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    Please take a look on my Screenshot ive attached. That is my App. I want to add a existing login/register/mysql script from github to it on the last tab "account" on the tab bar. With a check if user is logged in or not. When the user is logged in show the data from the mysql row for his emailname. when not show page with two buttons "login" or "register" Here is the...

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    This project is for building an eCommerce app with onboarding, log in with FB/IG, sign up with FB/IG, swiping, item search, liking, sharing on social media, buying an individual item (checkout and payment), and subscribing (which is paying monthly so you can try items out and send them back instead of buying). Ideally this app will use React Native so it can work on iOS and Android, and FireBase ...

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    Hi, We have a busy api server running on nginx. we want to do some analytics with the json requests we receive. We send them from nginx to a remote rsyslog machine and store there in disk. We now want to parse this json data using rsyslog parser(s), get he required fields and send them to a table in mysql and need help in this part. What you will do is writing a script in grock or rsysog rules (an...

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    Hello, I need to have some information filled in on a form based on my publishing catalogue. Take the information in the "Report [log masuk untuk melihat URL]" and insert it into "Mood Media catalog template [log masuk untuk melihat URL]" using Excel or Google Sheets. To determine song length, album, release and feature info please see: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Publish...

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    I need someone who can help me build a small interface that will be used when calling customers. 1. We have a database with our Leads (Name, address, phone number etc.). 2. For each call a new customer (db row) should be loaded from the 'Leads' table and displayed as shown in the file below. 3. The phone number should be linked so that a Skype call can be made (Button to call on Skype)...

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    I am looking for an experienced Zend Framework developer who is comfortable with ZF1.8, mysql ,jquery and linux os. It would be desirable if you also have good knowledge of wordpress. You will be working on a nearly finished project completing several functions so that the application can be launched. There will also be an opportunity to be a part-owner of the product in return for develop...

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    Greetings - I am in need of converting thes mss sql server query to mysql. Whop can achieve thes or me? SET @v_start_date = '20190101'; SET @v_number_of_months = 12; WITH cte_input_values AS ( /* insure @start_date is the first day of the month */ SELECT CAST(TIMESTAMPADD(MONTH, TIMESTAMPDIFF(MONTH, 0, @v_start_date), 0) AS date) AS start_date ), cte_tally10 AS ( SELECT * ...

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    I would like to have a general PHP script for 1. processing JSON from file in the folder 2. record the results into MySQL table on server 3. and then deleting the file in folder.

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    I need an MySQL expert to assist me in getting my database imported into MySQL and it working on my local server (xampp) and my local website that mirrors my live site, so I can have a development system. Also, need assistance with Brackets to allow me to view my PHP files once the db and website are on the local development machine. If you don't read this, I will NOT consider you for this p...

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    MySQL PHP website developer, Spanish-english bilingual, business knowledge, 4 hours per day, USA Eastern time

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    We use CS CART and are currently seeing extremely high levels of demand on the server due to MySQL...there are errors we need information about and to fix the problem. I only want to hear from people that are MySQL experts and are familiar with CS Cart Ecommerce. All generic and copy and paste bids will be ignored. thanks in advance

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    I need to make a web service in xml format.. We will get request from users in xml format like .. see image And Will respond to users same format. If anybody have experience to make this API using PHP....

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    Thank you for your reading. - We need an admin panel with login/signup module. - You should use MySQL database for that. - High quality of code is preferred. - Laravel 5.8 framework will be best for us. New freelancers are welcome. Feel free to place your bids.

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    Hello, I'm looking for a full-stack developer for on-going web development projects. The first project is a sports website where we integrate APIs to get data, integrate RSS feeds for news, Stripe payments for processing payments etc.. Communication is super important too. You must have a fast response time (< 15 mins) as we need to update clients effectively. Looking forward to hearing...

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    Pet adoption listing and contact platform with the following requirements: - Ability to list pets for adoption (including location, breed details, colours of the pet, description of the pet, images, etc.) - Ability to browse pets that are up for adoption based on location and to then contact the person that listed them, either by e-mail or telephone (e-mail will need a form filled in with their o...

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    In your proposal pls answer the Questions. What is Button 3? What API you will use? I have a website with many categories of products, i need a GUI(with buttons) to scrape data from every category of products into MySQL db. I will provide the website upon agreement. Part 1: It will be a GUI, which have 4 buttons Button-1: Schedule ---> It will ask you to provide the category names Button-2: Scr...

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    Need you to help design catalogue for Animesh only.

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    I need a freelancer to make changes in an elearning website. Need this done in 2 days

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    i have my own portal in which arzoo api is alredy intrigated but we need one more api like herms for Flight ,hotel and bus for (red bus)

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    My website is slow especially for first visit sometimes disconnecting DB due overload many modules installed maybe that is the reason and maybe need indexing of MySql not sure However I need some one expert to solve this issue for me except caching solutions

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    Support tech for customer service mostly for US-based customers. Successful candidate must have experience in customer service, in command line Linux, and with mysql databases. Quality of written English must be excellent, and spoken English also very good. This position will help to provide night-time support for US-based customers, as well as helping to clear existing customer service tickets...

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    Engagement Expectation --- Its a design and implementation project to be done by the vendor. We will share what our As-is structure is and what is to-be. DevOps person would Design the system, take a signoff Implement and take a sign off Additionally its assumed that Vendor has working experience on Docker, Kubernetes and other similar technology. We expect the vendor to share details of the ...

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    I have a program that I purchased and I need assistance installing on my Xampp Server with MySQL. On the local machine in Windows 10 Professional I will not create any milestones until I see a working Demo, then I will create a milestone, but will not release it till I have the code and test it on my PC in Xampp, MySQL Workbench, Brackets to build and render properly. Then I will release the mile...

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    Smart Parking System : A Java Servlet developed as a part of JAVA and Database Management System course. A very simple coding and design pattern has ben used to autoate the browsing through the parking lots, checking out empty spots, finding out whether it is available for advance booking, etc and fare calculation. Smart Parking System A Java Servlet developed as a part of JAVA and Database Manag...

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    gestione - iscrizione - movimenti (utenti)

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    mockups attached as images to the project’s description Hello, my name is Agata. I run a small VPN project, with a simple and short website. To improve my SEO on the web I want to start writing news related to VPN/privacy. So I need an `index news page` with the list of latest articles, ‘news single article + comment section’ and simple `upload_content` page requirements: -...

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    We are looking for a windows docker team that can creat docker images with windows program that can be called by php request.

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    when javascript try to load registration and instant messanger form....data is not generated from php functions on php fox platform

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    Hey Guys, I need this catalogue re branded and some products changed out I need the below changes All OLG logos changed to Dannys Desks logo All OLG phones numbers change to Dannys Desks number ALL OLG websites to Dannys Desks website The Product below need names changes Agile to Flex Modulus to Tulsa Team to Eisenhower EKO to Amazon Plantation to Oak Anvil to Avenger Mars Leg Cosmic to Avenger...

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    NEED PHP DEVELOPER WHO HAVE EXPERIANCE IN CORE PHP DEVELOPMENT WITH MINIMUM 3 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE. Requirement 1- minimum 3 years of experience 2- independent candidate 3- ready to do work daily approx 2 hour +++ 4- able create web application API for native app use. 5- able to understand old project code and work according to it.

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    I have a website that we need to modify and need a programmer who has the PHP, Mysql Konwing Laravel , Yii

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    Work is mysql data import - I had some issues with site and want to restore database backup of 5 days back now issue is this .. #1062 - Duplicate entry '8230;?' for key 'ht_name' so its 10-15 mins work for and expert to remove the errors and import data - i'll provide u mysql database, - cpanel / whm or server access also if needed

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    I need a bit of debugging on a website, as well as converted method of database logging from sqlite to mysql.

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    Hi I have a php file that was created to run on mysql. it runs perfectly on mysql database but am trying to make this scripts run on sqlite. All I need you is to convert the mysql statements to sqlite. The queries will remain the same

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    I need a PHP pro to create a forms creation program that allows me to create PHP forms with <div> <section> <fieldset> <legend> <h1> to <h6> <p> <page> <page-wrapper> <input> <select> <label> tags with the ability to style with css, or insert js scripts. I want to be able to set inline, stacked, etc for form fields. Would also...

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    it's a web development project very easy. explained clearly.

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    Display data from mysql It must work with my api (show history of records in mysql)

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    Hey! Relevant requirements will be shared through the chat only. Thanks, Raj D.

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    Work Location : Remote This is month-month contract position Requirements - Appdynamics specialist will do design, architecture , configuration and implementation service to client - Document a repeatable process or create a template that client can use when they introducing new app . - configure server infrastructure components based on recommended architecture and designs. - Assist the customer...

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    Our business website is outdated, clogged with many plugins and slow. We want to have a fresh, fast website with converting content and UX. Our priorities; - The developer needs to be self-motivated and creative. Must asses our competitors' website, inspired by them and offer something more appealing. (competitor websites will be given) - Wordpress based - AMP mobile pages - "Live" ...

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    I will share the details with a shortlisted developer. Thank you!

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    Hello, This is the URL: [log masuk untuk melihat URL]?underlying=frxAUDUSD&currency=AUD&market=forex&formname=risefall&is_equal=0&date_start=now&duration_units=h&duration_amount=2&expiry_type=duration&amount=100&amount_type=stake%22 I need 2 lines of data (starting with Net profit) like image extracted. If you can please give me your budget. I think it is ...

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    I need you to migrate my database fr MySQL to MongoDB. The application is web hosted up and running. Coded in php, codeginator framework and angular.

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    Bonjour, J'aimerais un logiciel web tel que décrit dans le document, j'ajoute que le développeur doit impérativement parler le français. De plus toute communication entre le site et la BD doit être crypté et ses données. Cordialement Sébastien Michaud

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    Build a custom home page with pages on top of wordpress with php and mysql chat for more details and price..

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    We are looking for assistance in create stored procedures and additional assistance in predicting trends among a larger dataset. Our tools would read email bodies and try to predict the next trend or current trends to adjust accordingly. We are looking to streamline process for our clients and work on predictive and automated methods to solve their clients problems. Initially it's by counting...

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    Looking for an active developer to help with our social media website, php/css/jquery/MySQL is must Wordpress/buddypress recommended

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    We are looking for assistance in create stored procedures and additional assistance in predicting trends among a larger dataset. Our tools would read email bodies and try to predict the next trend or current trends to adjust accordingly. We are looking to streamline process for our clients and work on predictive and automated methods to solve their clients problems. Initially it's by counti...

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    Hi, I am looking for a Symfony4 dev. Today, I have 3 Websites : - first one in Symfony 4 + homemade authentication - second one, SF4 + FOSUserBundle - last one In wordpress Each website has its own database on MySql The target is to get - One login system, common to all the websites. - Create account / edit account + recover password + security -> FosUserBundle? - One engine : Symfo...

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