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    Looking for a developer to help build a simple website allowing guests to connect and share their webcams using the Liveswitch Cloud API for video communication. Allowing them to join virtually into a live event with a simple 2 click process through their web browser. Once they have connected we'd like share 1or2 Streams of the event in an Frame on the web page and a thumbnail of their feed. ...

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    This podcast recounts the story of sexual assault survivors who have emerged as strong voices within their community. The lionness is a strong motivating factor for me - and i love its imagery. Colour can be included. I have included a photo that helps with this idea. The title of the podcast is OPEN STANCE.

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    The user has the possibility to design and print creative backwall panels for his shower, bathroom, kitchen, etc.. For detailed configuration, the so-called 2D panel view is available to configure details such as number of panels, panel dimensions, panel material, motifs, etc.. The 3D view, on the other hand, is an approximate illustration for the following parameters: Slab number, motif selection...

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    We have a great opportunity to work on a new web-based 2D/3D design tool for interiors using latest technologies and intelligent and innovative algorithms for CAD drawing and layout design. Join our small team of developers in one of the most competitive companies in this market with customers all over the world and the biggest online database of tiling products. Features to develop include: 2D ...

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    We have a great opportunity to work on a new web-based 2D/3D design tool for interiors using latest technologies and intelligent and innovative algorithms for CAD drawing and layout design. Join our small team of developers in one of the most competitive companies in this market with customers all over the world and the biggest online database of tiling products. Features to develop include: 2D ...

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    Need membership WP plugin installed and setup (Welcome email etc.) Add new page which will only be accessible with membership New Page will be "Tools" section Tools section will have Tile Icons that will launch weblinks within the page

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    Seeking pool/outdoor designer and/or architect to help with selections for our pool and backyard hardscape, and provide a 3d model and/or drawing of the design. I already have the layout/footprint and at this point I am just focused on material selection (patio decking, coping, pool tile, and stone for sitting wall). I have a preliminary design I built using Pool Studio (attached) however Pool S...

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    1. Import Export website 2. Different products- Marble, Granite, Quartz, Engg Marble, Engg Granite 3. Different items within each product 4. Tile Calculator/ Brochure download/ Inspiration blog page 5. Contact Us page

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    I work in the antenatal and postnatal sector and I am in need of some illustrations drawn for an app we are creating. I can supply brand guidelines but the colours are a dark grey and secondary colour of yellow but we are essentially looking for simple, one or two colours, line drawings for: · Tile icon · Toolbar logo · 37 fruit and veg · Splash screen image ...

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    as tile indicates i need a alert condition created for a tradingview script.. need the alert to trigger if the plot below moves down 1.00 plot(k1, color=[log masuk untuk melihat URL], style=plot.style_stepline) attached is the full script ty

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    I run a small business,. My company installs tile and bathroom and kitchen projects.i need to use social media, such as Houzz and/or Pinterest. I would like some help to get into this market . Also need help with markets for home projects.

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    We are a yoga, barre and pilates studio looking for someone to design some promotional material for posting onto facebook and instagram. The promotion is a member of the month that is sponsored by Flannerys You only need to use 1 of the Flannerys logo. Our colour palate is grey, soft green and pink (have a look at our website [log masuk untuk melihat URL] we require 2 x images 1 banner sized fi...

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    The goal of this is to create a traditional sliding tile puzzle.

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    Hello, I need a logo for Three Pines Carpet & Tile. Colorwise, here is the color palette of the website: #020f01 #1a4709 #4e7934 #ffffff #89b4ad #f46500 #f03b00 #90a88e Client wants an earthy feel and likes the logo for https://www.mossyoak.com. The logo should be 2x wider than it is tall. Please make the logo HQ vector a width at least 1080px wide. When done, I need the logo in PNG and...

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    I need help making 32X32 pixel pieces to put together to make a background for some game stages like the ones in Nuclear throne. There are three stages: forest, city, and castle. It can be simple, nothing complicated.

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    Need: 1. Exterior 2. Rooftop patio 3. Interior - modern style - white painting, marble like 32x32 tile floor, recessed lights, modern kitchen Architectural plans, elevation as well as a examples of 3D are in the attachment

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    We are looking for a freelance CAD Designer to make a complete series of video tutorial over Solidworks 2020 Software for students.   # The candidate should have following qualifications.   * Proficient with Solidworks 2020 Software * Expert in learning Video tutorials making * Expert in video editing software with voice cover * Preferably from a Engineering background or Engineering st...

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    Need to add bus stop in between junc 1 & 2, with tile road, and close junc 1 and 3, With Detail dimensions

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    I have project that needs repolishing and analyzing the data including redesign the project. The project is related to dental field, it needs experience biostatistician. Attached is the project description, What I need from you is to design the while project and develop paper, I will guide you, but I'm looking for more creative work from. You will be responsible of developing the whole secti...

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    Need production ready artwork for 3 printed tiles that I have shortlisted in a few sizes each & repeat layouts. Its a simple job with 1-3 colour flat designs. My time line for closure per tile/project is 24 hours. This includes a draft submit within 12 hours.  I am willing to pay $ 20/- per tile [log masuk untuk melihat URL] tile to be delevloped is: Wall tile: [log masuk untuk melihat U...

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    php laravel projbect // call ajax request to save info $.ajax({ url: '/map/record', type: 'post', data: { _token: token[0], info: info, }, success: function(res) { [log masuk untuk melihat URL](res); if([log masuk untuk melihat URL]("success")) { [log masuk ...

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    United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) subsidies are available to farmers for a wide variety of things. Subsidies are most available for improvements that enhance farming practices and improve environmental impacts. Available subsidies often vary based on state and sometimes even county. I need a freelancer to research the availability of agricultural subsidies for the installation of drai...

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    Tile designing Tamat left

    I have images of 2-3 printed tiles that I have shortlisted that I need to get production ready artworks done in correct sizes. Its a simple job with 1-3 colour flat designs. I require first summits within 24 hours and final submits in 48 hrs. max. I am willing to pay $ 20/- per tile developed. Will first give the wall tile below and if satisfied the floor tile next. 1. Wall tile: [log masuk untu...

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    Need to develop a functional level shiny app. - Shiny Modular approach - user upload csv or excel or text data files = validate column types = determine datatype (categorical, numerical, nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio, map-co-ordinates etc) = user need to verify the datatype and save it or edit it. He/she should be able to save and download the edited version. cache the file uploaded or abilit...

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    We need need our Open Street Map database & tile server updated. This will probably turn into an on-going job with other OSM requirements.

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    i have a tile company and would love to have a website for my customers to check in and look up my business

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    Need to develop a functional level shiny app. - Shiny Modular approach - user upload csv or excel or text data files = validate column types = determine datatype (categorical, numerical, nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio, map-co-ordinates etc) = user need to verify the datatype and save it or edit it. He/she should be able to save and download the edited version. cache the file uploaded or abilit...

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    I'm looking for someone who can help me remodel / layout my bathroom. (5’ wide and 8’ long) The bathroom needs to be designed for handicap esaiable so my elderly mother can use it. Probable keep the same layout but need the bathtub to be a shower. I can however, change the layout if it works. Right now the bathroom has a tub with a big picture window, we use our outdoor shower i...

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    I need help drafting a small structure to enclose my 2,500 gallon storage tank, well, pressure tank, water softener and more. The shed/pump house will be 26' x 26' to compensate for additional storage space. I'm interested in using the ICF/Fox Block system. I have very basic floor plans for what I'm envisioning along with some conceptual images. The images are much fancier...

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    I need a design for a master bathroom including vanity, tile, sink, toilet, shower

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    I need graphics for a 2D Top-Down game, tile maps, characters (without animations), various objects.

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    I have a photo of a tile wall with three hexagonal tiles that have an 8-point star in different sizes. I need to create a line drawing of the three hexagons by tracing over the exact shape and size of the stars (they are the same star, just different sizes). The star must be from the photo, not longer, fatter, or larger, but symmetrical. The star should also be about ¼ inch from the edge...

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    41 bida

    Basic condo remodel: Removal of one corner wall between kitchen and living room, new flooring, new cabinets, new paint, new tile in both bathrooms, removal of popcorn ceiling texture, replace electrical panel, relocating electrical outlets and switches, adding plumbing for washer and ventless dryer hookup, new doors and trim, raise floor in sunroom to match living room height 2"-3", and ...

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    WordPress Plugin Developer We are a growing web development company based in the United Kingdom. The Position: We’re looking for WordPress Plugin Developer. The pay range we’re offering is 20-40 dollars per hour. We require our candidate to have experience in the following: • JavaScript • JQuery • WordPress plugin development • Experience with a 2D ...

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    49 bida

    This game is almost finished: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] When a player swipes a tile to the right, there is a smooth animation that shows the tile sliding from left to right across the screen and then merging together with another tile to form a new tile. (This is already programmed and works perfectly.) The undo button is also already programmed and works perfectly. But I just need one more ...

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    The goal is to create a simple app that connects to a MQTT server and display all received messages in a ListView. The mqtt topic path, include an ID that will be corresponding to one tile in the ListView. Each tile will have a button, if pressed a dummy mqtt message will be sent. The app must follow flutter_bloc (_> v6.1.0_). The application must be usable on Android and IOS. Looking for a ...

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    Project Scope of work: Create a model of the house with detail bill of materials. There must be 2 units on yard included a double garage for each unit. A fence/wall needs to separate the 2 units. I have attached the layout of the yard and also plans that I like. This is a start point and plans can be alter to optimize layout. The quality of the finished need to be medium to high quality. Final pr...

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    Hello Im a young entrepenur looking for inspiration design interior for my new house at Condovilla I live with my Girlfriend (Just two of us) and planning have no kids in this 5 years, so just design simply for adults. The condovilla is 90m Square (6m x 15m) 3 Bedroom + 1 Maid bedroom 2 + 1 Bathroom I want you to design Primary area, which is : 1. Kitchen 2. Living area 3. Dining area 4. Master ...

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    We have an existing theme that is nearing completion but there are some tasks that require a Webflow expert. The theme is the dashboard theme called Artboard and we are using Outseta for member management (the website we are building is SaaS). These include; - Displaying the users name in the header when they are logged in - Linking the Outseta profile pop-up to different links with those tabs ac...

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    Gloria's Job Tamat left

    Looking for someone who has experience in interior design and experience with floorplans, rendering, ceiling details, furniture design, 2D, tile layouts, elevations . REVIT/BIM Expert, Auto cad , Sketchup

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    Trophy icon Business card and flyer design Tamat left

    I want to redesign this business card and flyer: I want something similar but with the updated infomation. Company Info: Quick & Clean Pressure Washing and Resurfacing Office: 404-692-0898 Cell: 404-205-6103 Email: Info [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Flyer front: Pressure Washing Services: House Soft Wash, Concrete Cleaning, Deck/Fence Cleaning, Roof Cleaning, Gut...

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    I'm looking for an AI Grid framework for Unity. What is the AI Grid? It is something similar to Divinity Original Sin 2 [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Basically use that game as reference. [GRID and ENTITIES] - I want the grid to be generated with a click of a button in a scene in Unity then allow for tile painting to fix any errors as I know it won't be perfect. - Entities and objects ...

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    Hey all! We need someone to develop a code for us in order to implement it using google API. We are looking for someone to make us a hexagon tile to cover google maps. Please check attachment for samples. We are just looking for the code, and we can implement it! If this is within your expertise please let me know! Thanks, Aladdin

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    I need someone with excellent English and CANVA skills to do the following: 1. Using a PDF document, create a CANVA square tile (using a template I have already designed). You will need to change the image, text and slightly adjust the layout for each tile. There are approx 200 tiles to create. I will pay (Australian) $2 per tile.

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    Hello, We are going to renovate a bathroom and we need suggestions on a realistic 3d drawing. We prefer to be able to twist and turn the drawing. The bathroom must have the following: * Washing machine * Dryer * Jacuzzi * Sink 100 or 120 cm wide * Shower * Built-in toilet * Towel dryer * Mirror It is important that the door is at the bottom of the drawing, The measurements must be realistic. ...

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    Dijamin Peraduan Teratas
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    We are board game designers based in Wellington, New Zealand. We are currently working on a new board game design. It is hard for us to test the game with friends, because of Covid. So, we want a web app allowing us to play the game over the internet. At this stage we want a simple rapid prototype, nothing fancy or polished. Keeping costs down is important. We expect that: - Multiple players w...

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    2 bida

    Buget is 150 € Hello guys, I want to make a browser game similar to travian/tribal-wars/ogame/ikariam etc ... and I need a graphic designer to create my assets. I want 39 buildings, a background of the base the user is gonna manage ( cuz I'm gonna place the buildings on top of it ), 22 troop icons, 25 GUI icons, a background image and some GUI meaning around 3 dropdowns, 3 buttons, 3 o...

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    10 bida

    Hi, Need to add a new page in existing website which will show different tiles collection and user should be able to filter as per the specific categories as mentioned the below- Filters: Finish -Matt -Polished- -High Gloss -Wood Size- 60x60 120x60 60x30 Price- 60x60-Matt/Polished-30GEL 60x60-High Gloss-35GEL 60x60-Wood-32GEL 120x60-Matt/Polished-38GEL 120x60-High Gloss-45GEL 120x60-Wood-42GE...

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    15 bida

    I would like someone who knows revit, create a swimming pool using revit with notes on process of building swimming pool, almost like a tutorial on how to build a swimming pool using revit from scratch. I would like notes like: 1- create your floor, here is how. 2- slope the floor (shallow to deep), and here is how. 3- make the walls for the pool and here is how. 4- make steps and bench fo...

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