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    Need (ASP) of systematic review about intervention for stress (student or teacher) in education. Memerlukan kajian sistematik review tentang intervensi tekanan atau kesihatan mental yang berkaitan dengan dunia pendidikan.

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    Kami punya aplikasi yang dibuat menggunakan ASP, dan butuh bantuan tenaga ahli untuk standby di event kami (1 hari, full day) untuk berjaga-jaga seandainya aplikasi mengalami masalah. Aplikasi yang digunakan merupakan aplikasi barcode untuk sistem registrasi.

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    Hi Anupam M., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Hola. Tengo una página que recién he cambiado el hosting. No me acepta ASP y desearía cambiarla a PHP. La página recoge datos de una base de datos .mdb . Todo muy básico.

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    Web application on Classic ASP using Samsung tablet needs to call camera, capture image and save it to a sub-folder in the same server ASP app is running. No third party components desired for upload image. Classic ASP, HTML / Java Script desired as code development. Attached code works for PC uploading an existing file in the disk. But it does not works for captured camera image. Error on line #81.

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    I have a classic ASP (VB) application that is currently installed on Windows Server 2003 with IIS 6.0. Since the server is obsolete, this application needs to be moved to a higher version of Windows Server that is supported by Microsoft at this stage. We have decided to use Windows Server 2019 (IIS 10.0). We do not have the installer of the application and hence evaluating the possibility of migrating without an installer (IIS migration tool may be). Only freelancers who might have earlier experience on this need to bid.

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    I'm seeking an expert in React, JS, Typescript, ASP/.NET, Programming to join our team. The main focus of the project will be on ASP/.NET. We will work together on future end client projects if the first technical aspects passed fine through a test I'll prepare. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Expertise in ASP/.NET and related technologies - Strong understanding of React, JS, and Typescript - Experience in programming and software development - Ability to work in a team environment and collaborate effectively Responsibilities: - Develop and maintain the web application using ASP/.NET - Write clean, efficient, and well-documented code If you have the skills and experience we are looking for, we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity. F...

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    Docking app payment interface, cocos framework,.net/asp background

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    Docking app payment interface, cocos framework,.net/asp background

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    This project is for someone who can work with me in debugging and resolving an error with a classic ASP app hosted on Microsoft IIS 6.0 on a Windows 2003 Server. The error is as follows Error: File <Path to > Unexpected error. A trappable error (C0000005) occurred in an external object. The script cannot continue running.. Only the people who can work on asp and can use remote desktop to work need submit your bid.

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    Web App Dev Tamat left

    I am looking for a web app developer who can create a productivity/tools application for me. I have a detailed list of features and functionalities that I want the app to have, so the developer must be able to work with my specifications. The ideal candidate for this job should have experience in PHP and ASP. They should be able to work with my preferred technology stack and create a user-friendly interface for the app. Key Requirements: - Experience in PHP and ASP - Ability to work with the client's detailed list of features and functionalities - Ability to create a user-friendly interface for the app If you are a skilled web app developer with the necessary experience, please send your proposal.

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    I am looking for someone to help me transfer my simple ASP website from my current hosting provider to a Windows server hostgator. I have access to the website's files, but not the database. I have a backup of the website's files and database. Ideal skills and experience: - Experience with website transfers - Knowledge of Windows server hostgator - Familiarity with ASP websites and file structures

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    Hi guys, i need a script, no matter the language (even if i prefer a classic asp code that i could use on my webserver), that will be able to extract from this page: the following info: date, name, venue, country, cat, discipline, competition group AND all the info inside the additional box (reachable by clicking on the "i" icon). Most of times, the additional box includes this additional info: name email phone website men events women events the script should be able to extract from ALL pages forward and backward actually there are 119 pages each page has 100 rows of data the extracted data should be showed or stored in a CSV format, using separator for fields and rows, obviously ++ update The given link ()

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    Icecat Integrations I'm looking for a freelancer who can help me integrate Icecat into my e-commerce platform. Specifically, I am using asp, asp.net and html in my website and the ideal candidate should have experience working with these technologies. Requirements: - Expertise in integrating Icecat into e-commerce platforms - Knowledge of asp, asp.net and html - Possibility to complete the integration within 1 week Application: Submit a project proposal I would through my user : marcogenovese71 be able to access the free data of this platform test manufacturer code part number : 51645ae manufacturer : hp and view the pdf info technical sheet and all the info contained possibly in Italian otherwise in English.

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    I need any basic .Net project like a web application involving JavaScript, ASP .NET, SQL just for my portfolio purpose. Even if it is an existing created demo project. Mostly like any Management System or kinda similar.

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    I am looking for a skilled ASP .NET developer to fix functionality issues on my Shopify custom product builder web app (runs on Windows VPS) and fix it to be compatible with the new Shopify theme. The ideal candidate will have experience with ASP .NET, Shopify, and web app migration. The app works on the current Shopify theme, but the new Shopify theme causes it to load incorrectly. I would like to spend some time chatting on chat to provide more details of how the web app is connected and setup to Shopify. I have full access to all original source files on 's repo in a git repo (and older TFS repos). Here are the project details: Specific Issues: - The current web app is experiencing Shopify theme functionality issues that need to be fixed. - The web app

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    I only have hard copies; only about 30 pages have been done. This project is for the veteran's association which entails updating a 10-year-old boring outdated presentation. The only restrictions are., - it has to be done by May 25th - it has to be in black white, and grey tones - it has to be verbatim word for word of the original hard copies. its just put a just the style that needs an upgrade. more modern feel to it. ;

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me resolve an issue with my Classic Asp application and interaction with the email system. Specifically, I am unable to send emails suddenly. This used to work fine. I am not sure if the issue is with the email server or the code implementation relative to the email server. I can provide access to both the code and info about the shared server for troubleshooting purposes. The ideal candidate for this project should have experience with Classic Asp and email systems. They should be able to quickly identify the issue and provide an effective solution.

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    Use ASP Dot net and JavaScript/other to draw diagrams (shapes ) on a web page with connectors. Web page should Save/Edit/Delete/retrieve the diagram information(including connector names) to sql database. Sql tables/code will be provided. Deliverables should include the web application/documentation and bug free code.

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    I am in need of a web developer who can assist me with developing a new web application using ASP NET CORE 7 MVC. Specifically, I require design services to create a visually appealing and user-friendly web application. The primary purpose of this project is to develop a new web application from scratch. The web application will be used for a specific purpose, which will be discussed further during the hiring process. Ideal skills and experience for this job include proficiency in ASP NET CORE 7 MVC, experience with designing visually appealing web applications, CQRS and DDD arquitechture, Bootstrap, adminlte.

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    ...freelancer who can create RegEx for Python that matches both specific patterns and general patterns. The ideal candidate should have experience in creating RegEx for Python and knowledge of regular expressions syntax. The requirement is to come up with 100 regex rules for each programming language to match certain programming mistakes. The regex must be written for Java, C, C++, JavaScript, .NET (ASP,VB etc), C#, Python, Rust, Ruby, Rails, PHP, React, Vue at this stage. You will be provided references from where to pick keywords for creating regex. All the regex must be in an XML format using the template that I’d provide you. The regex must be compatible with python. Overall, I am seeking someone who can deliver accurate and efficient RegEx that can handle various ...

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    ...should have experience with ASP.NET Core and SQL Server and have good skills building user friendly tables. The project should include the following key features as per attached spec. It is a simple single table of data with some lookups. It is built around a grid//table view that has various view modes (being different display fields ) all from same single table. various Estimate is 3-4 days asp dev. we will supply all HTML, desktop only no mobile, we will supply full DB schema in excel. Hosted at SASP. This is proof of concept for the client who will demo to the team to get approval of further development (extensions, integrations etc) not included in this simple spec. We estimate this part of project to be 25% of the total solution. we have time pressure to demo this part...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to help me complete a project that is already half created. It is a web-based system which will automatically register invoice information from my clients. The development required for this project is back-end; so I am looking for someone experienced in this area. The programming language to be used should be ASP and the software framework should be ASP.NET. I have a specific timeline for this project, so being able to work within this timeframe is essential. If you feel this project is within your skill set and experience, then I would love to hear from you.

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    Hi, I'm wanting to emulate just the TIME OUT PUT ONLY of the M48T58Y-70PC1 with a stmxx chip. The M48Txx is a Timekeeper chip with built in battery, unfortunately chip has an inbuilt battery which runs out over time and then the chip has to be replaced again.... this is obviously not an ideal situation. 2 core parts to the project: Hardware: Create a DIP 28 p...Pico etc, but should be something readily available. Software: Referencing the M48t58y-70pc1, the Raspberry Pi will need to emulate the 'read' commands for external device plugging in and getting the 'time', when powered on/up each time it should reference time being '10:00am' each time.... with a date of 22/05/2003 Example for STM32 time code is here.... Data sheet is attached. Thanks

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    Looking for a cyber security specialist to complete the following for our web app. The ideal candidate will have the necessary tools to deliver. 1. Vulnerability assessment 2. Code Review (ASP .NET) 3. Database Security (MS-SQL) 4. API Security 5. Penetration testing 6. Threat modelling 7. Vulnerability management 8. Firewall - configuration base management (in future) 9. Summary Report of findings with gaps identified and details of how they were closed 10. Encryption Protocols (Preferably the candidate should be located in Pune so we can potentially absorb into a permanent role at a later stage.)

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    Create a diagram on web page: (This is a similar task to my previous Job Posting. So that I get better quality professional to do the work) Draw shapes/boxes (Eg: rectangular/square). Ability to Add/Edit/Delete should be provided. Give the name/title to the ...lines to a predefined database table. Table script will be supplied. Allow creation of multiple boxes on the same web page. Allow line (Eg: L shape, Curved or straight line) connectors between the boxes/shapes within the same diagram on the web page. Store the connectors line name/description in the predefined database table (script will be supplied). Provide documentation/bug free code. Technology: asp dot net is preferable. Python is the next preference. Job specification will be provided to people who understand this fun...

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    I am looking to deploy a C# Asp .Net application on a new server running Windows Server 2008 or later. Installation needs to use replication, with database and/or file level depending on the requirements of the projectAny experienced developer who can handle this type of deployment should get in touch so we can discuss the specifics. Need to know SQL Server, Web ASP .Net, server IIS konwledge.

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    Quiero capturar la ruta o rutas seleccionadas por un botón de tipo input y esa ruta local almacenar en una lista y ver en pantalla la ruta para después utilizar la Ruta. En ASP. Net MVC Framework 2107 o 2019

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    I'm looking for an experienced freelancer to develop a file upload system in classic ASP for my web project. The system should be able to accommodate various types of documents . • You can find the simplified mockup code on • When you select 'Add a new TPC-C Benchmark result' you will get the Data Entry form for the TPC-C benchmark • This example (TPC-C) has up to three files to upload • The program should have only ONE upload button (currently there are three) • After the user has chosen up to three files, (s)he selects the upload button, then all chosen files have to be uploaded to the temporary upload location ("C:/TPC/www/public/results/temp/) and for each file a progress bar has to be displayed while uploading. • At th...

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    ...applications, APIs, and communication with the DSLR camera. Develop, test, and debug software components for the embedded web application and camera communication using Visual Studio, .NET core 3.1, and ASP. Participate in code reviews and ensure code quality. Collaborate with other team members to develop and integrate software components. Document code and software design. Work with hardware engineers to integrate software with hardware components. Attend meetings with team members and provide updates on progress and issues. Requirements: Strong knowledge of Visual Studio (2019), .NET core 3.1, and ASP. Experience with embedded web application development and APIs. Familiarity with DSLR camera communication protocols. Experience with software development tools and versi...

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    Abbiamo un gestionale sviluppato in vari anni: viene gestita l'anagrafica di alcuni clienti, le attività svolte per ogni cliente (telefonate / appuntamenti / scadenze), con la possibilità di allegare schede aggiuntive per ogni cliente in base alla sua tipologia. Oggi è scritto in ASP / ASP.NET con utilizzo di database MS SQL.. Siamo alla ricerca di una società (anche con più sviluppatori) che ci possa riscrivere sicuramente tutta la parte di front-end, ma anche alcuni componenti di backend. Se interessati al progetto posso fornire un video con una panoramica delle attuali funzioni per arrivare ad una dividendo il progetto in più fasi partendo da una prima fase con le anagrafiche più semplici per poi aggiungere vari moduli succes...

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    the application will be design using xamarin and use SQL server database and ASP core for back end management

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    Adding a new video to the home page of site - will need to split the current image and control that is on the page and then add the video

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    We have a template-based website which works fairly well. We'd like to make some improvements to the the CSS to allow two main things: fix printing issues (the content needs to be scaled down by about 60-80% to appear visible on the printout) and to generally improve accessibility, responsiveness on different devices. We'd like so...language, to make improvements to the stylesheets and code to enable printing and improve general accessibility/layout etc. As part of this project, we would like a document highlighting all of the changes made in the CSS along with one example of how to apply the changes to the site. I have attached all of the CSS being used on the site. The site has been written in classic ASP, but we can make all requisite changes to the ASP, it�...

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    This is a proprietary software android mobile application built using the ASP .NET Xamarin platform. The framework used is ASP.NET framework version 4.6 and is developed using C# as the primary coding language. I need Xamarin updated to Maui

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    Create a diagram on web page: Draw shapes/boxes (Eg: rectangular/square). Ability to Add/Edit/Delete should be provided. Give the name/title to the diagram and print it on the top. Below the name of the diagram, allow to add multiple lines. Save the diagram information (Name and the additional lines to a predefined database table. Table...multiple lines. Save the diagram information (Name and the additional lines to a predefined database table. Table script will be supplied. Allow creation of multiple boxes on the same web page. Allow line connectors between the boxes/shapes within the same diagram on the web page. Store the connectors line name/description in the predefined database table (script will be supplied). Technology: asp dot net is preferable. Python is the next pre...

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    Need slide show added to web page - This is responsive web template and needs to conform to the responsive nature of the site. I have the images and will add all those after you add the slideshow - you can use example images to set up. They definately want the big < > arrows to like on the example I sent over - - would be nice if auto activated if user does not press arrows also - Not sure if that is big deal - if it is - not a big deal - we can pass on that. Biggest thing is that the code for this must integrate to the current page and not mess of the page and must work within the responsive nature of the site.

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    Develop Database diagrams using web pages (Eg: ASP Dot Net/Python). The web page is data driven and the diagrams should be displayed as per the data and data model. Code for the queries/stored procedure is supplied. Web page should display simple diagrams to display/describe the business functions (each business function as a box with the name/description inside it). Allow drill down to show the individual data objects related to each business function when clicked upon. Colours of the boxes need to be driven by the data. Should be able to connect to SQL Server/Postgres databases.

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    Desired is a C# desktop app with an offline MySQL database and a second MySQL database that works online. The online plattform for the user should be written with asp .net c#. Simple app to show our students the possibilities of C#. Please make realistic offers with an estimate of the time you will need!

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    I just need a quick section of code in ASP Classic - ** NOT .NET ** I have a variable that contains a page of text and in that text there is an email somewhere. I need to extract that email to a seperate variable. Should be able to use instr( to find the @ character and then go forward and backward to the first empty spaces and that should be the email. I need this ASAP - so only bid if you can do now. Thanks

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    Se trataría de lo siguiente, en una tienda online realizada en asp clásico hay que incluir como método de pago Floapay que es similar a un TPV de un banco. enviar información del pedido y luego recoger la contestación y guardar el resultado en bbdd. La documentación seria la siguiente El servidor soporta también PHP, con lo cual pese a ser en asp se podría trabajar en PHP. En caso de resultado positivo habría una par de integraciones mas en el mismo proyecto

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    We need website and mobile application freelancers on project / monthly basis. No business developers needed. Only freelancer app and web developers. Skills we need: PHP, Laravel, Codeignitor, Symphony, Magento2, Shopify, FLUTTER, Android, iOS, react native, Java, asp net. If you are experts and can deliver work on time in our budget only than we can discuss on chat. Looking for a long term only so bid accordingly. If you read the description write Yes i am In. Thanks

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    I am looking for a developer to create an Asp. Net mvc project on user management with customer support. The primary function of the user management system is customer support integration. Specifically, I want a ticketing system to be integrated. As for the technology stack, I prefer Asp. Net mvc, but I am open to suggestions. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong experience with Asp. Net mvc - Knowledge of customer support integration and ticketing systems - Familiarity with Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services is a plus

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    ...looking for a Sitecore developer with experience in integrating third-party services to my existing platform. The ideal candidate should have the following skills and experience: - Expertise in Sitecore backend API integrations (1 already integrated and is live which needs debugging and checking, 1 that needs updating and 1 new integration) - Familiarity with integrating third-party service APIs - asp .NET programming skills to ensure that an existing API delivered by Sitecore into a hosted .NET user dashboard The project requires the integration of specific third-party services APIs within Sitecore. As I have a basic working knowledge of Sitecore, the candidate should be able to work independently with project support throughout, but all information , API documentation access ...

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    I have legacy amazon MWS integration written in classic asp. I need to upgrade to Amazon SP-API I have managed to obtain the access token and the next step is to call Get Orders by passing in parameters createdAfter and MarketplaceIds to the API The job is to Create a signed AWS API request and call GetOrders to return the JSON Everything must be done in Classic ASP

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    ...for our engineering staff, which is currently working intermittently for users due to the size of the data and the processing structure. The current site is written in .NET Framework 4.5. The works required to be carried out are: Ensure that all functions operate correctly and rectify issues Change to server-side request handling and filtering for speed Update to the latest version of .NET and ASP Add/Modify Views Deploy The project will require a developer who is experienced in ASP.NET development and is well-versed in translating user requirements into functionality. This should be someone who can manage data migration and troubleshoot any potential problems. Communication is essential to me, so I'm looking for someone who will proactively keep me updated about the proj...

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    Aplicación web con ASP. NET MVC Razor que permita crear un pdf, Agregar un texto a un pdf existente y guarde la dirección de ubicación del PDF. Con Login

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    Artikel Komuniti asp Teratas