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    ...und so bearbeitet werden soll, dass es zusätzlich bei Amazon als Taschenbuch veröffentlicht werden kann. Hier der Link zum E-Book auf Amazon: Hello, I'm looking for someone who has experience with how to can edit and change an e-book (PDF / Kindle), that it is available as a paperback for publication on Amazon suitable is. It's about a German e-book that is already on Amazon is published and should be edited so that it also published as a paperback on Amazon can be. Here is the link to the e-book on Amazon:

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    The site was create...advertisements at a certain time of day. It should be possible to enable/disable this newsletter from the admin panel * Create in the admin panel the ability to enable/disable automatic sending of invoices * Change the error text when entering incorrect login information on the site * Configure sending an email to the user after granting access to the site * Add a function for automatic publication of advertisements with a check for the presence of contact information in the advertisement. There should be an option to enable/disable this function in the admin panel. * Set a password on the accounts page in the admin panel and on the server on the database (folder) where the accounts are saved, so that no one except one admin (me) can view, delete or change...

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    As a agency, I'm in need of a professional ...Research: Dive deep into our target audience, understand their behavior, and identify their needs. - Ad Creative & Copywriting: Develop engaging ad creatives and compelling copy to connect with our target audience. Website Development: - E-commerce Integration: Set up a smooth-running e-commerce platform on our website to facilitate transactions. - Content Management System : Create a CMS for easy publication and update of content. - Interactive Contact Form: Incorporate a contact form to facilitate communication. I am trying to build a team of professionals in their area of work to bring in the best results for agencies client and I will pay them 500$/client and would only want long term members. The pay can increase based o...

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    I need an experienced professional to assist me in editing,...requirements: - This is a document, not a presentation or web content; hence, the ideal candidate should have proven experience in editing large textual documents. - The primary goal here is to meet a publication limit. This requires the editor to be skilled in maintaining the essence of the content while reducing the word count significantly. - The document needs to be formatted according to APA style guidelines. Therefore, the ideal candidate should be familiar with and proficient in this formatting style. This project will require a combination of excellent editing skills, an understanding of publication requirements, and adherence to APA style guidelines. Candidates with a similar experience background are enc...

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    I am seeking a qualified web developer to create a captivating blog websi...seeking a qualified web developer to create a captivating blog website for my project. The purpose of the website is to publish genre-specific short stories, aimed primarily at an adult audience. To meet this requirement, the potential freelancer should have: - Proficiency in creating an engaging, user-friendly website layout - Experience in incorporating features for story submission and publication - Understanding of how to target content to a specific audience - Experience in genre-specific themes and templates - Excellent SEO skills to drive appropriate traffic to the site Together, we can create a unique platform that successfully connects writers and adult readers through captivating genre-specifi...

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    I am seeking a skilled freelancer to administer product uploads on my Spanish online clothing store, , which is set up on the Wix platform. Your task will primarily...project would have: - Proficiency in Spanish language. - Experience with the Wix platform. - Attention to detail in product specifications. Your responsibilities will include, but not be limited to: - Uploading product details, specifically including size and material. - Attaching corresponding images for each product as per requirement. Please make sure all information is accurate before publication to avoid misunderstandings. Previous experience in data entry, especially related to clothing, is preferred. Your ability to ensure the successful execution of product uploads to my online store will be a great asset.

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    I am dealing with a YouTube monetization issue that started less than 1 months ago. My channel is primarily focused on educational and tutorial content, and I hit a roadblock when it comes to monetization, specifically on step 2. For this project, I would need: - An expert with an in-depth understanding of YouTube policies. - Someone with a solid track record in sol... Troubleshooting: Dive deep into the problem, identifying the primary causes. 2. Solution Proposal: Develop a strategy to navigate and rectify the issue swiftly. The ideal candidate should bring a problem-solving mindset, an understanding of YouTube's monetization policies, and a proven track record of managing similar issues. The goal is to monetize the channel successfully and resume the publication of educa...

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    Website improvement 5 hari left

    The site was create...advertisements at a certain time of day. It should be possible to enable/disable this newsletter from the admin panel * Create in the admin panel the ability to enable/disable automatic sending of invoices * Change the error text when entering incorrect login information on the site * Configure sending an email to the user after granting access to the site * Add a function for automatic publication of advertisements with a check for the presence of contact information in the advertisement. There should be an option to enable/disable this function in the admin panel. * Set a password on the accounts page in the admin panel and on the server on the database (folder) where the accounts are saved, so that no one except one admin (me) can view, delete or change...

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    I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to kindly request your assistance with the publication of my app on play console . Your expertise and established presence in the industry make you the perfect ally in this endeavor. I have poured my heart and soul into developing this app, and I believe it has the potential to resonate with a wide audience. However, navigating the intricacies of app publication can be daunting, and your support would be invaluable in helping me navigate this process smoothly. Your generosity in considering my request would mean the world to me, and I am more than willing to discuss any terms or arrangements that would make this collaboration mutually beneficial. Together, I am confident we can bring this project to ...

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    I'm seeking an expert in Arabic poetry editing to assist with refining my work before publication. The project involves comprehensive editing with a focus on: - Grammar and punctuation - Rhyme and meter - Content and theme I need someone with deep knowledge in the 16 famous Arabic poetry scales and all other forms including modern Arabic. The poems that need editing consist of 1477 words and I'm looking for someone who can turn them into polished, professional pieces. The primary goal of this project is to prepare these poems for publication, so a thorough understanding of the nuances of Arabic poetry is essential. Ideal candidates should have experience in Arabic poetry editing, a strong understanding of grammar and punctuation in Arabic, and an appreciation fo...

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    I've finished writing my book and it's all set for publication on Amazon. I'm looking for a professional who can help me with the interior formatting of the book and UPLOAD IT. Key Requirements: - Expert knowledge in Amazon self-publishing guidelines - Proficiency in book formatting, especially for digital platforms like Kindle Direct Publishing - Strong attention to detail to ensure that the book appears professional and well-designed Your responsibilities will include: - Formatting the book content - Ensuring the book is in compliant with Amazon's publishing guidelines - Providing suggestions and best practices to improve the overall quality of the book I'm specifically looking for a freelancer who has had experience in self-publishing on Amazon and has...

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    Trophy icon Modern & Sleek Newspaper Designer 5 hari left

    I'm looking for a skilled Affinity Publisher designer to create a monthly newspaper for the catering and hospitality sector. Key Requirements: - The newspaper should have a modern and sleek design, appealing to a wide audience. - Your task will be to create a stunning layout, incor...latest trends in graphic design. - You should be able to work with a monthly update schedule, ensuring the newspaper is ready for distribution in a timely manner. Ideal Skills: - Strong proficiency in Affinity Publisher, with a strong portfolio of previous newspaper or editorial design. - Ability to understand and match the aesthetic required for an advertising publication. - Excellent communication skills to ensure the publication meets our advertising goals. We will discuss monthly budg...

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    I’m in need of an Adobe Photoshop expert to take on a one time task. While certain tasks were not specified, capabilities in photo retouching, graphic design, and image manipulation should be within your skillset to cover any potential requirements. While the final output expectations aren't defined yet, having knowledge to provide formatted images ready for publication, creating layered Photoshop files, and automating tools or scripts in Photoshop would be helpful. Please detail your experience and skills that make you a perfect match for this project.

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    ...changes to the text on the document as needed. - Formatting text: The ability to format the text in the document is important for ensuring it's visually appealing. - Adding images and graphics: The editor should support adding images and graphics to the PDF document. I primarily use Windows as my operating system. After editing, I plan to use the documents for various purposes, including online publication, printing, and internal documentation. Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Proficiency in using a PDF editor with the mentioned features - Experience in editing text and formatting it in a visually appealing way - The capability to add images and graphics to enhance the document - Strong communication skills for understanding and implementing my requiremen...

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    ...Comprehensive planning for application hosting on GCP or AWS, with detailed environment setups including development, staging, and production. - Complete technical documentation required, covering the app development lifecycle, deployment strategies, and user guidance. 6. Additional Considerations: - Provide detailed financial estimates for app and website development, alongside anticipated operational costs. - Include storage and processing projections for multimedia content, considering scalability and data management efficiencies. - Specify qualifications for app publication on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. - Detail the management of API integrations, including potential third-party services and ongoing maintenance needs. 7. Proposal Subm...

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    I have a ready mobile app that I want to publish only on the iOS Appstore. - The app is complete and ready for publication, so this project involves only the final steps of getting it live on the Appstore. - I need a professional with experience in Appstore publishing who can ensure that all the guidelines and requirements are met. - It's essential that the individual has prior experience publishing iOS mobile apps and can help navigate the nuances of the Appstore submission process. Please provide samples of your previous work, particularly in iOS Appstore publishing, when applying for this project. Skills required: - iOS Appstore publishing experience. - Attention to detail to ensure all guidelines are met. - Good understanding of the Appstore submission...

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    I'm seeking a talented freelancer to conduct interviews for content creation, specifically for a coffee table publication about the history of my company. - You should have experience in conducting and transcribing interviews, as well as editorial and creative writing skills. - Your research abilities and attention to detail will be crucial in accurately capturing the historical essence of the organization. - A background in business, history, or corporate chronicles would be beneficial. Let's capture the soul of our corporate journey together!

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    ...propose evaluating deposited data and scoring them to allow some guidance about data data archive should plan to assign persistent identifiers to deposited data and to processed data to allow users,an easy way to cite the data sets that are being used. A data archive is expected to allow users to have a space where they can share data privately to facilitate collaboration prior to publication. Such private enclaves must only last for a defined period of time before that data set is shared with the rest of the data archive will provide an interface that is accessible to anyone with a web browser. A data archive will make appropriate query tools and summary data easily will want to analyze and/or use visualization tools to interact with the data without downloading

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    ...should be displayed, for example: from 8:00 am to 11:59 am and 1:30 pm to 6:00 pm - How often the ad should be reposted, for example each: 40m, 2h, 1d - Groups: List of groups where the ad will be posted. If desired, collections of groups can be created and named here, thus avoiding having to repeat the same list of groups in each ad. - Delete previous publication: Yes/No. This indicates whether the previous publication of this ad in this group should be deleted once reposted, to avoid having the ad repeated many times in each group. - Skip previous deletion: time interval. This is, if the previous field is Yes, to specify how often we should leave an old copy of the ad in each group to continue having backward visibility. These last two fields are u...

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    video editor 2 hari left

    ...Appreciation for electronic music and minimalist editing – Someone who grasps how music can visually enhance an experience without the need for overdone effects. 2. Technical skill and understated creativity – Capable of using limited footage to tell a compelling story with smooth and simple transitions. 3.Long-term commitment – Looking for a durable collaboration as our project expands and our publication frequency increases. While initial compensation will be modest, this project is in a phase of rapid growth. We are planning an increase in production and the acquisition of sponsors, which will significantly boost the funds allocated to video editors, who are vital to the success of our channel. If you are intrigued by this project and eager to join this c...

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    ...published project, specifying the cost and timeframe for completion. This allows for competitive bidding and ensures that the project owner receives a variety of proposals to choose from. 4. **Decision Making**: The project owner has the authority to review all bids and select the one that best fits their requirements. Once a bid is accepted, the project moves into the "ordered" status, and the publication is removed from the general list, signaling that the project has been awarded. 5. **Communication and Collaboration**: Throughout the process, communication between the project owner and bidders is encouraged to clarify requirements, negotiate terms, and ensure successful project completion. 6. **Flexibility and Adaptability**: The module is designed to be flexible, a...

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    Wordpress -- 4 2 hari left

    * Set up link perso...advertisements at a certain time of day. It should be possible to enable/disable this newsletter from the admin panel * Create in the admin panel the ability to enable/disable automatic sending of invoices * Change the error text when entering incorrect login information on the site * Configure sending an email to the user after granting access to the site * Add a function for automatic publication of advertisements with a check for the presence of contact information in the advertisement. There should be an option to enable/disable this function in the admin panel. * Set a password on the accounts page in the admin panel and on the server on the database (folder) where the accounts are saved, so that no one except one admin (me) can view, delete or change...

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    ...for reshaping and refining content into a compelling self-help book aimed at professionals navigating the corporate job market. This is an opportunity to play a pivotal role in bringing a manuscript to life and guiding it through to publication. Responsibilities: - Rewriting: Revise and rewrite the existing 35,000-word manuscript in original, engaging language. - Publishing Assistance: Aid in the publishing process to ensure the book reaches its intended audience. Rewards: - Commission: Earn a 50% commission on the net sales proceeds received post-publication. - Influence: Leave your mark on a book grounded in two decades of real-world corporate experience. About the Book: The manuscript is fully drafted and explores the theme of success in the corporate job market, ...

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    I need a specialist to develop an advanced document approval workflow website involving various roles such as author, reviewer, approver, publication, and admin. Key Responsibilities: * Author: Shall be able to create and submit documents. * Reviewer: Responsible to review and provide feedback on these documents. * Approver: Approve or reject documents based on their merit. * Publication: Publish the approved documents on the website. * Admin: Manage user roles and permissions, monitor the entire document journey, including its forwarding for approval. Required Features: * User registration and login. * Document upload and version control system. * Commenting and feedback mechanism. * Notification system for keeping everyone updated and informed. * Reporting ...

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    In need of a proficient Arabic content creator with a deep understanding and passion for business and finance to produce engaging articles. Key Skill Requirements: - Fluent in Arabic - Excellent writing skills - Understanding of business and finance terminologies - Ability to transform com...skills - Understanding of business and finance terminologies - Ability to transform complex information into easy-to-understand articles The articles' main purpose is to inform and educate a business-oriented audience about various finance topics. I'm particularly interested in someone who can write in a style that maintains readers' engagement. Prior experience writing for a business or finance publication will be advantageous. Please ensure you are comfortable with these req...

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    I'm seeking an experi...experienced professional proficient in product photography and specialized video effects. This venture pertains to a corporate event, intending for an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic feel. Your responsibilities will include: - Capturing high-quality product photographs in a corporate setting - Implementing specialized video effects - Delivering finely edited video suitable for YouTube publication This endeavor requires a keen eye for detail, proficiency in advanced video editing, and a flair for an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic. You should have demonstrable experience in product photography and creating standout video content for corporate clients. Proven ability in delivering high-quality content amidst strict deadlines will make you my id...

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    I'm looking to build a personal WordPress website that focuses on content publication, much like the structure of Although I appreciate the value of SEO, it's not my primary focus. The key areas of this project are: - **Website Development**: - The site should be built on WordPress, with a strong emphasis on clean, user-friendly design and intuitive navigation. - I'd like to establish a structured content publication flow similar to that of - **Content Management**: - The site should have a user-friendly backend for easy content management. - **Design**: - Aesthetics are important, so a knack for modern, appealing design will be a big plus. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Stro...

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    I'm seeking an experienced editor who can help refine my upcoming biography for print publication. The ideal candidate should be proficient in both story flow and structure, as well as language and style. Key Responsibilities: - Provide comprehensive editing support to ensure the final manuscript is polished and ready for print. - Focus on improving the story flow and structure of the biography. - Enhance the language and style of the narrative to engage readers and maintain consistency throughout the book. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven track record in editing biographies, providing flow, structure, and style improvement. - Strong background in comprehensive editing, with a focus on printed book projects. - Excellent grasp of the English language and an eye for detail...

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    I am in need of someone with a strong grasp on creating schematic images, specifically of power lines and electrical wi...inside home. This project involves creating less than 10 unique but intermediate-level schematic images. Key requirements include: - The ability to understand and depict power lines and electrical wiring schematics - Proficiency in creating PDF format schematics - Able to produce intermediate-level detail in schematic design (can be closer to real images) Experience in creating schematics for publication would be a beneficial skill. The successful candidate will have a keen eye for detail and a knack for turning complex systems into clear, understandable illustrations. This is a great opportunity to showcase your technical design skills in a tangible, publishe...

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    I'm in need of a specialist with skills and experience in publishing productivity apps in Google's Play Store. Specifically, this project involves a task management app. Key responsibilities will include: - Full execution of app publication process - Setting up a developer account, as I currently don't have one - Providing console access post publication Therefore, a deep understanding of Google's Play Store policies, a knack for trouble-free app publication and an ability to communicate clearly and timely will be appreciated. Past experience with publishing productivity, especially task management apps will be a huge plus.

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    I'm seeking a tech-savvy professional to integrate Tienda Nube and Mercado Libre with the aim of publishing and editing products, as well as managing inventory. Key Tasks: - Publication of 100 - 500 products - Edit product details - Inventory management Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience with Tienda Nube, Mercado Libre and product management - Understanding of inventory control - Detail-oriented and accurate - Ability to handle bulk product uploads and edits The end result should be a seamless link between the two platforms, simplifying product management. If you believe you're the right fit for this project, I'd love to hear from you.

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    I'm in search of a professional editor to enhance my car vlog content prior to its publication on YouTube. Key Tasks: - Craft the editing to cater to the vlog style, making it engaging and dynamic. - Incorporate cinematic touches where appropriate, ensuring the overall video quality is top-notch. - Ensure the editing complements the content, which covers a variety of themes including car reviews, modifications, and road trips. The ideal candidate would have: - A strong portfolio of car vlog editing work - Experience with YouTube content - A creative approach to video editing, capable of adding a cinematic touch to vlog content without overshadowing the core message - Excellent communication skills to ensure the edits align with my vision for the channel Looking forward to r...

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    41 bida, such as Adobe Photoshop and Premiere, is a plus. Strong organizational and time-management skills, with the ability to handle multiple tasks and meet deadlines. Collaborative mindset and ability to work effectively with the BusinessRate team and adapt to feedback. Deliverables: A detailed social media campaign strategy document outlining the approach, tactics, and timeline. Creation and publication of ranking announcement posts across selected social media channels. Regular engagement with followers and monitoring of campaign-related conversations. Bi-weekly campaign performance reports, including key metrics, insights, and recommendations. Ongoing optimization of the campaign based on data-driven insights and user feedback. Timeline: The campaign will run for an initial...

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    ...- Speedy Delivery: As the project needs to be completed ASAP, I'm seeking someone who is committed and able to work within a short time frame. It's imperative you can work efficiently without compromising on quality. - Skills and Experience: Essential skills include an in-depth understanding of SEO and proven experience with website content generation. Expertise using Wordpress for content publication is highly desirable. Excellent command of language is also paramount. Must share examples of content from previous jobs. Must be able to understand SEO requirements and also must walk me through all updates in Wordpress Elementor so i can see where they are at on the hosted platform. Content will be written for 20-30 pages, 300-400 words with appropriate Keyword satura...

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    I'm seeking a professional artist who can refine and polish my hand sketches for publication. Essential skills include: - Proven experience with realistic sketches. - Ability to interpret and faithfully represent specific objects found in my hand sketches. Your main task will be to enhance my hand sketches by adding detailed specifics of objects found within the sketches. You will need to stay faithful to the original work, and respect my vision while adding a professional touch. Your polished work should be suitable for publication purposes. Your reimagination of my sketches should remain in the realm of realism. Collaborative and responsive freelancers preferred. Please provide examples of your previous work in this style.

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    ...advertising campaigns (including Facebook, and Instagram. Experience with TikTok will be a strong advantage); • Analysis of the target audience, selection of creatives, and testing of advertising messages; • Budgeting and management of advertising campaign budgets; • Monitoring and analysis of advertising campaign results, adaptation of strategies based on the data received; • Content creation and publication, community management in social networks, interaction with the audience; • Development of a content plan, writing posts, and setting technical briefs for the designer; • Analysis of trends and their integration into the promotion strategy. Requirements: • Experience in SMM for at least 2 years; • Solid knowledge of targeting and advert...

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    ...transformations) so that I can rely on the one with the least skewed distribution ( best gussian distribution). • Finally, I want to compare the data that I got to similar data from a different population on which a similar paper was published using graphics. Note that you can rely on the following published paper to do similar job in the entire analysis process.

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    I'm in need of a copyeditor/proofreader/smartish person to point out continuity errors or things that don't make sense, etc for the new book I'm releasing this summer. The book is about 50k words and has already been edited to a great extent so this will be the final round of edits before publication. It's a fantasy/adventure set in The Garden of Eden (think Narnia). If you don't have references or samples but think you'd be a good fit, I'd be happy to do a paid trial on a chapter or two to make sure we mesh working together and the work is within your wheelhouse. Key tasks will include: - Correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax - Checking for consistency within the narrative - General feedback on the story /characters - Filling ou...

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    ...the Dental Sector Description: We're looking for an experienced developer to create a multifunctional website specializing in the dental sector. The site will include functionalities for job searches, the sale of second-hand equipment, and networking between professionals in the field. Objectives: Create an intuitive and secure platform for users. Integrate profile management, advertisement publication and internal messaging functionalities. Payment system for premium services. Planned technologies : Front-end : HTML5, CSS3, Back-end: PHP with WordPress as CMS, or custom solution. Database: MySQL Plug-in options : WooCommerce for transaction management, WP Job Manager for job offers, Ultimate Member for profile management, and WPML for multilingualism. These plugins ...

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    I'm looking for a talented individual who can create engaging, vibrant, and creative video podcasts and social media reels for publication across Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. The ideal candidate will have a keen eye for detail and a knack for capturing audience attention. Requirements: - Ability to edit more than 30-minute video podcasts that are both vibrant and creative. - Experience in video editing for multiple social media platforms is a must. - The chosen freelancer should show creativity, versatility and should have a modern editing style. Skills: - Proficient in video editing software. - Exceptional creativity and innovation. - Excellent time-management skills. - Understanding and experience with social media platforms. My project requires a dedicated and skill...

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    ...Technical Translation: - Translated technical manuals, specifications, and engineering documents for companies in the manufacturing and IT sectors, ensuring clear communication of complex concepts. - Worked closely with engineers and subject matter experts to ensure accuracy and consistency in terminology. 4. Academic Translation: - Translated academic papers, research articles, and theses for publication in international journals and conferences, adhering to academic writing standards and citation styles. - Provided editing and proofreading services to enhance the quality and readability of translated academic texts. 5. Literary Translation: - Translated literary works, including novels, short stories, and poetry, preserving the style, tone, and cultural nuances of the origina...

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    This is my life's work. I need an editor with a proven track record and experience in non-fiction editing and styling to enhance the clarity and flow of my manuscript, proofread and get ready for publication. I would like this perfect, ready to go. My book is 49516 words. - Improving clarity and style. Please help with flow and continuity. There are times I used Chat GPT, and it feels like Chat GPT. (It's not a lot, but it's there. I need it to not feel Chat GPT-ish). - Ensuring text is engaging and communicates effectively The ideal candidate should have: - Proven experience editing non-fiction writing - Exceptional attention to detail - Strong command of the English language. I will need help with references with the deails in the book and a page...

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    I'm seeking assistance to publish my completed colouring book available in PDF format on Amazon and e-platforms. My objective is to start generating sales and income. To take advantage of this opportunity, you should have experience in: - eBook publishing, specifically on Amazon and other e-platforms - Setting up effective pricing strategies for digital products Additionally, you will also: - Support in setting up the pricing model for the book, I have the marketing strategy covered This project is about leveraging your experience and expertise in digital publishing and pricing in order to make my colouring book a success in the digital platform. Your contributions to the project will directly impact the success of my venture. Previous experience in similar projects is a must.

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    I'm currently in search of proficient beta readers for my memoir. It's roughly 75,000 words long, chronicling my life journey with intricate details. Key responsibilities include: - Reading the draft and providing annotated feedback - Identifying plot holes, inconsistenci...Artificial Intelligence, and general commentary on how life can just be pretty funny under almost any circumstance. My hope in writing it is that it might provide sufficient interesting information and humor to be a good read. The book was part of a completed project for a family website but has expanded into a larger book. I am very interested to learn if the book has general interest for publication and a reader's general response to the story, characters, and writing style. The book is ...

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    Are you a female with a passion for biohacking and healthy living, especially when it comes to women's health? I'm seeking someone just like you to join me on an exciting journey in podcasting. As the host of a health optimization podcast focusing on women, I've got the content covered – now I need your expertise to take it from recording to publication and beyond. Help Needed: I require comprehensive assistance with every step of the podcasting process. From preparation, editing, transcription (with AI tools), producing show notes and publishing episodes to crafting effective marketing (clips, articles, social posts, content repurposing) tailored to our female, educated layperson audience, your role will be crucial in engaging and expanding our listener b...

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    $19 - $38 / hr
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    we're French and we work in the field of online distribution of bathroom equipment and are looking for a community manager, someone to work with for 3 to 6 months or more if all goes well. He/she will have to create relevant content (mainly videos and photos, sometimes, accompanied by text in French) for Facebook and Instagram. Daily or multi-day publication and interaction with subscribers may be required. the idea is to create a community by targeting local and relevant profiles likely to become our customers.

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    I'm looking for a skilled and experienced academic writer who can assist in contributing to a project focusing on clinical psychology, with a specific emphasis on mental well-being. My dissertation aims to explore the impact of social media platforms on body image satis...Statistics Analysis and Interpretation - Provide in-depth understanding of mental well-being - Compile new findings to publish as a research paper Ideal Expertise: - A strong background in clinical psychology - Statistics Analysis - Proven experience in academic research writing - Deep knowledge and understanding of mental well-being. The end product will be utilized primarily for academic publication, so it's paramount that the freelancer has exceptional writing skills and close adherence to academi...

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    I'm launching a project in the medicinal field and am in need of a competent and dedicated research assistant. You'll primarily be dealing with published literature and are expected to perform the following tasks: • Assist in literature re...or STATA • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and research software/tools. • Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a fast-paced environment. • Detail-oriented with strong organizational and time management skills. • Prior research experience in systematic reviews and meta-analysis and manuscript publication is a plus This is a part-time position, between 10 and 20 hours per month. Compensation will be commensu...

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    I am seeking an experienced researcher to conduct a systematic literature review on Topic A. The review should focus on peer-reviewed journals published within the last 10 years. Key Re...should focus on peer-reviewed journals published within the last 10 years. Key Requirements: - Strong understanding of systematic literature review methodology - Experience in academic research and publication - Proficiency in accessing and assessing peer-reviewed journal articles - Ability to synthesize complex information and present it in an organized manner -must follow Prisma statement 2020 -Also get through Prospero Protocols The ideal candidate for this project will have an advanced degree in a relevant field, experience conducting systematic literature reviews, and a strong public...

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