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    ...can instantiate within VFP that will properly submit the trade over the internet to the PFG Best server. The PFG Best software is a desktop application that interfaces with their server using TCP/IP. You can obtain their application and set up a demo/simulated account from [login to view URL] This will allow you to make

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    online job application form-filling software, which can be run on any browser. And it can manage the records like CRM (customer relationship management) system. 1. fill in diverse form automatically and accurately with ready-made resume by user. (please refer to [login to view URL], which can fill in form using a match-and-replace method. It is effective

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    Need to design and implement in Java a solution to the classic software engineering problem Keyword in Context (KWIC) and build a user interface (UI) to the system using the Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern. The KWIC index system accepts an ordered set of lines, each line is an ordered set of words, and each word is an ordered set of characters

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    Creating a spec for software that moves document-centric XML into a relational database, maintains the XML in that database and allows the extraction of the original XML from that database. The 'how to' is outlined in a readable patent application: [login to view URL] [login to view URL]

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    I have existing code for an application that allows two levels of user-access. The first level is for 'account managers', and their only capability is to add/edit their data, and run their forecast report. The second access level is for managers to view reports from the data. I need these reports created ASAP. Basic report structure exists. The report

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    ...for a web application that will allow users to download mp3 files using a browser. Based on further thought and the input I got, I have added some comments and revisions regarding the software spec. Rentacoder advised me to post it as a new project. All information, including multiple screenshots, is available at [login to view URL]

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    21 bida selling software, he wishes to purchase various types of programs (Anything Considered). If you feel you have a program that you have written that would be worthy of selling on a software distribution website, and would like to sell full copyrights to my client, please post a bid giving: 1. A full detailed description of the application 2. Along with

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    Proposal for Identification Card Software Proposed Features • Be compatible with Microsoft Access Database • Allows unlimited number of custom database fields • User can change database field names in database • Point and Click Setup of Image & Signature Capture Devices • Point and click connection of database and fields mapping • Support any windows

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    6 bida "extremely hard to hack" shareware registration program that I can implement in a software package I am writing in Visual Basic. I am open to suggestions on how best to achieve the result. There are a lot of security programs that pretend they can secure software, but they can be easily hacked. To win this bid, you will have to prove that you really

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    online job application form-filling software, which can be run on any browser. And it can manage the records like CRM(customre relationship management). 1. fill in diverse form automatically and accurately with ready-made resume. (refer to [login to view URL], which can fill in form using a match-and-replace method. But it is not accurate.) 1)identify different

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    TradeStation to Interactive Brokers API -- Basically, the application will receive trading signals from TradeStation and, subsequently, execute and manage the trade with Interactive Brokers's TWS client software. Details of the project are defined in the project document attached. The application must be created in Microsoft Visual C++ (preferably using

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    15 bida[login to view URL] Eudora and AllegroMail [login to view URL] Please look at these before responding. In other words it should be a comprehensive application - preferably written in VB6 however other languages will be considered. If not as comprehensive as the two applications mentioned, I will discuss with you how we can

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    Introduction This project is for a web site to act in conjunction with an existing software product. The existing software product is a medical records application in which the doctor uses a portable computer to enter the patient’s history while talking to the patient. (more information at [login to view URL]) The program already has extensive menus, options

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    project finder Tamat left

    ...SoftwarePyramid Software is a new company that wants to deliver high performance solutions to the information system needs of businesses large and small. Solution that are robust enough to perform in real-word business conditions. Powerful enough to let people work faster and smarter. Friendly enough to be easy to work with. Pyramid Software excels at: -

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    ...and "ePocrates Rx Formulary" into compatible Symbian OS ware. The purpose of the project is to allow the use of ePocrates on the new Nokia 9290 Communicator. The Palm-ware software is available on line at: [login to view URL] Information on compatible Nokia ware is available at: [login to view URL] Final

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    software that permits generation of more than 1 million unique pages software that provides highly interactive features for more than 30,000 U.S. communities code developed using industry standard HTML, Javascript, PHP, and MySQL application server - PHP is perhaps the quickest, most affordable application server available database server - MySQL

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    We are looking for someone to create an application that performs quick, efficient stock checking on a remote server using a socket connection. Our website uses ASP 2.0, IIS 4.0 and Windows NT 4.0. The application should use a standard API such as the Windows Sockets (Winsock) library. It will be called from an ASP/JScript webpage. A "request file"

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    I have an established application, written in Clarion 3.1 for DOS which is a kind of a 4gl for DOS. It is a type of code generator and gui programming environment. The application is very stable, I hardly have to change it. However I would like to upgrade the application to be a windows based applicaiton software. So it is compatible with all the windows

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    ...incorporated into a VB6 application and needs to run on Win 9x+ machines, and Win NT + machines. ## Deadline information The deadline is negotiable and to be agreed upon at time of bid acceptance... whatever we agree on you must meet. Please let me know what date you believe that you could have this completed by. I am a software engineer myself, I'm

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    The application envisaged is a mobile phone manager, similar in functionality to Oxygen Phone Manager (see [login to view URL]), however the interface will need to be similar to that of ICQ's ([login to view URL]) chat/messaging application. ------ PLEASE NOTE: We cannot and will not accept any code that violates copyright of these or any other applications

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    ...300 hours of work. It is completing a MDI client application that I started. Plenty of work after that as well. Skillset needed: VB, SQL, COM. Required: Good business knowledge, creative GUI design, ability to work on own, local to Chicagoland (no exceptions). Helpful: ERP software, accounting software, experience with True DBGrid component. ## Deliverables

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    Contact management software for direct sales. I want a simple interface. (of which I can provided graphic mock ups) The application needs to manage up to 1000 contacts (simple address book form) and generate follow up call reminder lists based on appointments set in calendar. Would also like a simple to do list section. This project will start development

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    I am a software developer, currently working on an interactive e-book application, aimed at online entrepreneurs and marketers. I am seeking a writer to assist with written content and to participate in brainstorming activities which will help to define the interactive aspects of the application design. Aside from the ability to write clear, concise

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    ...ACT! Contact Management Software ([login to view URL]). ACT! is an open package, which encourages further development of their application. I have attached ACT!'s SDK for your review. Sorry to be so vague, but I hope you understand. ## Deliverables An .exe that integrates and adds functionality to ACT! Contact Management Software. Complete and fully-functional

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    ...assure text appears INSIDE the pie slice. Output file must be accessible to printing companies using MAC software. The purpose of this system is to streamline and simplify the process of recording and data through the use of an automated software system. The project will consist of the following functions and capabilities: Provide an intuitive, user

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    16 bida

    This software will be used as a web application for the backend of our company. See the software description as teh zip file. ## Deliverables see the attached file. We will receive all the final work, code, etc and will own all copyrights. ## Platform Will be hosted on Linux Server with MYSQL unless you come up with a better idea.

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    22 bida

    I need an operating system for my application. It sounds worse than it is, this is what it must do: I see from the response that I need to clarify my requirements, so I made it even easier. 1.I want to use Win2000 to run my apps on, but from the moment of booting, no graphic must be visible other than custom images I select to be displayed. [login to view URL] pc

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    Download Pro Tamat left

    I want to develop a web-based file downloading application. In addition to the attached screenshot I have put what I have in mind at [login to view URL] ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all

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    23 bida

    ...related features required for this project are: 1) It should includes all printing [login to view URL] can access printers in the Jini network regardless of their hardware and software [login to view URL] can print out their files when they click on "print" via any printer in the network. 2) The print service must be a well-behaved,full featured Jini service

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    2 bida

    ...of existing PDF files. You can assume the end user has Acrobat Reader version 5.0, but not the full Acrobat software. I also need a sample application written in Visual Basic to demonstrate the workings of the plug-in. The sample application should allow the user to select the PDF file and enter the text which is to be inserted. Added Requirement 6-6-02:

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    The NetworkControl is an utility software to control a networks Quality and Service (Q&S) on networks. The product should be geared to improve as well as ongoing ensure as high quality as possible. It does that by balancing and priorities limited bandwidth, depending on users, traffic type and time of day. The utility will in-clude the following functions:

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    Pop-up Killer Tamat left

    I would like a windows application which will stop pop-up browser windows from opening (i.e. ads) when Microsoft IE is used as the browser. The value to us would be ehnanced if the program would also support Netscape and AOL. There are a variety of these products on the market today. We need to own the copyright to the software so we can distribute it

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    ...of completion with your bid. We require all source code and rights to this software. You can not sell or distribute this code without our permission. ** Disclaimer ** While we have made every effort to list every conceivable detail involved in the development of this application. There are always things that are missed therefore we must rely on your expertise

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    5 bida

    ...delivering services in a network and for creating spontaneous interaction between programs that use these services regardless of their hardware and software [login to view URL] conclusion, this is just a simple application of Java printer processing system implementing in the Jini network [login to view URL] minimum requirement for this project is that a client should

    $30 - $5000
    $30 - $5000
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    *linking of hardware(roundness testing machine) with a computer *capturing measurement data from the machine and storing in a database *development of customised application software interfacing with this database ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done.

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    3 bida to be able to better estimate pricing for our services, and offer our customers reasonable pricing quotes- using some kind of spreadsheet application. We are a small tax preparation company, using a software program that bills the client based on the amount of work that has ultimately been done, but cannot help us offer a reasobable price quote in

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    form-filling Tamat left

    online job application form-filling software plug-in, which can be run on any browser. And it can manage the records like CRM(customre relationship management). 1. fill in diverse form automatically and accurately with ready-made resume. (refer to [login to view URL], which can fill in form using a match-and-replace method. But it is not accurate.) 1)identify

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    4 bida

    ...would like 2-3 Flash movies mainly to demonstrate their product. The most important thing is time! We need someone who can start immediately and is available on some chat software to provide quick revisions as the clients chat. ------------------------- Dont bother to post a bid if you cannot link us to some of your best work and Flash animations!

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    30 bida will be saved. Additionally their should be a Start/Stop button that pauses the software. NOTE: All of the user’s file will be generated by choosing “print to file?? option from any windows application using the normal “print command??. Additionally the software needs to append a daily log file and write the FILE NAME TIME SENT TO THE PRINTER. Th...

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    6 bida

    ...include a quick tutorial step-by-step 1-2-3 how to use this software. I'm open for your suggestions and ideas as well as you should be open for mine to make this an outstanding and amazing product. In your bid include your description and ideas how you can make this a top of the art application, what you can and can't include and also when you can start

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    ...maintain as I have experience in both). 2. Should contain the features of [login to view URL] but be more oriented aesthetically towards the e-properties edition of Hagen Software Inc. [login to view URL] 3. Must be original in design and not a template classifieds upgrade. 4. Must be able to accept payment through [login to view URL] Specific

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    I need a software which would simulate user interaction with any application. What it should do is as follow: 1. Input would be the name of the application (for example [login to view URL]) 2. There would be a button to start recording all user's mouse clicks and keybord clicks. (for example user clicks on menu file->open, type file name, hit Open,type some

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    13 bida an exclusive university and school application that is intended to keep track of student data and serve as a link between faculty, students and parents. All personal and academic data can be safely stored and retrieved in a database linked through an interface. It is intended to facilitate online application and registration. Student Welfare System

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    This is a desktop application. The product is a DVD Backup program. I am looking for a finished product that will have all of the functionality of "dup-dvd" which can be downloaded here: [login to view URL] This is an excellent point of reference as it does everything I need. Attached is a pic of the GUI dup-dvd uses. The app should:

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    FTP Software. Tamat left

    ...and ideas as well as you should be open for mine to make this an outstanding product. In your bid include your description and ideas how you can make this a top of the art application, and also when you can start this project and when you expect to have it done. If you have any experience in creating something similar, it would be great if you could show

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    CIS Tamat left

    i need a clone of the software application they are offering at [login to view URL] please review and post your bid. if you have any questions please ask. i need this to work stand alone then be able to transfer to a network. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of

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    11 bida

    Require a Microsoft Project Developer who has experience using the Software Development Kit for Microsoft Project 2000 or 2002. Additionally, programmer must be knowledgeable in Visual Basic, SQL and able to call COM components. Being located in the Mass, U.S. area is not required but highly preferred. Will require references and/or examples of previous

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    10 bida

    ...Program to, generate a single mouse click, via software, at random time intervals within a pre-defined period. User shall "manually" place mouse cursor, at appropriate place on Screen. Must be Windows 2000 based software application, running in background, and concurrently with any other programs. 1) Software defined time periods User shall be able to defin...

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    53 bida

    ...qualitys. Similar to quickbooks2001. A simple form can do this. 2. Next step is to enter the pc Make and Model. another form i have. The form consists of. If they brought any software disks cables or hardware with them. Can be listen in a text box. Type of Online Service / 2 text boxes username/password. Does 4. Once all the information on the make and

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    19 bida and high privacy. The idea was to create a software component (activex or something, i'm not sure) that runs on the client machine so only when someone accesses the website and clicks to go the bulletinboard only people with the client software pre-installed will be able to access the board. The software should be encryption based so all the information

    $240 (Avg Bid)
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    12 bida

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