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    I need a program written in python3, in accordance with the specifications provided. The program is supposed to read a csv file containing dna sequences and identify if there are any matches. Please include lots of notes as to what each part of the code is doing, and keep the code as simple as possible (no fancy tricks, please). I also have an existing program in C, called readability, that need...

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    Hello! I run an agency called Chili Piper. We offer digital marketing services to small and large companies. We are looking for a talented Senior Graphic Designer to join our growing team. This position is completely remote and the selected candidate would be able to work from anywhere as long as they have fast and reliable internet. :) Are you an entrepreneur at heart with a lot of drive to ma...

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    10 pages on Touch DNA Analysis 10 references APA pages- cover page- By Saturday night

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    Trophy icon Amazon Building Logo Tamat left

    I have just taken over as a Station Manager of an Amazon building. It’s designated as DNA1. I would like to commission a logo for the building that would appear on signage/email signatures etc. I would like it to be a clever mix of the DNA molecule and something that captures the spirit of Nashville, TN. It would also need to have “DNA1” underneath in an interesting but readable ...

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    need dedicated graphic, presents water man with words DNAWATER. The whole person should be made by water. Shape starts from 3 dna helices, finished on the top with V-shape arms with hands „open to the sun”. Face- unisex, long hair. Above words "DNA WATER" My idea-inspiration (you can use it or make your own) You may start with making the „basis”. The foundatio...

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    My dearest friend needs a full scale social media campaign created and sustained. I represent an elderly San Diego county California woman of British birth who is an out of wedlock daughter of Princess Diana’s granddad, 4th Baron Maurice Fermoy. Her name is Ann Ukrainetz This was discovered in 1999 when she found her deceased mother’s memoirs revealing to her the circumstances of her b...

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    I have advertised for this role before, and to some degree, we found a solution but I have now realized I need an individual with specific experience in this. When I say experience, at least 4-5 years of machine learning or data science experience who can quickly identify how to make these issues right and work with other developers to perfect s structural framework Using a scraping framework on ...

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    Catalyst are looking to redesign their brand deck template, with the following considerations: • Is synergistic with the new Catalyst website • Reflects the brand DNA and ‘The Catalyst Way’ (our values) • Fresh, dynamic design layout • Applies a design thematic and colour palette that ties the overall look and feel together • The template should lend well to a ...

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    I'm an energy healer. I want an infinity symbol, that is made from golden DNA that has sparks of light coming off it. Plus the colours of the charkas systems going through it. & the top it connects up to a bright star & bottom to be a tiny earth The writing will be in Gold I did a drawing attached 'Logo MQH' & attached some more detailed ideas

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    Sila Dafter atau Log masuk untuk melihat butiran.

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    The logo is for a research project. The research project is called GeNepher. The project involves researching genes that cause renal disease. I would like a logo with kidneys and DNA structure (double helix) and maybe the outline of a human. The name of the project should be visible as well. Be creative!

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    I am looking at starting a product line from scratch. It is a herbal product specifically for men aged 50 plus. It is designed to realign an individuals DNA taking someone aged in their 50's back a few years. Mid 30's early 40's. The product will be called MAP an acronym for Mid Aged Performance the MAP acronym referencing DNA mapping. Also, I hope the individual I hire will be able...

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    Trophy icon Logo for biotechnology company Tamat left

    A biotechnology company called BioPoint needs a logo for website, letterheads etc. We are thinking something that represents the Point part of the name. Maybe pointing forwards. Maybe an arrow. The company uses cells. Has a focus on drinking water, testing and microbiology. Do not include - leaves - DNA helix

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    Trophy icon Design a logo Tamat left

    Hi, I am an entrepreneur based in Wayanad district, Kerala, India. Wayanad is a beautiful hill station in the south of India. Wayanad is known for its beautiful hills, forests, wildlife and pleasant climatic conditions. In the world of Trade and Commerce, Wayanad is renowned for its Spices. It can be rightly identified as the birthplace of Black Pepper. Wayanad is also one of the largest coffee g...

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    I need to find someone to tidy up the style and format so that I can keep working on the content and not worry about the look. The formatting is a bit inconsistent at the moment, and I’d like the style to be simpler and 'cleaner' lines, not so cartoon-like. Their English needs to be good so that they know what the charts and graphs are saying. They need to be able to work over t...

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    Our company is a DNA/RNA Extraction Kit production company. We have been selling to marketers, but now we want our own website to sell to more clients. We have a domain but not a functioning website. Our current website runs on WordPress. We would want someone to develop our website fully, ie eCommerce is working, customers are able to create their own account on the website, security, and etc.

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    For this project you need good TV series writing skills, understand how to develop unique characters and surprising, twisting plots Type: gritty crime drama (violence, torture, abuse, corruption) Topic: open air prison adjacent to UN compound Location: dessert The prison is populated with extremists, smugglers, thieves, illegals, violent criminals, terrorists, refugees The series explores...

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    Seeking submissions for a corporate identity for a biotechnology startup. Project requires 3 aspect ratio variations of the main logo, square, landscape and portrait. Letterhead, business cards and brochure material also needed. If custom fonts are used they will need to be provided. Company is called Channelomics, primary focus is drug discovery targeting ion channels, and touching on relat...

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    The primary goal of the application is to build AI driven platform for sports industry to have Fan Engagement, Players Index, Teams Index functions. Data will be collected from sports feeds and use unique AI algorithms to analyze the data and project various features through Web and Mobile. Some of the features will be Real Time Contract Value Graph, Team Contract, Career Earnings Projection, Exte...

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    The primary goal of the application is to build AI driven platform for sports industry to have Fan Engagement, Players Index, Teams Index functions. Data will be collected from sports feeds and use unique AI algorithms to analyze the data and project various features through Web and Mobile. Some of the features will be Real Time Contract Value Graph, Team Contract, Career Earnings Projection, Exte...

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    The primary goal of the application is to build AI driven platform for sports industry to have Fan Engagement, Players Index, Teams Index functions. Data will be collected from sports feeds and use unique AI algorithms to analyze the data and project various features through Web and Mobile. Some of the features will be Real Time Contract Value Graph, Team Contract, Career Earnings Projection, Exte...

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    Hi there, we are rebranding our SHOP and we are looking for a creative LOGO. The shop's new name will be "HYDRO". Our new facade will be all black (matte) and I believe it can be usefull to know that we are situated in a shopping mall. Our current sign is light blue and white, with strong backlight (which gives a nice contrast to the black color of the facade) We would like to ...

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    I am building a School and it is called School of Purpose. I have provided a concept below. School of Purpose is a school providing programs that will help people with their limiting beliefs, emotional blocks, helps people find their purpose. I am building a community of like minded people who are in touch of their awareness. These people have gone through a traumatic journey whether its depressi...

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    Hello, I’m looking for a simple logo, of DNA Interior, LLC the company name. It is a construction company but I’d like a subtle play on the dna

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    DNA- HLA Laboratory Logo Name : Applied Immunogenetics API

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    Here is the beginning of a blog article that we are working on: MULTISCREEN™ STABLE CELL LINES -COMBINING BIOLOGICALLY-RELEVANT ASSAYS WITH CELL ENGINEERING Cell-based assays are essential throughout the drug discovery process from target validation, hit identification (by high throughput screening or rational drug design), SAR lead optimization and the determination of safety and selectiv...

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    Im creating t-shirts/sweatshirts that are geared for young christians, looking for something trendy and eye-catching My first design Im looking to portray someone getting back DNA results and saying "the results are in" "Jesus is the Father" Please submit your designs on a black t-shirt or black sweater

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    Trophy icon New Company Name and Logo Tamat left

    Hey there hope all is well. I am looking to start a new company we are looking for a name, and if possible a logo as well. The name has to have available domain. We are a DNA company like 23 and me however we focus more on the health aspect of things. We work on detecting cancers/diseases people are susceptible to based on their DNA and working on preventative care. Thank you guys!

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    I have an already written treatment for a sci-fi TV series. I am now at the stage where I am needing a graphic designer to come in and design the whole thing. Think of a 20 page brochure for a dark, sexy, apocalyptic sci-fi drama. I want the images and design of the pages to look like "WOW". Example: A treatment that I got my hands on had a coil of DNA strings flow throughout the pages...

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    need a java freelancer, who is an expert with java to solve three challenges, they are basic java coding challenges need to be done asap by a professional freelancer, should be done asap within 10-15 mins here is challenges: first: * Within this Calculator class you will need to create 4 methods. * The four methods will relate to the basic functions of a calculator and should be named: ...

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    We are a clinical laboratory, seeking a freelance coder with the experience and skills to evaluate medical forms for clients that might qualify for a hereditary cancer DNA test based on their personal or family history and then identify the appropriate ICD-10 codes according to CMS guidlines.

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    Want to print out this image so it's 5 foot wide. One photo shows the image on a wall (2 walls joined in a corner). The other photos you can use to make 1 large image. ALSO, would like some minor changes to this image. 1. The woman with the hat, change to a man with a hat. Use the similar cartoon style. Please add a hat to him (photo of hat uploaded) and a mustache. (how it looks is ...

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    We are an outbound insurance sales call center. We work for an Insurer. We are required to call customers, make sales then capture these sales and export the data to the insurer daily. We currently use a manual process. Our sales agents write on a paper application( standard funeral [log masuk untuk melihat URL]) all the details required for the policy. This then gets sent to a QA dept where the ...

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    Looking for a graphic design who will produce a DNA AQUAMAN graphic for me. The shape starts from DNA HELIX as picture 1 but whole person should be made by water as on the picture 2. You can finish the arms on V-shape (pic.3) Over the arms I need logo-words "DNA WATER" -where letter "N" can be "lightning". Thats all:)

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    Want a logo based on a brain with the non-profit name. This is for a non-profit biomedical consulting and advisory group I want the surface undulations of the brain to be made of a DNA molecule. When you look at the surface of the brain there are ripples and undulations. I want those undulations to be made from a long multicolored DNA molecule (see brain examples) Other items desired will be...

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    I am looking for someone who has good knowledge about Role of scientific evidence with special reference to DNA technology in India and various other countries ( other countries only in 4 to 5 page) The candidate will have to write in all 30 to 40 pages. The candidate must have aa degre in Law.

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    I want to ran a health and fitness club for women .(Ultimate) is my club name so I think infinity icon combine with DNA icon can be [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I think base part of DNA can be a dumbbell.I prefer colourful logo: a big icon And small text. Also ULTIMATE has to be bold and health and fitness club small Best regard Thanks

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    HRMates video Tamat left

    Create a video with following theme [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Why You Should Choose HRMates For most organizations, automating HR is the most complex and expensive proposition, as HR systems and processes get built over time and become the DNA of the organization. If we imagine the HR of mature organizations as complex containers, a single solution does not fit, and organizations end up using...

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    Hi, my website is about DNA Ancesty Testing. First I need back-end to be developed with the order inputting table which I attached "the doc file". You can recommend me which back-end will you use, it's up to you just it should be user friendly. For the order inputs, database information I'll provide from my end with an excel sheet. Check the reference website: [log masuk untuk...

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    We are doing an animated explainer video about Molecular Engineering and we need someone to do the voiceover. -American Accent -600 words approx. -3-minute length approx. -Knowledge about DNA and RNA is a plus

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    I have two start-up companies in new York city area and we need websites for the businesses. We want with E-commerce capabilities. We would like to build these two websites using wordpress Dna Organization [log masuk untuk melihat URL]://[log masuk untuk melihat URL] Nyc Collectives LLC- lifestyle brand company (feature cigars, sprits and fashion) i.e. [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    We are a start up company that produce and sell scale model car replicas (DNA Collectibles). We need to create a motion design of around 30 seconds to be used for social media marketing campaign for people that don't know our products nor our brand. The goal is to describe our brand with key information like: high quality and very detailed cars, very accurate replicas, exclusive cars (neve...

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    Hi! I need website regarding DNA Ancesty. Basically, I need the backend to be developed. Check attachment & quote me. Here is some reference site: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Thanks!

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    Hello, I am looking for someone who can help me create facebook and instagram event covers for courses I teach in holistic healing. For every course, I would need one fb event cover and one instagram cover for promotional purposes. Attached is the information to be used for every cover. In total, there are 11 courses for which I require these covers. Also, there is one diagram I have made (theta...

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    Hi Gwang Jin K., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you part of my current project. We can discuss any details over chat. It will require you to install a combinatorial DNA array patterning Python script I have which I would like to install in Blender. Not sure how much time it will take you or how much to charge. Would like to chat about it. Best Regards, Miguel Zorn

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    I am searching for an artist who would be interested in studying the art and published writings of the novels I will share, in "A Cosmic Legacy: From Earth to the Stars." This novel is a one-year-anniversary edition of the Further Than Before: Pathway to the Stars main and subtitle series. The focus is on humanity working together to preserve all life, bring long-term longevity to realit...

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    Trophy icon WEST CREATIVE COMPANY Tamat left

    WEST CREATIVE COMPANY is a creative production company that is focusing on storytelling and content creation for fiction, documentary, commercials, photography, XR, VR and 360. We create work that pushes the boundaries and challenges the forbidden. Our DNA lies in thinking outside conventional narratives to create branded content.

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    BioGeneXe Logo Tamat left

    looking yo get a Logo Created for our DNA testing company Company name is BioGenexe I'm looking to use the DNA spiral genetic symbol that twist in the I in Bio and The X GeneXe. also open to other Ideas relating to DNA the pics below are just dome options and would like it to be Futuristic and Modern looking logo for doing DNA and Genetic mapping

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    Ken Buser ist Schweizer Marktführer im Bereich Personaltraining. Für das weitere Wachstum suchen wir Mitarbeiter, welche unsere Kultur und DNA leben. Wir legen Wert auf flache Hierarchien, Mitspracherecht, Transparenz, faires Gehalt und ein Arbeitsklima, welches Teamarbeit und die Ausschöpfung des eigenen Potentials fördert. Dein Job Planung von Onlinekampagnen Schalt...

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    Shirt Print Tamat left

    Hey, We are going to print shirts and we need somebody that can make a similar DNA Spiral as the image attached. The image must have a transparent background and a DPI of 300. I want the freelancer do deliver the same DNA Spiral (same size) but in many different colors. I want to be able to try uploading the final project to the company printing the clothing to see if it looks good. //Linus

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