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    Looking for a blog signing script Looking for features such as Multi Threading Rotate anchor text and messages User variable settings for different types of blogs/message boards and guestbooks Store URL's and check for and discard duplicates. Users choice of multiple search engines and queries to source new blogs Supports Multiple forms such as moveable

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    ...of if you have questions: This needs to be written in PHP and run on Mysql, On the first one, let call it Multiblog script, here are the details. The details for the other one will be provided later. Multiblog is broken down into three areas: 1) The ADMIN area - this is where the admin of the script/site goes in to create new blogs by combining other

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    $100 - $300
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    I want to be able to display information in my site: <[log masuk untuk melihat URL]> from my Blog here: <[log masuk untuk melihat URL](movable> type) I want to be able to syndicate the information on the blog- the 5 most current posts. I want display the info on my site (out going links in new window) and allow others to copy and paste the

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    ...should be fairly straightforward for someone with the necessary skills. I will create a MySQL table with a list of RSS feeds. I want you to write a script which I can run each day. The script will 1) Read in all the data from the RSS feeds and populate another MySQL table with all the data (Table 1). 2) Access all the URLs in the RSS feeds

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    ...need graphics community php/mysql clone script of [log masuk untuk melihat URL] which must include exactly all features, functions and links of [log masuk untuk melihat URL] All features like Registeration users gets subdomain browse submit tutorials blogs community chat browse members customise page : photo and avatar photos album file manager write new blog submit art mes...

    $30 - $75
    $30 - $75
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    Hello, I have a client who wants a blog script installed. I found a Open source blog script called 'Boast Machine' which has all the features I require. But there is just one feature that is missing... It is a multi-user script, but there is no place where all the blogs by the same user are displayed on the same page. I have posted all the details

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    This should be a quick and easy job for anyone with PHP experience. There is a “random blog script?? at: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] which I would like to use to list a random selection of webpage’s at the bottom of each page on my new site. I have followed the instructions on this page, but cannot seem to get

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    To add the following features to the Alstrasoft php script called efriends: 1- General Announcements - title of announcements will be shown on the main home page of each user - clicking on title will open full text of announcement - ability to separate announcements by geographical areas - ex. announcement can be seen either by a) every user b) all

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    Hi this is a very simple project: I have a blog that has a mail-to-form ... its the same one being used here: <[log masuk untuk melihat URL]> Now from an old site I have a mail-to-form with a few extra features, 10 email fields, cookies to rememebr entries, subscribe to mailing list check box etc. I want the new

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    I have a script that was purchased as is. It was built using php and smarty. The original developer sold it to me as he no longer has time to develop it. Its a community blog script. Its located at [log masuk untuk melihat URL] you can test it by using the username sharkbites password test123 It works right now - however there is one aspect I need implemented

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    ...make my blog bilingual (English and Russian in Win-1251 encoding). Both language sections will use the same templates but the content (categories, posts, etc) is NOT going to be identical. The blog has just been installed (Movable Type 2.661) and is perfectly safe to play with: no users, posts, hacks, mods, etc. This is a MySQLPerlApache script running

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    Hi there, I've just set up a blog on my site using I was playing around with Radio Userland and it had a great feature that I wanted to integrate with my Blogger blog: The "news aggregator". I run a topical news site that, in addition my own posts, I like to post news stories that I see that are of interest. But it's getting time consuming

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    Blog Hosting Tamat left

    We are looking for a blog hosting script preferably PHP/MySQL. Script must be capable of: • Multiple blogs per author • Users can sign up for their own blogs, assign team members and access levels, their own layout & stylesheets, blog should have unique URL such as [log masuk untuk melihat URL] or [log masuk untuk melihat URL] • Blog fea...

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    1 bida able to suit my needs regarding PHP, and Database MySQL. HTML, CSS. 2) I need a community site similar to this one :[log masuk untuk melihat URL] or [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 3) i already have a database with 300 members using IvisionPowerBoard that i would like to integrated and customize some fields using php and mysql into a one community site

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    Hi, I need a php/mysql blog/news scripts that works similar to boast Machine, [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 1. Publish Articles/blogs/journals on selected date period, MM DD YY to MM DD YY, not instantly. 2. BB code support 3. Display X(any) numbers of articles per page 4. Fully customizable using css and templates 5. Bad words Filtering 6

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    I have a PHP Nuke site, _**you MUST be affluent with PHP Nuke**_ and its coding. _**If you are not,** **Please DO NOT Accept This Project!**_ I DO NOT want an installer, I am looking for a coder who can do custom fixes/work. I'm looking for a coder who has more then 20 projects completed on RAC. No one with less then this will be accepted. -DO

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    I am looking for a professional coder to create a web-based association (non-profit, political campaign) management script. This will be for a site that allows users to download a licensed copy of the script for a set amount, or lease it (hosted on our server for a monthly fee). This is really _not a hard project_, so _please don't act like it

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    ...(example [log masuk untuk melihat URL] ) (iii) automated thumbnail creating script and organization of the images with auto thumbnail creating. ( I don't want to have to create thumnail locally on my hard drive; it will happen on the server) (iv) installation of blog script which takes pictures and shows a thumbnail of the image that have been posted

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    I need this developed: A PHP script that creates search engine keyword rich pages and directories. This software will take keywords and create a directory with the following structure: Index > Keyword Directory > Keyword Pages The software allows users to mass create thousands of keyword rich content pages that get indexed in search engines. The

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    I need a PHP based journal / web blog set up that enables the specified user to enter text, upload pictures (and have them automatically make a thumbnail & full sized image) and also have date/time and editing capabilities. I really like the look / function of this: <[log masuk untuk melihat URL]> but I don't believe

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    18 bida better for my visitors, and is easier for me to run, maintain, and update with new career links. The ISP hosting the site uses APACHE and LINUX and supports MySQL and PHP. They have also installed Chilisoft ASP if ASP services are required. NOTE: I am not adverse to changing hosts to a Windows based service provider. I want whatever is best

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    ...birthdate into a form, on submission of this form, a php script will take the birthdate and create a folder with the same name, then the following files will be created (in that folder): (this file should be called [log masuk untuk melihat URL]) the first will be a html file containing a form that submits its info to a php file. this will contain a text box and a text area

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    I have the URLs of a few thousand blogs that use 'movable type' blog script from All these blogs have a form to post comments and that form contains 4 fields: Name, Email address, URL and Comments. All such blogs use same form method "post" and "[log masuk untuk melihat URL]" in action. I got a similar software developed a while ago fro...

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    1 bida] and I would like a script made that allows people to signup for a blog. I like this particular blogging software because it is free and very clean in appearance. I don't need a lot of “fancy” additions to the blog and they will not be accessible via rss. This script can use php and should automatically create the users blog after ...

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    Basically I want a clone of Id like for you take that design and tweek it to make it your own. I need a design idea for a weblog/photoblog/link blog.. You wont be designing the entire site, but just giving me a design that I can apply to the entire site. I will handle all the content, database work etc.. This design should be W3

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    11 bida

    I need a PHP/HTML news script. The script will allow users to login and write a short news blog and then allow the user to attach a picture to the news blog and upload both to my site. When the script processes the news and picture it will write the news to an HTML file and display the picture (if attached) above the news blog in the HTML file. Adm...

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    20 bida

    I need a simplier clone of [log masuk untuk melihat URL] (signup for a free blog and see it). Each user account should be [log masuk untuk melihat URL] or [[log masuk untuk melihat URL]][1] . The admin will decide that when the script is installed (subdomains or folders). See "Deliverables field" to see all functions I need. Resuming, this is a cheap news poster, with so...

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    6 bida

    Blog software written in PHP - a very detailed description is attached in the text file below. Please bid by the project, not the hour. This is a low-budget project and should be a very simple script (development length = a couple days) for an experienced programmer. Payment will be made immediately upon completion of project. Thanks!

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    ...features I don't want are the Forums and Marketplace. **Reference** [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] **Details** The site should be module-based (like the blog script Drupal at [log masuk untuk melihat URL]) so that I can easily add functions or temporarily suspend them. Also, there needs to be a group permissions function much...

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    need someone to modify our script ASAP - install a plugin (photo gallery) and fix minor errors. Coder needs to be proficient with CSS, PHP and should be familiar with the e107 (blog) script. Fee is open for discussion - if work can be started ASAP The script is working and online. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s)

    $100 - $500
    $100 - $500
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