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    I need a new freelancer from India .Looking for someone that has excellent writing and SEO skills for attorney with practices in estate planning, landlord Evictions, and real estate law. Less than 30 Thanks for watching.

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    I need someone very familiar with california family law and proficient with document preperation; organized and can handle deadlines I am a family law attorney with a firm dedicated solely to survivors of intimate partner abuse. I am looking for an Experienced Family Law Paralegal with Domestic Violence Expertise. Must be passionate about the mission! About the firm and myself: Dr. Alicia Journey is an attorney who is a member of both the California State Bar and the United States Supreme Court Bar. She is also a certified coach. She graduated from the prestigious Pepperdine School of Law in 2009 with her Juris Doctorate. In the same year, she received a degree in Dispute Resolution from the world-renowned Strauss Institute in Dispute Resolution. Alicia also has her Ph.D....

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    Campos emergency 2 hari left

    I need corners added to an Id of my husbands. In order for him to receive certain benefits he had his indemnity for his account needs proven. I have power of attorney since my husband is now severely Ill. In the process of all this most of our stuff has been lost and stolen. I can’t get him another id at this time and can’t afford what everything else is an option on the internet. I just want to get my husband some medical help. Please help me. They want it to look more like the picture of the zoomed out id

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo- Ace 17 hari left

    I want to create a logo for a criminal law firm/attorney. The name will contain the word "Ace" which means excellence, power and triumph. I want the logo to incorporate the "Ace of Spades" logo somehow, you can be creative and incorporate it how you like. The "Ace of Spades" is the highest and most powerful card in the deck of cards so take this into account. I want the logo to stand out, be creative but also professional at the same time. Colour is not fixed and I am welcome to ideas about colour.

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    Real estate app that i can sell rent or buy homes on app .. in house agents and attorney to close deals. Strictly promoting homes in uk, France, italy , Austria pretty much every country except usa. Also daily rentals like an air bnb style option in it.

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    You are an attorney who practices International Law. Your coworkers know nothing about cyber law so your boss asks you to make a short guide to education them. Using the United States as one reference point and another country (see list below of choices) as the other reference point, discuss the similarities and differences between the two in the following areas of cybersecurity law • Criminal Justice System to include federal statutes used to prosecute cybercrime, • Jurisdiction over those who commit a cybercrime in the two countries • Healthcare Privacy Laws and Standards • Financial Data Privacy Law and Standards • Social Media and ISP protection under federal law You may use recent cases in both countries to illustrate similarities and differences but...

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    I am a pro se attorney looking to hire someone to help with document prep

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    I am a pro se attorney looking to hire someone to help with document prep.

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    Looking for a logo for a two-attorney law firm, specializing in criminal defense and civil litigation with emphasis in employment law, EEO claims and security clearances, located in Northern Virginia and serving the DC and Northern Virginia region. We hope to incorporate the uses of the colors dark blue/navy (symbolizing trust and loyalty) along with gray (symbolizing reliability, maturity and intellect). We prefer clean lines, something along the vein of the attached two examples. Firm name is Hogan & Pritchard, PLLC

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    I own a business in Maryland and am opening a new location in Delaware. I need a Delaware Attorney to review my Contract and make any changes I need so it reflects Delaware law.

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    Demand Letter Tamat left

    We are looking for an attorney to write a single demand letter for an employment issue. If you are not a US attorney, we cannot use you.

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    I would like a website that drives visitors to call my office after they have been in a car accident. I would like to be able to edit and add pages after it is done with a simple interface.

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    I am living in Spain at the present with my wife and two boys. I have been receiving Social Security benefits since August '22. I need to file for benefits for my two sons who are both under 18 years of age. I need to file in Bay Area, CA. Since I'm out of the country, It would be great if an attorney or clerk can help me submit the application for benefits of my two underaged dependents. Can you help me? Or can you recommend someone? Thank you, John McCaffrey

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    An attorney in central NY that isn’t get the web traffic an attorney of my experience should have

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    I'm looking for a freelance attorney to join the law firm I just started. I need someone who practices business, civil, family, or real estate law. Has more than 3-5+ years of experience. Is located in the United States - Specifically Arizona. 
This law firm means a lot to me, outside of taking on “ordinary” cases. I plan to help women, and children gain affordable and easily accessible law firm services and other resources that they otherwise would have difficult access to. I'm not a licensed lawyer, that being said I just provide the leads, and handle the business end of things..would need someone who can do virtual meetings from time to time. The person will have to be okay with me putting them down as the compliance lawyer. The budget will be from $50...

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    private law practice of a young and upcoming attorney engaged in general practice.

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    Divorce has been filed and I need an attorney to represent me.

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    I have a CA judgement that was just e-filed in Idaho. I need to stop the judgement or delay it while obtaining a CA attorney to fight the frivolous judgment put on me.

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    NOTE: I just realized I did not include the locale. I currently live in the house that this is for. I am located in Pinellas County, FL USA. My mother passed away in 2018. My sister and I are her only legal heirs. My sister has already taken ownership of my mother's condo through power of attorney back before my mother's death. She passed months before anyone expected. I was not able to get the necessary financial and legal paperwork handled in time. My sister has stated she will sign over any claims on the house. A few months back I finished paying off the mortgage and would like to get the title transferred to my name. I have been paying on the mortgage since 2007-2008 time frame. All I need is assistance in filing the proper paperwork to have the title change...

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    ...embezzled money from me. All facts take place in Maryland USA. Attorney A was sole named partner in her law firm. I hired her to do a bankruptcy case and gave her the fee that was stipulated. A day or two later she retired and assigned my case to her associate. The contract for legal services gave her the right to assign my case to an associate so that's OK. Associate B fakes my case and urges me to start the bankruptcy by depositing a large sum with the trustee in bankruptcy. He then creates a document that says he has to charge me $2200 for administrative services. He types my name on it and submits to the trustee in bankruptcy presumably taking this money from m. I never saw this paper until years later. Subsequently attorney B got in trouble with the bar ass...

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    I need research to find out the origin and background of the 'American Rule' which is used in US courts dictating that suit parties pay their own attorney fees. Need when and under what grounds the rule was adopted. Need examples of Supreme court and 3rd circuit appeal cases rulings that decided it was the valid rule of the US courts . I do not need an actual essay, only a the above and a quick explanation. Thanks

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    I do real estate investing nationwide and would like to hire an attorney (if possible) to submit public records request on distressed homeowners who need assistance from an investor, and follow through with it because I simply do not have the time. So if this is possible and anyone who can take this on please shoot me a message. Thanks

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    I have a CA judgement that was just e-filed in Idaho. I need to stop the judgement or delay it while obtaining a CA attorney to fight the frivolous judgment put on me.

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    We're looking for Estate Planning Attorneys primarily in California, Texas, and New York. Attorneys from other ...California, Texas, and New York. Attorneys from other states can also apply. We're a legal-tech platform for creating trusts, wills, and other estate-planning documents. The platform can be used either in "Do-it-yourself" mode or with "Attorney Assist" - with the second option providing the user with personal legal advice. The scope of work includes: 1. Advice and feedback on the platform to ensure the legal validity of the documents, improve user experience and provide inputs to make the product more comprehensive. 2. Providing advice to our clients on the "Attorney Assist" Plans We will initially require a 15mins cal...

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    paralegal Tamat left

    The practicing attorney works in both Florida & Arizona and needs a paralegal for ongoing support in the Jacksonville area.

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    Looking for an experienced paralegal based around the area of Jacksonville, Florida. A paralegal would potentially be hired on an ongoing case-by-case basis. The attorney practices in Florida and Arizona.

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    Must be eligible to file in "Canada" to lodge

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    Waiting for an asylum case interview for years. Need to get a court order to urge USCIS to speed up the process. USA licensed lawyer/attorney is needed cause it needs a filing to a court.

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    I need a U.S. attorney / lawyer to handle a rape matter that took place in Cincinnati, OHIO. The candidate must have an experience in dealing with such matters. I will disclose the case when i choose a freelancer. Thanks

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    Looking to build awareness and my reputation as an expert in my legal field.

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    Need To Hire a US Licensed and US Based attorney to handle/continue correspondences with a US company (email correspondences mainly, and brief phonecalls as necessary), for legal matters and necessary negotiations. Looking at around $30-$50/hr, and to spend no more than $150 to $200 TOTAL, which is up to 5Hours and not more. (so, I anticipate the task to be completed in 4 to 5hrs MAX, spread out based on how the correspondence goes; if it isn't completed in that time, we will re-visit the arrangement and I'll decide the next step - If to continue, or to end the Task).

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    New Commercial Lease agreement for a space in shopping center. We need to review it before signing. Its emailed to us by lease management company. I am leasing about 3,000 sq ft space in strip shopping center.

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    New website for a law firm that will include attorney profiles, support team, calendar function, chat feature, request consult form (so approximately 5-7 pages within the website).

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    I am a Patent Attorney looking to have some Black and White Vector line drawings, PowerPoint would be my preferred medium, but anything that I could edit myself (particularly the text) would be needed and also so I can add my own element numbering and lead lines (which I will do in PowerPoint). The Black and white vector line drawings would be replicas of the 7 screenshots in the attached document. The first page of the attached document shows an example of what it should look like, but would be better if natively drawn in Powerpoint.

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    Contract attorney needed to uphold Sec 16.001 in the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code Tite 2 Trial Judgment and appeal Subtitle B Trial Matters Chapter 16 Limitations Subchapter A. LIMITATIONS OF PERSONAL ACTIONS Sec. 16.001 EFFECT OF DISABILITY

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    To research and draft legal issues, I need the assistance of an attorney

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    We have an IP attorney on staff and are looking for Website Marketing & Developing Companies that want to offer their clients “legal services” at a reduced rate. We can offer you $200 per month of free legal services as part of the package. your clients will receive trademark registration services, drafting of privacy policies and terms of service, as well as other in-house services at a drastically reduced rate when compared to standard law firms. To start, we also would like to offer your clients free trademark name searches as part of a package. Please contact us for more details. Thanks, IPITeC.

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    As of April 9, the USPTO will require you to provide a US attorney to file your trademark applications. We have US attorneys and are looking for foreign applicants who would like to use our services. There will be a flat rate that we can negotiate based on how many projected filings are per month. Please contact us for more details. Thanks, IPITeC.

    $50 - $125 / hr
    $50 - $125 / hr
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    I need an attorney to defend my company against online reviews that are not factual.

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    I need to consult with an attorney about Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. My wife and I have formed an LLC. One of the projects that we are working on is an anonymous review website. Before launching the website, we would like to discuss the legality of the website. We would also like to discuss the legal risks we might have. We would also like to discuss the legal aspects of the name of the website.

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    An inhouse attorney for a hospital wants your opinion so they may advise their CEO of a hospital on the status of the law on what litigation and investigations they can expect if a breach of patients data occurs. Give specific case examples. Attaching the Refference document.

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    the jurisdiction is NY family court 1st department. I need 2 questions answered. 1. how do you fire an attorney for the child and under what circumstances can they be removed and replaced 2. how do you get a child (9 years old) to testify in open court. (I and NOT talking about in camera or Lincoln hearing). the child must come to court and tell the court which parent she wants to live with and why.

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    List with Business name, owner name, email and phone attorney attorney law lawyers attorneys 6 Lenders We need all the leads that is available in the above category in Santa clara county california

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    ...You are the lead cybersecurity attorney in the area. An inhouse attorney for a hospital wants your opinion so they may advise their CEO of a hospital on the status of the law on what litigation and investigations they can expect if a breach of patients data occurs. Give specific case examples. You have been contacted by a hacker from Belarus who has been charged with a violation of The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. You don't know specifically where they are located because you can't trace them. Your boss, who knows nothing about cyber intrusion crime, wants to know all of the legal issues that could arise from representation, what defenses he may have and what could be mitigated if he pleads guilty. He wants specific examples from past cases. A corporate attor...

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