOVA, and/or T-test with a significance level of 0.05. The goal is to use the reduced number of factors to enhance predictive accuracy and simplify data interpretation within a fuzzy comparison matrix. Successful completion of this project should result in a dataset made of fewer factors that can be easily taken into account in a reasonable amount of time.

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    Hey: I need help in developing: H0,H1 (Hypo Testing) ANOVA ‚Äč I have a work related problem that I need to make sure I do it correctly.

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    ...discrepancies that might affect the analysis. - Offer recommendations on how to handle any issues found. 3. Descriptive Statistics: - Provide frequency distributions, means, standard deviations, and other relevant statistics for each question. 4. Inferential Statistics: - Based on the nature of the data and the hypotheses (to be shared later), conduct appropriate tests such as t-tests, ANOVA, regression, or others as deemed necessary. - Provide detailed interpretations of the results. 5. Graphical Representations: - Generate relevant charts and graphs, such as bar charts, histograms, or scatter plots, to visualize significant findings. 6. Report Compilation: - Compile all the findings, interpretations, and graphical representations into a comprehensive repor...

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    Excel Sheet Tamat left

    Turn in the following items: 1)Proof of Cluster Analysis 2) Answer to "Which cluster would you recommend as a primary target, and why?" 3) Submit Bar Graph 4) Present your ANOVA output table 5) Interpret your results Open in Excel or Google Sheets. And open Chipotle Data in Word or Google Docs. Classify each variable in the Chipotle dataset as the following (or “none”): Demographic segmentation Psychographic segmentation Behavioral segmentation Outcome Marketing mix Product Place Price Promotion Not to be used Decide on a distinct number of clusters (3 or 4), discussing whether there is a marketing reason for this number of clusters. Open to run a cluster analysis. Segment the data using the K-means method. Choose whatever variables you think are

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    Hi Glane G., I have a part 2 of the project I'm looking to get done if you are interested? Project 2 Involves; Total 6 questions - Perform ANOVA and ANCOVA to analyse dataset - Produce plots around this data, a scatter plot with the fitted line & relevant diagnostic plots - Tukey’s Honest Significant Difference test - Analyse the results to answer a series of questions Needed by Monday 18th September.

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    i've the responses in excel.. Run following results: 1. Descriptive Statistics 2. Hypothesis Testing 3. Pearson correlation coefficient 4. test the significance of the correlation coefficients using a t-test 5. multiple regression analysis 6. estimate the regression coefficient 7. test their significance using a F-test or a t-test 8. One Way Anova 9. Chi Square Test 10. paired-samples t-test And write the interpretation of Results Budget is USD 10 Thanks

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    I am looking for a statistical analyst with experience in SPSS to help me with my project. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in SPSS for both descriptive and inferential statistical analysis - Ability to test hypotheses (e.g., application of correlation, regression and ANOVA analysis to dataset and visualization) Complete datasets will be provided. Please note that the dataset is already available and does not require any cleaning or supplementing. 80USD fixed price. Please bid accordingly

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    I am looking for an experienced freelancer that can provide data analysis using SPSS. I need both descriptive and inferential analysis of my data, but I am open to suggestions when it comes to the specific type of analysis needed. Ideally, the analysis should combine regression, ANOVA, and correlation to achieve the best results. I need to answer 8 questions about data given in SPSS. If you have experience with these types of analysis, please submit your proposal.

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    I am looking for a freelancer to help me with performing a statistical analysis on some survey data. I have the data ready to provide, so all you need is the technical knowledge to complete the project. The output format I am requestin...statistical analysis on some survey data. I have the data ready to provide, so all you need is the technical knowledge to complete the project. The output format I am requesting is a series of reports detailing the findings of the study. My goal is to use the analysis to gain insight into the survey results so that I can use it to inform my decision-making. I need a t-test or Cronbach, and one Oneway Anova. Survey size 55. I ran all demographics already but may need polishing. If you think you are up to the challenge, I am looking forward to hearing...

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    Project Description: Objective: I am looking for a statistical analyst who can perform ANOVA and t-test on my available samples. Requirements: - Proficiency in conducting ANOVA and t-test analysis - Ability to work with the provided samples - Strong understanding of statistical concepts and hypothesis testing Skills and Experience: - Experience in performing ANOVA and t-test analysis - Proficient in statistical software such as R or SPSS - Familiarity with interpreting and reporting statistical results Deliverables: - Conduct ANOVA and t-test analysis on the provided samples - Provide clear and concise interpretation of the results - Generate detailed report with statistical analysis and findings Note: The project does not require comparison of multiple gr...

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    need someone who can produce outputs in SPSS for repeated measures anova and other post hoc tests with my data, which consists of 3 dependant variables, 1 independant variable and a grouping variable

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    I am looking for a PhD level researcher with expertise in statistics, specifically in ANOVA and PEARSON correlation analysis. The focus of my research is in the field of Special Education, and I have primary data that needs to be analyzed. I would require the researcher to provide a detailed explanation of the results (do the tables and write the results, analysis and discussion parts of the paper), as interpretation assistance is necessary. The ideal candidate should have the following skills and experience: - PhD level education in Social Sciences or a related field - Strong expertise in statistical analysis, ANOVA, MANOVA and PEARSON correlation in particular - Experience in analyzing primary data -Experience in using SPSS files - Ability to provide detailed explanations ...

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    R - Language Expert Required for Machine Learning Project Skills and Expertise: - Expertise in R programming language - Intermediate level of expertise in machine learning algorithms and techniques - Experience in working with datasets Requirement: Provide a re...Required for Machine Learning Project Skills and Expertise: - Expertise in R programming language - Intermediate level of expertise in machine learning algorithms and techniques - Experience in working with datasets Requirement: Provide a report in a word document explaining what you have done in regard to data cleaning and descriptive analysis. Make sure to include ALL Analyses such as LM, ANOVA, Graphs, corrplot, boxplot, histogram, multi scatter plots, etc. Please let me know if anyone works on this requirement. ...

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    ...of cells). The data visualizations are well-balanced in terms of the amount of information and simplicity of interpretation. The data visualizations contribute to the overall picture and purpose of the dashboard. The formulas and calculations of the data visualizations are correct. (20 points) The dashboard contains the results of at least one of the following analyses: T-test, ANOVA, or multiple For t-tests and ANOVA, the summary of results includes p-values, t-statistics, means/SDs of all variables of interest, and a brief interpretation of the results (significance and conclusion). For regression, the summary of results includes coefficients (betas) of variables of interest, p-values, R2 value, and a brief interpretation of the results (significance and conclusion). The...

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    I am looking for a data analyst who can help me study sleep patterns using continuous recording EEG data. The ideal candidate will have experience in using clustering and classification statistical methods to analyze data. The project will involve answering the specific research question of studying sleep patterns, and the data provided will be cont...a data analyst who can help me study sleep patterns using continuous recording EEG data. The ideal candidate will have experience in using clustering and classification statistical methods to analyze data. The project will involve answering the specific research question of studying sleep patterns, and the data provided will be continuous recording EEG data. If you have experience in T-test and ANOVA or regression analysis, that would ...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can provide a statistical analysis solution for my project. The purpose of the analysis is to determine relationships between variables, compar...is to determine relationships between variables, compare means between groups and test for significant differences in proportions. The data that will be analyzed is both categorical and continuous. I prefer R as the software or programming language for the analysis. Ideal skills and experience for the job include: - Expertise in statistical analysis using R - Knowledge of chi square, t-test, ANOVA and regression analysis - Ability to work with both categorical and continuous data - Experience in interpreting and presenting statistical results - Strong attention to detail and accuracy in analysis and ...

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    We did not study anything about ANOVA, so don't write about it. I provided the assignment details, the template, and an example of the template. For the codes, we use Jupyter Notebook. We chose the personality data set, this is a code you can use to get a random sample: import pandas original_data = pandas.read_csv("") df=(n=250) df.to_csv(r'') print (df) I need all the codes and screenshots of everything to include it in my submission just like the example report I provided. You have exactly 48 hours to finish the assignment

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    High Priority -Hypothesis testing -Chi Square test,Coefficient test f test anova test Low Priority-All Statistic module

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    I am seeking support for my academic research articles in psychology. The ideal candidate should have experience with statistical and experimental research. The project requires data analysis using SPSS, ANOVA, MANOVA, and experimental analysis. I am currently at the data analysis stage and require assistance with interpreting the results.

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    SPSS Analysis Tamat left

    my daughter has done a study where subjects choose whether facial expressions are genuine or non genuine monitored via ECG which is then correlated to symptoms of depression. Symptoms of depression is gleaned via a questionnaire. She is struggling to extract relevant SPSS anova, t tests etc so she can analyse the data for the results section of her dissertation. What would be the rough cost for your assistance and timescale for this work?

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    I am looking for an expert in R coding to help me analyze results from a recent experiment. Grass seed trials were conducted using two variables (3 varieties and 8 fungicide treatments) and were duplicated in 3 locations representing blocks. Measured response variables include seed yield, Test Weight, disease severity, and nutrient absorption.

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    The project description is: Train one dataset and create a model. Use that model to predict other datasets. The data cannot be mixed as we are only going to use one dataset for training. A model must be createdfor testing. We want to deep learning and also Random Forest and Decision tree. We will also need to use some feature selection algorithms such as ANOVA or CART or some other for selecting he features. I also need visualistion of the various performance statics such as the AUC and confusion matrix etc..

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    need help asap please to complete LR, ANOVA and LMM .. should be straight forward I have all the data but need this completing on SPSS

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    Using supervised machine learning algorithm to detect botnet traffic (classify botnet and normal traffic). The samples are labelled so just need the following: I need 2 files. The first file should use the following automated algorithms for feature selection: CFS ANOVA Chi-Squared The following supervised algorithms should be trained and tested. Decision Tree. Random Forest. Support Vector Machines (SVM). Bernoulli Naive Bayes. Ridge Classifier. Logistic Regression. Naive Bayes. K-nearest neighbors (KNN). The second file will allow me to select the features I want manually. The same algorithms should be used for training and testing. I then want both the results analysis to understand the difference in detection accuracy and they performed. For each file. I need the follo...

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    I am looking for an experienced freelancer to help me with my assignments on SPSS. The main focus of the work is Descriptive Analysis, including ANOVA, as well as some regression and possibly Chi-Square tests. A thorough knowledge of SPSS is an absolute must for this project. I do have a deadline for this work and it will need to be completed by the specified date. The successful applicant will need to be able to produce accurate, timely results, and be available for any additional questions that may arise. If you are looking for an interesting and potentially challenging project, then I invite you to apply. Thank you.

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    It's about explaning how to use and apply T tester, ANOVA, Linear régression using SPSS

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    ...questionnaire. In our study, we gathered one hundred volunteers analyze their data and see if the hypothesis we initially made, that the group of smokers would perform worse in the WM task leading to a significant difference on the distraction scores between the participants (smokers vs non-smokers), were to meet. The only help I need is on the Results section, on how to analyse my data using a 2x2 ANOVA with one between-subjects factor (smokers, non-smokers) and one with-in subjects factor (WM accuracy without distractors, WM accuracy with distractor). Finally, a correlational design was appropriate to answer the question on whether there is any relationship between smoking craving and WM distractibility....

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