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    - saya perlukan file part bagi setiap komponen speaker - saya juga perlukan animation bagi setiap part daripada awal pemasangan hingga lengkap menjadi speaker - speaker tersebut mempunyai detail basic seperti button (play, pause, stop), simbol (bluetooth), audio jack, dan jack - design seringkas dan semurah yang boleh

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    Samsung Galaxy s4 superking V4 latest model with 8.86gb internal phone storage ram2gb 15.90gb brighter camera flash the same as ori!! AMOLED HD screen!! and hp is more spread out and hold events dimana2 place! SPED 4g internet! visit my fanpage - >> ass! FREE SCREEN PROTECTOR DIAMOND, FREE FLIP CASE ORI, 2600MH POWERBANK FREE, FREE Postage IN MALAYSIA ONLY!! RM870 FULL SET. Read maximize: √ Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) √ Air Gesture √ Air Browser √ Air Launcher-accept √ Air call-accept √ Motion settings √ S-Voice √ HD SUPER AMOLED Screen Size √ Speed ​​Internet 4G (HSPA +) √ Video Call √ & Personal Wifi Hotspot √ Bluetooth √ Quad Core Processor √ Original Fit Ca...

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    I need a BLE Bluetooth communication sample to send and receive data in Ionic with Vue.js for both Android and iOS. I'm looking for a developer who has experience with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication and Ionic framework. The prototype should allow for data transfer between devices. Key requirements: - BLE Communication: The app should be able to establish a BLE connection and send/receive data. - Cross-platform: The solution should work seamlessly on both Android and iOS devices. - Ionic & Vue.js: Proficiency in Ionic and Vue.js is necessary to implement this feature effectively. - Experience: A portfolio of similar projects would be a plus. In essence, the primary focus of this feature is to enable data transfer between devices, leveraging BLE technolog...

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    I have an iOS XCode project that requires the integration of a Gantt chart client with BLE devices. The implemented solution should be engineered to: - Read and write data from/to BLE devices - Read the device status specifically - Engage simple communication with BLE devices Ideal candidates will have profound experience with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices, XCode, and incorporation of Gantt chart clients. A keen understanding of device statuses and ability to implement simple but effective BLE device communication are essential for this task.

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    ...to integrate and transmit data using Bluetooth after power On. The sensors for which I need to integrate include Temperature, Humidity, PIR motion, Pressure, and an RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector). To elaborate: - Sensor Integration: You need to possess in-depth knowledge about different types of sensors, mainly Temperature, Humidity, PIR motion, Pressure, and RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector). Leveraging this knowledge, you shall efficiently integrate these sensors with the ESP or NODE MCU. - Relay Control: Based on the Bluetooth ADV data received from another ESP, your task includes performing actions such as Turning on and Turning off the relay. - Data Transmission: After the power is on, the task is to transmit Sensor data using Bluetooth. The id...

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    I'm looking to enhance my current car stereo system with a limited budget of $100 - $500. Existing system will need to be replaced and the new one should offer the following features: - Bluetooth connectivity - GPS Navigation - Sirius XM Freelancers with proven experience in car audio system installations who can provide affordable solutions will be prioritized. Please highlight any similar projects completed. Ability to source and purchase the new system in addition to installation is a bonus. A timely and seamless installation is ideal, minimizing downtime of the vehicle. Thank you.

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    ...particularly in the development and manufacturing of high-end luxury furniture *Deep understanding of all aspects of furniture design concepts, engineering, production techniques and quality standards *Someone that is skilled and experienced in the development and production of mechanized furniture that utilize electrical and mechanical components such as; electric recline mechanism, LED lighting, bluetooth stereo, and various other functionalities *Strong business acumen with a track record of successfully launching and scaling businesses *Excellent communication and collaboration skills to work effectively  Benefits: By engaging your services, we anticipate the following benefits: * Access to your valuable industry knowledge and expertise * Streamlined operations and incr...

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    ...this circuit is to measure pressure using a flat piezo element, read the analog data, and then transmit it via Bluetooth to an Android smartphone. Key Points: - The circuit needs to handle a range of 0-100 PSI. It should accurately measure the pressure and convert it into a readable format for the smartphone. - The circuit should be compact and user-friendly, allowing easy pairing and operation with an Android smartphone. Ideal Candidate: - Strong background in electronic engineering, particularly in designing circuits for sensor data processing. - Prior experience in working with piezo elements and pressure transducers will be a significant advantage. - Proficiency in Bluetooth technology and its integration with electronic circuits. - Knowledge of Android app develo...

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    We are seeking an experienced IoT, IOS/Andriod App/Cloud database system developers, to action the following project Your main task will involve: 1. Connect to a Expressif ESP32-Wroom device via BLE (Bluetooth) to turn attached device on/off. 2. Have a developed IOS/Android Application to communicate to the BLE to send On or OFF Command 3. The Mobile Application will be required to connect to a Cloud based Database to validate permissions for users account before the mobile device can send the request to the module to turn on/off function. 4. Integration to existing software systems to send update to database for account permissions to be assigned. This can be done via API to 2 platforms. Your main task will involve: - Developing and implementing an Arduino-based automation co...

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    ...using Atmega chip instead of Arduino board as a platform to have cheapest solution.I’m using samples, libraries and Arduino IDE for developing any code. I have developed several codes for different kind of boards. I can do simulation by using Proteus also. There are Arduino models and code can be debugged by ELF file. Simulation result is same with real time application. I prefer using ESP32 for Bluetooth or Wifi. It’s code will be developed by Arduino IDE. Programming of it will be made by USB-to-UART converter. Since I have developed several codes until now, it is easy to give good solution....

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    I'm looking for a skilled mobile app developer to create a cross-platform app for both iOS and Android that is specifically designed to control a Bluetooth device. The app should have the following capabilities: - On/Off control: The primary function of the app is to switch on/off the Bluetooth device. - Set specific parameters: The app should allow users to set certain parameters on the device. - Draw trends of specific variables: The app should be able to illustrate trends of specific variables related to the device's performance. - Show and manage (download) log files: The app should have the capability to display and manage log files stored on the device, with the ability to download them. - Show the value of specific parameters: The app should display real-tim...

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    Project Title: iOS Test App Development with BT Beacon Integration Project Overview: We are seeking an experienced iOS iPhone developer to create a unique test app featuring a Bluetooth (BT) Beacon for ultra short bi-directional communications. The goal of this project is twofold: first, to discuss the feasibility and requirements of the app through a paid chat session, and second, to develop a tiny, well-documented demo app for iPhone that integrates with BT Beacon technology. Key Content: - Integration of BT Beacon to facilitate sending messages and receiving responses. - Implementation of asynchronous bi-directional communications using BT Beacon protocol. - Development of a test app allowing users to type text, send messages, and receive responses on-screen. Prerequisite Expe...

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    ...that from everything I have read and am aware of will provide much easier development path forward which is Flutter. This app heavily relies on Bluetooth Low Energy and requires high throughput of BLE connections and also requires allowing multiple BLE connections up to 5 connections but could support more the problem is bandwidth starts to run out after more than 5 BLE connections to my SFM2 9DOF wearable IMU product. The BLE portion of the App works quite well and would not need touched/improved for Phase 1.1 BUT I need it to be understood that any Development Team I would have working on this app would need to have a solid understanding of Bluetooth Low Energy and ability to use Native BLE support from Android and iOS. SENSR-LOGR Mobile App can be found on the App St...

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    ...the application for an optimal user experience. Software Testing: Conduct thorough testing of the software application to identify and address any bugs, glitches, or performance issues. Implement effective testing strategies to ensure the reliability and functionality of the Android applications. Collaboration with Hardware Team: Work closely with the hardware team to establish and maintain Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connections between the Android application and associated hardware devices. Ensure seamless integration between the software and hardware components for a cohesive and reliable end-to-end solution. In-Depth Documentation: Generate comprehensive documentation for all aspects of the Android application development process, including code documentation, testing proc...

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    ...particularly in the development and manufacturing of high-end luxury furniture *Deep understanding of all aspects of furniture design concepts, engineering, production techniques and quality standards *Someone that is skilled and experienced in the development and production of mechanized furniture that utilize electrical and mechanical components such as; electric recline mechanism, LED lighting, bluetooth stereo, and various other functionalities *Strong business acumen with a track record of successfully launching and scaling businesses *Excellent communication and collaboration skills to work effectively  Benefits: By engaging your services, we anticipate the following benefits: * Access to your valuable industry knowledge and expertise * Streamlined operations and incr...

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    ...requirement is the creation of a Joomla Extension that will integrate with EB and do the following: 1. Print ID at the venue when the QR Code is scanned EB database has all the QR Code information and corresponds to each registrant's info. Including the formatted ticket which is already in PDF. In printing, it should be able to select the default printer of the computer or device (tablet with bluetooth label printer) used in scanning. We can either print the whole ID image or just the QR Code and Name - depending on the printer. It is also possible to use a simple sticker label printer and the printed sticker will just be stick on the pre-printed ID card. 2. Attendance Tracking When the QR Code is scanned, record the date and time it was scanned, together with the names...

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    I'm seeking a professional with expertise in Raspberry Pi programming and Bluetooth connectivity to design and implement a system that interacts smoothly with RFID technology. Key requirements: - The system must save RFID information in a Raspberry Pi. - The recorded IDs need to be sent via Bluetooth once a day. - No need for long term storage, it should overwrite with new IDs daily. Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Raspberry Pi programming - Experience with RFID technology - Strong knowledge of Bluetooth technology for data transfer - Understanding of data storage and overwriting concept

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    I'm in need of a qualified developer who can create a Desktop App for Windows 10 and 11. This app will play a vital role in aiding Android BLE communication. It's paramount this Windows app has several specific functions which will include: - Receiving text data through BLE transferred from an android app. - Writing the received text to a file as part of the data processing protocol. - Having the ability to define the file's location through the means of pasting a path. Given these specific features, it is ideal that the developer has profound experience in developing applications using C#. Additionally, understanding the intricacies of Android and BLE communication will be highly beneficial. The ideal candidate should also have strong problem-solving skills and a detail...

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    I'm looking for an expert to develop a J2534 C++ DLL that primarily focuses on communication with external electronic devices. The DLL would substantially use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Wi-Fi, and USB communication protocols. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in C++ programming is essential. - Knowledge of J2534 API and familiarity with device communication. - Proven experience with BLE, Wi-Fi, and USB protocols is a must.

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    For this project, I'm seeking a skilled app developer who has had previous experience interfacing with Arduino devices. The primary function of this app will be to control Arduino devices using Bluetooth connectivity. The app should include: - Comprehensive Bluetooth controls designed to modulate Arduino devices - Ability to send Push notifications. The ideal candidate for the job will have: - Proficient knowledge in Android development - Prior experience working with Bluetooth and Arduino systems - Strong understanding of push notifications within the app. Please apply if you have the necessary skillset! We are looking for an App that will talk to an Arduino that will control lights. To simplify what needs to be done, there will be: 1. Android App. There w...

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    Seeking an adept IoT/Robotics specialist to support in the estimation and crafting of pr...3-4 such RFPs to respond to each week and expect prompt responses within one business day for each submission. We are specifically looking for individuals with proficiency across a range of domains including but not limited to: - Embedded Systems Programming - Firmware Development - IoT - Robotics - Drone Software - Arduino - Raspberry Pi - Microcontrollers - PLC - CNC - Electronics - PCB - Bluetooth - LoRaWAN - Mechanical - Hardware Please note that this is not a development or engineering position. The focus is responding to RFPs, estimating project requirements, and writing proposals. There will be no development work required. If you believe you meet these criteria, we eagerly await your...

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    I'm seeking a developer proficient in creating Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) interfaces on webpages. Your primary task will involve: - Designing or implementing a BLE interface on my webpage that is capable of connecting to external devices specifically ESP32. Bluefy type of tool. I currently use LightBlue for testing. Your depth of understanding and past experiences with BLE technologies will be critical to the success of this project. Additionally, your ability to work with ESP32 devices and your understanding of how to effectively connect these devices to webpages using BLE technology will be cardinal. Key skills and experience: - Extensive experience with designing and implementing BLE interfaces - Proven track record with incorporating BLE technology on webpages - Mastery...

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    I am in need of a proficient Raspberry Pi programmer to access the Bluetooth and GPIO ports status of my Raspberry Pi 4 (1 or 2 gig version). Specifically, the tasks are to: - Enable access and control of the Raspberry Pi and attached relays via Bluetooth - Implement sensor data collection and analysis features - Develop IoT and home automation functionalities The ideal candidate will have experience in IoT development, home automation, and Raspberry Pi programming. Familiarity with Raspberry Pi 4 functions, specifically Bluetooth and GPIO ports, will be essential. A strong understanding of sensor data is also necessary.

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    ...developer who can create a seamless application that interacts with Arduino via Bluetooth. Your responsibility will be to ensure the app gets specific sensor data, in this case, Analog-to-Digital Conversion (ADC) values in the range of 0-1023, via its Bluetooth connection. Skills required: - Proficiency in TensorFlow Lite for running the model's results - Experience in handling Arduino systems - Strong skills in app development, particularly Bluetooth communication capabilities The primary functionality of this app will be to run the TensorFlow Lite model and display its results based on the received ADC values. I am particularly interested in individuals who have a solid understanding of handling sensor data from Bluetooth and running TensorFlow Lite ...

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    ...gauges which will display data passed to it via Bluetooth. Those gauges might have a "dial" which needs to move based on data sent to it or it can be just a "text based display" depending on which UI is chosen by the end user. What language it is written in doesnt matter much. It just needs to be able to have user selectable UI's which can be designed by me after you complete the project. If you know how to write this application but are not a graphics designer, thats OK, I have a graphics designer that can work with you on the UI. Requirements: 1. Receive data via Bluetooth from a PCB I designed. 2. Send data back to the PCB I designed, based on user selections or touch input. 2. Manipulate gauges based on input sent via Bluetooth...

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    ...individuales. El software de inteligencia artificial así como la plataforma que lo soporta irán a parte del ecommerce y será el "cerebro" del hardware (robots). Los usuarios podrán o bien solo subscribirse a la webApp de interacción tipo o bien adquirir también el hardware (robot, muñeca, muñeco realísticos). Una vez tengan el hardware, desde la webAPP (smartphone o computadora), vía bluetooth el robot tendrá capacidad de habla, memoria, deep learning, machine learning etc. A su vez a través de gafas de AR (no VR, aunque también funcionarán), el usuario podrá ver ciertas cosas en el hardware como movimientos faciales, expresiones en base a los sentimientos,...

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    I'm seeking an expert software developer to design a robust driver for a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) chip, specifically for the Windows 10 platform. This mission-critical project requires seamless functionality in several key areas: - Device Discovery: The driver should be able to accurately and quickly identify devices equipped with the specified BLE module which is the bt832 this BLE module is based on the nordic nrf52 chip and uses the following protocols: Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth, Ble 802.15.1 - Device Pairing: Secure and efficient pairing with this module. - Power Conservation: The software must be able to engage the low power mode in this chip for better power efficiency. - Reduced Processor Load: The driver must be designed in a way that it minimally i...

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    I am in need of programming for a Raspberry Pi 4 that includes a GPS Neo 6M, 5-inch LCD, and Bluetooth speaker. Key Functionalities: - GPS tracking: The code should constantly compare a predefined latitude and longitude with the current one. - Alarm: When the pre-defined and current coordinates match, an alarm should be sounded through the Bluetooth speaker. - Display: should also appear on the 5-inch LCD, along with speed and corresponding coordinates. - Frequency: The GPS data comparison should happen continuously. The ideal freelancer for this project should have extensive experience with Raspberry Pi, GPS systems, Bluetooth technology, and display interfaces. gridBagConstraints

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    ...establish connectivity with a mobile app to control WiFi settings, manage the device's connection status to WiFi, and monitor connected Bluetooth devices as well as those in proximity. Presently, the web interface becomes accessible after connecting to the ESP32 WiFi. However, the current process requires manually entering the WiFi name and password on the web interface. I propose that we implement a feature where the device searches and displays available WiFi networks, allowing the user to select one and then enter the corresponding password. The same functionality should be integrated into the mobile app. Furthermore, I want the mobile app to list all Bluetooth devices detected by our code, mirroring the information displayed in the serial monitor. Currently, the...

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    ...pressure and A unique feature I would like integrated is an ability to navigate a car map and utilize a 'Car Play' driving mode. To ensure seamless communication with the vehicle, the application should be developed to connect via Bluetooth and wifi . Additionally, for the navigation and mapping features, it is of my preference that Google Maps be incorporated into the app. The ideal developer has a strong track record in mobile app development, specifically one with experience in map integration and developing interfaces with physical systems over Bluetooth. A thorough technical understanding of both iOS and Android platforms is crucial. I look forward to seeing your innovative approach to this project. • The app in English and main language is Arabic ...

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    ...developer to create an application that enables two mobiles to connect together, via Bluetooth or any other method. This app should be compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. Key Features: - When a call is received on the primary device (for example a Samsung S10 with a sim card), the app should enable the call to be displayed on a second device (such as a Samsung S24 Ultra). - Essential functionalities include displaying the caller ID, allowing the call to be answered from the second device, and recording call logs. - The app should also have the capability to make outgoing calls from the connected device. Ideal Skills: - Experience in developing cross-platform mobile apps - Proficiency in Bluetooth connectivity - Knowledge in implementing call functionalities ...

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    I'm seeking a developer proficient in creating Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) interfaces on webpages. Your primary task will involve: - Designing or implementing a BLE interface on my webpage that is capable of connecting to external devices specifically ESP32. Bluefy type of tool. I currently use LightBlue for testing. Your depth of understanding and past experiences with BLE technologies will be critical to the success of this project. Additionally, your ability to work with ESP32 devices and your understanding of how to effectively connect these devices to webpages using BLE technology will be cardinal. Key skills and experience: - Extensive experience with designing and implementing BLE interfaces - Proven track record with incorporating BLE technology on webpages - Master...

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    ...environment and adapt to changing project requirements. Preferred Qualifications: Experience with real-time operating systems (RTOS) for embedded systems. Knowledge of hardware design principles and schematic reading. Familiarity with version control systems such as Git. Experience with debugging tools such as oscilloscopes, logic analyzers. Understanding of wireless communication protocols (e.g., Bluetooth, Wi-Fi)....

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    ...further enhancing our BLE functionality into our mobile applications. As a Part-Time React Native Developer, you will play a pivotal role in the development of production-ready React Native applications that tightly integrate with our cat tracking collars. Your primary focus will be on implementing background communication with the collar devices, ensuring seamless multi-device connectivity, bluetooth OTA updates, and data transmission. While expertise in creating React Native apps is crucial, you will also be expected to have the following qualifications: • Proven experience in developing production-ready React Native applications with BLE integration. • Strong understanding of background communication with peripheral BLE devices. • Experience with RxJS is a plus,...

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    I need a camera operator with knowledge on the workings of a GoPro Hero 12. The shoot will be at one location in Clerkenwell, London. Creative input is expected and welcomed. Ideal candidates should have proven experience with Gopro Hero 12, know how to set up bluetooth/wifi audio and some experience shooting food would be an advantage. Sunday April 7th 2024 is day one but it will be an ongoing job..

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    ...well-versed in creating iOS and Android apps. The core concept of the project is to create a pet-tracking app with a monthly subscription model. The app will use a Bluetooth tracker to track the live location of pets in real-time. Key Features: - Real-time location tracking: Users should be able to see their pet's live location. - History of pet's location: The app should keep a history of pets' previous locations. - Geo-fencing: The option for users to set up Geo-fencing, alerting them if their pet goes beyond a certain range. Ideal skills include: - Cross-platform app development (iOS & Android) - Familiarity with Bluetooth technology - Geo-fencing development experience - Experience with subscription-based app development. Candidates with previous ...

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    ...machine also features four push buttons for calibration. The goal is to replace the wired connections with wireless modules (e.g., Bluetooth or Wi-Fi) and develop a mobile app (Android/iOS) to receive and display BMI results. The freelancer will need to: Replace wired connections with wireless modules for weight scale, HCSR-04 sensor, push buttons, and PCB. Modify the PCB to interface with wireless modules. Develop a mobile application to receive data wirelessly and display BMI results. Implement calibration functionality in the mobile app. Test and debug the wireless communication system. Skills Required: Experience with wireless communication modules (e.g., Bluetooth, Wi-Fi). Proficiency in PCB design and modification. Mobile app development skills (Android/iOS). Knowl...

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    ...developer to participate in the product development PLEASE EXPLAIN IN YOUR ANSWER WHY YOU WOULD LIKE THIS OPPORTUNITY AND WHY YOU ARE A GOOD CANDIDATE FOR IT We would like to have excellent skills in - Angular (version 11+) - Java springboot - Ionic Mobile Apps - MySQL - Kafka Other good to have skillls - Understanding of e-commerce catalog & order data model - Payment provider integration - Bluetooth & POS printer connectivity - Java FX for desktop application - nice to have No agencies, please! Ideally, we would like a developer that would be able to dedicate 20 - 40 h per week, so it is ok to have another job too but 8h/day can be considered Must have - Excellent English / communication skills - Able to do meetings with voice / video (not only typing) - Very good ...

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    As a developer, I am embarking on creating an iOS app designed to communicate with a Raspberry Pi (RPI) over Bluetooth (BLE). The primary purpose of this app is to send and receive text messages, facilitating device control. Key Features: - Message Exchange: The app should be capable of sending and receiving text-based instructions from the Raspberry Pi. - Device Control & Script Execution: The iOS app should have the flexibility to control devices connected to the Raspberry Pi and run specific scripts based on the transmitted text messages. Ideal Skills: Experience in iOS app development, Bluetooth communication, and understanding Raspberry Pi's functionality is crucial for this project's success. Working knowledge of device control using scripts is also hig...

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    I'm seeking to create a cross-platform application that employs a minimalist design approach. Attention to details and t...minimalist design approach. Attention to details and the ability to create a clean, clutter-free user interface is essential. The key feature we want to implement is Bluetooth capabilities. Here is a quick rundown of the job expectations: * Develop a cross-platform application for iOS and Android platforms. * Apply a minimalist design philosophy to the app's aesthetics. * Integrate advanced Bluetooth capabilities. Ideal skills for this job: * Expertise in cross-platform app development, preferably with experience in Flutter or React Native. * Proven ability in minimalist UI/UX design. * Solid understanding and experience with Bluetooth...

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    ...to create an application for my Samsung watch. The primary purpose of this application is to connect to smartwatches via Bluetooth and gather data. Specific Task Details: - The app needs to connect to smartwatches using Bluetooth technology. - The app should collect several types of data: health metrics, user-input data, and any other raw data that can be captured from the smartwatch. - The health metrics I'm interested in are: Heart rate, Sleep data, Step count amongst others. If the watch captures more data, the app should be able to collect it as well. Ideal Skills: - Extensive experience in app development, specifically for wearables. - Knowledgeable about Bluetooth connectivity protocols. - Understanding of data collection methods from wearable device...

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    As a tech enthusiast, I am seeking a seasoned professional in electrical and mechanical engineering to build a custom electric scooter. --Specifications-- • Top Speed: The scooter should reach a maximum speed of 25 mph. • Features: The scooter should have an integrated docking station for a cell phone. Please note, while not a requirement, if you can incorporate GPS tracking, Bluetooth speakers, or cruise control into the design, that'd be a welcome addition. • Range: The scooter should have a battery life that allows at least 40 miles per single charge. --Skills & Experience-- * Experience in designing and building custom electric scooters * Familiarity with the integration of modern tech features in transport devices * Knowledge of electrical system...

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    ...Flutter developer who is well-versed in Bluetooth technology. My project entails three major functionalities: - Connect to gadgets: Particularly, connecting with a gas chromatograph using both: [LE]: Low Energy (LE) Bluetooth connection [BR/EDR]: Basic Rate/Enhanced Data Rate. - Data interchange: This includes sending and receiving data to and from this scientific instrument - Device monitoring: The prospective developer should be adept in keeping tabs on the status of the gas chromatograph Ideal Skills/Experience Required: - Proficient Flutter Development skills - Extensive experience in integrating Bluetooth in applications - Familiarity or past experience with gas chromatographs would be a plus - Ability to troubleshoot and monitor Bluetooth con...

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    ...and Models:** Support for major TV brands and models, including smart and non-smart TVs. - **Other Media Devices:** Compatibility with other home entertainment devices like DVD players, Blu-ray players, soundbars, and streaming devices. ### 2. **Connection Methods** - **Wi-Fi Control:** For smart TVs connected to the same Wi-Fi network, enabling direct app control. - **Bluetooth Connectivity:** For devices that support Bluetooth remote controls. - **Infrared (IR) Blaster Support:** Though iOS devices don’t have IR blasters, your app could integrate with third-party external IR devices or be developed for platforms that do. ### 3. **User Interface and Experience** - **Intuitive Design:** A clean, accessible interface that mimics the traditional remote layout for fam...

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    Connect buttons on XML to CS script. Ensure Bluetooth printing works. Using MAUI.

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    * Complete my existing project and modify API call and model. * Offline Online POS * Resources data call during login and app opening. * Make multiple dinein order for a resource. Print KOT, bills via Lan / Bluetooth 58mm printer. * Customer create and sync. * API call order place, order list, bill create, bill settlement * Order list page with manually sync. And filter. *Unsync data sync automatically when back online.

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    I require a specialist to develop a state-of-the-art motherboard for a lockbox. This motherboard will feature: 1. Contactless Payment: The lockbox should open upon successful detection of a Near Field Communication (NFC) payment. 2. Features: Includes Bluetooth connectivity, PIN code entry, and a biometric fingerprint scanner. Immediate opening of the lockbox is necessary post successful NFC payment. If you are experienced in building sophisticated, secure electronic systems and have a deep understanding of NFC technology, you are the right fit for this project.

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    ...Deliverables: - Bluetooth Connectivity: The speaker requires an uncomplicated and successful connection to Bluetooth devices. Knowledge in Bluetooth technology is a must. - Moderate Battery Life: The speaker's designed to last between 6-12 hours on a single charge. Proficiency in power management and battery technology will be essential. Candidates with a strong background in electronics design, specifically audio devices with similar specifications, are highly preferred. Your portfolio demonstrating relevant work samples will greatly support your application. Let's create a portable speaker that combines functionality with style and performance. needs to be exact replica inside and out of QUDO wireless speaker F410

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