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    Need (ASP) of systematic review about intervention for stress (student or teacher) in education. Memerlukan kajian sistematik review tentang intervensi tekanan atau kesihatan mental yang berkaitan dengan dunia pendidikan.

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    Kami punya aplikasi yang dibuat menggunakan ASP, dan butuh bantuan tenaga ahli untuk standby di event kami (1 hari, full day) untuk berjaga-jaga seandainya aplikasi mengalami masalah. Aplikasi yang digunakan merupakan aplikasi barcode untuk sistem registrasi.

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    Please bid if you are an expert and have previous work in the asp web forms

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    ...people to be able to register an account and all the registered information goes to a private encrypted email address, that way people can make an account if they wish to or proceed as a guest but not be able to buy without an account made. Payment methods will be Bitcoin, Etherium, PayPal, Visa and Mastercard. I can provide an address/ account for each one if needed Must be A regional app to UK asp that only residents of the UK can gain access as I do not have export licenses or permits Many thanks in advance ...

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    I want to send OTP/Link through email. now i have to purches email services for that. I want API to send email as per my schedule time. just like birthday wish..etc. I want to use this email for resistor my website through email link. coding required in C# or ASP DOT net Free service for life time.

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    The front end – or the client-side – is considered the most vulnerable part of a website. As such, it is often targeted by cybercriminals looking to steal valuable customer data. Criminals will exploit third-party technologies to sneak in ‘the back door’ of a website. Leveraging live chat bots, social media buttons, CSS injection, keylogging, DDoS attack, trackers or advertisements to gain access to website visitors' personally identifiable information (PII). I need the support of a «security consultant» to verify (and correct/bugfix) specific login form placed into a website. I need to verify if current security controls that are in place are enough or new one is needed. I need a complete report about security bugs AN...

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    Upgrade VPS from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2016 Hello dear friends, I currently have a website, developed in ASP language (No running under IIS 6. Unfortunately this I need to upgrade the operating system of my VPS from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2016 (Because TLS 1.2 security certificate is not compatible with win server 2003). We need the same website will be hosted and run correctly on a windows server 2016 Now website is working on classic asp, and Mysql Server just installed, version 5.26 On IIs6 is configured isapi rewrite module for url rewriting Is necessary to configure SSL on webserver after migration

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    As discussed, need to encrypt a column of an MS-SQL table and read/write using Classic ASP

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    ASP expert 2 hari left

    Hello I have old asp site backup files and I would like to run it on my local machine. If you can do this job, send the proposal!

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    REQUIREMENT FOR PROJECT: This is a web ERP Program (Multi-tenancy). It has some Mobile App for some functions but Main program still in Web which use Angular 13 as front end. The Project use ASP. Net Zero as main framework then must be follow the structure by ASP. Net Zero v11.3 (latest) Front End: Use Angular 13 Back End: ASP.Net Core 6 Module for Mobile: Use Xamarin or PWA but must a part of ASP.Net Zero Project The last freelancer (Mr. Dibyodyuti M) has already finished almost the front End for this project as library (Angular Schedule) but I could not contacted with him anymore so I need other continuous to finish this project as bellow: 1. For Angular Schedule project (library): Change some interface (about size, position and the way show) for main screen and 6 sub wind...

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    ASP project 1 hari left

    I have asp site backup file and I would like to deploy on my local machine via screenshare. Can you help me? Thanks

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    I have the asp project files and I would like to deploy it on my local or server. Thanks

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    A project should be done in CSP and ASP and then test with 30 instances and running time of them should be compared. Write a Minizinc and an ASP program capable of finding a solution to the following problem. Prepare a battery of 30 benchmark instances. Generate them randomly but prepare some easy/small instances (a couple of running time seconds), some average instances (a couple of minutes) and some hard instances (exceeding timeout). Run both the Minizinc and the ASP encoding on all the instances, possibly exploring different search strategies, with a timeout of 5 minutes for each test (``configuration'' option in Minizinc, --time-limit option in clingo, in both cases you can use linux tricks) In case of COPs, report the best value for the solution fou...

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    1. A search functionality/script for the website that can search a single word or a combination of words (phrase) or any of the keywords entered, in any language (english, german, spanish, greek, etc). There will be magnifying glass in the website navigation menu, user enters his search word/words/phrase and hits "search". It will take him to i.e. page where the results will be presented. 2. The results should be presented in the results page one under the other and for each results we show the meta-description, then i.e X amount of characters before the matched search term that is highlighted and Y amount of characters after the searched term and below to show the actual webpage link so user can click to go that page. The results page to have a pagination whe...

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    - Migration and Domain Transfer to new hosting - Navigation like - Font and Color Change like - Create new Faqs Page - Bank Details on the existing Proforma Invoice - Company Name in existing Proforma: Capitalize each word - Sort Course wise data from the data generated in the admin Panel - Payment Reminder to registered members (manual sending option is okay)

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    I would like to upload or import an excel file and then read the data for send it to microsoft azure sql database, I have a sample project but it doesn't work well. this is the link where I copy the idea to implement to my project but I need import and add a button fo...would like to upload or import an excel file and then read the data for send it to microsoft azure sql database, I have a sample project but it doesn't work well. this is the link where I copy the idea to implement to my project but I need import and add a button for save in the database and inactive some clients that have those ID of the excel I've added a sample project, so, you have the idea and you can export de excel but I need to import too

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    Want to be able in classic asp on a web page to enter a 2 digit number where the input takes focus in chrome browsers in ios and android so that after 2 digits are entered it sends this data to a web page as input. This to be done with no enter key pressed. So if I enter 04 after the 4 is pressed it submits the input via a link to a designated webpage such as

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    Note the language of the site is Asp core Adding a local payment gateway to my website, aswell as completing the link by extracting the API and sending it to the application programmer to complete the process of linking the site and the application. It is preferable to work on any desk or any other program

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    I need estimate shipping combo boxes and the functionality copied to the product page. and getting calculated shipping on cart page, simple and easy fix, need to asp mvc and or nopcommerce

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    Adding the First Iraq Bank payment gateway to my website ،My site is a multi-vendor platform that I want to develop on and I have a lot of very close tasks that I will ask to be executed by the expert Freelancer only

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    I want to develop a game on xamarin ( so to be runned on android and ios), so I am looking for a good designer and developer to do this task. Expected delivery: * wireframes (12) * the game graphical identity (screens, icons, pictures, font, backgound of the levelx3) * a level creator ( so non techie guys can build the levels). It will produce an XML file that can be attached to the games to add new level. * the level creator is an ASP web application, that displays an emulated phone screen where a user can select the background , road block ( 4 blocks ), decoration ( small tree, big tree, small group of rocks, big rocks), enemies (waves) , hangar and initial ressources. * source code of the game including at least 2 levels created by the level creator. * the freelance ...

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    we have a functioning prototype in googelsheets but its unusable in mobile. we will upgrade to I will create the back end DB. It is intended to be a VERY basic POS for clients who sell only a few basic simply configured single-row products. main tabs are product, add2basket, checkout(invoice), print preview, history and sales chart. we have an old asp mvc project that in fact has all this if you wish you can use that as a base. but it was desktop only i think (developed 5 years ago for a hair salon). the google sheet is

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    Hi Asp Global T., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Good afternoon, what I want to create is a project that has login, authorization, users, crud and, if possible, a master detail. This with Angular, DevExtreme and BackEnd in Core 6.

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    We are looking for a ASP .Net developer wth experience of 7+ Years with NVC and C#

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    Requirements: · IIS web development. · Microsoft DOTNET framework · C#.NET, VB.NET, ASP, WINFORM · HTML / CSS / JS / JQUERY / XML / XSL / JSON / AJAX. · Microsoft SQL Server · Two + years of experience · Fluent English written and spoken

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    i have an online Classic ASP Application and emailing attached pdf files to the customers with using CDO.Message. i am currently using my hosting SMTP server (most of emails are going to the Junk Email Folder and some emails don't deliver) but planning to use Microsoft Exchange SMTP server. i need a very experience ASP / ASP.Net developer or a Microsoft Exchange Engineer for developing a new coding / Microsoft exchange server setup. Maybe you can give me a better solution.

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    I'm currently working with a small client, and they recently applied security updates to their Windows Server 2012 R2 server; it broke a process in which they upload packages to the app. I would like you to troubleshoot and fix the issue and then assess moving the app to Azure as a PaaS type app.

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    We are looking to upgrade our current ASP APNS methods to move to Apple's new API. We require a set of scripts and instructions on how to send Push Notifications to the new Apple APIs. We are using Windows Server 2019, .net 4.5, IIS and VB. We have the .cer and we can create p12 versions of the files.

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    looking to have and old .asp website converted to WordPress

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    Hello, We have an admin dashboard built in ASP.NET (backend) and front end using a template purchased from Themeforest. In front end, it uses bootstarp for css, vanilla JS and html. Theme name is "Minia - For ASP". We want you to design some pages using theme elements and connect it with our APIs for pulling and sending data. Using AJAX to display data in charts, datatables and other UI elements. You don't have to write custom CSS, everything is already in the theme. You just have to use div classes to make design, pull data and display using JS. It needs to be done for some 6-8 pages.

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    E-commerce Tamat left

    Stiamo cercando uno sviluppatore WEB freelance che possa collaborare con il nostro reparto tecnico per lo sviluppo di un nuovo sito Web che dovrà sostituirne uno esistente. La persona dovrà avere ottime conoscenze di ASP, ASP.NET MVC, CSS "responsive", SQL

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    I would like to create a web application using ASP CLASSIC only to create "groups of appointments" (each group will have its own color) like insurance, invoices, ... Within each group of appointments one or more appointments will be created (for example under "insurance" there could be "Car insurance", "Home insurance", ...) that will have - start date / time - end date / time - target groups of appointments - alert how many days before - who has to receive the "email alert" On the user's home page, some graphs must be displayed (see attachments) that show how many appointments in the next few weeks, how many appointments by categories, etc. Daily, will be possible to see what happens today, tomorrow, next week, next month......

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    We have a very large, functioning 20 year old system being used for eCommerce to Rent Vacation Homes, Reserve Hotels, and buy Theme Park Tickets as well as create package bundles. The Cart System is using a mixture of ASP / ColdFusion and PHP. We are displaying the Cart and Shopping inside of a WordPress Site, where we just put it inside after the header and wrap with the footer after. We are looking for a committed developer or small team of knowledgeable developers to take over this projects development as this is an ongoing development work client. The main work needing to be handled by the awarded developer would be visual style / placement changes to the existing cart system. Occasional Troubleshooting and Resolution, Pricing Change Imports into the Database, Addition...

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    Please bid if you are an expert and have previous work in the asp web forms or classic

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    I want to create a new application using ASP classic (or webforms, VB code). This information is not complete but is sufficient to provide an estimate (times and costs). No C#, no third party controls, no compiled objects.

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    • Need Strong resource having working experience in Microsoft BizTalk server and .NET along with that having experience in BizTalk SQL server, BizTalk Analyse and should be able t...Microsoft BizTalk server and .NET along with that having experience in BizTalk SQL server, BizTalk Analyse and should be able to develop solutions for new projects. • To Develop, test and implement BizTalk applications, schemas, maps, pipeline, orchestration, custom XSLT etc. • To maintain the technical documentation related to project design and implementation. • Should have good knowledge in C#, ASP Net, REST, Web Services and IIS. • Should have experience in integration applications/Tools like API gateway, BAM, Deployment tool. • Must Include experience on how WCF,HTTPS,H...

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    i need to integrate UPS on my own project its asp i need some one code it and explain for me

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    Hi, I have a crystal report that has a list of 26 images, the report has a query that generates the image by doing a calculation. I really need a classic ASP page to do the same

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    I would like to create a new application using ASP classic (or webforms, VB code). This information is not complete but is sufficient to provide an estimate (times and costs). No C#, no third party controls, no compiled objects. ----- General info ----- The new portal/application must allows (after login) users to store and retrieve file via browser (like File Explorer of Windows). Browsers in use are Firefox and Chrome. The new portal/application will work under IIS 10 (Windows). User access will be managed using user/pass + a third safety parameter will be necessary (as if there were two passwords). This program will be used in many countries: it would be useful to be able to "quickly" change the labels and placehoders in the language of the end user. -----...

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    1. Converting all .asp files to PHP 2. Exporting all files to the new portal (login pass will be supplied) 3. Creating 1 link on the existing webpage (wordpress) to access the main program 4. Ensuring the sample db is accessible, (DB only 15 record only). 5. DB only contain file record. 6. Application is for search function only. Note: the web portal is only able to run PHP, Ruby, Phyton

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    Pinoy ONLY! can finish the project for 1 week. I'm Looking for Full stack developer that has knowledge in ASP. net , C#, Sql The scope of works is simple. You just need to Create Modals and Alternate reports.

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    have a page from a site project that displays data and has a hyperlink and have one set of data that it is working and most of the time is not working - just does nothing I just need someone to review the code and determine why this is happening and fix to make it work This is in ASP Classic Programming - VB Script - is a form on page within a iframe on another page

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    Please bid if you are an expert and have previous work in the asp web forms or classic

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    Only Looking for someone who is experience in nopcommerce 3.9 and higher. Have two paypal button, one is working and it uses controllers and the other has no functionality whatsoever. I need the button that is not functioning to work like the one that is functioning. NEED TO KNOW ASP MVC AND NOPCOMMERCE

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    Need something which was possible years ago with '' , to save variables from actionscript 2 (Flash MX2004) to a local text file using Windows 7 and 10. The actionscript to nominate the filename, create the txt file if it doesn't exist, overwrite or append an existing txt file. Hopefully without the need for asp, php, cfm or similar. All should be local. All variables will be letters or numbers only. Don't need any fancy interface, just the bare bone fla file and whatever is needed to create a txt file.

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    I already have the website fully operational for many years. I have 1 page I need updated with some functionality. Attached is what the page currently looks like. This website is a football pool for my friends for NFL games. On a normal week there are say 13-16 games , the coaches have a team name , coach name and email address. If there are 16 games , then they will pick the winner of each of the 16 games and assign a point value representing how confident you are they will win. You can only use each point 1-16 once only so on this example if you get them all right you would total 136 points. When they make their picks here , they get an email from my page and gives them their picks that they made so they have a confirmation of their picks. Here is what the page does: 1...

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    I have total 9 years of experience in DotNet and looking for a project. I am a direct developer and can work on projects having requirements of below skill set. Please DM me if you have a project that has requirements from any of the below skills: Dotnet Dotnet core Angular Sql Server C# Linq Entity Framework Mvc ASP. Net Blazor Azure devops

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    Create MSI Installer For Existing Program - ASP .NET WINFORM i want to create MSI INSTALLER for a windows application i want to create trusted MSI Installer

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