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    project singkat untuk setup apache web server sesuai dengan keterangan PDF yang diberikan. Termasuk performance testing dan juga mengimplementasikan load balancer

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    Kami mencari developer dengan skill sbb: - Menguasai Apache SOLR dan plugin management - Menguasai MariaDB dan MySql - Menguasai program PHP, HTML dan Ajax

    $487 - $975
    $487 - $975
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    Freelance Software Engineer / System Programmer • Pendidikan S1 Teknik Informatika/Teknik Komputer • Memiliki kemampuan dengan menggunakan PHP, HTML, Java Script • Memiliki kemampuan menggunakan web server berbasis Apache dan xampp • Memiliki data analisis yang tinggi menerjemahkan proses bisnis menjadi script Programming • Result-oriented dan tahan terhadap tekanan • Mampu membuat metode transfer knowledge ( training ) kepada user • Memiliki pengalaman sebagai system analis atau programmer minimal 1 tahun/fresh graduate dipersilahkan melamar

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    $20 - $162
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    3 file server untuk XFileSharing Pro butuh di optimalisasi, karena resource server masih banyak tapi generating files, download dan upload lambat. Server spec pakai i3 2100, 8GB RAM, 1 Gbps network dedicated. Statistik rata-rata 3 server tersebut sebelum akhirnya melambat: Active connection 4000-5000, RAM usage 300-400MB, CPU usage 2-10%, Network usage 500-600 Mbps. Saya ingin server resource terpakai secara maksimal sebelum saya menambahkan server-server baru.

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    Adventure works data movement from on Prem SQL server to S3 or snowflake using Apache nifi, talend or other etl tool Kafka etc

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    Apache module development 5 hari left

    I want to be able to add append contents under the original HTML in the apache configuration without modifying the content of the webpage, and can make UserAgent judgments

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    ...of web technology, ability to write object-oriented code on PHP7+, proper usage of type hinting and strict mode -Good knowledge of SQL, including things like indexes, foreign keys, transactions -Knowledge and understanding of basic web dev tools: CSS, HTML 4/5,JavaScript -Experience using JavaScript frameworks/libraries: KnockoutJS, jQuery, RequireJS -Basic knowledge of server environment setup (Apache/Nginx, PHP-FPM, MySQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, etc.) -Ability to pass a technical interview in English and communicate in written form We offer: -Remote work from Portugal (or another country) -Flexible working hours: 8 am – 5 pm, or 9 am – 6 pm, or 10 am – 7 pm Portuguese time (GMT) -Training programs (various technology stacks), certification, English lessons, se...

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    I need an Apache Cordova plugin which implement background mode in Android 12 or above. For example the "cordova-plugin-background-mode" plugin would be perfect, but only in Android version below 12. The goal is that the JavaScript tasks keep running continuously in the background in my app, even if the screen is locked or another app is on foreground. My app collects GPS position data and send the coordinates to my server and there is a websocket connection too which can recieve notifications. Unfortunatelly Android 12 kills thiese processes after some minutes if my app not in the foreground.

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    This is a high level job that needs an IT expert. Someone that know linux fully and can move about in a very complex network array of servers.

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    Java Project 4 hari left

    Hello, I have attached a zip file which is a project that needs these modification on the same project. here is a requirement of the previous project to understand the project better. Also I put the requirements for the modification which is what I need. previous projects requirements [ 1) Your network should contain 6 nodes (A,...nodes as you did in previous project - Step 3. which was (Node A should first read the content of that file in binary. Then, split the data into 1KB blocks and distribute them uniformly over the network.) 4) When a node leaves the network, all the other nodes should be notified. Consequently, data should no longer be forwarded to this node. 5) Modify the code such that your system should now use Apache ZeroMQ for any TCP communication instead of Java S...

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    I want to install application on RHEL 8 version application names below nginx 1.2.9 apache-tomcat 9.0.54 VPN Antivirus SFTP client SMTP and creation of 2 shared folders

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    Server / Apache / WP Tuning 3 hari left

    Need an apache and WP expert to help tune and work on apache for our WP site. We are on a VPS and would like to improve performance. Must be an expert at apache, root access, db tuning, etc.

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    We've Moodle installed through AWS LightSail. The LightSail Moodle site is hosted through CloudFront. AWS SSL on CloudFront and GoDaddy Apache SSL on Moodle Side (Apache server) have been added. I am looking for an expert who can help us with the Moodle/Apache configuration part to successfully implement HTTPS throughout, which is not happening at present. Additionally, we need the candidate working on this project to have robust Moodle Development skills and earlier experience in Payment gateway integration. Expectations from the ideal candidate: - 1.) end-to-end successful implementation of HTTPS. - 2.) Stripe integration on Moodle & last but not least - 3.) Moodle development/customization of Moodle pages (HTML, CSS, etc)

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    Se requiere realizar un nuevo modulo a app existente, se requiere en web, ios, android. Frontend app tecnologias: - Flutter - Dart Backend: - Spring 4.1 - Java 8 Base de datos: - Postgresql version 11+ - Postgis 3 Servidor actual: - Linux ubuntu 18 terminal - Apache tomcat 9 - Postgres 11 Visual Code Android Studio Unicamente personas que hablan español

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    I have a 10 core 12GB Server (CentOS )and I want expert to install plesk cpanel on that server and perform below points. 1. Bind the IP address to the server and Create nameserver(i will ...Configure settings and other settings including cache for fast performance. 4. Configure other server settings to better performance, we usually get around 1000-1200 concurrent users at peak time. is it possible to setup for mentioned numbers? 5. Create a document for me to add multiple domain accounts and user accounts assigned to each domain so we can share with our internal team. 6. Install apache/php-fpm/nginx 7. Setup server for multiple php versions as our currents has diff php version. 8. Install free ssl as well 9. Teach us how to transfer the sites from diff server having Cpanel/whm...

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    Build File sharing website 23 jam left

    ...build for html5 - ajax upload to bypass php upload limits - timeout protection , so in case of a timeout it just resume where it left - Hashed filenames , no they are not executable and does not even contain a extention ... all for safety - Hotlink protection, you can not directly download them even when you have a direct link ( time based codes ) - Based on litespeed, also works on apache ( with a small rewrite + apache module ) - No usernames/password/registering ... its fully anonymouse - You receive your link, save it somewhere you manage your links from this space user - Lock option to protect your downloads for not wanted users ( pass code ) - Keep your files stored for 7 days for free. After that time they are removed - lock option for premium accounts - secure way ...

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    Please to teach how to make www domain to ip domain using nginx apache on linux at digitalocean or similar cloud host with no loop/mistake.

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    Hi Amro, Project as discussed previously, we have a customer with an existing Ionic app and we need to add an mTLS certificate for authentication against Apache. If the certificate isn't present then the mobile app shouldn't be able to connect to the API. The previously agreed price was $500. Initial work is to be completed by you on/before November 25th, after this it may take us 2-3 days to complete testing. Both my consultant and the customer will be involved in testing. Thanks Mark

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    Need to setup Apache Druid in VM as cluster deployment

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    It is generally said that the parquet format is better in terms of storage than JSON and CSV. The first link below says "Apache Parquet is a columnar file format that provides optimizations to speed up queries and is a far more efficient file format than CSV or JSON". to an external site. to an external site. Now, let us try to demonstrate this. Download this CSV file (with 50,000 rows). to an external site. Load the file as dataframe in Spark and save the dataframe again in JSON and Parquet format and check their file sizes. Do you see differences in file sizes? Report here. Parquet is supposed

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    I've been trying to do this on Windows using mod_wsgi and Apache, but I am open to using different tech. This outlines my task: I'm developing on a Windows Azure VM where my flask app is currently hosted. I want to switch from a Flask development server to a production server which requires putting a dedicated WSGI server in front of the Flask app. I've chosen to use mod_wsgi (Python Library) to do this. I don't think this is going to be difficult at all for someone who has done it before. Probably only a few lines of configuration. Due to the lack of Flask + Windows web app documentation, I am struggling to get very far. I don't have a background in network programming, and this is why I need some help. The job is to make a test Flask

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    When i enter to without https i got an error message. 1) Root cause: sudo certbot --apache -d -d -d 2) Error for certbot command Enhancement redirect was already set. Failed redirect for Unable to set enhancement redirect for Unable to find corresponding HTTP vhost; Unable to create one as intended addresses conflict; Current configuration does not support automated redirection 3) Logs sudo apachectl -S VirtualHost configuration: *:80 is a NameVirtualHost default server (/etc/apache2/sites-enabled/) port 80 namevhost (/etc/apache2/sites-enabled/) port 80 namevhost (

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    16 bida

    Hi on my wordpress site on aws, having other php and other codes, the .htaccess file is denying files, and allowing few other files. ubuntu +apache

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    11 bida

    Hi Amro, Project as discussed previously, we have a customer with an existing Ionic app and we need to add an mTLS certificate for authentication against Apache. If the certificate isn't present then the mobile app shouldn't be able to connect to the API. The previously agreed price was $500. Initial work is to be completed by you on/before November 25th, after this it may take us 2-3 days to complete testing. Both my consultant and the customer will be involved in testing. Thanks Mark

    $250 - $750
    $250 - $750
    0 bida

    We are looking on Pyspark, AWS Emr and Apache Airflow for 2 hrs. We will give 25-30k per month. It's a part time and need to connect through remote connection

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    6 bida

    Important Notice - [DEMO Required] Before awarding/creating milestone (need to see a sample demo for web server to test on my local pc) I need professional and talented programmer to build (web server & email manager) in C/C++ with PHP panel for hosting customer's website. Requirement; - Web Server (apache,php,mysql) + Email Manager (smtp server) in one bundle must be in "windows application". - Member Panel with different user/admin roles to provide to our customer in PHP/HTML/JS. "will give functions in PM" * No team-work needed or sales person. * Don't need any other web languages such (laravel, CodeIgniter), just pure PHP. + you can use open source, and customize/modify it. will give details more once i see you're eligible for this pr...

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    32 bida

    I have a website(zip 500mb) The set up required is fairly straightforward - a linux, apache, php and mysql database (PHP 7 required). It needs uploaded to our web host webhostingpad. And url redirected.

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    19 bida

    ...Object-Oriented technology  Knowledge of any PHP CMS or Framework will be a plus - Joomla, Smarty, Drupal, WordPress,CodeIgniter, Zend Framework, Angular JS, React  Writing standards-compliant complex CSS, XHTML, JavaScript, Jquery.  Work primarily with PHP, object-oriented design, dynamic content retrieval, Unit testing techniques, debugging techniques, HTTP, MySQL and Apache  Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git.  Excellent communication (written and oral) and interpersonal skills. Key Responsibilities:  Understanding of MVC design patterns  Responsible for development and maintenance of back-end services  Hands-on experience with web application development.  Execution of...

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    Hi on my wordpress site on aws, having other php and other codes, the .htaccess file is denying files, and allowing few other files. ubuntu +apache

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    Hallo, hast du genug Erfahrung, um zwei Seiten php/CSS/MySQL schnell und zügig zu programmieren? Von Grundauf? <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//IETF//DTD HTML 2.0//EN"> sollte ok sein. Apache 2.4.52 php 8.1.2 MariaDB 10.6.7 Es sind nur diese beiden Seiten (siehe PDF) zu programmieren, nichts besonderes. Die Datenbank programmiere ich selber, d.h. wir brauchen eine zeitnahe Kommunikation. Du bekommst einen VPN-Zugriff auf den Ubuntu Server, auf dem das Ganze läuft. Bitte keine Angebote, ohne, dass ihr das PDF gelesen habt, bitte kein automatisiertes Antwortschreiben. Entschuldige bitte folgenden Check: Bitte füge in deinem Angebot den hier verwendeten Farbcode für Orange bei, damit ich weiß, dass du das Angebot gelesen hast. Freu...

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    There are multiple, functional examples of the block stacking game in ThreeJS online. We want to take one written in ThreeJS and Typescript and add to it to make a simple and fun game for memorizing the books of the Bible in order. This will be a standalone ThreeJS javascript game that loads from a normal Linux Apache web server with PHP and MySQL support on the backend to create a game experience that works well on mobile devices and also is functional in a desktop browser. Starting with a working and functional game published on CodePen, we want to make this into a NPM ThreeJS game and make minor changes for playability. Detailed specifications are below, but the project summary is to add buttons and a couple functions to the existing gameplay

    $250 - $750
    $250 - $750
    44 bida

    My GoDaddy cPanel shows that my server is using more than 90% of its total space. I would like to have any unecessary files deleted. It is an Apache server. Also, the Wordpress admin is offline due to a plugin conflict.

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    Linux Sysadmin Tamat left

    I am looking for someone with Linux expertise to help a few hours a week with sysadmin duties. You should have experience with various flavors of Linux. Apache and Docker experience are also helpful. You will be required to work during US business hours (EST or CST). Bids that include their hourly rate and state something about their experience (CV or resume work best) will get my priority.

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    this is the issue reported on their Jira: you need to understand what to do (it shoudl be very easy to do it)

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    Hi, i am looking for someone that can assist me with some small setups on vicidia...small setups on vicidial. I have already setup a vicibox solution on the server and have a sip trunk. We did use fusionpbx for a small call center with only outbound calls but looking to move to vicidial. I am struggling to setup the carrier and have issues with the time sync on the vicidial agent side. Our time is out with 10min for some odd reason. I have already checked the files in apache and cli which is correct. the settings in vicidial is also set to +2 for time zone. I am looking for someone that can assist just to setup the sip trunk and also make sure that the agents can dial out with the webphone that is built into vicidial for now. Will you be able to assist today and what will the cost ...

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    Skill sets: Python programming language, Spark, Kafka / Kinesis, EMR / Glue, S3, Redshift, Airflow, Jenkins) Activities developers need to perform Load data in S3 Perform ETL functions in glue Data tiering on S3 Filter, join, aggregation Move data to Redshift EMR Apache Airflow for overall orchestrator They will use pipeline on Glue Python skill Move code from Dev to Production

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    3 bida

    problem solving after apache to nginx conversion

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    1 bida

    Hello Apache/DevOps Experts, We have one blocker over Apache2 configured over ec2 instance. Its failing to process more than 11 requests per second on and RDS configured with 64GB of RAM configuration. Hence looking for a DevOps expert who can help to get this working at least 120 Requests per second. Write " I am Interested" before your bid.

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    15 bida

    There's a vps with ubuntu linux. I need smb to set it up for using with external domains and wordpress installations. Preferably with nginx instead of apache. Also, it's needed to set up let's encrypt certificates, ufw (with iptables if necessary) and hardening of the server should also be done. More details upon request. Thank you!

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    37 bida

    I have a Certificate I need to replace on an Apache Server that just wont allow me to edit the files and replace the content. I have the 3 keys downloaded but not sure how to get it to install. I do not use or know anything about this process. I just need it to work. It is a sub-domain we only use for images but as soon as my main AWS Server's license expired I was able to upload the Certs. This server is beyond my knowledge. A test URL is You will notice it's cert is out of date. I have all the logins and passwords as well as the same cert I used on AWS. I know it works. Just not sure about the path or if i can simply replace the old SSL or what.

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    8 bida

    The project deals with sensors of the module with different timestamps.

    $28 (Avg Bid)
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    7 bida

    We have an application in Adobe flex that needs some enhancements. So Need Adobe flex developer ongoing basis. Also if you know Apache Royale it would be great as we plan to convert the flex application to Royale

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    On your local web server, create a folder named project. (Important: Your project will be marked on an Apache server. So I recommend using either XAMPP or AMPPS as your project server. If I cannot run your project on an Apache server, I cannot mark it!) Inside the project folder, develop a mobile-friendly web app that lets end-users read, create, update, and delete the contact details of friends. Each contact should have a name, a telephone number, and an email address. (Videos demonstrating good practice) Also provide a means that lest end-users either search, filter, order, and/or page-through contacts. For marking purposes, the opening page of your web app MUST be named index.html. While developing this application, you MUST limit yourself to client-side technologies and f...

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    25 bida

    Need to develop 2 API's in Apache Camel 1. For API 1 data will be first loaded from DB? Yes 2. Next time same type of data will be requested then retrieved from cache? Yes 3. API 2 always gets response from API 1? Yes We need to use EHCACHE We need to send Policy Number and retrieve the relevant data

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    5 bida

    Looking for a consultant to help integrate Solr indexing/search into an online farm marketplace platform. This is a full featured ecommerce web platform that allows local farmers to join together to develop online local farm marketplace websites. At this point the platform has limited search functionality using PHP/MySQL. We would like to incorporate an indexing/search engine into the platform and are looking for an expert in Solr to help us do this. As a demo project we currently have Solr up and running and indexing inventory data and returning results. However we are looking for some overall guidance to the best approaches to integrating Solr and specifically a review and update of our current configuration files (schema, , , etc) enabling search and return of relevant results. To...

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    11 bida

    ...utiliser le WebRTC ou "mediasoup" (à prioris mieux que WebRTC), mais pas d'abonnement à des services ou APIs tels que Agoras, Twilios etc... De manière générale, aucune utilisation de services tierces ou APIs (hormis des APIs de connexion (google, Facebook, twitter…) pour pouvoir se connecter avec son compte). Pour le backend vous pouvez utiliser MERN ou des technologies existantes tels que apache/Nginx avec PHP/Mysql/mongoDB/PostgreSQL ou encore Golang. Pas d'autres langages de programmation. Le FrontEnd, vous n'êtes pas obligé de faire exactement le même design que Facebook (vous pouvez et c’est l’idéal), mais vous pouvez aussi réaliser votre propre design ou util...

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    23 bida

    ...Object-Oriented technology          Knowledge of any PHP CMS or Framework will be a plus - Joomla, Smarty, Drupal, WordPress,CodeIgniter, Zend Framework, Angular JS, React          Writing standards-compliant complex CSS, XHTML, JavaScript, Jquery.          Work primarily with PHP, object-oriented design, dynamic content retrieval, Unit testing techniques, debugging techniques, HTTP, MySQL and Apache          Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git.          Excellent communication (written and oral) and interpersonal skills. Key R...

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    45 bida

    We need to setup a reverse proxy server with Apache/Nginx. It should ask for username, password and CAPTCHA and then authenticate the same from database and then allow the user to connect to our main server.

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