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    We need to allow our time plugin to connect all sub blog sites with blog 1 open times to have better control of rest...plugin to connect all sub blog sites with blog 1 open times to have better control of restaurant available times for delivery. Additionally our current popup need some added options in order get better address accuracy from customers.

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    Write a program in C language to implement binary tree traversal. Following operations should be implemented: 1. Insert an item into the binary tree. 2. Display the binary tree items using pre-order traversal. 3. Display the binary tree items using in-order traversal. 4. Display the binary tree items using post-order traversal. 5. Exit The program should

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    ...paused for 0.01-3.01 seconds in a ratio of 10 times forwarded to 1 time slowed to 1 time paused and then repeating the cycle by randomly selecting the fast, slow or pause options in this manner till the end of the [log masuk untuk melihat URL] must also operate playing videos randomly of several or an unlimited number of mp4 or mp3 files in the same manner. It must also

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    I am looking for IT business partner who have a strong team and willing to join a financial startup. Responsibility: 1) website 2) A...Responsibility: 1) website 2) App development 3) SEO/Online marketing 4) Data Entry and Mining(need a big team as it’s huge data and need to work in timeline) Payment: Stock options or revenue sharing only

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    Hi please check reference file i need you to design a very simple pizza box design need it in next 3 hours please need 2 options . one as per my brief ..and one as per your understanding in yellow color has to look classy & elegant

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    Write a console application with options as depicted in fig. below: 1) Display Student Record 2) Add Student Record 3) Delete Student Record 4) Save Records to file (report) 5) Exit Define the class named “Student” with data member: string Fname; string Lname; string ID; string Email; string Exam1; string Exam2;

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    6 bida Coin or new Wallets on Multiple Exchanges [log masuk untuk melihat URL] to the Announcement Telegram on Multiple Exchanges Exchanges List Huobi Global Huobi KR Bittrex Upbit - Required Binary -Required KuCoin Bitfinx - Bitthumb - Required Coinbase OkEX GDAC Gate io Bilaxy +System for users to select and view desired exchanges 1 2 3 4 Needs very fast speed without

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    Martin Tamat left

    Write a small program that asks for hostname, IP, and other things. Also, have it set configurations in Windows automatically. Few other options to discuss but that's the general gist of what I need. Maybe a few SQL settings also not sure yet.

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    Trading Stocks Tamat left

    trading of stocks, binary options, forex and cripto coins

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    ...screen, one fixed height module ) Have you worked with [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and uikit ? I would like to have the latest version of uikit working smoothly on the platform with the options of fade, move left, move right etc all working . Can you help with this project of this sort? Please reply with details of your experience and examples of past projects involving

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    We provide spiritual services for more than a decade and we want to do it professionally. Need a freelancer to give options that will be taken care and should be innovative. We are looking marketing for SMO only. So please quote on SMO only please.

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    ...b. Supervised learning i. Predictive modeling algorithms: ii. Classification techniques predict discrete responses 1. Regression techniques predict continuous responses 2. Binary vs. Multiclass Classification 3. Support Vector Machine (SVM) 4. k Nearest Neighbor (kNN) 5. Naïve Bayes 6. Discriminant Analysis 7. Decision Tree 8. Bagged and Boosted

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    ...required: Hands-on experience of JS (preferably Electron Js) Strong knowledge of Python and its libraries Good working experience on Linux and Mac OS Knowledge of creating binary files/executables from python scripts for linux and mac Should know the integration of ElectronJS with Python Strong knowledge of Linux commands Should know how to

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    ...need to bridge the Singular Logic Commercial (Light ERP) to a woocommerce B2B eshop. So in this case I need a connection either via an API or via an internal Database (Both options supported by the ERP system). The eshop will be feed by products, their categories, their attributes from the erp and the eshop will send to the erp orders etc. Bellow the

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    ...(along with rest four tab in the Upper right hand side portion) 4) Color of question buttons on the right hand side of the test panel should change with change in the options such as (answered, answered and marked for review, not answered and marked for review, not answered, as given in the gov demo test portal) 5) change in the name of tabs

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    URGENT!! I'm looking for a virtual assistant or trip planners in Thailand who speak fluent Thai in order to communicate my situation over to local taxi drivers in Pattaya Thailand. I'm leaving in about 24hrs for Thailand and I need some who can find me wheelchair transportation to sanctuary of truth from sunshine hotel and residences in Pattaya on April 11th at 1pm. If there aren't...

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    Tempatan Segera
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    Binary Trader Tamat left

    I need a Professional Trader to copy his trades.

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    ...and Registration. 2) Use JWT and Password encryption - For securing REST API 3) REST API for Storing Image and Display Image (single/multiple) Can we store Image in DB as binary? Which will be best solution for storing images ? 4) Do proper code comment and code/folder structure 5) Handle proper REST API error in case of failure. 6) Database : PostgreSQL

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    I need a help with Ford Fulkerson Algorithm which gets a graph construct with two...find sinks in this graph and returns maximum flow for all found [log masuk untuk melihat URL] algorithm must run in minimum time and use minimum [log masuk untuk melihat URL] second work is help with a Program wit Binary Search Tree that is written and works for some cases .I provide tests to this programs.

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    My friends and I are putting t...friends and I are putting together a real estate conference on Sunday May 5th in Long Beach. The event is for education to help people learn about out of state investing options. We just need some one to work from 9am-2pm and take great shots of our speakers and attendees so we can have some awesome documented images

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    We're Funding Options. We're Europe's leading marketplace for business finance. Part of our role in the Content team is to provide articles for partners on business finance. These can be articles on a wide range of business finance topics.

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    51 bida value of VAT to pay, knowing that the consultations pay 6% VAT. All information managed by the application (doctors, patients, consultations, etc.) should be stored in binary files....

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    As discussed, the binary grey wolf optimiser is to be implemented

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    A Python program to create a Singly Linked List of N students. This singly linked list is to store ...Print all students 8. Print the students of a given department 9. Sort the list using the GPA field 10. Store the students of CS department in a queue Q 11. Store all GPA in a binary search tree BST 12. Exit The project needed perfect within 3 days..

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    ...related company. The website should be very attractive, modern style, fully responsive, SEO friendly and completable with WHMCS. The features should be multiple languages options, live chat support, customer ticket support, and Geo IP locations for domains/subdomains, etc. Everything related to the website will be finished by the freelancer himself

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    ...address ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) . Same simple products, same configurable products, same options. All products must be entered by you. Product configurator steps: - Pre configuration (Options: Producer, Asset number, Mechanism type, System, Delivery date) see picture 2. - Selection of type of desired product between

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    • Key Features: o work with desk phone and Windows soft phone (seamlessly at same workstation) o show employee availability (and with who) o call transfer/forward with an available tech (extension) o work with any internet service provider o auto-attendant (for unanswered calls into main phone) • Like to have: o fax capability (prefer to keep our all-in-one for faxing out, but inbound fa...

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    I'm performing a research study and need assistance from an expert in Machine Learning (using Bayesian algorithm to predict a binary value) and Deep Reinforcement Learning (using OpenAI or Intel Coach) to control a mechanical actuator. I prefer to build and deploy everything within the Microsoft Azure ML environment

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    We need a command line application that perform OCR on sourcec file passed as parameter with different options. Detailed requirements for parameters will be sent to the winner.

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    An upload of a song is done from computer to Zybo by using a Wifi Pmod and audio processing operations like low-pass and filtering using FIR filter with adjustable cut-off frequency and bandwidth will be done on Zybo. The processed audio will be played using audio codec and necessary options will be displayed on a OLED Pmod for selection.

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    ...when they type in the search bar. I mean the website should be able to pull up results from [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and display that to my customers to choose from. Then after that other options like style,strap length etc. This is my etsy site for bags already made. If you breakdown the purses into parts they would be the choices. [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    ...application to track awards in a classroom. It should have 4 columns 1. Class Captains 2. Students names 3. Students tally/awards 4. Demote button There should also be an options menu which will allow me to swap out the graphics for the awards/tally/background etc... and enter/edit names. The column headings should scroll with the scroll bar. Class

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    I need to download all binary files from follow link: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] filenames are like: "[log masuk untuk melihat URL]"

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    ...(clothe), user then chooses order details and options (size's, quantity, delivery location, etc) and the order should be sent to our API in a specific format including Cart, Notifications (Firebase), Arabic/English language options, and other small features (cities and categories, products, product options are all from our API's) It may be coded in

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    Develop Binary Classification Project on Python. Requires proficiency in Python and Data Science. Details in private chat.

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