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    REDESIGN OF EXISTING WEB SITE This bid request is for the redesign and enhancement of an existing web site which has been in operation for a number of years. Bidders must examine the existing site according to directions in the attached files, which you should access in order, starting with File1_Introduction.wpd. Upon your thorough examination of the

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    ...this project :) I need a 4 page, 4-color, 8.5 x 11 (A5) marketing brochure for a small automotive detailing firm. The firm services small to medium-size automobiles. We have a website at We would like for certain information on that website to be adapted into a printed 4 page brochure, [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    Need a new logo or enhancement of the attached logo for Non Profit Organization. Will provide best rating if accepted. Thanks in advance. ## Deliverables 1) GIF or JPEG ## Platform Windows / LINUX

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    Hi, I have a COM object in ATL and here is a sample on how to call it from VB Dim oShowdown As New ShowDown [log masuk untuk melihat URL] = "2c2d" [log masuk untuk melihat URL] = "4c4d5d" [log masuk untuk melihat URL] = 1 MsgBox ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) The properties KnownHoleCards and KnownBoardCards are passed in as string representing playing card...

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    I require an enhancement to an existing Windows Forms utility class but pressure of current work prohibits me from spending time on it. The class enables users to modify the position and size of controls at runtime using a standard user-interface with a dotted-line frame and 8 grab-handles. The current code-base is written in C# and requires

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    I would like to have a experienced advisor on a website enhancement. No coding will be required, only information and opinions. I would like to enable an existing website to authenticate users against an LDAP directory. New security restrictions prevent from having local accounts on a network security appliance that allowed remote access to a web application

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    male enhancement website

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    ... We are an specialty automotive parts distributor-dealer, specializing in turbo chargers for vehicles. I will provide all supporting pictures that I possible can so that you the programmer-designer can have something to work with, however, familiarization of the business we are in is a plus. The logo will be used on the website (however, not replacing

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    We need layout and image enhancement to our current website as per attached document. Before placing the bid please do visit site browse it. We assume that you have navigated and understand what we do, what we develop and compelete understanding of what to be done. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable

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    ...1988. The user is happy with the majority of the application functionality, but is now seeking the following enhancements: - Support of the Windows XP OS environment. - Enhancement to make use of the GUI capabilities - Ability to create emails or letters from selected customers. - Database stability and integrity. - Multi-user ability on a Windows

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    ...the basic concept of how we want it to work. **Page 1- Advertising Page:** Visitor selects site they want to advertise on via a series of links. (i.e Shopping site, Automotive site, financial services site etc. ) When they click a link for a particular site they are taken to a "order" page that lists the directory categories for that site.

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    ...orders and handle RMA from all sites, invoice, email and packing slip have each site's name 2. Integrate following contributions 1)All contributions of webmakers' shopper enhancement loaded version 2)RMA, customer can submit RMA request, get RMA number and view RMA status 3)Registration optional, customers are not required to register to place order 4)Multi

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    ...other samples of what you have done in past and especially of examples that you think would work for our site. Project includes: - flash introduction to site; - enhancement of security to ensure that only paying subscribers and trial subscribers have access to the site; - completion of Template pages in Dreamweaver; - capability of uploading

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    I am using SGrid2 from vbAccelerator in my project... I am on a tight schedule and need to customize parts of SGrid2 based on my requirement also I will need a lilttle help from time to time to proper understand the SGrid code architecture...primarily GDI portions of it...beause I do not have too much experience on that. If you are interested please let me know your experience with VB6, GDI API ...

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    ...completely designed and functional, a logo created, business cards designed, and stationary designed. My website shall just be possibly six pages, nothing too complicated but it MUST be unique. I do NOT want template designed as an ordinary website. Same goes with my business cards and logo. I definetely want to stand out. I am looking to establish a

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    We need layout and image enhancement to our current website as per attached document. Before placing the bid please do visit site browse it. We assume that you have navigated and understand what we do, what we develop and compelete understanding of what to be done. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable

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    This is a really easy one. I hope someone can do it quick. I have a table that contains data from a database (pretty typical stuff) and I need one of the columns to contain "Graphic A" if a field is NULL and "Graphic B" if the field is not null. I haven't done this before so it's a chance for me to learn something new in the process. There is also a second porti...

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    web design Tamat left a diving shool located in turkey. the web site will be created. there is a text-only edition available already. the existing structure will be redrawn with grapgical enhancement. one or two sections can be added in future. it is expected a small flash on the top (or bttom or anywhere) in homepage (not an intro!) images will be provided ## Deliverables

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    I have a program that outputs the dimensions needed for a automotive camshaft to design a cam. The program asks you for the required fields such as fuel intake, etc and it gives you the exact specifications for a manufacture to design a cam. This program is written in Qbasic, a simple dos based program. I would like to get its technology up to date

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    QED (Quadcap Embeddable Database) is a pure Java SQL RDBMS implementation, conforming to the SQL92 standard. Several customers have asked for a feature, which is not part of SQL92, but is supported by most other databases, namely, the ability to use 'ORDER BY' on columns that are not in the SELECT list. Some examples to illustrate this: CREATE TABLE T (A INT PRIMARY KEY, B INT); SELECT A...

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    I need a small enhancement to the application Web Intelligence within the Business Objects product suite. Coders will need to be familiar with this product. In Webi, I need a button that will export the displayed report to a Microsoft Excel file. In some cases, there will be multible tabs in a report. This function will need to be able to export each

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    This is for a small VB or VC++ plug in enhancement to both Outlook and Outlook Express Email compose screen. You may bid for outlook, outlook express or both. 1) Add a function as a checkbox and toolbar icon 2) When the checkbox is checked, it adds one header string including the user's current alias to the outgoing mail 3) The

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    Enhancement for Contact Management Application which is done by VB6 and backend by access97(All source code and reports and files are available and will be sent to the selected coder- But this should be a top undisclosed source code and file to any other third party) What I have now the application is working fine but I need some enhancement as

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    I would like an enhancement to the EELGEN intro and home page. Intro Page: Have a look at the intro to [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Rework the intro, instead of the ball, I want to replace it with an animated fish in FLASH. flash code should be flexible and able to replace image as I wish. Developer to design fish like in the home page. Go to the home page

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    ...using XML? Is that correct? Presently what the Perl script does is analyze our call detail and create an HTML table with: (CALLDATE) (CALLTIME) (TELEPHONENUMBER) The enhancement that we are looking for would add columns for: (NAME) (ADDRESS) (CITY) (STATE) (ZIP) So it would take the telephone number for each row in the table - in some manner perform

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    We need a PostNuke website and a new module with blocks for a Real Estate Franchise Idea. Basic for the RE Modul should be the open source code of [[log masuk untuk melihat URL]][1] . We need a custom design and enhancement with the 360° panorama. Also the agents should get mini-websites with navigation, different headertyps and there own admin. But this

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    ...are driven from static text within the Javascript. I would like them changed to drop down box which is linked to MS access datatbase. I can provide all current code for enhancement. I would also like a more robust search feature as well as a confirmation screen and the ability to modify (i already provide a screen with confirmation of data, but it does

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    This project includes the layout and design, as well as back-end functionality, of an online classified ad site. The site will feature only Chevy vehicles and will be limited initially to one city (i.e. metropolitan area) which is Houston, Texas. The code should be primarily html and php. A mySQL database will be used for the data. The code may also include a limited amount of css and javascr...

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    ...ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. Bid must include installation and warrantee perion of 6 months should the buyer prove that a needed enhancement should have logically been included in the initial project scope 3) Exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased. (No GPL, GNU, 3rd party components, etc. unless

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    math project Tamat left

    This VB project involves adding some features to an existing project. These include a password enhancement allowing a new user to create a new name and password, which in turn creates a new db entry containing this info. In addition I require better connectivety between some functions and the database to be added with thorough commenting of the

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    SQL develpment Tamat left

    We need SQL databases enhancement on existing sites. Please, open this site : [log masuk untuk melihat URL] We need the about same system. Some users or the administrator put ads for car for sale. The potential buyer can look for the ads and select a car. The final project will be 3 sites… We need also a search possibility. So, we want

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    Hi, I need some small enhancements for a website. Most of work is done but mainpage needs some rearrangement and I have run out of ideas. :-) **Enhancement/redesign** Mainpage and subpages are today diveded in two areas. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Using the area beneath the tabs to do something real catchy! * Wanted: A neat textboxarea for some

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    ...the web server. Then an asp, aspx or php script can display the image to the public web visitor. **Notes:-** · A user can also use regular email to send a photo · An enhancement could be to allow for the image to be resized according to preset entered height and width attributes (pixels) · The Web Photo Server possibly needs to operate on the same

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    We are a small UK based website fashion store. We require someone with an advanced knowledge of photoshop to retouch and edit apparel, accessory and model photos. The most important thing is colour balancing and correction of the digital photos, followed by retouching of photos to enhance facial features (e.g. whitening teeth, clearing eyes

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    WEBSITE PROJECT: COMPLETE OVERHAUL OF OUR WEBSITES We are manufacturers of 18 herbal weight loss and male and female enhancement products. Go to [log masuk untuk melihat URL] to see our existing website. In addition to the main website, each of our 18 products have their own website. So in total we have 19 websites to be overhauled. [log masuk untuk melihat...

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    ...and then spits back out a 'commented' file, which is basically the graded version of the file, sorted by subject, with a summary at the end. There was a code change/enhancement a couple of weeks ago and I am now unable to get the grading script to work. I get a Run Error that states member of collection does not exist and the following line is highlighted

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    I would like a site identical to review this site and browse around to understand functionailty etc prior to placing bid....will need to accept paypal and have a banner rotation as well as a very simple to use admin panel......thanks, Dan P.S. I will end early for accepted bid!

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    The project will consist of two parts. The first part is a business Website with the standard offerings such as home, about, contact, products, and services. There will also be a link that permits franchise owners to log into the data collection system. The data collection system will need to be a MS SQL / ASP dirven system with three functions

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    I'm looking for Automotive Make and Model and Years list for each car company ie: make:Ford model:mustang year 2003 This should be submitted in a text file. ## Deliverables As TXT File ## Platform Doesn't matter

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    ...server, without having to buy and install other applications to make it work. This project will be offered on a fixed price basis. There is likely to be further requests for enhancement after the initial work, and these will also be offered for development as bundled releases at fixed price. The IPR and all source code and documentation will be the property

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    ...the transcript of the conversation can be saved somewhere (in the hard drive in the directory that we can pass to the code) I would like to use the same chat with minor enhancement to be loaded in the web site and be used for the technical support. For this chat the transacript of the conversation must be saved and be sent via email to me (the email

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    ColdFustion and SQL(database) coder required to make modifications to existing site: _<[log masuk untuk melihat URL]>_ This is an ONGOING project with modifications paid per item as bonus. Each modification will be expected to be completed by a certain time frame. Modifications include:- Existing feature enhancements, Incorporating a shopping cart, customers admin, ssl (secure payments ar...

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    Enhance a Web page, using JavaScript functions that will enable the form to complete the following: Validate Credit Card Dates Calculate Loan Information Insert a Video file Insert a Sound File Insert a CreditRoll Class Applet ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Using the Web page provi...

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    1 bida various times with no answer. My Preferences: I would like to have a coder in Central Florida so that I may have some hands on in order to point out the problem or enhancement areas. Top Choice would be someone within 15 miles of Orlando. Second Choice: within 30 miles. Third Choice: within 50 miles Fourth choice: Tampa, Daytona, Melborne

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    I have a content management system for small publishers. It allows publishers to manage their catalog of books; email and postal communications with readers, libraries, distributors, and other customers; configure appearance of their web site; sell books online; exchange book data in ONIX format (a book industry standard) with partners; and view reports on visitor activity. ## Deliverables 1) A...

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    I need a clone of <[log masuk untuk melihat URL]> with some enhancement in design. I would also like touch of FLASH as an intro. CHAT & MAILING LISTS are also be needed tobe done in PHP/ASP, companies may suggest which language is more convenient. Thanxk for ur time and look forward to get bids from competenet developers. ## Deliverables 1)

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    I am the owner/founder of an Internet dance radio station and I maintain all aspects, including the website. When I launched the station, I created an initial design that expressed my station's image for the time being, but I had always planned to have it redone by a professional web designer (I am competent in scripting, but not so much in design :)

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    1) A web site that will allow visitors to request auto parts online. 2) An email list that will email the parts request to sereval dealers. 3) A log in page for dealers with the ability to filter the parts request. For more details regarding my project, you can take a look at a couple of sites that are identical to the one that I'm interested in: 1) [log masuk untuk melihat URL...

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    This is the enhancement project of the previous application. I had included the previous source code and also the application itself. So, it is pretty simple. Pls take a details study on the attachment. In order to hotsync and run the conduit, u must install the dll and some com objects which u can find them in the "installer [log masuk untuk melihat URL]" frm the attachment

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    We have acquired the rights to a Live Support script (similar to PhP Live Support) that needs debugging and requires additional features. Here is what we require: 1) Sort out the problem when initiating a chat request. 2) Add better Traffic & Footprints functionality 3) Better operator to operator chat support ??" ability to transfer calls 4) Add "Party is typing" Notify 5...

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