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    ...generated by staff (user) {Leads will contain multiple screenshots upload} - Submit the leads Part 2 - Closer 1 can login - Will have column like pending, completed, follow up - The pending column item will be reviewed and update the status and action accordingly. If require further action by staff, it will reassigned to the staff> Part 3 - When staff open again, staff will fill up the data required and create necessary docs and upload it back to the system. This update data and assign people will go on repetitively for above tasks. When done, it will move to completed column. Whichever leads not relevant at the moment, will move to follow up column. A reminder will sent in the system and via email too to notify the in charge person. ...

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    In the attached excel file, I would like to get the Week endings between the following columns: Columns Q to AN represent stages of a call ticket. For example: Column Q represent the start date of stage DNQ 1 and Column R represent the end date of DNQ 1 and also Start Date of DNQ 2. .and so on. I would like to know how many WEEK ENDINGS it took DNQ 1 (Column Q) to move to DNQ 2(Column2 Q) and display the result in Results tab. Note: Week Endings should be calculated MONDAY TO FRIDAY. Column Q and R are an example in my explanation, and this concept should apply from Column Q to AN Purpose: Compare dates between column stages and distribute the data in result tab by Week Ending (M-F) and also another table by month.

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    I need someone to Combine two .xls spreadsheets data into one. There may be some columns that are named differently so just put the data across as a column and i can cut and paste it into the correct place. Once all the data is in the correct sheet i aim to create scatter plots of each column against the "Av mic score" Column I need all the data in "Agronomic Data 21.22" put into "Master Data Sheet 21.22" - Please keep all the formatting the same in "Master data sheet 21.22"

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    STYLE: FUNCTIONS: -embed video links from YT center column -hyperlinks to content across the web -categories of content -ability to stream live in site thank you

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    I have IoT sensors producing time series data for on / off values (recorded as 0 or 1). I need some JS code to calculate t...values (recorded as 0 or 1). I need some JS code to calculate the time difference between the last reported value and the new every time it reports a 1. So for example if "deviceA" reported its "alarmValue" "0" at 18:00:30 and "1" at 18:00:45, I'm after a new value to be calculated when the 1 is reported at 18:00:45 that is 00:00:15. The attached file is an example of the data being reported and column c shows what I'm after. I'll be putting the code into our device management system and it'll create a new device to run the code thereby producing a new set of time series data with this value so I j...

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    I have two different spreadsheets which I need to merge together. All the rows in my spreadsheet "Andrew Eastwood - Sales Leads 2022 - 031022" - Inc Status" need to be added to rows in my spreadsheet "1 - BDM Lead Stats 300922" where the "enquiry_id" column matches in both spreadsheets.

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    Power-BI Project 6 hari left

    Production of Power-BI Project according to the following instructions : Creation of Power BI Project : 1. Interactive report with drill-down function by : a. Company b. Departements c. Cost-Centers d. Selection option for language (germand/French) e. Selection option for KPIs contingent column for each data set (base 100% is total revenues and calculation of the % portion of each line) 2. Generation of a full list with structure and a. Table of contents b. One page titel - Company c. Company d. One page titel - Department e. Departement 1 f. One page titel - Department g. Departement 2 h. One page titel - Department i. Departement 3 j. One page titel - Department k. Departement 4 l. One page titel - Department m. Departement 5 Available data : 1. Xlsx-File with data set and Cost...

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    I am looking for .NET Expert who has good experties on .NET Core & Angular latest verison. I have a requirement to build a admin pannel where I...change to Approve/Reject 7. Once approved then user will get added into the Telegram group. 8. And the button will change to remove member from the group untill his service not expired. 9. Once Rejected then the button will reset to 4th Point. 10. I should have the seprate status column to understand the Stage or Status of the member. Stage or Status 1. New 2. Sent joining link 3. Received request to join the group 4. Member Joined 5. Member Rejected 6. Service Expired 7. Renewed Column of tables 1. Id 2. Name , mobile and email address 3. KYC Status 4. Service Name 5. Channel / Group Name (Dropdown) 6...

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    HI , Wanted someone to update about 10,000 items names on an XL sheet . I already have it on an XL BUT it has to be inserted in a particular column between a other text

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    I need to create one tool to read a folder , scam excel files and do some task on it For example , read o excel files and give me low number of column 3 of documents. and another futures tasks on this documents Lets start with something easy and then we will add more features , I wanna add a lot of features. Features to start .

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    I have to solve this error. WebSocket connection to 'wss://' failed: 2022-10-05T00:31:40.841Z [esm/] <>: UnhandledError: null Script: null Line: null Column: null StackTrace: Error: Strophe: Websocket error {"isTrusted":true} 2022-10-05T00:31:40.843Z [esm/modules/xmpp/] <>: Strophe: Websocket closed unexcectedly

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    In the attached excel file, I would like to get the Week endings between the following columns: Columns Q to AN represent stages of a call ticket. For example: Column Q represent the start date of stage DNQ 1 and Column R represent the end date of DNQ 1 and also Start Date of DNQ 2. .and so on. I would like to know how many WEEK ENDINGS it took DNQ 1 (Column Q) to move to DNQ 2(Column2 Q) and display the result in Results tab. Note: Week Endings should be calculated MONDAY TO FRIDAY. Column Q and R are an example in my explanation, and this concept should apply from Column Q to AN Purpose: Compare dates between column stages and distribute the data in result tab by Week Ending (M-F) and also another table by month.

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    Client Bar Chart 5 hari left

    I have this file created. I would like column A to be on the horizontal axis and column B to be on the vertical axis. The data is from C2-F7. Can you help me create this bar chart?

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    I have a plugin that is giving me errors in latest version of Wordpress, would like someone to take a look at it and fix it. This plugin uses an API to connect to UserBob, which is a user testing platform. The error I get is: "Unknown column 'demographics_labels' in 'field list'" This error happens when I try to launch a new test.

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    I have a script that give the counts in the database but I want to edit it not to just give me the counts number but also the list of users in thoes rows/column

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    Excelsheet help 5 hari left

    I need someone to teach me in english without coding and done it automatically using excel E.g summary (i also have the address located at b1) I have different name tab e.g company in there e.g c1 is the address, everything inside is fix row and column, e.g name date How can i do such that if in the future i create a new tab e.g company b it will automatically display the thing i want address,name, date at the summary page without clicking each and every individual tab to find out the detail NEED IT BY TOMORROW

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    i exported product's data (product name, options, price, etc) from my e-commerce website (as attached in 3rd excel file below) there's a column in this excel file that contains the price data (formatted into a group of data as seen in 4th excel file below) i want to highlight specific rows from this price column (in 3rd excel file's Column AG) and right-click. from the right-click, it will create two new copy options. 1st copy option is pop-up a dialog window to ask me the percentage to discount/markup, after i type the value, the macro will start to process and calculates each prices from the highlighted row, and change the price based on the markup i typed (but remember to search within the formatted price and replace the necessary values only) 2nd ...

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    ...the condensed aesthetic. Important Note: For each sub row it might be best to have the data reorganized into a single <td> of individually sized width rather than making the <td> follow the <td> of the rest of the main row. Maybe putting all of the game data in the first column and having all of the sub-rows in a second column could work, or condensing the size of the sub-rows into a box and have multiple boxes in a row and wrap those around if there are a lot. ** I have just uploaded a last image with some general design idea that would work but would require some new javascript. It should be noted that the subheaders are implied here, they don't really need to be shown. What does need to be clear is the groupings of subrows. ** Current Li...

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    ...engines. FlexNews is a responsive and Magazine Blogger template that mostly helps bloggers to rank their blogs. this is one of the best Blogger which mostly people suggest using in Blogger blog. This Blogger Theme is paid but it is free to download here. It has very good features: Such as; News Slider, Breaking News, Responsive, 404 Error Page supported, Beautiful Layouts, Sticky Header, Column, Footer Credits removed and many much more. You can check it default template Demo below the given link. If You want to Increase your website Ranking, Earning then I’ll ill suggest you use this Template on Your Blog. when you will use this blog you will see its results in a few days. A huge amount of traffic will come to your website. You can show Google Adsense Ads in Post Mi...

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    Trophy icon Need a logo 5 hari left

    Chiropractic clinic. Pillar Chiropractic I like the look of this logo with the attached column as the “I” in Pillar. Open to your creative ideas though. I am leaning towards a white background so you only see the text. Light blue text, with a thin black border and a black line in between Pillar and Chiropractic.

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    $20 is the rae for this job I have a spreadsheet with 2 tabs tab 1 "Attendee" has all information in column "T" tab 2 "Postcodes" tab has all the information i want to match Example: When "atendee" column "t" Postcode number matches "Postcode number" in "Postcodes" tab column b - Push "postcodes" tab column G,J,L,Y and AC into "attendee" tab AY, AZ, ba, bb, bc Notes: Do not move or delete any columns Do not use script or macro, should be only formula eg (MATCH / VLOOKUP etc) ALL COLUMNS YOU will be working in are highlighted in orange

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    Trophy icon Logo Design - 03/10/2022 20:21 EDT 4 hari left

    Create an agency logo: Company name: WDR Aspen Make a version WDR and a version with WDR Aspen Attached are the colors. We're open to some classy alternatives of this color perhaps more steel etc as well if you have good ideas. I also want options for color schemes.

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    Hi I need a specially created WordPress widget that performs the following. 1. displays a nice widget on the admin dashboard that uses the same CSS and is styled like the widgets that come with WordPress by default. 2. The code is placed in 3. Upon a user's first login, the system notes the domain they used and adds a 1 to that domain's database entry. T...dashboard that uses the same CSS and is styled like the widgets that come with WordPress by default. 2. The code is placed in 3. Upon a user's first login, the system notes the domain they used and adds a 1 to that domain's database entry. The next time a user logs in, the system adds a +1 for that domain. 4. The widget shows the domain used, the number of visitors for the day, and a column for the ove...

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    Using this script, make a GUI to upload a csv (will look at the column "Phone") and then display the results of the check with ability do download the results via csv. There should be a cron to append the DB each morning at 1am. Project link: Deliverable is a working GUI (PyGUI), download csv, and daily update of the data via cron When sending a proposal, please say "I'm ready to rock" so we know you read and understand the task. Without this your message will be ignored.

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    Python Developer 4 hari left

    Develop comparison program in python. Should take two excel files with different or same rows as input and perform comparison b/w worksheets. It should generate comparison report. 1. Compare program should perform compar...excel files and workbooks within them and generate report based on differences. 2. comparison at the row count level and % difference between file1 and file2 each tab/excel along with the specific names of the tab sheet. 3. Comparison at column/cell level and % difference between file1 and file2 for each tab/excel along with the specific names of the cell/column together with the tab/ worksheet. 4. Overall status of the comparison like pass or fail. If failed, then reason example Fail record count mismatch in Tab name or value mismatch in cell/ colum...

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    Hi, I would like to organize my accounting. So far I have been doing it manually but it's taking me a lot of time. I run a non profit organization. We have two types of donors: fixed and random. Among those, we have two currencies. Among those there are 5 ways of donatin...platform if you help me set it up. i would like to be able to easily create a pdf with a receipt, where the client information is automatically stick inside. i want to be able to visualize the amount of donations per client to see how much they donated per year. this is about it, we are talking about around 100 lines on excel, some months more, some months less. i also want to add the expenses column. fixed and random, with dates. and add up and substract to the income. how much would you charge for thi...

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    ...(number of sites are configurable) and scrap following data also check that site should not be in table donotusewebsite and scrap following data. Title , Description , URl , Domain Name , is Home page Also check if page is home page or not , then scrape [all] (max number of links are also configurable) all links available on that page Insert all data in Master table. Update Keyword table column Site Scraped with 1 and status as pending keep updating keyword table with incremental number till you reach max number of sites to scrap then update status as completed . Then pick new keyword this is to be done with a cron job. Data fields of Keyword Table Domain Name , Subdomain name , Keywords , Category 1, Category 2, Category 3, Category 4, number of Sites scraped , S...

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    1 bida their profile page), for a designated role (HR Manager or People and Culture Manager or Head of HR or Head of People and Culture) for 3,000 organisations. I only need one contact name and one URL for each of the businesses listed. The organisations are across recruitment agencies, government councils, sporting bodies, along with other organisations. The resultant file created should have a column for each of the Business Name (provided), Contact Name and their direct LinkedIn URL. I am happy for this to take a week to be completed. Please only bid if you are clear on the project, have an average rating of 4.8* or higher, and have direct experience with extracting data from LinkedIn Also, please make the bid you enter be the one you are happy to proceed with. If you are un...

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    Create Quiz site 4 hari left

    want a website that will take quiz. ...exam in one minutes he will get 100 Mark. If someone give exam in 20 minutes he will get mark 1. This way mark will distribute. Less time more mark. Mark will point wise. 3 point. Like minutes count 2.345 minutes. Same mark count accordingly. Total mark Quiz+time. 9. After exam admin can download results sheet in excel. Results sheet students details, time mark and quiz Mark and sum show. And last column position. 10. Admin can decide whether mark will show after exam or not. 11. No one can give exam 2nd time with same user data. 12. Quiz page must be optimized highly and very light. So, that at a time 10 to 30 thousands students can participate without create heavy load to server. If any other condition needed that can secure exam must be imp...

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    I need the data from this interactive spreadsheet copied to a Google sheet including column titles and fields.

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    I need a php script to compare 2 different excel files (.xls) and return the differences into HTML table format, and output an xls file with results. The script will need to first search column A and find any duplicates - if there are duplicates they will need to be removed and displayed on the output. Each row must be compared and all differences must be found by ROW and matched by data in column A - and display what is on or not on each workbook (on workbook 1 and not on workbook 2, and on workbook 2 and not on workbook 1). Lastly it will need to show if any rows have changed by column (Any cells within the row have changed) and display those also. I have attached two sample files with basic data for testing purposes. The script should be able to create an HTML tabl...

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    The idea is that from a certain trigger (for example a change of status, or clicking a button) in an item of a board, the files of the corresponding cell in a File column are deleted. The app must be installed within my Admin account. This is the first of a group of 10 easy development projects on For this task, the maximum is 90 eur.

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    Testing speed of the sorting algorithm using a provided dataset from user.

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    ...needs no work. Slides 2, 3 and 6: I require an animation where all items in the list are faded. The first animation 'unfades' the first item in the list. Upon clicking, the first item goes back to fade, and the second list item unfades. And so on. For slides 2 and 3 it is a single list. Slide 6 has 3 columns - so the first it will have this affect on the first column with everything else faded. Then the focus will be on the second column with everything else faded.... Slide 4 is on three of the powerpoints. It contains a radar chart. It needs the font to be bigger and bolder on the radar chart so it can be read. I would like the animation to: 1) First show only the bar chart 2) Show the radar chart with only the ETP line (please choose a strong black line for ...

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    Hi, I have a very small set of data and I would like 4 graphs made. Data attached Please deliver these graphs & the calculated data in Excel xlsx format All as 2D column graphs GRAPH 1: Lipids Please calculate the 95% CI, plot mean pre program & post program results and 95%CI 2D column graph GRAPH 2: Lipids % change Calculate & plot the mean % change in each lipid with appropriate 95% CI on error bars GRAPH 3: Liver Function Liver function pre & post intervention with 95% CI on error bars GRAPH 4: Live function % change Calculate & plot the & change in liver function & 95%CI on error bars

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    We are looking to hire someone to scrape data and organize into a spreadsheet (Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel preferred). Plea...(Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel preferred). Please review the attached link to watch a video on how to perform this task. We will need the following dates in a unique column: 1. OWNER (Name) – this is found on the top left column 2. NAME/CO – this is found on the top right column 2. PHYS. ADD (LOT or SPC Number Required) – this is two lines below OWNER on the left column 3. STREET – this is below NAME/CO on the right column 4. CSZ (Zip Code MUST be 5 digits) – this is below STREET on the right column Prior to being hire, we must receive a 1–2 line spreadsheet exa...

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    Hi, I need support for a MySQL Select Creation Query for the working hours. I have a sql table with Start and End working time. Both in DateTime format. This working time must be classified for four column such regular work, overtime and so on. I created a description for seeked columns and conditions. Please have look and let me know if you can solve it Attached is sql-table and the same table as csv table and a ducument that describe the case. Please keep in mind that I need a SELECT Query to create a View.

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    I have a list of links containing lists of many businesses. We are looking for very good quote to type 2,000 or more businesses in over 90 categories. Please send me quote to simply type the names of businesses in each perspective column. We are looking for an extensive list of national, regional and even notable for each category and each of those should be on a different column. Each category should be on a different column of spreadsheet and should be alphabetized. SEE LIST OF CATAGORIES -

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    ...for the same will be provided to the selected Freelancer. Following Important KPI's to be done and additional which you can suggest: 1. On Page SEO (H1, Title, Metatags, ALT Attributes for IMAGES and others to be done) 2. Quality Back-Links to be added so as to improve the authority of the site from 20 At present to 70 (Back Links list is avaialble with us (excel attached in which NEED in red column is the ones we need as BackLinks from those sites and you can also suggest from your side) 3. Remove Poor Backlinks by using Google Disavow Tool. 4. Improve the AUTHORITY OF THE PAGE . 5. Improve the overall Organic traffic as per the Webmaster tool Matrix 6. Organic CTR is important our is at 2% at present and we want to take it higher , higher the better 7. Want to redu...

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    ...excel file {excel_name} doesnt exist') # reading excel through pandas, skipping one row, so the first part of the cleanup is already done df = (pd.read_excel(excel_name, skiprows=1).dropna(how='all', axis=1)) # create the writer to write to writer_croped = (('.')[0] + "", engine='xlsxwriter') # removing column W and saving it with the writer: ([22], axis=1, inplace=True) df.to_excel(writer_croped, index=False, header=True) () if __name__ == '__main__': main() ...

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    ...course lms which is really inefficient. I need a script i can run between Word/google docs and/or excel/google sheets that converts doc content into delimited text to be imported into a spreadsheet. The text needs to be separated by the documents applied text styles ie Title, heading 1, heading 2, paragraph, para bullet list, para numbered list, figure etc so each style is a seperate field/ column when imported into excel. The document also contains text boxes, tables, charts and pictures, if possible is there a way to capture those as well. The content structure / list levels and associated paragraphs/tables/ images etc needs to remain in section group, order/ same row seperate fields. ie Section a h1.a h2.a paragraph a bullet list a paragraph a2 table a ...

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    espoCRM - Fix bug - 20 jam left

    From Amdinistrator GUI I wanted to add to USERS an upload field . I think ESPOCRM added the field in the code but not in DB. As a result all system crashed. Using internet brower says : Error 500 From DB logs I got this one : log: data/logs/:[2022-09-29 16:22:46] ERROR: (42S22) SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'user.adjunto_id' in 'field list'; GET /I18n; line: 70, file: /home/targetca/ The objetive is to add : File upload field, Date field (Birth day)

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    This should be an simple task. I just need the rightmost title on (The title is 'WORK EXPERIENCE') to be black like the rest of the column on that side. The current HTML for that section is as follows: [vc_row css=".vc_custom_1450449050916{margin-bottom: 80px !important;}"][vc_column][tt_timeline icon_left="fa fa-graduation-cap" title_left="EDUCATION" icon_right="fa fa-bar-chart" title_right="WORK EXPERIENCE"]. Before HTML 5, we used the <font> tag to do it, but that tag is no longer supported and we need to use CSS to change it. I just need the CSS code changed so the right side is black. Please send me your bid to complete and I'll make a decision ASAP. Thank you!

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    63 bida

    Excel Services that I offer in this gig . • Clean or format unformatted and Raw Data • Formatting and Cleaning Data Into Separate Column ( like First Name , Last Name , Email , Phone , Street , City , State and Country ) etc. Clean the Data According to the requirements . Cleanup , Organize and merge your Excel Spreadsheets Compile and merge bulk Excel files . Spilt Excel text into the different columns • Give a nice shape to your messy Excel Spreadsheet.

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    62 bida

    We're looking for a Developer which helps us to make some minor changes to our oro commerce theme. Two changes need to be made: 1.) A Column needs to be added to the Footer (images will follow) 2.) The order of content on the main page needs to be rearranged In total, this shouldn't take longer than 2 - 3h, but our Developers are full with work right now :)

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    $11 / hr Avg Bida
    37 bida

    ...deadline and we need 3 to 4 pages of frontend design complete in 3 days. You will work on the complete website but there are only 3 - 4 main areas you have to focus on 1) Dr grid - The card design is perfect you just have to make it in a column of three and some minor UI changes to give clean look... Also the responsiveness 2) Dr profile - The layout is complete... just need to clean the page and change some colors and fonts and responsiveness Reference for dr profile page - 3) Header and footer - Here's the Reference - responsiveness 4) There will be a multistep form to collect the request from the user... we have built need design update and responsiveness 5) Responsiveness

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    14 bida

    before taking this work please read as well as be understood , we will not explain what else this question is. this project is of little value with quite complicated work please this is underlined. if you have read this and intend to continue then t...taking this work please read as well as be understood , we will not explain what else this question is. this project is of little value with quite complicated work please this is underlined. if you have read this and intend to continue then the description is below: -- create a complete online gambling website and the features in it. -The website link to be duplicated will be shared in the chat column. - make sure in the website you are going to create there are front end and back end features. - also provide domain hosting for this jo...

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    We need tested code which work on vb10 as follows : write data in excel sheet in column on vb10 click , read excel file on vbnet form, draw xy plot in between 2 column of excel thru vb click

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    I have used this excel report before and it took 10 minutes for the expert to make a formula. I extract a report from ERP daily, it shows customer payments that have arrived, each customer has a dedicated accounts manager, i want a formula i type into a new row which picks up the customer numbes i.e. 12345 cust 1, 17542 cust no 2, both are Toms customers then places Tom into a new column?

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    I have a mixture of contacts in an excel spreadsheet. Some with First Name - Last Name fields and some with first name and last name in the First Name column. I know there is a way to separate these easily. I'd like you to come into my computer and do this for me. There are about 7,000 contacts that need to be separated, but I know there is a way to do this automatically and not manually.

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