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    We need a logo for an event company (we organize event like wedding, kid party with ballons) The name of the company : Ambiance Confetti the signature : by lady shell We would like to see one or two of these items in the logo : fun, festivity, balloon, elegance, atmosphere slogan Thank you !

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    I am relaunching my balloon company under a new name , Splitting form my business partners I have a new name for the Company and want to have a striking logo which is classy and fun. I love the colour scheme of teal and yellow. I also need to launch a website so would like to work with the same person to build a great ecommerce site.

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    68 bida Changes; - Language to NL (Dutch / The Netherlands) - Disable the automatic event placement (at every page refresh the added events will be randomly put somewhere else, somehow,..). In the events i should be able to set a fixed date. - Make it responsive 80% fitted to page, also when opening on mobile phone, maybe put little square's on them or some nice hover effect. - In the Event Balloon, make cells per Calendar example; Calendar 1 (Green) left / Calendar 2 (Red) center / Calendar 3 (Yellow) right Adds; - When clicking on one Event the script should ask to swap with another event, when you click on the 2nd Event the information should be sent and redirect through link to another page, like so;

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    Trophy icon Nona's Party Cloud Tamat left

    Nona's Party Cloud is a balloon and party decor store. I want a logo that symbolizes a cloud and from there I need you to be creative and show me something that will represent a balloon party logo.

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    ...on the Kelvin scale (zero Kelvin corresponds to -273.15 degrees Celsius). CHARLES LAW EXAMPLE Helium balloon- If you have had the chance to go out on a chilly day, you might have noticed that the balloon crumbles. However, if you take the balloon to a warm room, it regains its shape. Why does this happen? This happens because the temperature on a cold day is low, and, so, the volume decreases. Now, in accordance with the Charle’s Law, as soon as you enter a warm room, the temperature increases; with an increase in temperature, the volume also increases. Therefore, the balloon goes back to its original shape. Hot air balloon- You might have wondered about the working of the hot air balloon. Charle’s Law describes that temperature an...

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    Math Problem Tamat left

    ...why? How much Hydrogen or Helium will be needed to lift the balloon, BCD, rope, and turn the wheel that is attached by a shaft to the generator? How much Helium or Hydrogen will need to transfer from the balloon to the BCD to allow the balloon to descend? What elevation within the Troposphere will the balloon be able to achieve? The Troposphere extends 8 to 14.5 kilometres from the earth’s surface. Upon the balloon’s ascent, what altitude does the balloon have to reach for the generator (power source B) to have produced the same amount of electricity that was used when Power Source A filled the balloon and charged the BCD? How much Helium or Hydrogen needs to be transferred from the balloon to the BCD to enable the ...

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    Carla’s 21st Tamat left

    Wanting a nice 21st, with a grazing table for food, balloon garland with decorations, a bar for guests to purchase own drinks, guessing games about Carla with photos with other games. Dietary requirements are- a few dairy-free (Carla included) - 1who is also gluten and egg free A photographer would be great also.

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    Balloon LOGO needed I need a girly, classy logo for my balloon and event planning business. Please use balloons in logo ***ONLY WHITE BACKGROUNDS Accents by Alicia

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    Want photo of child to be photoshopped into a hot air balloon with perfect size scaling and lighting so that it looks like her picture was taken within the set up

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    Trophy icon I need a logo Tamat left

    I am the owner of RADical Balloons in Texas. I do custom balloon art and garlands for businesses and private events. Colors I love neon colors on black backgrounds with edgy letter script writing perhaps adding balloons into the logo would be cool but not required The first three letters are capitalized RADical Balloons I included examples of my work

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    Hello Designers, I am looking for 5 Instagram Icons to be designed that fit my brand. Here are the 5 Icons I would like designed: 1. Organic Balloon Garland (An Organic Balloon Garland in vector format) 2. Client Reviews (So many ways you can go with this, I'll let you decide) 3. Floral Design (A vector flower on a stem, less is more) 4. Shop Our Digital Downloads (Shop Icon Incorporating the download arrow somehow) 5. Design Classes (Teaching or Learning Icon of Some sort, ill let you play around with this as well) Things to consider: 1. They must be vector and scale well...remember these icons are tiny so too much detail and the imagery will get lost. 2. I am looking for custom designs nothing found online. (I can do that myself in no time) 3. Icons...

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    Trophy icon design me a company logo Tamat left

    looking to have a logo designed for my new company. Balloon Babes of Lake County. We are a woman owned and operated company. The company furnishes custom designed balloon art, arches, and photo ops, for events and gatherings. The logo should be simple, but fun. We are a fan of pastel and neutral colors. looking forward to working with you on all manner of marketing and design!

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    Our company provides white and pastel bouncehouses with or without ball pits also with or without slides attached to them. Im looking for a logo with our companies name a bouncehouse, a balloon garland and and a ball pit attached to the bouncehouse. A slogan at the underneath the graphics. Live for Today! Party the Plush Way!

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    For this project, you are asked to program a simple text-based video game based off the real-world video game: Balloon Fight. Our version of the game will include projectiles, whereas the player moves around the screen to pop balloons with their body in the original.

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    Our family is developing a Youtube channel. We would like to get a quote for a graphic designer to make a 3d animated text logo lasting about 2-3 seconds. Our brand/logo is 2 words. We would like to have the first word of our name fall onto the second word causing it to squish, crack, balloon out or whatever the designer recommends for a fun, energetic, semi-cartoonish effect. Our brand is fun family projects done on a huge scale. For example, we built a massive cardboard castle outside using 400 boxes. Our target audience is ages 7-12 If you need more specific information please let me know. But that is the basic idea.

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    Trophy icon Logo for Gleneashas Event Decor Tamat left

    My event decor is for decorating people's events whether it's birthday parties or baby showers I do both.... I would like a balloon theme and I would like rainbow colors or regular colors or rose gold

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    General requirements PNG or AI file at least 600 dpi COLOR Permission for COMMERCIAL use - I am writing a graphic novel that I hope will be published I have created a website with more detailed information. I hope it will make it easier for both of us to collaborate. Please see the website. **** **I welcome freelancers who have offered proposals for previous jobs that I posted to propose for this new job post.** If I've used you before, please apply again - I would love to continue to work with you! I try to avoid having the same artist doing nearby panels, but there are enough panels in progress that it shouldn't be a problem. For SAMPLE panel, see this: **** What is this project? I am writing a graphic

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    A partir d'une photo d'un pingouin en sculpture sur ballon, je souhaite creer le nouveau logo de mon entreprise. Le nom de l'entreprise est : Pingoo Balloon Voir Photo objectif, en mode cartoon mais on doit bien reconnaitre le fait qu'il s'agit de ballons.

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    Trophy icon Company logo Tamat left

    I would like a logo designed for my event planning company. I need a simplistic logo that has an artistic design with my company name in cool but legible brush or script font. Would like balloons around my company name. Please refer to the attached files for concepts that appeal to me. My company name is: Balloon Events By Char I would like it very similar to the attached pictures but with my own company name. I want it to have a more upscale luxury look. Thank you!!

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    business logo Tamat left

    I need someone to make me a business logo for Inflated Imagination. It is a stuffed balloon business. I would like a inflated balloon included as well. My slogan is "Expand your Idea of gift giving". colors are white. rose gold and or black. Maybe have the logo inside of the stuffed balloon.

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    Continue SEO Work for the Royal Balloon

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    illustration: Jerome Powell holding a floating balloon on a string. The balloon has a fecal meme on it. The illustration is done in the Banksy style with Banksy-like colors. Jerome Powell is upper half of body with arm and hand holding balloon. Transparent PNG background. Thanks.

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    Need to make rarity calculator for And guide me to upload it on the website The website is made with There are 9 drop down Selection Menu; Format as described in the picture uploaded. 1) Select NFT Collection Name a) Up, Up and Awayyy!!! (With Picture) Only if Up, Up and Awayyy!!! is selected do we get the following options 1) Select Sky (drop down Menu) a Dawn 21% b Morning 16% c Mid-Day 1% d Day 25% e Dusk 21% f Night 15% g Mid-Night 1% 2) Celestial Body a Sunrise 1% b Rising Sun 5% c Sun at Zenith 8.5% d Evening Sun 8% e Sunset 5% f Moonrise

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    Hello, I want it to be like this: Especially the CROPPING function. My site is already made on Wordpress, but I want to integrate the rest of the functions on from the link above ( crop + calculator ) Thanks a lot!

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    Create Balloon images according to previous agreement. Number 0-9 for: Silver Rose Gold Pink Blue 4 USD for each balloon. Raw Photos are uploaded to Google Drive.

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    Bride to Be Tamat left

    I am in need of the balloon and the entire string attached to the balloon removed from the photo named Bride1. I would then need the head from the photo named Bride2 placed on the body of the photo named Bride1. The head would have to be in proportion with the body in Bride1. The full body photo is the one that would be the final photo. Please let me know what the cost of this would be. I truly appreciate your attention to this!! Thank you!! Laurie

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    Trophy icon Seniors in the Sky! Tamat left

    This will be a balloon ride for a group of seniors. The artwork should have Mountains, Palm Trees, Sunny Blue Skies, THREE HOT AIR BALLOONS... the first says "Indio Senior Center", the second says "Joslyn Center" and the 3rd ballon needs to say "Cathedral City Senior Center". The top of the artwork will say "Seniors in the Sky!" and underneath that, "March 30, 2022."

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    Trophy icon Create a Graphic for a Tee Tamat left

    Hi there, I am looking for an artist to take the attached picture and create an artsy version of just the kid and the balloon hat. When I say artsy, we are looking for something like the other attached file (example). End result will be a logo for a graphic tee, so if you can add a cool border around it (with maybe the tall hat coming out of the border at the top) that would be great. Happy to discuss further if my outline is not clear. Thanks!

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    We need app based live trac balloon decorations services at india for 1custmar app 2 wendar app 3 admin panels

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    4 bida

    We are looking for someone who can create a picture of a balloon bundle on a nice realistic background by using existing product photos. These will be user for eCommerce The budget is set for 1 photo, we are looking for someone for a long-term partnership that can make a lot of bundle photos like these. See attached brief with example photos.

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    43 bida

    Hi, I´m David. I´m the owner of a balloon decoration business in the north of Spain. I´m searching for someone with skills cleaning and enhancing pictures to be used in a website. There will be not less than 60 (I´m still not sure of the total amount that will be) I add some pictures that has to be improved and one that shows more or less what I want to be done (It´s just an idea I leave it to professionals to surprise me with the final result) There will be for kind of pictures: one of the product itself, other with me aside the product and the third one the product already of the products will have no more two of the three diferent kind of pictures I was making a design with photoshop to show the height of the products (the people don&...

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    I am a online balloon store selling stuffed balloon hampers with goods inside them including alcohol also balloon backdrops and garland packages helium balloons

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    1) Need a proper team / company 2) Be able to write and speak basic english (need a lot of discussion between) 3) Need ios and android version 4) Write *Balloon* in your proposal if you really read this, otherwise bid will be deleted 5) Needs to be able to link sdk with local payment gateway 6) Show sample of any previous work done (E-commerce)

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    we are a event planning startup company need balloon decorator who would decorate the rooms with balloons as per our request...All the Materials will be provided by us just have to do the deco according to our desire.

    $1 - $5 / hr
    $1 - $5 / hr
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    Trophy icon Logo Design Tamat left

    I need a logo designed for a party website. I have attached an image of a logo I like. I would like the big balloon and the 2 smaller balloons with the same textures but maybe see what it looks like with brighter colour schemes, like purples or turquoise etc.. No fireworks please. The script writing should say Charli's and the other text should say party ideas in the lower case writing. I would love the string of the balloon to attach to the letter L in Charli's. It could either loop around the top of the letter L or it could replace L? Whatever looks best. I would like 1 version with 1 balloon attached and 1 version with 3 balloons in the design because I am not sure which one looks better. I would like Vector, png etc files please...

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    Hi Suresh K., Balloon HQ referred your services and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. Working with products I have on my website. - Optimising SEO product descriptions + meta tags and alt text - Anaylsing the local + international markets

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    ...images were taken at 400 total magnification, thus all objects are SMALL. If you have done work with Mask R-CNN, you are familiar with the model program itself. There are a couple of different versions of this program. I am using one that is the original tweaked to allow custom datasets. Most of the versions have a samples folder showing use of the model in a couple of different ways. Usually balloon and nucleus are included in this samples folder. These all have, at most, 2 classes of objects; I have 11. I have been trying to adapt these samples for my particular focus. My train image dataset has 22 images, and the valid folder has 19 images, each manually annotated using VGG/VIA. This means that each soil microorganism and all organic matter in these images has a bou...

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    ...ascending numerical order. Some products have zero options, in which case there will only be one row in the excel file and the unique id will be just the product id. Some products have multiple options in which-case, every combination of option value for each option must be represented as a line in the excel file. For example, one product may be a balloon, which is available in 12 inch diameter and 24 inch diameter. In either size the balloon is available in red, blue, green, or yellow. In this case, you would need to generate 8 lines for this product; one for each possible combination: 12 inch, red 12 inch, blue 12 inch, green 12 inch, yellow 24 inch, red 24 inch, blue 24 inch, green 24 inch, yellow I have attached a sample input data and output data. Please let me kn...

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    data entry Tamat left

    I need a few freelancers to look through website links and categorize them as well as copying the title of the page into an excel file. These will be chunks of 300 links, each link needs approx. 30 sec to do. Please quote ‘Hot Balloon’ at the beginning of your bid. Some of the pages might not be accessible, please note this, as outlined in the examples that I will provide. Other pages might be in German, so you either figure it out or just type ‘unclear – in german’. Example categories would be youtube, facebook, ecommerce, marketing, sales page, health, copywriting etc. Please use common sense when categorising. All suitable applicants will have to take a test of 3 links to show their ability. I will pay USD 20 per 300 links.

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    118 bida
    Trophy icon Design a landing page Tamat left

    This is my currant landing page The balloon animation is achieved with HTML 5 or a similar script. I would like to make the landing page more colorful and interesting, like in this video PSD file is here Don't need flash. Use HTML5 or newer script, so it looks more like currant, 2022 artistic design.

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    I am looking for someone with some background in health or medicine to rewrite a few articles with a software that I provide. The freelancer will need their background to scan the rewrite for any goss errors, but other than that this task is not difficult, it just is manual work of commanding the software to rewrite which takes some time ( that I provide. The freelancer will need their background to scan the rewrite for any goss errors, but other than that this task is not difficult, it just is manual work of commanding the software to rewrite which takes some time (max 30 mins per article). I have a total of 10 articles, I will pay $7 per article. If work is good, then more articles to come in the future. Please quote: “Hot Balloon” in the beginning of you...

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    36 bida
    Trophy icon Logo contest Tamat left

    Hello! We are looking for a new logo and want your help...looking for a new logo and want your help! westcoast balloons is a modern, clean party supply distribution brand, looking for a logo that conveys our vibe and product offering. We are NOT an old, clowny balloon brand! We’re offering $50 for the winning design, and more work/ cash bonus for the chosen designer in the future. Winner to provide AI file, PNG, vector, watermark (PNG) and JPEG (hi resolution, low res & web ready). A few suggestions: - keep it simple, clean, impactful, feminine - minimal colors - consider incorporating balloon “cluster garland” design Check Instagram & website for inspiration: @westcoastballoonsupply Why not follow, like & share...

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    Hi, I am Mayank from Ohana Academy (edtech Startup). I want a standee for a Magic show and Balloon Art that I am organizing in a society.

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    25 bida

    Hi, we need a gaming app like winzo with multiuser play online games like ludo, balloon fighter etc.

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    ...Wingman / Wingwoman, Coffee House, Book Stores, Bowling, Site Seeing, Hiking, Hot Air Balloon, Photography, Zoo, Music, Teaching Manners, Workout Partner, Baking / Cooking, Museums, Amusement Parks, Golf, Wine Tasting, Friends with Seniors, Going To Park, Prom Dates, Personal Advice, Business Events, Parties, Hanging Out, Snowboarding, Skiing, Beach, Giving Tours, Movies, Dinner, Clubbing, Going to Bar, Sporting Events, Family Functions, Travel, Outdoors, Swimming, Arcades, Video Games, Picnics, Casino, Psychic, Biking, Yoga, Comedy Club, Shopping, Board Games. Please use social distancing if not vaccinated when meeting in person. Rent-A-Member is strictly a platonic Friendship website. We are NOT a dating website, and NOT an Escort agency. Services on Rent-A-Me...

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    Hello World, We have to design 05 distribution panels in Solidworks, quite similar to each other. I will provide the list of parts in .stp format. The awarded freelancer will have to assembly all the parts together and submit the following layouts: 1.- Native Files, .sldasm, .sldrw, .sldprt, .dwg. 2.- Layouts with drawing dimensions. 3.- Numbering Balloon and list of parts. 4.- Exploded views. Making layouts in Autocad is mandatory. Please bid if your available to start immediately. Best Regards.

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    35 bida

    ...Executions, Foxy Boxing, Oil Wrestling, Food Fights, Mud Wrestling, Stunts, Air Show Crashes, Fatal Car Racing , Bull Runs, Crucifixions, D.O.A Animal Attacks, Spring Break, Car Bomb ,Religious Masochists, Weatherboarding, Totally Tasteless, Tattoo Junkies, Sport Bloopers, Tattoo Junkies, Porn Stars, Dirty Jokes, Autopsy, Boat Racing Accidents, Piercing, Striptease, Ambulance, Morgue, Suicide, Air Balloon Accidents, Car Accidents, Sexy Babes, Girls vs. Girls, Bizarre, and More ….. I Have also very Niche, Unique clips for TIK-TOK and similar platforms .. I have the software ; Photo Box and Hosting .. I have been in the industry since 1985. Please let me know if you are interested in this partnership idea . We could meet up and work out the details . Best Regards Pe...

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    Photo editing Tamat left

    I need someone who can edit a hotair balloon for me. I have a sample photo, I just need to make it look different by applying a simple text, remove background, and change the color of the balloon.

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    I have 2 images of "Balloon Stands". I have the outlines of each image cutout & attached as PNG files. I want you to blend it on a background & make it look realistic and blend perfectly with the background as one image. Like no one should be able to tell its an edited image. This is for e-commerce purpose, & I am looking for talented editors & adobe software experts who I will be looking to work with in the future as well. Ideally this is for people who know how to use ADOBE DIMENSION. But I give u complete freedom to choose your software & background. Pls find the following attached files- a. PNG file of both stands b. sample image of what I want (just for reference) The attached sample images are not the desired look. these are j...

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