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    Hi, I'm looking for a freelancer to help me with a Visual Studio 2019 ASP.NET VB web-site project. I am a developer, but I don't have time to program this project, and I need it pretty quickly. For stage 1 of the project, I'd like for you to create the project in VS 2019, and then you send me the solution and accompanying source code files. I’ll open the solution on my...

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    I have an application. In the application there is one page that is quite big (130KB aspx with many ascx files). When the user does any action that requires postback it take more than 30 seconds to return the control to the client. The process time in the server is less than 1 second. I put UpdatePanels statements in many places but it doesn't seems to help (it is still shorter than w...

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    Hi. We run [log masuk untuk melihat URL] which is a real estate CRM and listing management system. We have an API for our system and need someone experienced in developing plugins for wordpress to develop an app for MantisProperty that will allow real estate agents to show their listings on their website when they build it with wordpress by installing a plugin. The app will need the following: *...

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    Hi. We run [log masuk untuk melihat URL] which is a real estate CRM and listing management system. We have an API for our system and need someone experienced in developing apps for Wix to develop an app for MantisProperty that will allow real estate agents to show their listings on their website when they build it with Wix The app will need the following: * Pages for different property types (re...

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    Fundamental En español - Implementar PayPal como métodos de pago en un carrito de compras Desarrollo en VB.Net realizado con Visual Studio 2010 (aspx)

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    to do windows computer , python 3.7 code download github repos from search result or given repos list or given user example [log masuk untuk melihat URL] or [log masuk untuk melihat URL] use simple packages to install like BeautifulSoup and selenium , teach me how to install not limited by next functionalities , but all what can be done manually should be done 0 Prevent blocking like agen...

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    proyecto desarollado con visual basic ASPX. necesita cambios y mejoras.

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    We are working on a project on .net aspx forms with mssql server. Need help to complete the project. Project. It involve generate aspx pages like entry pages and display records using data tables. along with html css bootstrap.

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    Hi I have a Stock scraper that uses Selenium and BeautifulSoup, on the site there is a recent trades table. Its been working fine and inserting to Mysql database, but there is a bug when there are trades with the same amount and trader and its missing some of the trades. A snippet of the code is below, it gets the last entry from the database and checks last done, i think its something here that...

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    If you bid for this project please DO READ this description UNTIL THE END and bid only if you're really interested. I know it isn't the fanciest project around but I need to fix the issue someway or the other. This is a repost because the 2 guys I selected eventually either didn't answer or didn't have time. The scope of this project is to change the current system allowing u...

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    Design a responsive dynamic website with SQL Database 1) This is a TENDER search engine. 2) Purpose of this search TENDER engine are a. Make available tender documents directly on click b. Make revenue from ads 3) Database should be in postgre SQL or SQL Server 4) Facility to add tenders data to SQL database. Data / tenders will be added through Excel. Also there will be a folder of html files 5)...

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    We need python code for doing the following steps: 1. Read a given xml file that has urls in it 2. visit each url in that file 3. for every visited page extract some data (associated with certain id and class) 4. create a new folder and write the data extracted in 3 above to an html file 5. the html will will also contain some fixed text that we will give you Repeat this process for every url in...

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    Need to migrate Flash MX (actionscript 1.0) testing project to HTML5. The file has a simple aspx file providing date to it but it provides a small amount of data to the application on start. The file has these specs: Assets: - 59 graphics - 18 buttons - 13 movie clips - Actionscript: about 250 lines of code on the game (simple 2d questionnaire game)

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    We are an asset manager that is looking to reach out to those interested in doing a deal systematically. We envision using a python and selenium script to: 1) log in to a website 2) collect information from a table 3) For each row within the table, link to another webpage which has a full profile & extract data 4) Complete this tasks for the remaining tables generated by the search (denoted ...

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    Already have website template which has aspx together with the css style sheet - I need to align few controls like gridview to center of the screen and other textbox and buttons to certain area of the page.

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    I need a data entry page as per the attached form. The data must be saved in an mssql database. that's all

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    RazorPay payment integration task. i want web based checkout integration. they also provide api for smart collect using virtual bank account. i need you to facilitate virtual account creation and save to db using their api you can also create payment links using their api i want you to make these three integrations into three different buttons of aspx page. i dont want mvc web pages please. no u...

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    The scope of this project is to change the current system allowng user to use their social network credentials to login to my website. It has been working for years using DotNetOpenAuth but as far as I kwow it appears as archived in GitHub since 2018 and therefore is not being updated anymore. Currently acces using LinkedIn and Yahoo don't work anymore, the 1st is using rw_migration which doe...

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    We are looking to render a dynamic form, in ASP.NET (Code must be Visual Basic) based on a content coming from a table. The table definition is as follows: FIELDID (integer, unique identifier for the field) FORMID (integer number - constant) FIELDNAME (the name of the field, for example "First Name") FIELDTYPE (the type of field to be displayed. Values are: radiobutton, checkbox, d...

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    I already have a program. All you have to do is to just fix it. You have to know Selenium and BeautifulSoup.

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    Hello. UPDATE: Sorry to say I heard from my legal dept - I can only offer this to people physically located in USA, Canada or UK.... I have an existing website built in .net (aspx) by a shop who can no longer support us. I need to find someone I can contract to a) Build a few simple APIs to interact with the existing database and website b) be available for occasional updates to the site c) Ass...

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    This is a simple requirement that may take you a few hours to build. We are looking for three ASP.NET pages that will perform the following tasks: PAGE 1: In this .ASPX page, the user must be able to build a form to collect information from its customer. The following is required: * Form Name (for example, "Quote Form") * Field Name (as First Name, Gender, Age or whatever he decides...

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    Create a responsive website using aspx. I am looking for something reliable and can meet the deadline ... One phase of the project is the website.

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    VB HTTPS Post Tamat left

    Conversation of existing ASPX VB code which uses http to send data to a SOAP Service. The update needs to now send data over https with SSL certificates.

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    Hello. We are a company located in Korea and US. We are looking to hire an experienced Python developer that can work with us on multiple tasks and projects. The following are all requirements vital for hiring. - must be experienced with asynchronous web scraping - must be experienced with Selenium or Beautifulsoup or Scrapy We are developing scrapers and plan to pay per scraper built. Thanks...

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    Hi, I am looking to hire a experienced Python developer for multiple jobs. I will always pay for the SCRIPT, not the data. You must have experience with BeautifulSoup, async, everything must always be asynchronous (able to run multiple workers, threading is not good enough) and every scraper must have a caching system to resume where we were, and must be bandwidth optimized (only loading what is n...

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    I need some help to get a Scrapy crawler working on my local Windows 10 machine. I have a list of URL's to follow and collect the phone number from those URL's links. All URL's have several internal links (same domain), so search level will be +1 in depth (means follow ONLY 1st internal links of all URL). Then the phone number must be scraped even if its hidden in source code. A pho...

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    Need to Design & Develop a bilingual portal in ASPX - Portal Page design has to be responsive - No Database.. all portal backend information will be accessible by Ready JSON APIs - Code must be clean and documented - All UI Design must flow master CSS - Error Handling is required for managed and unmanaged errors Project Milestones: - 25% After Finishing UI Design (EN) - 25% After Finishin...

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    I need some help editing my [log masuk untuk melihat URL] file on an ASP.NET site. I want to replace the .aspx at the end of all URLs with just a . And I want to change the names of 4 different URLs. Example: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] would become [log masuk untuk melihat URL] IMPORTANT: I want these changes to reflect in the page source, so that if you look at the page source you see: [log ...

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    I'm after a python webscraper that will scrape the data from the table on the following using beautifulsoup (or something better) scraper needs to cycle through the available SeasonIDs, Rounds and Pages [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Efficient work on this will lead to future jobs optimizing the output data.

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    Software Web en Para leer desde la camara del celular el código de barras PDF417 de la cedula colombiana. Puede ser por medio de algun codigo JS pero la información del numero de cedula y nombre de la persona se debe llevar a una pagina aspx para trabajar con ella.

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    Hi, I am student trying to learn python3 and BeautifulSoup for web scraping, but I need an example in order to learn it properly cause the projects I would like to do keep breaking. I need one that won't break as a good example/base for what I would like to do. I'd like to have a website scraper that can import a list of url websites from an excel sheet, run a search on each website to ...

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    Need experienced .net (aspx/html/Javascript/SQL/css) developer for ongoing support of .net/mssql application.

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    I want to have a tool that extract the data from a website ending by aspx, I will provide a list in excel to have you use it to create a loop and have the data extracted in excel/csv If you did read my email say yes I did read your email in your bid

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    Currently i am using BeautifulSoup Python3 Script which get data from Source Url and Post to SQL Database WordPress Site. I need some adjustments to make script work perfectly according to my requirement. Here you can see all the project details. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] My budget for this project $40 Deadline : 1 day Only bid if you meet the deadline

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    I want a visual studio 2019 project in c# that runs the following steps: Open file number 1, find and replace several text and numbers, save file number 1. Open file number 2, find and replace several text and numbers, save file number 2. The files are .aspx files. I will provide 2 files for testing. The program should start with a start button. Then start the proces in the background. At the...

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    Hi I need below code in (4.5 Framework supported) 1) YouTube API Integration to add, remove videos 2) YouTube Live Integration 3) Zoom Meeting integration Code should be in developed in normal aspx pages or class file format, included implementations

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    I have a form which is submitted via asp to a database that also does validation, need help connecting aspx file form values to database.

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    The server process is the generation of a series of [log masuk untuk melihat URL] reports from MSSQL to generate PDF documents for different locations ("Sites"). The process may take 10 minutes or more to complete. The processing of the documents like this can take some time with no indication to the user of what its doing, where it is up to, or what the outcome is. The purpose of this...

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    Using the same logo, design, colors etc of the attached Heavy Machinery flyer you have just created, please make a new flyer as per details on attached pdf. Flyer will be called "Tractors" Where the text is in a circle, use the appropriate image/logo. If the text is not in a circle, it remains. CASE picture and logo: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] John Deere picture and logo: [log mas...

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    Necessito fazer a extração de HTML de uma página em aspx, que contém possui abas. Só preciso do HTML.

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    I would like to connect the login in joomla with another site/server login.... for example: in a joomla site there are two logins and when the user insterts his user and password it "sends the info" to another site that it is where the login actually occurs, it can be in a blank page or same page.... The first image shows the login in Joomla, and the second shows the login that is on...

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    i have a small problem , i need countdown timer inside repeater c#, repeater has end date value as label and price, i put them inside ajax but server side has been delaying, kindly i need countdown timer inside repeater and has a following:- 1- not showing refreshing 2- client side( i think is faster ) 3- if time finished call a method in code behind to update DB and update update panel( ...

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    Use beautifulsoup api to search the [log masuk untuk melihat URL] site and auto click on a certain listing at set intervals with the target and intervals for execution being able to be specified via a remote web server. - Cookies and Cache to be cleared every loop - Compile windows executable that run silently in the background Start now

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    We require a robot that supports multithread processing, dynamic IPs & User Agents management, handling captchas / ReCaptachas (using a library to be provided by us), recover from web page timeouts & bad responses, etc. Phyton language (with BeautifulSoup, Pandas libraries), MySQL DB, running on AWS or Linux hosting (TBD). [Open to discuss adjustments if needed.] The provider must develop...

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    Değiştirilecek sayfa php. Benzetilecek sayfa aspx. Css ve bazı menüler değişecek. Ek olarak database de 2. Bir şifre alanı açılacak.

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    Need simple application with ASPX/VB code supplied for barcode (1D and QR) scanner using camera on device. 1. Textbox 2. button when clicked shows camera waiting for scan 3. when scan is picked populate texbox with upc

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