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    Hi VB Coders, I want two .BAS modules in VB that will allow me to receive emails from POP server and send emails using SMTP server. Details requirements about each of them are given below. POP Mail ============== I want to retrive all the emails from my ISP's POP server. You MUST support attachments along with other mail items (from, subject, body...). I want it in a function in a Module or i...

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    I am not an accountant. We need an accounting system for courier service environment (e.g. DHL, Fedex, and similar company). The system should consists the following modules 1) AR 2) AP 3) GL 4) Cashbook 5) Payroll The system should be able to manage multi currency. If possible, the following are the prefer programming lanaguage. 1) PHP, Python, or Visual Basic 2) Prefer source code will not run o...

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    I have written an Access 2000 mdb program and want to convert (forms and code modules) to Visual Basic 6.0 and replace the existing Access 2000 database with SQL (MSDE 2000). The program (xyz) uses Access 2000 as a backend database (on the local machine) and synchronizes whenever the program loads with data uploaded to a SQL database on the Central-Server, hence an ODBC connection is made when the...

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    I Have a VB6 ADO DLL that has 12 forms, 2 modules, 6 classes. The classes include SmartSQL an errorhandler, and a generic database class. I need this converted to and There is currently a connection string held in an ini file that allows this module to use SQL2000 or Access I need this functionality tested using the .net version with both access and SQL. I will provide all existing...

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    Cycles Tamat left

    If you can provide a one time fax number it will be greatly apprecitated. That way I can explain it better and in full detail with pictures and class notes. I have notice that the coders who have been viewing my request don't fully understand what is going on or need more information. I don't have a fax machine so the fax number you provide me doesn't have to be your personal fax. I...

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    We are looking for an experienced ASP.NET (w/ VB.NET, no C#) developer to assist our team in the development of an Intranet based customer information system. The application will manage public utility billing (water, sewer, landfill, conservation & electric), accounts receivables and meters. Modules Include: Utility Billing Utility billing procedures to include initial customer set-up, edit...

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    I'm looking for someone who can help me modify a number of modules and files within PHP Nuke. There a number of jobs to do, but are only fairly minor things. I'm running 5 sites that use Nuke, but some use different versions. You must be fully conversant in Nuke. Knowledge of the apache module, mod_rewrite, would be useful too. Look forward to your bids.

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    This project involves the implementation of client designs into osCommerce (an open source ecommerce solution at [log masuk untuk melihat URL] ), as well as the development/alteration of some of the modules (eg. the way products are displayed on the page, etc). A thorough knowledge of HTML, PHP and mySQL is essential for this project (which to the right person will become one of many) and preferen...

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    New project release ->Coders invitation - PHP, mySQL + Delphi/C++. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Clone: I want all of the features they have plus a Staff Chat where the staff can communincate back and forth. Here are some of the features I'm looking for. :Track Visitor Refer URL :Department Chat Icons :Initiate (Proactive) Chat :Visitor Traffic Monitor popular! :PUSH HTML pages popular! :C...

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    Need a NT based (nt/2K/Xp) based service that interfaces with various X10 home control interface hardware modules, which in turn, talk to MS web server. On web request, the server/service must present a web page which will allow the remote user to select a menu of control options and macros such as: Living room light on. All lights off. "I'm home" (hall lights on, start wicrowave, e...

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    Dating Site Tamat left

    Coders, what I'm looking for are basically the function underlying similar to [log masuk untuk melihat URL] with a twist. It must look professional, aesthetic and eye-catching. "If you have done a dating site than you are highly considered, but will still consider others - NOTE: Review the sites mentioned, if you are unable to provide this service than please don't bid" Require...

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    We are looking for an "ad popup messenger". Users would install a "spy" program that will communicate with our server whenever there is an Internet connection. We do not want to see an icon in the tray. We do not want an “installation program?? with “install shield??. Only a .exe that will install all it needs in the background. Our server will then determinate when...

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    Please be reasonable with your bid, I have an idea of what the cost is. Here is where you come in, I need a very original coder who has a great imagination and ideas in creating an extremely user friendly program. New project for me, I need a live help client/server software(small) created in latest Delphi or C++. Webhosting scripts in PHP and Database in mySQL - part of the chat interface uses Fl...

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    I'm looking for people to help me with a project I am doing that uses VB6 as a front end and PHP/mySQL as a backend. Get in contact with me and we can discuss what I need. Please let me know your availability and timezone. I will start private auctions with coders who I feel have the skills required. You will be joining a group of coders working on this project if you are successful. ## Del...

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    I have a project that is in VB6 and produces reports using ACTIVE REPORTS v1.2. This contains 40 reports, 10 forms, 2 classes, and 2 modules. I need it converted to and using Active reports for (I will supply ACTIVE REPORTS versions 1.2 2.0 and for The back end database is currently access 97 I will want an option to connect to SQL2000 or Access through the [log masuk untuk ...

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    We currently have a rather large application written in Access, the backend is also in Access and we need the backend converted to SQL Server 2000. The front end should TOTALLY work with the new back end and be **thoroughly** tested. In other words every form gone through, used and confirmed 1) We need installation scripts to create the databases on the SQL Server 2000, this is simple to crea...

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    I have a DLL 10 forms(or less), 2 modules,2 classes. It uses DAO throughout and there is a single class that handles all the data entry off the form and it's validation. This class looks at the access database that it is to write to and picks up the properties of the fields then validates user entered data against it. I want this converted to ADO with the ADO being in a single class. All the ...

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    What I am looking for a program that imports incoming COM data straight into database real-time from a Key system (Small PBX) units SMDR Port. Find text output attached. I will need the program to log all the text data, and make customizable reports based on the data criteria. No need for call costing, Reports in Crystal Reports ??? Reports will include. Traffic analysis peaks and troughs User Dir...

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    A program like on [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I have purchased [log masuk untuk melihat URL] but I do not have a liking towards it. I would prefer a customized version instead. I would like something like that for my hosting program and a support program. It'll be like having these following modules. 1) Order Form Form will be done in before hand. It would inte...

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    We are a non-profit High School so as low as possible please. We would prefer it done in Visual Basic however other languages are okay. What we require is a classroom management tool it will have a Client Module (to be installed on a students computer) and a teacher module (to be installed on the teachers computer) for a details description of what we are after please see Deliverables below. There...

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    php Programming Project for [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 1. php Program Maintenance An experienced php programmer is needed to implement the usual and recommended php layout and code separation (and/or modules, functions, etc.) and rewrite parts of the code. Most of the php code is mixed with the html that defines the layout of the pages. Changing page layouts requires altering each php file. The...

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    You know that XML is the current rage. But, many text files used by established applications have "legacy" home-brewed formats. This project involves developing a script tool to translate text files from a particular format to an XML format. All input files are structured in a line-oriented format. The corresponding output files will be in an XML-compliant format. There is no precise sc...

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    I have a traffic exchange script I'm having installed, and need someone who is familiar with similar systems to create and place graphics on the site, and help set-up the configuration of the exchange. This will be a semi-ongoing project as there are many things I'd like to add as the site progresses, but I just need help setting it up and finding graphics to begin with. Below is the pr...

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    79226 CMS Tamat left

    Description and thoughts Yes it needs to be robust and yes it will need support so it can grow, I would like to produce a slick end product and whether it's payment upfront and I own 100% or a split partnership where we pool resources and share in the benefits later is also up to the developer. While the end result is a business platform, there is a perfectly suited small community site tha...

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    HellO!We installed PostNuke in our sub-site [log masuk untuk melihat URL], we see that some modules can make postnuke looking better and more consistent like on this site [log masuk untuk melihat URL] (which has a better layout on the homepage).So we look for someone -with good experience with Postnuke management and module installation. On your offer specify the site you manage/managed which util...

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    Autotrader Application this project involves the development of a stand alone application will take buy and sell signals from a software package, Tradestation, and transmit them to an API of my brokerage service. Most of the code for the API is already written in a functioning Excel spread sheet and the Tradestation has the code for handling the tradestation event. all API data can be found at [lo...

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    A banking Software for a Community Bank; this package shall have retail banking module; for instance Teller Services Loan Back Office for setting up tables Administrator to manage every component and a user security profile with every user having their own menu for accessing menus or modules assign to them This is a brief description of the project. System Spec: Package should run on; Win2000 Prof...

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    Content Managment Script PHP/MySQL The code must be written from scratch as I want all rights for the code. - All design should be in templates. - All text should be in a language file. - In the admin area of the script it should be possible to add subpages that shows up in a dynamic menu. These subpages should contain: Header, text, links and a possility to upload a picture and documen...

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    Objectives: 1. Track Time and attendance information for all employees in a company. 2. Report on regular hours, overtime hours, late events, vacations, etc. 3. Allow Database Administrator to modify information while tracking changes. 4. Track projects and activities for employees with quantity produced per activity and price for piece part per activity. 5. Not a payroll system, calculates gross ...

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    Hello! I am in a process of releasing a new instant messaging software designed for internal office communications. I have invested lots of time and effort in this project and would like to make sure the product can stand up to the product specs mentioned on my web site. In addition, I hope to eliminate any serious bugs/issues before releasing a version that can be sold. Ovisoft Messengers (that&#...

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    20 hrs E-mail based support of the Columbusoft Delphi accounting package. All Modules. We would provide complete code as needed. See for yourself at A familiarity with this product is what it is all about. Winning bidder must have experience with accounting systems, their installation and configuration. Once we successfully install it, modifications will be required as well as...

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    I want to develop a Fantasy Cricket Site. I want to have a Clone of all the functionalities of [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I want to understand the purpose of this site and to come up with good design throught the site. I want the bidders to come up with how many modules involved in this site and combine the pages in module and give rough timelines on each page or module so that I can plan for t...

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    A system needs to be developed to administer the quotas or allotments of rooms that hotels assign to our company to be booked by our clients. The system allows an admin with the right privileges to change (adding, subtracting or setting) the number of rooms of a certain kind from a hotel that we have available to book. The interface should be fast and intuitive. It will provide for the means of se...

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    I am looking for someone to create and Outlook Calendar clone for me in VB6. It has to have all the things required like appointments, recurrence, month/weekly/daily calendar, invitations list etc. This clone should operate even if Outlook is not installed on the PC upon which the program is installed. If outlook is installed, it should permit outlook integration (2 way transfer of appointments an...

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    Need a collection of some of utilities bundled together. Monitor your PC, Stop Spam and Popups, Secure your PC and passwords etc... Here are the details. You have to clone [log masuk untuk melihat URL] (Spytech SecurityWorks 2003) in small modules. Each module will have seprate real and demo version. Should be able to change the following on each module: logo About information Web site address. * ...

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    I bought a database driven site template and cannot get the database configured to open. I know nothing about MySQL or PHP, so it is probably something simple to repair for anyone that knows MySQL databases. The template is from a running site so I know it works, just needs some fixing. All I did was change colors and add my site name. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working pr...

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    I am in need for a custom Content Management System written in PHP. I need the following items: Register/Login File uploading File downloading Integration with exsisting phpBB2 forums Gallery The ability to create, move, edit and delete modules Users only need to register on the main page or throught he forums. Passwords and usernames will be stored in a phpBB2 database. Required as we...

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    Our company is looking for a very advanced PHP programmer who can help our programming team finish a large web-based product. The project will take 200 hours to finish, and you must work full-time (approximately 1 month). You will be expected to work online and communicate with other programers and managers via ICQ or Yahoo Messenger. Before we decide on a candidate we will require samples of code...

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    Calculator Tamat left

    Hi. Am doing a calculator program that uses memory stores and form re-organisation. Have done most of it but cannot figure out how to get the memory stores to work properly. I have got it to store a value but i want that value, if the user continues to click M+, to add to itself. Also because there are five stores, i want the form to get bigger or smaller depending on how many stores are active. H...

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    I need an IDE (graphics editor) like VB for an 'other' programming language The program beginns, like VB, with an empty form (and there can be only one form at a time). The User should then be able to select a control on an toolbar and place this control whereever on the form, all under the definition of a selectable grid structure. Then this control must be resizable and movable. Also t...

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    I have a large project involving lots of ACtiveX EXE components and user controls created under VB6. The code has gone through several interations and I need to clean it up and extend functionailty. If you are a good VB6 coder with experience in ActiveX EXEs then I have a lot of work that needs to be done. PHP experience is also a plus,a s I need to integrate some of the work into a remote server ...

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    webmin modules Tamat left

    I need help setting up webmin and adding some functions for [log masuk untuk melihat URL] web interface. This will be for a web hosting site, and many of the modules are available on [log masuk untuk melihat URL] but need to be modified. I need the following on a page for new accounts so they can edit these- 1. qmail, allow users to setup new mail accounts for their domain 2. show disk space used ...

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    Hello, I need a program written, and quickly at that. This will be a stealth program that will retrieve a person’s IE History and zip it up and e-mail it out to a specified e-mail address. The requirements are listed below: * in the form of a command-line utility * the filename = “[log masuk untuk melihat URL]? (Note: not [log masuk untuk melihat URL]) * the syntax =...

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    A fully integrated web site for a geographical community. Suggestion is INVISION POWER BOARD for forums, along with SQUIRREL MAIL for web mail access. Phase one must include: Site login with unified access to auctions and/or classifieds ads, web-mail, calendar and event notification, site customization, and user forums. Basically, this means INVISION fully loaded with all ad-on modules, and S...

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    If you want to be a top coder, you need to focus on coding jobs over $100. So if you've got the skill, here's an opportunity for you to move up in the rankings... I'm looking for a good original (and stable) FTP client. Not necessarily a clone of CuteFTP, WS_FTP, etc., but similar in quality, features, etc. Original code only, please, preferably in VB6. I need it set up so that I ca...

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    Developement to start ASAP on logistics and supply SAP modules. Lead trainer and developer requird for inital phase (est 6 weeks) with training to follow. Client based in South west

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    We require an programmer that has expert knowledge in Quickbooks, accounting practices, Visual Basic 6, XML, MS Access 2000. You will be required to create a VB 6 program to upload data from a MS Access database into Quickbooks Pro. Based upon the setup of the Quickbooks Company, you must be able to extract the appropriate data from Access for upload. This is the reason for being a Quickbooks exp...

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    Hi there. I have uploaded and installed [log masuk untuk melihat URL] on my host and it is running fine. I have don no modification to it as of yet and would prefer to outsource this so I can continue to work on some other items that I am more familiar with. Here is what I would like to have completed on the site: Install additional CGI SmartFrame. Add all categories necessary to build homepa...

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    A fully integrated web site for a geographical community. Suggestion is INVISION POWER BOARD for forums, along with SQUIRREL MAIL for web mail access. Phase one must include: Site login with unified access to auctions and/or classifieds ads, web-mail, calendar and event notification, site customization, and user forums. Basically, this means INVISION fully loaded with all ad-on modules, and SQ...

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    This is a web enabling project divided into modules. We want to make our company product and processes completely web enabled. The project is divided into modules to enable the right skilled person work in the module that he/she is knowledgeable about. The modules are given below. Should you want to bid for more than one module you are welcome, and if you are ready to reduce your price if you win ...

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