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    membuat video 360 tentang banjir dan cara menyelamat ketika banjir.

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    9 bida crafting of our premium product. The designer should use the attached infographic, process flow diagram, and vanilla cut styling guide as visual references to creat our own infographic ou design steps shaping the page's content and design. These resources provide comprehensive details on our process, including key steps, techniques, timing, and quality control measures. Project Goal: The ultimate goal is to create a page that educates consumers on what makes our vanilla truly special and compellingly tells our unique brand story. The page should convey our deep commitment to quality, sustainability, and supporting our farming communities. It should engage viewers' senses and emotions, instilling a greater appreciation for the artistry and care behind our vanilla...

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    Task at hand is to extract vocals from a highly distorted audio file OF APPROXIMATELY 8 MINUTES. I DO HAVE OTHER FILES I WOULD LIKE DONE AS WELL, IF EXTRACTION IS SUCCESSFUL. As a client, my ultimate target is related to: - Enhancing intelligibility within the dialogue to bring utmost clarity. - Identifying specific words or phrases that may prove crucial. - The file is from a criminal setup with the audio of a father setting up his son; thus every word could change the narrative. The audio clip has been intentionally distorted over crucial conversation. Do whatever it takes to make the conversation extremely clear irrespective of the overall audio quality. Those offering skills and experience in forensic audio analysis, audio software engineering will ideally match the job req...

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    I'm looking for an expert in Fusion 360 who can help me create a simple model of a box where all side lengths and wall angles are driven by user-defined parameters. Here are the specifics: - All dimensions including length, width, height & depth, along with any angles and proportions must be adjustable via parameters. - Parameter changes must not break the box model. The model should adapt seamlessly to changes in these numerical inputs. - The parameters will be adjusted per Fusion 360 user parameter settings. - Base of the model should be on the XY plane. Ideally, I would like the chosen freelancer to have relevant experience in building parameter-driven models in Fusion 360 and a good understanding of geometric principles. A backg...

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    I'm looking for an experienced and creative video creator who can generate an explainer video to introduce my company/brand. Key responsibilities: - Develop an original, compelling script from scratch. - Deliver an engaging video that Key responsibilities: - Develop an original, compelling script from scratch. - Deliver an engaging video that effectively communicates our brand message. Ideal Skills: - Strong scripting and storytelling skills. - Experience in creating explainer videos. - Proficient in using video editing software. - Keen eye for details and creativity. - Understanding of branding principles. The ultimate goal of the video is to provide viewers a clear, appealing introduction to our brand. Looking forward to excellent pitches from skilled...

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    I need a talented full-stack developer with experience in PHP and MySQL. You'll be designing and creating a platform that supports 360-degree videos, similar to YouTube. Deployment in the cloud will also be required. Key Responsibilities: - Develop the front-end and back-end of the platform. - Design the platform's layout (the design concept is yet to be decided). - Enable 360-degree video support. - Implement features for video uploading, sharing, and rating. - Enable user account and profile creation. - Include a commenting system. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in PHP and MySQL. - Experience with cloud-based deployment. - Good understanding of user-friendly design concepts. - Familiar with user account management systems. - Experience in developing v...

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    I'm in need of an expert who can help me with setting up Genie ACS on Ubuntu for managing routers and modems remotely. My ultimate goal is to have a seamless and efficient remote device management system. Key responsibilities: - configure Genie ACS on Ubuntu - Set up the system to manage routers and modems remotely - Ensure the system is fully functional and secure Ideal candidate: - Proficient in Ubuntu and network management - Extensive experience with Genie ACS for remote device management - A strong understanding of TR-069 protocol - Excellent troubleshooting skills - Strong security background to ensure the system is robust I'm looking for someone who can work efficiently and independently to deliver a reliable remote device management system. Your experience wit...

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    I'm looking for a proficient web developer to create an intuitive, user-friendly courier website. Essential features of our project should include: - An efficient online tracking system for all courier packages - User registration and login - Practical, simple-to-use quote calculator system- The ultimate design should facilitate seamless online transactions, thus, the inclusion of a payment gateway is imperative. The website needs to support national courier services only. Additional features may be requested, but these will be communicated further during a phone discussion stage. Ideal experience and skills: - Proven experience in building similar platforms - Understanding of logistic systems - Proficiency in web security - E-commerce understanding - Familiarity with common...

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    ...requirement hinges on using comprehensive digital image processing techniques to extract hidden information from these photos. The ideal freelancer for this task would have a strong background in this field, with proven expertise and enhanced skills. Expectations from the investigation include: • High level of detail: I need precise features clearly identified, even clear text if possible. The ultimate goal is to achieve the best possible clarity on the obscured parts of these crucial images. Therefore, this job best suits individuals who are proficient in digital forensics, image enhancement algorithms, and any related visual data extraction techniques....

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    I need a skilled freelancer to promote my article across various channels. - My article needs to be shared on key social media platforms, blog websites, and online forums. - I do not have a specific target audience in mind, so the promotion should be broad. - The ultimate goals here are to increase website traffic and build brand awareness. Ideal skills for this project: - Proficiency in multi-channel content promotion - Understanding of strategies to increase website traffic - Experience in building brand awareness through content Please share your relevant experience and approach to this task.

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    I am in need of a professional photoshop artist to remove specific elements from the background of my photos. These elements include: - Parking lot - Outhouse - Sign Once removed, these elements need to be seamlessly replaced to match the rest of the nature in the photo. The ultimate goal is to make the edited areas indistinguishable from the rest of the background. The desired resolution for the edited photos should simply match the existing resolution of the original photos. Ideal candidates would have a strong proficiency in photoshop, with particular experience in photo manipulation and retouching. A keen eye for detail and an understanding of natural light and shadow are also advantageous. There are 30 photos total and they are all very similar.

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    I'm in search of a detail-oriented individual with expertise in digital image editing, particularly in the re...originality of the jean’s look in the editing process IDEAL SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE: *Proven proficiency in digital image editing, especially related to fashion products *Strong awareness of natural skin and fabric textures to maintain realism *Adept at working with both the color and shape facets of complex images *Exceptional attention to detail and understanding of modern fashion aesthetics The ultimate goal is to create images that put the product in the best possible light, enhancing its attractiveness without losing its authentic feel. I'm keen on collaborating with someone who’s eager to bring out the best in our products, making them irresist...

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    I'm in need of an experienced 3D modeller who is proficient in Autodesk Revit. My project requires: The Conversion of 3D laser scans with BLK360 into high quality, detailed Revit models. The objects is the survey of information of a structure of 335m2 in plan made up of two levels, the first level consists of a structure of 6 columns that are part of a system of frames resistant to moments, on an articulated base. On the second level there are two structures to support the air coolers, in each one there are 4 fans and they are made up of 15 columns working in a system of gantries with concentric braces. The information that the survey must contain is: Geometry, profiles, connections, gas pipes, equipment or elements that may present interference in case of reinforcement. The...

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    I am in need of an expert who can proficiently help me flatten specific curved surfaces of a 3D construction using Fusion. Key Requirements: - Experience in working with Fusion software is crucial. - The project involves simple curvature surfaces, so familiarity with 3D manipulation, specifically in flattening, is ideal. - Precision is a must as only specific sections of the 3D construction need to be flattened, not the entire construction. Looking forward to working with someone who is meticulous and skilled at navigating Fusion's model manipulation.

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    I need a seasoned web developer for my e-commerce website project; specific coding languages and frameworks are flexible as the user skipped the relevant question. The primary goal is to create an e-commerce site with certain critical fea...e-commerce site with certain critical features. Important Points: - Must-have E-commerce features: Payment gateway integration and a system for customer reviews and ratings are essential. - Skills and Experience: Web development experience is necessary, preferably with a focus on e-commerce sites. Knowledge in PHP, Python or JavaScript would be advantageous, but not mandatory. - Objective: The ultimate goal of this project is to create a user-friendly platform where customers can make purchases smoothly and share their experiences via reviews an...

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    I am looking to put together a comprehensive marketing strategy for my online st...and women. Key Requirements: - Deep understanding of social media marketing strategies and SEO techniques - Proven experience in lead generation and driving sales The campaign should focus predominantly on: - Social Media channels: to build a sustainable and interactive relationship with our customer base - SEO: to enhance our online presence and increase the visibility of our products The ultimate goal of this campaign is to generate leads and boost our sales, so we encourage freelancers who have a knack for conversion optimization to bid. Ideal Skills: - Social Media Marketing - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Conversion Optimization - Lead Generation - Experience with e-commerce marketing...

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    I have a set of images with barcodes on them and I need specialized enhancements. Primarily, I'm seeki...a set of images with barcodes on them and I need specialized enhancements. Primarily, I'm seeking a freelancer with advanced image processing capabilities to make my barcodes highly readable. Specific Requirements: - Adjust the brightness of images to improve readability. - Enhance the colors for clarity. - Remove any background noise which may be obstructing the view of the barcodes. The ultimate goal is to make it easier to read the actual numbers under each barcode. As timing is imperative, I require this project to be completed ASAP. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proficiency in Image Processing and Enhancement - Experience with Barcode Recognition - Excelle...

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    I would like a professional, sleek landing page designed for my website to catch potential clients. The key aspects of the landing page include: - Captivating design: The page should be visually appealing and in line with modern design trends. - User-friendly interface: The design needs to be intuitive, guiding the visitor towards the ultimate goal. - Responsive design: The page should be responsive to various screen sizes and devices. Ideal skills and experience for the job include: - Proven experience in designing and developing landing pages. - Strong understanding of user experience and design principles. - Proficiency in HTML, CSS and other relevant technologies for web design.

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    I'm seeking an expert in Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) and Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (PFMEA) to help in refining our manufacturing processes, primarily concerning Product A, Product B, and Process C. The ultimate goal is to improve the product quality, enhance efficiency, and bolster safety. Expectations: - Thorough inspection and analysis of current processes - Identification and rectifications of potential failure points - Suggestion of practical changes to enhance product quality, efficiency, and safety. Ideal skills & experience: - Proficiency in FMEA and PFMEA - Background in the manufacturing industry - Previous work with similar products and processes will be appreciated.

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    Looking for an innovative content creator who's skilled in developing engaging social media posts and videos. Given that our target audience spans both B2B and B2C markets, experience in crafting cross-market content is essential. The ultimate goal of the campaign is threefold: - Amassing greater brand recognition - Bolstering website traffic - Sumptuously generating leads Thus, a track record in successfully achieving these objectives would be a huge bonus. Applicants need to possess an understanding of market-specific appeals and be proficient in embracing a variety of social media platforms and video creation tools.

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    I have a unique project focusing on the creation of 3D OBJ files, which will subsequently be used to develop aesthetically pleasing MP4 video presentations for jewellery pieces. Key Deliverables: - Creation of finely detailed 3D OBJ files for specific jewellery designs. - Conversion of these 3D models into 360-degree rotation MP4 videos showcasing the designs. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in 3D modelling software to create detailed OBJ files. - Significant experience in video animation/rendering, specifically with jewellery. - A keen eye for detail and a strong aesthetic sense to capture the allure of the jewellery pieces. Your portfolio showcasing previously created 3D models and MP4 videos will be highly appreciated. I believe this project offers an exciting opportunity for crea...

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    As an established brand in need of a marketing analyst, I'm looking to significantly increase our brand awareness. This role involves a number of critical responsibilities and requirements, which I will outline below. media accounts, specifically on Facebook and Twitter, to promote brand visibility. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in data analysis and market research to provide actionable insights. - Experienced in campaign optimization to ensure our efforts are efficient and effective. - Skilled in managing social media accounts, with a focus on Facebook and Twitter, to bolster brand awareness. The ultimate goal of this role is to significantly improve our brand's visibility and recognition. If you have the necessary skills and experience, I we...

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    I need an experienced social media m...Pinterest, Youtube, and LinkedIn. Operating as much more than just a 'poster of content', the ideal candidate will also: - Create unique and engaging content that resonates with our audience. - Foster an active and engaged community, responding to comments, and driving discussions. - Provide analytics and reporting to monitor the success and reach of different content types and campaigns. The ultimate goal of this project is to generate leads. Therefore, special consideration will be given to those with a proven track record in converting social media engagement into tangible leads. Your proposals should outline how you intend to achieve this. Please also share any relevant past experience managing multiple social platforms and driv...

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    Simular la fabricación de ciertas piezas En Fusion 360

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    ...and managing our social media presence. This campaign intends to engage not just the general public and investors, but also supporters of a specific cause. Key responsibilities will include: - Developing a strategic and tailored marketing approach which resonates with our diverse target audience. - Deploying effective social media strategies to increase campaign visibility and traction. The ultimate goal of this campaign is to raise funds for a specific project. Hence, I'd appreciate an individual who has previously managed successful crowdfunding campaigns. Key skills required: - Experience in social media management - Strategic marketing background - Strong understanding of crowdfunding dynamics - Proven track record of successful fundraising initiatives Your focus w...

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    Modelagem 3d 4 hari left

    Preciso de uma proposta de um projeto 3d em Fusion 360. O projeto se resume há um modelo de puxe e empurre com as dimessões de 100mm de altura e 30mm de largura. Quero que a base seja única para ambos os modelos, alterando apenas a peça de puxe ou empurre. Será necessário um pequeno espaço para colocar uma fita led e passar um par de fios. Preciso que esse projeto seja preparado para impressão 3d em resina. Deixei algumas fotos como exemplo. Junto mandarei a logo da minha empresa para adicionar ao modelo.

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    website has been created though needs updating and more reworking -. only one product at this time. Key Responsibilities: - Designing a professional e-commerce website, primarily f...card outside the USA will be sent to Dr. David P Kalin, IBMS, POB 2396 Oldsmar, FL 34677 • The IBMS International Medial License expires in 3 years from date of issue so a mechanism to update credentials and apply for renewal of IBMS International medical license should start approximately 4 months prior to expiration and this will have to be updated on the healthcare providers profile. • THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION IS AN AUTOMATED SYSTEM TO DEVELOP AND PREPARE THE IBMS IML FOR MAILING, RENEWAL • QUALITY CONTROL - The final completion will be reviewed by IBMS representative in charge of IBM...

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    I am in need of a talented logo designer adept in creating a fusion of text and symbol-based logos. Lend your creativity to my brand by constructing a design that oozes a modern, cutting-edge feel while boasting vibrant colors. This requires a level of sophistication and an eye for detail. Prior experience with modern, vibrant aesthetic logos will be highly beneficial. Looking forward to viewing your portfolio of similar logo designs. Short form : FTF

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    ...experience by making navigation more intuitive and seamless. Specifically, I want to improve product showcasing to create a more compelling shopping experience. This will include: - Enhancing product images: Ensure high-quality, visually appealing product images are used. - Implementing product showcasing features: Implement features that allow customers to view products in more detail, like zoom or 360-degree views. Experience and Skills Required: - Proven experience in revamping Shopify websites, ideally in the fashion or retail sector. - Strong design skills and an understanding of modern web design trends. - Expertise in organizing product categories and optimizing site navigation. - Familiarity with showcasing products effectively online, including the use of high-quality...

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    Novice in the e-commerce industry, I am on the hunt for a skilled UI/UX designer. The challenge will be to craft an intuitive design for both mobile and web platforms, targeting service sales. Key Project Requirements: - Cross-platform compatibility: Whether accessed on web browsers or mobiles, the design should provide a seamless user experience. - Sales oriented: As the ultimate goal is selling services, a smooth user flow that nudges users towards finalizing a transaction is critical. - Type of product: We're offering services, hence the design must be suitable for showcasing and explaining these in as engaging a way as possible. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in UI/UX design, particularly for e-commerce platforms - A strong portfolio showcasing your ab...

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    ...on multiple merchandise items. Key requirements: - Exceptional ability in logo design, illustration, and typography design - Proficiency in creating a message in style design. - Deep understanding and appreciation of local culture and heritage. - Appreciation of community and the small business role in creating strong communities - Will need files in reproducible format at least 300 DPI The ultimate goal is to produce designs that express our sense of community and our dedication to supporting local small businesses. The right candidate will have a creative mind and a keen eye for details. Work will be used on merchandise including Tote bags, T-shirts, Hats, etc using printful as the supplier. Previous work on similar projects would certainly be a big plus. Some of the requir...

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    ...updated textual content. - **Colors**: I have a preference for pastel and soft colors. The color scheme should be inviting yet professional, creating a sense of trust and reliability. - **Graphics**: I'm looking to enhance the aesthetics of the homepage through well-thought-out 3d ilustrations. These should be complementary to the color scheme and related to the service offered on the website. The ultimate goal of this redesign is to boost sales and conversions. So, the new design should be crafted with this objective in mind. Ideal Freelancer: - Proven experience in web design, especially homepage redesign. - Strong graphic design skills, with a portfolio to showcase. - Experience with 3D illustrations, with a portfolio to showcase. - Understanding of UX and UI principl...

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    ...You'll be required to customize Avada's real-estate theme by following specific instructions. Key tasks include: - Replacing text labels on the listing cards with icons. This requires a good eye for design and layout. - Improving ACF field integration in Fusion Builder. Understanding of Fusion Builder is a plus. The ideal candidate for this project should have: - Significant experience with Avada and ACF. - Proficiency in working with custom post types. - Strong design skills, especially in relation to icon usage. - Prior experience with Fusion Builder would be an advantage. Description 1 Listing card (print screen) should have some labels replaced by icons, similar to the ones that are at the single post page. Description 2

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    For an upcoming outdoor Ultimate Frisbee tournament, I need a logo that captures the spirit of a summer festival in Brighton. The tournament is called Brighton Beyond. There's no need to incorporate a Frisbee disc in the logo. Instead, I prefer symbols or imagery that convey a sense of Brighton and a summer festival. This logo will also be printed on Frisbee discs. Ideal freelancers should have experience in festival-style graphics and creating designs for merchandise.

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    I am presently seeking a highly skilled freelancer for an email extraction project from two highly popular social media platforms - Facebook and Instagram. Key Project... - Along with the email addresses, extract additional user information namely: the account name and its location. Ideal Candidate Profile: - Must have experience in deducing complex social media algorithms. - Understanding of digital privacy laws to ensure compliance during the extraction process. - Fluency in software that can automate this extraction process would be advantageous. My ultimate goal is to utilize this function to better target digital marketing campaigns, increasing its reach and effectiveness. I look forward to discussing the project details with those who find this task suitable for their...

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    I'm looking for an expert in Facebook Pixel who can help me set up this feature correctly on my Facebook ads account. I'm experiencing setup issues and need assistance in getting it right. My ultimate goal is to increase my website traffic, generate leads, and boost my brand awareness through an effective Facebook ad campaign. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in manual Facebook Pixel implementation. - Ability to troubleshoot setup issues. - Expertise in lead generation and brand awareness through Facebook ads. Your skills and experience should ultimately provide a seamless Facebook ad campaign that will drive my business goals forward.

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    I'm looking for a skilled software developer to create a solution that automatically plays videos from a website. The software should be designed to work specifically on Windows OS and be compatible with the Edge and 360 browsers. Key Requirements: - The software should automatically play videos from a website, ensuring continuous playback to complete the viewing mission. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in software development, particularly for Windows OS. - Experience in web automation tools and techniques. - Familiarity with Edge and 360 browsers. - Understanding of video streaming and autoplay functionalities. If you have previously developed similar software or have relevant experience, please share your portfolio or previous projects in your bid. Your...

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    I'm seeking an Inventor expert who can assist me with configuration modelling tasks using iLogic. While I didn't specify the exact features or purpose of this modeling in the questionnaire, I'm looking fo...specify the exact features or purpose of this modeling in the questionnaire, I'm looking for someone who can help me in these areas: - Configuring the model to allow dimensions customization - Implementing part and material selections within the model - Ensuring the model can be adapted for different product designs or manufacturing processes Please note that this project requires expertise in Autodesk Inventor, and familiarity with iLogic will be highly advantageous. If you think you can help me with this, please place your bid and share any relevant expe...

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    ...Program (CRP), designed exclusively for individuals and firms utilizing AWS in their projects. We are dedicated to revolutionizing the cloud computing landscape, with a focus on AWS. As a leading provider of cloud solutions, we strive to empower businesses worldwide by leveraging the full potential of AWS services. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, we aim to establish AWS as the ultimate choice for cloud computing needs. The Reward Program (CRP): CRP is our initiative to foster collaboration and expand the reach of AWS within the global community. We recognize the invaluable insights and experiences of individuals and firms working with AWS, and we want to reward your contributions! How it Works: Participating in CRP is simple and rewarding: Register: Sign up for CR...

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    I'm in urgent need of a Fusion 360 expert to create 4 basic, small models that are intended for 3D printing. The models are small in size and will be used for 3D printing. While I don't have any specific features required, I'm open to your creative input. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in Fusion 360 - Experience in 3D modeling for 3D printing - Ability to work on urgent projects - Strong creativity and attention to detail

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    18 bida

    I'm in need of a highly skilled web designer to build a dynamic website for my tour operator business. The site's primary goal is to d...Proficient in web design and development to create a visually appealing and user-friendly website. - Experience in e-commerce functionalities and online booking systems to ensure a smooth reservation process. - Understanding of SEO and best practices in customer review systems. - A portfolio showcasing previous successful projects in the travel or e-commerce industry would be a huge plus. The ultimate goal of this project is to boost our conversions and solidify our online presence. I'm looking for someone who can not only create a beautiful and functional website but also understands the importance of user experience and conversion...

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    I am seeking a seasoned copywriter with extensive experience in crafting compelling messaging to target B2B audiences. This project involves developing consistent, persuasive content across various platforms, with the ultimate aim of generating leads and enhancing sales. Key responsibilities include: - Crafting engaging website copy - Writing informative and persuasive blog articles - Developing captivating social media posts - Creating powerful PR messaging The ideal candidate should have a proven track record of creating high-quality, results-driven content for B2B audiences. Experience in lead generation and sales messaging is particularly valuable. You should be able to align your writing with our brand voice and objectives, ensuring a cohesive and impactful messaging strategy...

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    360 Vr tour on webserver -- 3 4 hari left

    I require a VR developer to package a 360 tour of a location on a web server. Tour can be viewed on instavr cloud server for reference at

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    40 bida

    I'm in need of a skilled developer, who can create a minimalistic, clean and efficient landing page to help me generate leads. The page will have a focus on simplicity without sacrificing the essential elements needed for lead generation. Key Points: - Aim: The ultimate goal of this project is to effectively capture the interest of potential clients and gather their contact information. - Form Fields: The page must include form fields to collect users' name, email address and phone number. - Aesthetic: The design needs to be minimalistic and clean, with a strong focus on usability and user experience. - Functionality: In addition to the lead generation form, the page should be coded in a way that ensures it's responsive, fast-loading and SEO-friendly. Ideal Skills:...

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    18 bida

    ...maintain a serious, intense tone throughout the book - An understanding of what will captivate and engage the science fiction community - Proven track record in delivering long-form content The selected freelancer will be expected to help give life to the characters and world of “Candy Stoned”. This will include handling the progression of the story, character development, and world-building. The ultimate goal is to create a gripping, serious, yet imaginative and immersive experience for the reader. I'm looking for a professional who can commit to this project, has a genuine interest in the genre and can deliver high-quality work within the specified timeframe. If this sounds like you, I'd love to hear from you....

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    33 bida

    I'm in need of a 3D model of a motorcycle boot and accompanying accessories. This model doesn't need to be intricately textured, but it does need to have significant detail to accurately represent the real thing. Key Requirements: - 3D model should capture a motorcylce boot and accessory - Level of detail is medium without textures - I require a complete 360-degree rotational view of the model for comprehensive visualization Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proficient in 3D modeling software (like Blender 3D, AutoCAD, SketchUp) - Prior experience with fashion accessory or footwear modeling - Understanding of lighting and perspective in presenting a 3D model - Ability to deliver a rotatable and well-crafted 3D model

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    ...Utilize deep learning architectures such as convolutional neural networks (CNNs) to extract features from images and recognize emotional cues, facial expressions, and body language. 4. Audio Analysis: Employ signal processing and machine learning techniques to analyze audio signals and identify emotional content, including speech sentiment and intonation patterns. 5. Multi-Modal Fusion: Develop innovative fusion strategies to combine information from multiple modalities and generate comprehensive sentiment and emotion predictions. 6. Model Interpretability: Ensure the interpretability of the developed models by incorporating explainable AI techniques, enabling users to understand the rationale behind the system's predictions. 7. Scalability and Efficiency: Design ...

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    ...audience on instagram page - Run ads - Reach more genuine and compatible clients Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience in SEO and social media marketing. - Proven track record in using Instagram for marketing. - Understanding of Clients demands. - Marketing to attract people all over the world. - use all the strategies that helps to reach the most targeted interested people. The ultimate goal is to establish a strong online presence that resonates with more particular and interested audience and keeps them engaged. This project requires a combination of technical, marketing and creative skills. If this resonates with you, I’d love to hear from you....

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    Trophy icon Logo Design for Wellness Center 3 hari left

    I'm looking for a creative designer who can craft a brand-new logo for my wellness center, Simply Wellness Ltd. Here's an overview of what I need: Main Message: The logo choose to reflect the feelings of relaxation and well-being. Ideal skills and experience: - Proven experience in logo design, specifically for wellness, spa, or similar industries. - Strong understanding of color psychology, particularly as it relates to feelings of relaxation and well-being. - Ability to create a balanced and aesthetically pleasing combination of text and symbols. The ultimate goal is to have a logo that not only represents our wellness center but also connects with our clients on an emotional level, helping them feel welcomed and at peace. I'm looking forward to seeing...

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    I am seeking a web expert and social media marketer who can help increase my online visibility targeting young...practices and Instagram marketing, this is the job for you. Key Deliverables: - A user-friendly website design with good SEO structure. - Strategies to effectively use Instagram for marketing. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience in web design and SEO. - Proven track record in using Instagram for marketing. - Understanding of young adults’ digital behavior, interests and trends. The ultimate goal is not just to create a website, but to establish a strong online presence that resonates with young adults and keeps them engaged. This project requires a combination of technical, marketing and creative skills. If this resonates with you, I’d love...

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