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    I'm looking for a designer to create a plugin for YouDate script ( code canyon ) that adds public and private albums. YII 2 knowledge is needed.

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    Good day I have a excel spreadsheet I will provide. I want to turn that spreadsheet into a full working website, for stocktakes and cash up for diffent stores. Using Go... I have a excel spreadsheet I will provide. I want to turn that spreadsheet into a full working website, for stocktakes and cash up for diffent stores. Using Google app script

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    ...for further cooperation on more articles. Who are we looking for? - Someone who reads the whole description of this project - to prove you did just that, please start your bet/comment with the word banana - You need to be a native English speaker or have at the very least B2 level of English - You need to be able to write creative and original articles

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    script to get list of cloudwatch alarms thru python

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    Dear all, I have been searching for Issabel Multi Tenant but with no luck, this is a micro project shall be awarded for whomever can refer me to the li...searching for Issabel Multi Tenant but with no luck, this is a micro project shall be awarded for whomever can refer me to the link where I can download the iso image and the bet install .sh , Thanks

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    Note: Please make sure that You are familiar with HLS (HTTP Live Streaming), FFmpeg, Google Drive API v2 and OAuth v2.0 flows before bidding in this project 1. Uploaded video could have more than 50GB in a single file. 2. We are working in Windows platform. For any details, please send us message

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    Python script to convert an xml to csv

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    Lost a bet. Need a design for a Hot Pie Tattoo from Game of Thrones

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    I need a script that will save names in cells of CSV files: - Cell AI1: 'descriptions' - Cell AJ1: 'values1' - Cell AK1: 'values2' The script should be able to add this within all CSV files within a folder (so could be 500 CSV files)

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    I need a ldap users/groups management script to use from my apache web (add users, groups, delete and modify) (by ldif)

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    need a vue.js, java script and django expert

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    Looking For a suspense Comedy Hindi Scriptwriter For Short Video.

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    hello writers, Looking for someone who can write short comedy video scripts for youtube channel. The language is going to be Hindi and a mix of Bihari accent. please bid If you are a professional scriptwriter

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    I'm working on a peer review document at the moment- so a staff member may be reviewed by any number of peers- i need that data to be merged into a google doc report for each person that's getting reviewed- So something like - "Was the person accountable for their actions?" ~~~~ Answer from staff member 1 Answer from staff member 2 ~~~ This needs to happen automatically on...

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    I found this script when looking for a way for my downloads folder (win 10) to auto-parse files based on their file type. This article and the script it contains seem to be the perfect fit. However, after making the simple personalization and running it via powershell, several errors pop up that are not related to my changes. I am just wanting

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    I need help in setting up some basic Python scripts to make calls to the Oxford Dictionary API. The scripts required for different API calls are already provided by the Oxford Dictionary API documentation: [log masuk untuk melihat URL]!/Entries/get_api_v2_entries_source_lang_word_id I need help configuring a few scripts, and then setting up the scripts on my standard cpanel hosting. I want to us...

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    ...only mentioned here because the Transceiver needs the capability to send information to the reporter later.** I think 8-but Microchip MCUs and/or combo MCU/RF are the best bet here. Your deliverable will be a working prototype (materials at my cost), electronic design, PCB layout and BOM. Full and clear details for this project are available for

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    ...db and script will be different or others actually i wanna show there data as per there traffic. we will add a domain for user and user will update name server or cname of there domain provider. after that when they will visit there domain that time they will get there platform. more details we will discuss via chat N.B: we have this script. we just

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    Hi, we are a new startup about news & articles online. We need withdrawals (just the manage, funds will be added manually, no need to integrate payments.) & views counter dashboard/system for users posts. Our software is coded using codeigniter framework.

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    I need a translation. translate the script from Hindi to Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, bangla , Kannada , Gujarati.

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    Install marketplace script with payment gateway. both included and access to full digital ocean account, the server will be created by you on the DO account, so you can choose the best one for this. Pretty simple, comes with instructions too. This is for test purposes only. Message me for the link. Uses golang, node, git, Postgres, tor/torsocks

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    Preview image file in GUI using PHP/jQuery to load it. Upload prepared images to server to be used for preview.

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    PHP Script Tamat left

    Must have advanced experience of php scripting including remote log in and automation

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    ..."/Users/nickburrett/Desktop/MOV to [log masuk untuk melihat URL]", line 39, in <module> [log masuk untuk melihat URL]() File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/[log masuk untuk melihat URL]", line 2882, in connect self._state.set_connection(self._connect()) File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/[log masuk untuk melihat URL]&qu...

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    Quiz multiplayer app with rewarded coins, user needs to bet coins to play the quiz, quiz questions from quiz api, multiplayer can be used from node js with socket io, and user can withdraw coins once he reaches threshold Pls see if you are high price dont bid here and if you would like to change then dont bid

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    PHP script to sync offline and online MYSQL DB Developer with prior experience of similar work should contact only

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    I need a php script that connect to severals Google Analytics account and once a month download the visits, transactions number and value of severals sources and send this information by email. I will not share any info as API key, ftp or password. You need to provide me with a script that need to be configured with my data but tested on your side

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    I need an iOS app like venmo app on iOS only let me know your price and timeframe I think the best bet moving forward is if you can send me a proposal or something of the wallet and then we can set a plan for payments and the workflow

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    ...I will give an honest positive testimonial for the winner (I would even do it on video if the result is really great); I’m the author of a best-selling book on Amazon, so I bet such testimonial would be really valuable for your business. * We have few other upcoming projects on our pipeline, so this might be a good start of a long term partnership

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    Dijamin Peraduan Teratas
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    Upload a readymade PHP, HTML, CSS, JS File tour booking web script with backend and frontend

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    I need professional betting app developer who can develop bet app for me (Note) before you send proposal to make sure you send me with you previous work you did about betting app don't send proposal with sending your previous work Thanks

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    I have the attached custom batch file to build an application and I need to convert it into a cakebuild script ([log masuk untuk melihat URL])

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    I am looking for a developer to customise a script for me for some features that need to be changed. Script is Developed in Laravel PHP. The concept of the script is similar to Freelancer.

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    Need a C++ programmer to add a script onto my source code, the current script is on old version of source code. Budget flexible, timescale ASAP

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    website casino type, Admin User Sub Admin User Bet to 0 to 9 Number

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    I want to modify an indicator on trading veiw. Please only pine script expert should show interest.

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    4 bida
    Script Writers Tamat left

    Comedy and musical emphasis, english and spanish welcomed, using a screenwriting software, few scenes that need to be blocked out 2 weeks

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    15 bida

    Script needed to extract lines of data from image files; and save to excel & csv.

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    48 bida

    A need a logo! Name, great design, something new and fresh, modern looking. Nothing lame. Something that says to people- I want to give this, something new and fresh, modern looking. Nothing lame. Something that says to people- I want to give this business my money, I trust them, they look professional and I bet they can help.

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    I am looking for a way to export my Bank Of America Shop Safe Cards in an easy to export format so I can properly use them for subscriptions. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] here is a semi complete program that does exactly what i need.

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    16 bida

    I want a Kith Raffle Script that can make kith accounts and then enter them into the raffle I want them to go to. I hope this is not so hard and someone will be able to do it for me. I want to use the script for future releases and not just for a 1 time use. Want to find someone offering less that $100 for this project.

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    6 bida

    Making a Real Estate magazine. Luxury style. Many photos + content articles. All content and photos will be delive...Photos will need to be photoshopped to fit the right size to match your design. My local printer requires it to be built with Adobe Indesign for the printing process? I would bet there are many ways to deliver a magazine for print.

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    Hello looking for someone who can create a script or application to upload bulk amount of torrents at a time must be user friendly.

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    2 bida

    I have a Python script (Scrapy or Selenium, I am up to suggestions) to extract information within some specific websites - daily(auto) or manually. The page is in portuguese, but I will provide a video with the scrapping instructions and the arguments for the function. 1. User arguments: - start date. - final date. - Keywords(can be a list of words)

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    9 bida

    Java, Java Script, Proxy Services and Internet

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    ...Be able to research 100 different betting markets. An example of a type of market includes Sport: Football Date: 06/05/19 Time: 3pm uk time Game: Team A vs Team B football. Bet: Over 0.5 goals has the lowest odds. Odds: 1.04 So which ever market has the lowest and safest odds we want on an excel document. This will be a monthly assignment for the next

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    I have a php script that only works with php 5.6 and i various issues that can be resolved if apparently it uses the cURL or various other more up to date changes

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    I am in need of a script that can disable "Render print jobs on client computers", Enable "Start printing after last page is spooled", set "1-Sided Printing" and color mode "Black and White" This would be for Canon MFP's, but would be great if it can update all print queues on server 2012R2 and above. See screenshots of settings I need updated.

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    I would like to build betting website which user can bet with bitcoins. I will be share details via chat. Thank you.

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    I would like to build betting website which user can bet with bitcoins. I will be share details via chat. Thank you.

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