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    Import External VM with extension .vmdk to AWS EC2. Need to be able to use TeamViewer and do the assignment on my screen.

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    Looking for someone to Create EC2 Instance and deploy a web api

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    I have AWS Server with OS - CentOS 7 I have Configured Ec2 Instance and now I want to configure htacces file.., Set directory access permission...etc

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    create a android app using bigbluebutton

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    I need to setup 3 Public IP on my AWS EC2 Windows. All should run with IIS. - IIS setup with ASP, custom error pages. - FTP access - three websites setup each with a separate dedicated IP It should only done by teamviewer right now.

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    ...avançadas. A nossa plataforma bigbluebutton (2.0+) encontra-se atualmente em produção, funciona com SSL apenas através de flash e tem gravações de várias disciplinas, estando integrada com o moodle. O que necessitamos: - Configuração do html5 e do greenlight no sistema de videoconferência/aulas síncronas (<...

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    We are considering moving to EC2 on Amazon cloud but we cant figure out what the costs will be. Are you an expert? help us determine. I can tell you our requirements.

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    I need you to develop Back-end for our social media application. stack - SPRINGBOOT , MySQL and Amazon EC2

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    Hello! Based on this article I'd like a spot instance ec2 setup most of the specs are the same as this article . . This should use the community ec2 gaming instance on a 2.2xlarge on spot instances so it should only be 30-50 cents per hours, the basic ebs of 35gb. Security group setup just like the article too opening ports for ease of the vpn. You'll

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    We need a programmer to maintain and insert code (google code), c...time on our website. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Please take note this web is hosted in Amazon, to connect to server via ssh: sudo ssh -i [log masuk untuk melihat URL] ubuntu@[log masuk untuk melihat URL] -p 57012 Also we only pay on per hour based on the task.

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    ...for. Most likely calling incorrect variable. NOTICE: WEBAPP IS HOSTED ON AMAZON EC2 INSTANCE. ANY POTENTIAL BIDDERS MUST KNOW HOW TO SFTP INTO OUR EC2 INSTANCE WITH THE PEM/PPK FILE AND BE FAMILIAR WITH EC2 FILE STRUCTURE. I personally know how to sftp into our EC2 when small changes are needed but do not have the knowledge or want to have to instruct

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    We need to Create streaming software using BigBlueButton with API. The target of the project is to prepare Steram's website based on the BBB's BigBlueButton system. This software have to create new stream rooms (the user creates a new stream via the API for creating a new room, the user interface should only support camera + audio (optional)) Providing

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    I have problems to access to my ec2 server I have the .pem file but server already request me password

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    Deliverables: 1. Automatically Skip the DB selector (we have 2 DB one need to be deleted) 2. Install 2 following plu...[log masuk untuk melihat URL] and teach how to install plug-in ------------------------------- General Info: Odo Version 11 community Ed. Hosted on AWS EC2 Istance Up and running OK ------------------------------

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    I need to run some command on ubuntu to change ip, no 2 is to run some program, already trying tutorial like this [log masuk untuk melihat URL] but to not avail, if you need ask something please do so, i will supply the aws account, and thank you for your attention

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    ...Java + Kotlin + Sqllite Designs UI Designer Backend Sprintboot Java + MongoDB Event Panel Angular 7 Admin Panel Angular 7 License Management Java + JWT + Auth2 Deployment AWS EC2 Developer's Profile Mobile App One 4 - 7 year experienced developer UI Designs One 3 - 4 year experienced Designer Backend One 6 - 8 years experienced developer Event Panel One

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    ...~ curl -sL [log masuk untuk melihat URL]| tar -xvz cd php-7.3.6 # Compile PHP with OpenSSL 1.0.1 support, and install to /home/ec2-user/php-7-bin #./configure --prefix=/home/ec2-user/php-7-bin/ --without-pear --enable-mysqlnd --with-pdo-mysql --with-pdo-mysql=mysqlnd --enable-shared=no --enable-static=yes --enable-phar --with-openssl

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    We have three websites which we want moved to EC2 and S3. Two of them are on WordPress and one is built on MEAN stack (Node.js and AngularJs). We need an Amazon expert to move the websites to Amazon and configure domains and CloudFront.

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    I have a static website on S3/Cloudfront/Route53 at I have a mail server on EC2 and I want to access the mail server from [log masuk untuk melihat URL] only (other directory will follow the file structure of S3). --------- IMPORTANT: 1. I just need the step-by-step instructions. I can't provide AMI access to the account. 2. It is urgent. I will need

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    We have an AWS account with EC2 instances, Load Balancing, RDS for database I need to optimize the cost by reserving as many thins as possible (instances, RDS, etc ...) and make sure we will use the reserved instead of the current non reserved. Important : no access to the account will be provided for security reasons, screenshots will be provided

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    Plain html website, with Javascript and CSS. On an AWS EC2 server. Registration form that saves into a Sqlite3 Db (NoSql) A sample site is as follows: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] (I have a copy of this site) The different colour bands below are just to show the different sections. Use SeekGeeks's colours. Ignore the content on [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    I need my website which is using s3, cloudfront, ec2, and possibly beanstalk to be duplicated for a test dev environment. It needs to be fully functionally just as the live site is.

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    ...up my installation, database, and speed overall causing 504 errors got stuck on requests sent to the instance, dns etc so I am looking to restore it please i got snapshots on ec2 ebs and rds. I use wordpress and woocommerce. This is a simple task need someone who can teach me Only people with experience please Due to the nature of simplicity for this

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    Deliverables: 1. Show languages selector on the main menu (IT/EN) possibly with flag 2. Put the blog on under all [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 4. cancel footer ------------------------------- General Info: Odo Version 11 community Ed. Hosted on AWS EC2 Istance Up and running OK ------------------------------

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    17 bida capacity using AWS load balancer or other services. A local machine with VIsual studio Jenkins ---> send the build file to AWS S3 or elastic bean and from there deploy to Ec2 instance --> Maintain backup of the previous release and fall back mechanism if the Soap test cases fail. We have to replicate the same across Staging and Production and each

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    i want host my website on ec2 plz bid only best people because many people cant

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    We need to customize a simple odoo site enabling B2B e-commerce (with no payment gateway) fixing small ecommerce error. Site up and runnig over AWS EC2 instance. You can access via pem key or Team Viewer. We will put contents and images on our own after a small trining you need to provide.

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    We have a horizontally scalable WordPress environment on amazon that uses the following ec2 x 2 Ubuntu servers EFS File system for wordpress files / media ELB Cloudfront CDN s3 Offload (that isnt quite ideal) We need assistance in diagnosing our poor performance and applying server fixes We have the mount mounted with Filecaching. PHP opcache, Apache

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    i want host my website on ec2 all

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    AWS EC2 instance running but website / IP address is not up. Need to troubleshoot why server not up.

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    AWS Expert Tamat left

    Looking for an AWS Expert especially in EC2 category to solve an issue of EC2 instance, where the developer left the work in a mess and the instance needs to be revived. More details on chat.

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    Worked on an iot project. I have created and provisioned servers on AWS cloud platform and managed well. The complete IoT iot project. I have created and provisioned servers on AWS cloud platform and managed well. The complete IoT project leverages aws cloud resources like Route53, ELB, ECS/Ec2, ECR, Code deploy, RDS, Simple storage service S3.

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    Hi, Noticed some peculiar behaviour in Opencart website on Journal 3 theme on AWS Ec2 - [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Before 24th of May, had 4 order conversions from 150 site visits.. after 24th May, 0 conversions from 345 visits. Avg session duration has come down from 2.5 sec to 1.5 sec.. The only changes I made around that time was 1) Installed PayTM

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    Have half implemented client app using NodeJS on EC2 Linux server. One part of it require correct implementation of session cookie. Should work on all browser and device.

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    Somehow the few tutorials online don't seem to work for me, need someone to guide me through. This job was posted from a mobile device, so please pardon any typos or any missing details.

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    I have EC2 VPS but it needs key file to FTP. I want to give access to my permanent developer SFTP access for that I need to setup secure SFTP access to developer so that only he can SFTP and no one else. You will have to guide me over chat for this as you can understand I can't share new key-pair etc... Let me know if you can help me with this quick

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    ...for any student to be able to create a Moodle account and take a practice test. Different tests will be presented depending on their grade. It should be deployed to a pool of EC2 instances (Bonus if ECS containers via cloud formation) behind a load balancer, pointing to a RDS cluster. I would like this to be deployed to both a staging and a prod AWS

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    I have an old Magento 1 website that I don't need anymore. It's on an AWS EC2 instance. I require the following: 1. Create an image of the website that can be used to launch the website at a later date. 2. Shut down the instance and move image and data (file +db) to an S3 bucket. I also need you to install and configure this extension: https://www

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    ...with Rails (running Puma), MySQL, Redis, Nginx * Experience with Docker & Docker Compose * Comfortable working with AWS (EC2, RDS, Elasticache) * Working with GitHub issues & managing deploy cycles * Comfortable working directly in EC2 to handle these deploys and updates * Not afraid of legacy code (this code is pretty well done, but you're coming into

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    Hi Dimitrios, I have an EC2 (Ubuntu 16) issue Id like some help with (users and permissions) is this something you can help with? Same server you logged before.

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    Hi Shailesh R., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We have an odoo implementation on AWS using EC2 auto scaling and rds. We are currently experiencing server timeout when we have many concurrent users. We can discuss more details and budget over chat.

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    We have a running EC2 instance with Apache2 running on Port 443/80. Nexmo provides a development guideline here: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] We tried a few times but no success so far. We need you to test with your own access and (Nexmo and Endpoint i.e. Ngrok) and send us screen shots of a working solution

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    We have a running EC2 instance with Apache2 running on Port 443/80. Nexmo provides a development guideline here: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] We tried a few times but no success so far. We need you to test with your own access and (Nexmo and Endpoint i.e. Ngrok) and send us screen shots of a working solution

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    I´d like to migrate my AWS EC2 instance to Google Cloud. A full image transfer, no manual setup. The AWS Instance have 200gb HD and its running under Windows Server 2016 64bits

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    ...server at AWS EC2. The maintenance is to keep the server and installed services up and running. The following are the installed services and applications: IIS (static website and reverse proxy) Node (express apps managed with PM2) MongoDB The job requires on call 24/7. It is estimated to need less than 2 hours a month of maintenance. EC2 credits need

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    Amazon EC2 windows server problem we can not connect to it it gives internal error

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    I need a PrestaShop installation on AWS with the following configuration: Hosted on 1 EC2 [log masuk untuk melihat URL] instance (Apache2, PHP7) Run the DB on an external Aurora MySQL Database (RDS) SSL Enabled; using CloudFront to serve the Website (use the EC2 instance as origin) Install a purchased Theme for this Store The expected result; would be a a fully functioning

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    ...REST APIs Experience with version control (ideally git) Fluency in English What we would be really impressed to see Backend: -Experience in linux systems and networks, AWS EC2 -AWS Lambda Strong online presence (nice-to-have - github, stackoverflow, contributions to open source projects, participation in coding competitions, hackatons, ...) Experience

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    ...contínua de uma aplicação Web Experiência com: - Python 2.7; - Framework Django; - Docker; - banco de dados MySQL; - JQuery; - Redis (Job's Queue); - servidor AWS (EC2, Redis, RDS); - integração com APIs ([log masuk untuk melihat URL] e Principia); - Ler e interpretar documentação técnica do sistema; - Boa com...

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    I´d like to migrate my AWS EC2 instance to Google Cloud. I already set Velostrata, but cloud extension isnt working. Always become as imparied status.

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