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    ...Oil and Gas - Renewable Energy - Water Supply and Treatment - Nuclear Energy 6. **Transportation and Automotive** - Automotive Manufacturing - Aviation and Aerospace - Public Transportation Systems - Maritime and Shipping - Logistics and Freight 7. **Government and Public Sector** - National Defense and Military - Public Administration - Law Enforcement and Intelligence - Space Agencies - Public Health and Safety 8. **Education and Research** - Universities and Colleges - Private Research Institutions - Educational Technology - Online Learning Platforms 9. **Industrial and Manufacturing** - Heavy Machinery and Equipment - Chemical Manufacturing - Consumer Electronics - Textiles and Apparel - Food Production 10...

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    Business advice deal 6 hari left

    Project Title: Business Advice for Implementing Artificial Intelligence Description: I am seeking a business advisor who specializes in artificial intelligence to guide me in implementing AI technology in my business. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in AI and a deep understanding of its applications in various business areas. Specific Area of Business: - Marketing - Finance - Operations Goals: I have specific goals that I want to achieve through the implementation of AI in my business. The advisor should be able to help me identify and prioritize these goals, as well as develop a strategic plan to achieve them. Timeline: I am looking for immediate advice, with the implementation of AI solutions and the expected results to be seen within a w...

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    Name of my business: Ubuntu for kids Ubuntu means humanity for others. “ It is often described as reminding us that 'I am what I am because of who we all are” The business aims to teach parents and caregivers about the importance of emotional intelligence for kids. I want to use the colors of the earth/nature. I was thinking of using a green background (perhaps an olive green) and using several white dots to form a circle as inspiration from this image.

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to help me ...improvements and functionality enhancements. Timeline: - The desired timeline for these changes is 1-2 weeks. Preferred Platform/Theme: - I do not have a preferred platform or theme for the restructuring and I am open to suggestions. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with WordPress and multivendor websites - Proficiency in website design and layout improvements - Experience in Artificial intelligence, Open Source, Data Analytics, Data Processing And Machine Learning - Strong knowledge of functionality enhancements for WordPress - Ability to suggest and implement suitable platforms/themes for the restructuring If you have the necessary skills and can complete the project within the specified timeline, please subm...

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    ...Integrate AI to analyze inventory needs and identify cost-effective purchasing solutions. Enhanced CRM: Utilize AI for deeper insights into customer behavior, improving relationship management and personalization. CAC and ROI Tracking: AI-enabled tools to accurately track Customer Acquisition Cost and Return on Investment for all marketing efforts. Marketing Analytics and Business Intelligence: Develop comprehensive analytics capabilities for market trends, customer insights, and business performance metrics. Sales Pipeline Improvement: AI to analyze and optimize the sales pipeline for higher conversion rates. Omnichannel Communication Enhancement: Enhance omnichannel engagement rates through AI-driven content personalization and timing optimization. Project ...

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    AI Call + Integrations -- 2 6 hari left

    **Project Proposal: Integrated AI Solutions for Call Centers and WordPress Automation** **1. AI Call Center** **Objective:** Develop a fully automated artificial intelligence call center with seamless integration of Auto Dialer, AI Bot (GPT Turbo), and Autoresponder for efficient handling of calls and lead management. **Functions:** 1. **Auto Dialer Integration:** - Implement an Auto Dialer system capable of handling both incoming and outgoing calls in multiple languages. 2. **AI Bot (GPT Turbo or other):** - Integrate a customizable AI Bot (GPT Turbo or other) for handling calls, with editable scripts and phone number databases. - Ensure a human-like voice for natural interactions and future scalability for voice improvement. - Incorporate question and answ...

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    Trophy icon Book cover 6 hari left

    ...Typography cover, spine and back cover. - Looking for a talented designer to create a visually appealing book cover with a focus on typography - The cover should convey the theme of the book and capture the attention of the target audience. - Author's name: Mamen Blanco Title of the book: CHATGPT para RRHH Subtitle: Optimiza tu gestión de talento: la guía práctica de inteligencia artificial para potenciar el área de recursos humano Book type: business. It is not a novel, it is a practical book to learn how to use ChatGPT in the human resources area of ​​a company. - I like blue, green, black and white colors, I would like to stick with a certain theme that complements the book's content. I am not close to other colors, but they have to remem...

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    Hi! I'm seeking an expert in artificial intelligence and chatbot development to assist me in achieving an ambitious project. My goal is to create an advanced chatbot capable of interacting with various external APIs containing detailed football data, real-time bookmaker odds, and websites for real-time analysis of probable lineups. The ultimate aim is to create an intelligent system that, through in-depth analysis of data, statistics, and relevant factors, can suggest the top 3 predictions for specified football matches. This chatbot should be able to understand and evaluate every possible detail, utilizing information from external sources and providing predictions based on updated and reliable data. Specific algorithms are required to create precise predictions. ...

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    I need a programmer (PYTHON) who can carry out an application project that uses artificial intelligence with availability to able to deliver on time. More details to be discussed privately.

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    ATTN. MARKETING EXECUTIVES: PLEASE DO NOT RUSH TO QUOTE. READ, UNDERSTAND AND THEN QUOTE ONLY GENUINE FULL QUOTES. NO BOGUS QUOTES TO IN...payslips Manage employee benefits Comply with payroll tax regulations 8. Taxation: Calculate and file income tax returns Manage other taxes (GST, TDS, etc.) Generate tax reports 9. Customizations: Customize the software to meet specific needs Create custom fields and reports Integrate with other business applications 10. Additional Features: Time and expense tracking Project management Business intelligence and reporting Mobile access Cloud-based solutions (Api's and Webhooks to communicate to other applications) If you have the necessary skills and experience, and can deliver the project within the specified timeframe, please submit...

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    ...strategies for operational improvements and future business initiatives. Use statistical methods, modeling, analytical methodologies, and data analysis to develop and deploy tools including dashboards, infographics, reports, and models to inform and support decision-making. Mines, clean, process, and analyze internal and external data using KPIs, business results, industry sources, competitor intelligence, and customer information. Develops a good understanding of the business's model, objectives, issues, and challenges by interacting and collaborating with users and stakeholders. College degree: Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a minor in Information Systems This is a great opportunity for a freelancer who is experienced in writing professional letters...

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    Are you a passionate Machine Learning Engineer looking to make a significant impact in the world of artificial intelligence and predictive maintenance? We have an exciting opportunity for you! We are seeking a skilled Machine Learning Engineer who not only possesses expertise in machine learning but also has a background in AWS (Amazon Web Services). If you have experience in predictive maintenance, that's a big plus. Key Qualifications: Machine Learning Expertise: You should have a deep understanding of machine learning algorithms, frameworks, and libraries, and a proven track record of applying them to real-world problems. AWS Background: Familiarity with AWS services is a significant advantage. Experience in leveraging AWS resources for machine learning projects is...

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    I need a programmer (PYTHON) who can carry out an application project that uses artificial intelligence with availability to able to deliver on time. More details to be discussed privately.

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    Se necesita a algún programador (PYTHON)I que me pueda realizar un proyecto de aplicación que utilicé inteligencia artificial con disponibilidad para entregarlo el 5 de diciembre de 2023. Más detalles a discutir por privado.

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    **Descripción:** ¡Estamos en la búsqueda de un talentoso freelancer con experiencia en inteligencia artificial y procesamiento del lenguaje natural para desarrollar un emocionante proyecto! Necesitamos un experto que pueda crear un agente de ChatGPT utilizando la potente API de OpenAI GPT. **Responsabilidades:** 1. **Integración de la API:** Utilizar la API de OpenAI GPT para interactuar con el modelo y generar respuestas contextuales. 2. **Optimización de Parámetros:** Ajustar los parámetros del agente para obtener respuestas coherentes y relevantes. 3. **Manejo de Conversaciones:** Implementar una lógica que permita mantener un historial de conversación para mejorar el contexto. 4. **Pruebas y Ajustes:** Realizar...

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    LinkedIn Content Curator for Entertaining and Engaging Visual Content (AI, Startups, Memes) - Seeking a LinkedIn content curator to browse LinkedIn and find visually appealing and entertaining content that we can repurpose. - No original content creation necessary. - Areas: artificial intelligence, startups, growth. - Content should primarily consist of visual content such as graphics, photos, and memes - The ideal candidate will be an expert curator with a great visibility over well-performing content on LinkedIn. - Content should be posted daily to maintain a consistent presence and keep the audience engaged - Strong communication and collaboration skills are essential, as the content curator will work closely with the client to align content with their brand and goals...

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    ...socialmente consciente. - Un ambiente colaborativo y oportunidades de desarrollo profesional. - Contribución a causas con impacto real y significativo. - Flexibilidad de trabajo remoto, con un tiempo estimado de 4-6 horas al día. Habilidades Requeridas: - Experiencia con trabajo remoto y gestión del tiempo. - Experiencia en marketing digital y gestión de RRSS. - Conocimientos en el uso de Inteligencia Artificial. - Habilidad para desarrollar contenido creativo y empático. - Dominio del Español y habilidad de comunicación. EJEMPLO DE POST PARA NUESTRO LINKEDIN - Con nuestro soporte e información EJEMPLO DE BLOGPOST PARA NUESTRA

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    ...Non-Proliferation Efforts: Make a case for stricter arms control measures, especially regarding nuclear weapons. Advocate for disarmament, non-proliferation treaties, and ensuring compliance with existing international agreements. 3. Combating Terrorism and Violent Extremism: Discuss the rising threat of terrorism and the importance of collaborative efforts to counter terrorist organizations. Emphasize intelligence-sharing, coordination of military operations, and addressing the root causes of terrorism through development and education. 4. Addressing Cybersecurity Challenges: Highlight the need to enhance international norms and regulations to address cyber threats to national and international security. Discuss the importance of information sharing, capacity-building, and dev...

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    El proyecto consistirá en crear un conjunto de imágenes 3 imagene con ropa elegante. Las imágenes se utilizarán para una campaña de marketing debe verse realista dichas imágenes deben tener el rostro de mi cliente ropa en traje, chaqueta o ropa elegante casual se debe ver lo más realista posible como las imágenes que dejo adjunta Las imágenes deben cumplir con los siguientes requisitos: Las imágenes deben ser de alta resolución y calidad. Las imágenes deben ser realistas y atractivas. Las imágenes deben representar diferentes estilos de ropa elegante.

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    Se busca un profesional con experiencia en el desarrollo de bots de trading binario con inteligencia artificial para Quotex. El bot debe cumplir con los siguientes requisitos: Debe estar programado en Python o Java. Debe utilizar algoritmos de inteligencia artificial para tomar decisiones de trading. Debe ser capaz de operar en la plataforma Quotex. El bot debe tener las siguientes características: Debe ser capaz de operar en diferentes mercados, como Forex, índices, materias primas y criptomonedas. Debe ser capaz de operar con diferentes tipos de operaciones, como operaciones de alta frecuencia, operaciones de scalping y operaciones de swing trading. Debe ser capaz de adaptarse a las condiciones cambiantes del mercado.

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    ...our team as full-time experts in the fields of SEO, website building, video editing, and all aspects of social media marketing, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and various other platforms. Additionally, a strong background in affiliate marketing is crucial for this long-term opportunity. As we transition into the ever-evolving landscape of marketing in 2024, heavily influenced by artificial intelligence, we require individuals who can adapt and thrive in this new era. Key Responsibilities: Execute effective SEO strategies to enhance our online presence. Create and manage websites, ensuring optimal functionality and design. Proficiently handle video editing tasks for promotional content. Implement social media marketing campaigns across multiple platforms. Demonstrate...

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    Descripción del Proyecto: Buscamos un experto en sistemas web con especialización en Machine Learning o Inteligencia Artificial, para evaluar la viabilidad técnica y económica de un proyecto específico. Es imprescindible que el profesional sea de habla hispana, idealmente latinoamericano. Objetivos del Proyecto: Convertir datos alfanuméricos de archivos PDF o Excel en una base de datos estructurada y depurada. Generar un archivo Excel final que sea completamente editable. Metodología de Trabajo: Realizar una videollamada inicial vía Zoom (2 a 3 horas) para discutir los detalles del proyecto. Analizar 3 archivos PDF proporcionados para entender mejor los requerimientos. Requisitos Esenciales: Dominio avanzado en implementaci...

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    Portadas para reels con inteligencia artificial - Estoy buscando a alguien que pueda crear portadas para mis reels utilizando inteligencia artificial. - Necesito que las portadas sean modernas, minimalistas y llamativas. IMPRESCINDIBLE ENTENDER Y HABLAR ESPAÑOL. - Quiero que las portadas tengan un toque único y personalizado, utilizando inteligencia artificial para incluir mi cara en ellas. - Necesito más de 30 portadas en total. - Es importante que el freelancer tenga experiencia en diseño gráfico, inteligencia artificial y edición de imágenes. - El freelancer debe ser capaz de utilizar herramientas de inteligencia artificial para crear portadas atractivas y de alta calidad HYPER REALISTAS CON MI CARA .....

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    I am looking for a freelancer to build a database with artificial intelligence capabilities for pricing information. Database Content: - The database should include products from the electronics, clothing, and food and beverages categories. Data Type: - I am only interested in current prices, not historical data. Data Source: - I would prefer the database to be sourced from specific retail websites. Skills and Experience: - Experience in database construction and management. - Knowledge of artificial intelligence and machine learning. - Familiarity with web scraping and data extraction from retail websites. - Attention to detail in ensuring accurate and up-to-date pricing information. - Ability to organize and structure the database efficiently. Please prov...

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    AI CHATGPT 4 hari left

    Project Title: AI CHATGPT - Virtual Assistant for Website Description: I am looking for an experienced developer who can create an AI ChatGPT virtual assistant for my website. The purpose of this virtual assistant is to provide support and assistance to users. Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in artificial intelligence and natural language processing - Experience in developing chatbots or virtual assistants - Familiarity with GPT models and frameworks - Proficiency in voice recognition and text-to-speech technologies - Experience in implementing multilingual capabilities - Knowledge of web development and integration with websites Requirements: 1. Virtual Assistant: The AI ChatGPT should function as a virtual assistant, providing support and assistance to users ...

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    A project related to Artificial Intelligence and Human-Computer Interaction applied to design A Project related to the design and implementation of interactive systems, especially games and computer-aided learning systems. A Project in any of the following areas: 1. Human computer interaction 2. Artificial intelligence 3. Computer aided learning 4. Computer support for designing 5. Modelling complex systems 6. Games 7. Computer support for knowledge management 8. Psychology of programming or designing 9. Applications of social science methodology to systems design 10. Any projects involving both psychology and computing Send me your proposals with a private message on the topic/title of the project that you can help me do, with a short description

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    We offer courses in 8 domains 1. DevOps Engineer Program 2. Cyber Security 3. Cloud Architect 4. Data Scientist 5. Artificial Intelligence 6. Full Stack Developer 7. Software testing 8. Digital Marketing

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    Trophy icon I need a logo for my website 3 hari left

    I need a logo for an online store website Two main colors: #000000 and #427ed1 Additional logotype to be placed on a black background: Two primary colors: #ffffffff and #427ed1 A website to sell photos generated by artificial intelligence. The logo should be horizontal.

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    Development and implementation of an artificial intelligence system, and Generative AI. You will start with developing a commercial enterprise level product. We are looking to form a long term relationship

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    Project Descrip...organisation. We have 100,000 staff so I need the definitions to be clear and general as in the examples so that any technical role can apply. PLEASE REFER TO THE EXAMPLE AND SPEAK DIRECTLY TO THAT IN YOUR PROPOSAL. This work needs to be high level, clear and concise, build on each level and have broad coverage of capabilities. Please be inventive, think of things like for example; Artificial intelligence utilisation! The ideal freelancer for this project should have experience in: - Capability level mapping and analysis - Capability scoping - Capability coverage across diverse technical roles - Clear definitions of levels of capabilities The project should be completed within a month. If you have the necessary skills and experience, please subm...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a similar solution to the website with a completely new design. The project has a...solution coupled with some ideas that we have. Design: - The design should be completely new and not identical to Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in website cloning and development - Strong design skills and ability to create a visually appealing and user-friendly interface - Proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - Proficiency in ChatGPT, Tensor, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence - Proficiency in Enterprise Apps Design - Proficiency in creating Drag and Drop modules - Familiarity with the features and functionality of - Attention to detail and ability to replicate the functionality of the original website

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    the Q&A engine Task-based dialogue -Memory type - You can learn about the alice robot, they use AIML configuration files-Scene dialogue, fuzzy matching, custom dialogue, etc. web spider- Encyclopedia knowledge or famous Internet encyclopedia forums, etc., such as Wikipedia - You need to store such encyclo...robot needs to know the weather tomorrow- You need to connect with the local weather forecast company. deep learning-This is a small chat system, which requires a large number of dialogue samples for training. But he is only at the lowest priority in the dialogue system- He will give you an answer, although it may not be perfect, but at least there is an answer. So he is not the best choice for intelligence for the time being. for more detail about project attached Hardwar...

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    Nextjs project 3 hari left

    1. Create a new project: 2. Integrate the editor into your project: Refer to the editor's documentation to learn how to integrate it into your project. 3. Implement login and sign-up processes to establish a user authentication system: You can use a user authentication library like for this. 4. Integrate the module to convert voi...a text-to-speech module. 6. Establish a database integration for project management: Implement a database integration using PostgreSQL, or a similar database to store projects. 7. Display created projects in a tree view: Create the necessary components to show created projects in a tree view for efficient project management. By following these steps, you can start developing your artificial intelligence platform using Next.js.

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    We need a logo for a software company works on big data, data analytics and artificial intelligence. It should be simple, flat, minimalist but unique. The company name is DataUp and web adress is Please use only white and black flat background to showcase your desings. The deliverables must include the followings: 1. Logos for light and dark themes 2. Vector source file 3. Squasre version for social media platforms 5. Favicon version The contest will be ended in 24 hrs. Thanks!

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    Research paper writing 3 hari left

    I am seeking a freelancer to assist me with my dissertation in the artificial intelligence and computer vision field. I have specific research questions that need to be addressed within the dissertation. The required length for the dissertation is 60-80 pages. The project needs to be completed in three days. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and understanding of artificial intelligence, image analysis, medical vision. - Experience with conducting research and writing academic papers - Ability to analyze and interpret research data - Excellent writing and communication skills - Attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines *Non-disclosure agreement* 3 day deadline

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    Log...TRADIA - For the logo we prefer if it includes the whole name in a creative way, - The icon could be one graphic part of the logo or not but it might be important if the logo includes the icon in some way. - The logo and icon should represent the company purpose which is related to Technology Products and Software Platforms for Online Sales using Artificial Intelligence. -TRADIA comes from a mix of 'trading' ( TRAD) and 'artificial intelligence' which in spanish is spelled IA Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong graphic design skills - Experience in creating logos and icons for corporate businesses - Ability to create designs that can be used across both digital and print platforms About the picture format - The winner must deliver...

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    We are looking for a skilled programmer to develop an audio modulation script using Python. The script should...functional code Skills and Experience: - Strong understanding of audio processing and modulation techniques - Familiarity with Python programming language - Ability to work independently and efficiently - Attention to detail and problem-solving skills The purpose of the audio modulation script is to manipulate audio signals for various purposes, such as sound design, signal processing, or artificial intelligence. The script should be flexible enough to accommodate different modulation techniques based on the client's specific requirements. If you have experience in audio modulation and Python programming, and are interested in working on this project, please...

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    ...presenting the information in a clear and concise manner - Ability to suggest effective strategies and methods to build and maintain confidence - The essay is 650 words containing: introduction with thesis statement, 3 body paragraphs each of the talks about 1 of the steps to maintain confidence as the student enter the job market and examples, and conclusion -The essay MUST NOT USE AI (Artificial intelligence) -The milestone will be released maximum by 10 days after I check that there is no AI and there is nothing to be changed -The essay must include in text citations and references at least 5 - The essay must have a creative title - A well-structured and comprehensive process essay that provides actionable steps for college students to develop and maintain confidence ...

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    Desarrollo desde cero de un software de agricultura de precisión con IAG, visión por computadora, para diferentes cultivos para detectar diferentes anomalías. Es necesario que la ubicación del candidato se encuentre en España.

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    I am in search of a skilled professional in Artificial Intelligence and Web Development for an innovative project for my e-commerce store. The goal is to enable customers to create personalized caricature keychains by uploading their own photo. Project Details: Facial Recognition: The script should automatically identify the head in the uploaded photo. Caricature Generation: Post-recognition, the script needs to convert the face into a caricature matching the style of our existing templates. Webshop Integration: The script must seamlessly integrate with our existing webshop, focusing on user-friendliness. Privacy and Security: The script should adhere to the highest standards of data protection and privacy. What We Are Looking For: Experience in AI, machine learning, parti...

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    ...sleek fusion of style and technology. Stay connected on the go with seamless notifications for calls, messages, and apps. Monitor your health and fitness with built-in trackers, all displayed on a vibrant, customizable touchscreen. With a long-lasting battery and water-resistant design, this Smartwatch is your perfect companion for a connected and active lifestyle. Elevate your everyday with the intelligence and convenience of our advanced Smartwatch....

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    Trophy icon Octopus and Rising Sun Illustration 25 hari left a realistic style, with detailed attention to the natural features and textures of the octopus, and the radiant, dynamic appearance of the sun. Japanese Rising Sun: This emblematic design should be central in the illustration, radiating warmth and energy. The sun's rays should be vivid, extending across the surfboard in a symmetrical pattern. Playful Octopus: The octopus, known for its intelligence and playfulness, should be rendered in a realistic manner, but with a whimsical twist. It should appear as if it's playfully interacting with the rising sun, wrapping its tentacles around the sun's rays in a harmonious dance. Color Palette: Predominant orange and white, reflecting the traditional colors of the Japanese Rising Sun. Various shades of orange, grey, bl...

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    I would need a power point presentation, for CarpetRight competitors, the presentation is supposed to be Campaign wise only, such as a lot of pictures of their sales their headlines, are they consistent, pictures from their socials as well. Will need business like Amazon, Ikea, Dreams B&Q , Hillary’s blind( CarpetRight does blinds too) TAPI, SCS Add what they are promoting on social media, What they have launched on tv. should be more pictures and few lines explaining. Can add what sales they done over Black Friday period Will send you a template that can be used and have some stuff that it gives you some idea of can be changed.

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    Project Description: I am looking for an AI expert to develop a face-changing solution for video calls on WhatsApp. I trust your expertise in creating this solution and I ha...provide some videos and images of the target that i want to change. You are required to train the model and apply the effect on a video calls on WhatsApp or Facebook. You can use any tool such as DeepFaceLab to achieve the result as long as it produce the results. You need to guide me from A to Z how to apply the face-changing on video call. Skills and Experience: - Strong background in artificial intelligence and machine learning - Experience in developing facial recognition and manipulation algorithms - Familiarity with face-changing using AI - Ability to work within a tight deadline and deliver high...

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    Marketing report 2 hari left

    I would need a power point presentation, for CarpetRight competitors, the presentation is supposed to be Campaign wise only, such as a lot of pictures of their sales their headlines, are they consistent, pictures from their socials as well. Will need business like Amazon, Ikea, Dreams B&Q , Hillary’s blind( CarpetRight does blinds too) TAPI, SCS Add what they are promoting on social media, What they have launched on tv. should be more pictures and few lines explaining. Can add what sales they done over Black Friday period Will send you a template that can be used and have some stuff that it gives you some idea of can be changed.

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    Estamos buscando creadora de contenido para redes sociales. Hemos incorporado un servicio de creación de contenido rápido (canva + inteligencia artificial) y buscamos una persona altamente responsable, autónoma en sus actividades y con mucha creatividad. Tu postulación debe contener el costo por 10 publicaciones (caption, copy, diseño) para cualquier giro de negocio. Exclusivamente personas con español nativo.

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    ...long as they can maintain high video and sound quality, and a professional-looking background. -Flexibility and Commitment: Candidates must be able to meet deadlines and demonstrate responsibility and responsiveness. -Compensation and Benefits: Attractive compensation and benefits for suitable candidates. -Multiple Positions Available: We are open to hiring several freelancers for this role. -Intelligence and Autonomy: The ideal candidate should be intelligent and capable of comprehending briefs from our team, extrapolating the essential elements to create an engaging video independently. Application Process: Interested individuals should submit their portfolio along with an introduction that highlights their relevant experience and skills. We are excited to find creative partn...

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    Appointment Setters Needed for Technology Company We are a technology company looking for appointment setters to help us connect with potential clients. Our target audience is potential clients who may be interested in our AI AA (Artificial Intelligence Appointment Assistant) services. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in appointment setting or telemarketing - Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal - Familiarity with the technology industry and AI AA services - Strong attention to detail and organizational skills - Ability to work independently and meet deadlines - Proficiency in email communication and follow-up Responsibilities: - Reach out to potential clients via email to schedule appointments - Provide information about our AI AA services

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    I am looking for someone to build an AI content moderator for my WordPress site. The ideal candidate will have experience in developing AI systems and working with WordPress. Requirements: - Build an AI moderator that will detect prohibited material in images - Integrate the AI moderator into my WordPress site Skills and Experience: - Strong background in artificial intelligence and machine learning - Experience in developing content moderation systems - Proficiency in WordPress development and customization Volume of Content: - The AI moderator should be able to handle more than 500 items of content daily If you have the skills and experience necessary for this project, please submit your proposal.

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    Project name: Development of a Mobile Driving Simulator that...simulator - Ability to implement specific requirements and specifications provided by the customer Special Features and Functions: - Realistic driving physics and graphics - Multiple vehicle models (cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc.) - Various environments and road conditions (city, highway, off-road, etc.) - Customizable controls and settings - Traffic system and vehicles controlled by artificial intelligence - Evaluation system and achievement tracking - Application of tests after each level Ideal Skills and Experience: - Development of mobile applications (Android and iOS) - Knowledge of game development principles and techniques - Familiarity with Unity or other game development engines - Experience creating d...

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