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    zoho crm +flow + tookan setup api

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    ...bila entry posisi martingle, nilai lot kita akan digandakan. apa yang saya mahu buat adalah : 1. main entry adalah BUY 2. apabila harga terus menurun, harga akan digandakan dengan nilai lot buy +1, seperti contoh lot pertama adalah lot 0.01, lot kedua adalah lot 0.02 dan lot ketiga adalah lot 0.03. 3. apabila lot buy ke dua dibuka,saya mahukan nilai lot pertama (0.01) di buka dengan posisi sell. jika lot buy ke 5 di buka, sy mahukan nilai lot buy ke 4 dibuka utk sell. buatkan satu nilai variable utk saya set distance utk setiap entry. 4. lot sell mempunyai setting utk take profit. 5. dan saya mahukan ada pilihan untuk take profit dengan utk buy, seperti contoh jika sy mahu lot buy ditutup kesemuanya, jika total floating sudah profit 1usd...

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    Real Estate CRM Part 1 - multiple users (Staff 1, Staff 2, Closer 1, Closer 2 and etc) - Manually key in leads generated by staff (user) {Leads will contain multiple screenshots upload} - Submit the leads Part 2 - Closer 1 can login - Will have column like pending, completed, follow up - The pending column item will be reviewed and update the status and action accordingly. If require further action by staff, it will reassigned to the staff> Part 3 - When staff open again, staff will fill up the data required and create necessary docs and upload it back to the system. This update data and assign people will go on repetitively for above tasks. When done, it will move to completed column. Whichever leads not relevant at the moment, will move to follow up column...

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    Zoho crm setup Tamat left

    Zoho crm setup

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    MA CROSSOVER Tamat left advisor sederhana untuk MT4 dapat di aplikasikan untuk semua time frame dengan indikator EMA ... buy logic EMA dengan period yg lebih kecil ( contoh EMA 5 /EMA fast ) memotong keatas EMA dgn periode yg lebih besar ( contoh EMA 10 /EMA slow ) eksekusi buy tunggu konfirmasi harga open 1 bar berikutnya EMA 5 tetap diatas EMA 10 , 2. open sell logic kebalikannya (open buy logic) ( contoh EMA 5 cross down EMA 10 ).. 3. close buy logic EMA fast memotong kebawah EMA slow..konfirmasi close buy tunggu 1 bar berikutnya EMA fast tetap dibawah EMA atau stop loss /take profit (extern) done..lanjut eksekusi open sell logic 4..close sell logic kebalikannya ( close buy logic ) loss dan Take profit dapat di ubah ( extern ) frame extern ...

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    nak ea pending oder buy stop dan sell stop serentak yang boleh set stat price contoh stat price 123.000, jarak dari stat price boleh adjust contoh 10pip 123.100 buy stop 122.90 sell stop,layer buy stop dan sell stop boleh adjust contoh boleh set buy stop 20 layer sell stop 20 layer ,kemudian jarak diantara buystop dari layer ke layer boleh adjust begitu juga sell stop, kemudian boleh set take away profit jika pending oder terbuka boleh set profit contoh 100 ea akan close semua oder tadi,

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    ...Data collection using MS Excel, MS Word, Google Spreadsheet, or Google doc? Yes, you are in the right place. Please check out my expertise below. Data Entry Copy Paste Work Online Research Word Processing Document Conversion Data Cleansing Excel Data Entry Product Listing Shopify Product Listing CRM Data Entry Data Conversion Error Detection PDF to Excel or Word JPEG to Excel or Word Typing in Excel or Word Business Card Entry WordPress Data Entry E-commerce Products Listing Web Research and Web Scrapping Data Collection from LinkedIn/Instagram Property Research, Public Record Search Real Estate Research and Data Entry (Name, Email, Phone, Address, etc.) Why trust me? Quality work Positive Customer Reviews Quick Reply. On-time delivery Looking forward to your po...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can assist me in finding companies in the USA that buy plastic bottle packaging. Quantity: more than 10,000 units - I require a small quantity of plastic bottle packaging for my project. Intended Use: Pharmaceutical, consumer goods, food, packaging - The plastic bottle packaging will be used for pharmaceutical products. Timeline: Less than a month - I need to complete this project within a short timeframe. Skills and Experience: - Experience in the packaging industry, specifically in the pharmaceutical sector, would be ideal. -

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    We are looking for a creative designer to create an attention-grabbing Facebook Ad for our product Agent CRM. The ad should show viewers that Agent CRM is the one-stop shop for insurance agents, acting as their online office. The title of the ad is, "Your Insurance Office: Agent CRM". Please use our logo, which you can find at Our software provides lead nurturing, customer service, ads management, team oversight and 24/7 support. We need icons included that symbolize these features in order to stop the scroll and grab people's attention. The design must be made through Canva. I'm looking forward to seeing your designs!

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    We are creating an Instagram square post that will promote Agent CRM. T he text we will be using is, "We built Agent CRM so you don't have to open Agent CRM". Emphasize the words "Built" and "Don't Have to Open" We'll also use a color palette that is bright and engaging, and embrace the Instagram aesthetic of vibrant colors and modern fonts. The winner will be asked to provide an editable Canva template

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me deploy my Docker-based Microservices .NET Core project into my Hostinger VPS server. The project is developed in .NET Core 6.0 and I have a Dockerfile for the project available in my local environment. Requirements: - Experience with Docker and Dockerfile - Familiarity with deploying projects to VPS servers - Knowledge of CentOS 7 64bit operating system Skills and experience needed: - Strong understanding of Docker and Dockerfile - Previous experience with deploying projects to VPS servers, specifically Hostinger - Knowledge of CentOS 7 64bit operating system - Attention to detail and ability to troubleshoot and resolve any deployment issues

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    Website and Banners Redesigning Existing Website : * Port this website to w...* Existing carousals are to be resdesigned/edited so that they supports multiple-website/Mobile websites * Editing needs to be done properly for existing carousals to enhance the design * 1 more similar carousal to be designed * New product additions should be no code changes * We are selling products, only buy now link should be there where we can redirect the customers to external e-commerce platforms, but addition of products should be dynamic Ideal Skills and Experience: - Web design and development - E-commerce platform experience - Graphic design and banner creation - Understanding of modern design trends - Ability to create visually appealing and engaging banners for products/services

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    I am in need of a freelancer who can create a promotional video for my project. I have some ideas in mind but I need help with creating a script or storyline for the video. The desired duration for the video is less than 1 minute. Skills and Experience: - Experience in creating promotional videos - Ability to create engaging and attention-grabbing content - Strong storytelling and scriptwriting skills - Proficiency in video editing and production software

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    I'm looking for a freelancer to help me generate line graphs based on finance data stored in 5 separate Excel tabs. The graphs should emphasize a few, specific data points as specified by me (columns c,g and I) then put on graphs tab. My preferred format for the final deliverables is an Excel file. With your expertise, I'm confident that the data can be presented in an effective, graphical format that will help make individual trends and relationships clearer to my team.

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    Work on your own to submit You will create a movie rental Riak key-value store. The bucket should be movies, and the value should be json with releasedate (i.e. 2016), runningtime (i.e. 1:15), and genre (i.e. comedy, drama, horror). The key should be the title of the movie all together in Pascal case (TheLordOfTheRings). 1. Add 6 movies to the database from at least 2 genres (comedy, drama, horror). You can use to find the information about your selected movies. 2. Delete one of the movie records. 3. Our movie rental business has 3 branches (East, West, South). Create these branches. The bucket should be branches. The value should be json with the name of the branch. Link each of the remaining five movies to at least one of the branches. At least one of the movies should link to two...

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    We are an ISP. Our company needs to integrate and automate the entire process from user registration, to payment, to user device activation (CPE). Part of the application was developed in php and integrated with Stripe. However, some actions are still missing. We are looking for a person (or group) capable of following us in this development. Skills in php, wordpress, mysql, Stripe are required. A small diagram of the whole process attached.

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    trading video 6 hari left

    ...stock market, without referencing any specific trading platform. The video should be less than 5 minutes long so that viewers can have the information they need in a short amount of time. The goal of the video would be to provide viewers with an overview of how to best strategize for financial investments. This would include steps such as risk management, capitalizing on the most opportune time to buy/sell stocks, and how to make smart decisions when selecting stocks. The ideal freelancer would have a lengthy experience dealing with stock trading and understand the nuances of the stock market. They should also have the ability to produce a professional video with the necessary abstraction to make the video relevant and easy to interpret for most viewers. A well-crafted video wi...

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    Hi, My name is Miriam Zohar and I am book writer for children. I want to create a store (both web and mobile) where I can sell my audio books. the books will be in audio format but not e-books. they will be such as youtube videos. Clients must be able to buy subscription either monthly or yearly. if they buy monthly they should be able to access the content only from that specific month. also on the web I need to be able to sell some personalized products with the characters from the stories (journals, calendars, puzzles). the site should look like a magical place for children. the site should be some how interactive. I want to add also an AI chat bot so he can interact with the clients for the questions that they have. when they register I want to be able to co...

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    Need Best Sale Expert In India Only we are target Indian Market Only no fix salary no investment no target 1. Women's fashion 2. Home decoration products 3. Kitchen products and gadgets 4. Electronic products 5. Shoes 6. Lower 7. Track Suit 8. Men's Wear 9. Wall Decoration Products 10. Wooden Decoration Products 11. Hand Decoration Products 12. Gift Items like Watches Show peace...

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    It seems like the contest has been cancelled. If you're still okay i'll buy the end drawing for 20 € as expected.

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    ...solo entrepreneurs can engage with their audience without being overwhelmed by the volume of comments and messages. Database-Driven Email Marketing: Moving beyond traditional email marketing platforms like Mailchimp, our vision is to incorporate a database-driven approach. This ensures personalized outreach based on customer interactions with the business products, making marketing efforts more targeted and efficient. This means in a way that there is also the integration of a CRM which combines like on social media with clicks on the own website etc. The overarching aim is to offer a solution where an entrepreneur can set aside a day or even a week, craft content for an extended period (e.g., six months), set up the chatbot, and have a significant portion of their s...

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    Real estate agent 6 hari left

    Looking for a real estate agent to help me buy a property in an urban area with a budget above 500k. Ideal skills and experience: - Extensive knowledge of the real estate market in urban areas - Experience in negotiating and closing deals for properties above 500k - Strong network of contacts and access to exclusive listings in urban areas

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    I am looking for a Power Automate that can go through a SharePoint list on a weekly basis to find line items that have not been “approved” through the 5 stages (if applicable). The Power Automate will also need to send an email notification to set recipients based on the “category” of the item. This email should state both “Accept” and “Reject” depending on the data available. I require that the following data points(Item ID, Item Name and Item Status) should be included in the email notification. The number of recipients that should receive the email notification are a range on the category.

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    I am looking for a freelancer to help with link building for my website, specifically targeting the local Italian audience. The specific goals of the backlinks are to increase website traffic, improve search engine rankings, and generate leads and sales. onlly in wellness, sauna, jacuzzi not loooking for only blog links but for specific branche links, just buy blogpost for me no linkbuilding

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    I am in need of experienced professional to promote my websites ( & ). My target audience is anyone down to buy from Amazon. I am looking for a freelancer who is well-versed in the latest social media platforms and strategies to help me generate maximum reach for my promotions. My ideal candidate should be able to craft compelling content that resonates with the audience, as well as be able to properly track the success of our campaigns. I'm looking for someone who is driven and detail-oriented, ready to help me make the most of my promotional efforts.

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    ...already developed the script but it is not executing my trades correctly, is it needs some adjustment: for Up-trend: 1) an UP-TREND is true when the following conditions are met: a) high[1] > high[2] and high[2] > high[3] b) close[1] > 50 EMA (not just on crossover but at all times when this is true) 2) when UP-TREND is true, place a BUY-LIMIT on high[1] (i.e. the most recent closed candle). the trade should be executed IMMEDIATELY when the buy-limit is touched (not after the candle is closed!). 3) exit conditions are SL = low[1] and TP = SL amount in pips (i.e. 1:1 RR) 4) only ONE trade is possible at a time for Down-trend: 1) a DOWN-TREND is true when the following conditions are met: a) low[1] > low[2] and low[2] > low[3] b) close[1] &l...

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    ...above is our existing platform. Basic login/register and user admin portal is done by former developer. We are going to build like web application. We are going to add follows -document manage 1. Upload document a. User can upload it and only that user will have access to it b. User will be able to share the document with other User c. Other user will be able to delete the share document not the original document d. Owner will be able to delete the document e. Ownere will be able to change the name of the document f. Download the file 2. Multi- Ligual a. Multi-lingual b. Every user will be able to change the language -- user based -Electronic Sign (Main function) -payment/package module 1. Paypal integration 2. Stripe Integration 3. Subscription Module ...

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    I am looking to create a React-based e-commerce website that has a modern design style. It will have somewhere between 6-10 pages and some specific features I require. Freelancers applying to this project should include past work in their proposals as well as detailed project proposals. The specific features I am looking for must include user registration and login, a product catalog, and payment gateway integration. If you believe you can help me create a stunning website that meets my needs, please apply. Thank you!

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    I am looking for a Pinescript developer who can help me modify an existing script on TradingView to maximize profit through trail stoploss and target. Desired Outcome: - The main goal is to maximize profit by implementing an effective trail s...understanding of trading strategies and risk management. - Previous experience in implementing trail stoploss and target functionality. - Ability to work with existing scripts and modify them as per the requirements. - Attention to detail and ability to test and validate the modified script for accuracy and efficiency. More details of the strategy: The strategy is simple engulfing and conditions for buy and sell have been set but I need the stoploss to come to entry at the first tp and come to first tp at the second entry and so on until i...

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    Mobile app 6 hari left

    Project Description: Mobile app for E-commerce on both iOS and Android - We are looking for a skilled mobile app developer who can create an E-commerce app for both iOS and Android platforms. - The main purpose of the app is to provide a platform for users to buy and sell products online. - The app should have a user-friendly interface and smooth navigation to enhance the shopping experience. - We have specific design preferences and requirements for the app, and we would like the developer to incorporate them into the design. - The ideal candidate should have experience in developing E-commerce apps for both iOS and Android platforms. - Strong knowledge of mobile app development frameworks and programming languages such as Swift, Java, or Kotlin is required. - Experience in integr...

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    I need someone who can help me to include Buy/Sell Signal, Back Test and Optimization code for my existing AFL code. Please contact me for more details.

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    3 bida able to save tick level data (of the next expiring option chain) in local system 2. create separate options using option pricing model and save the pricing along with above 3. the columns in db should be time, strike price, option price, call/put, oi, volume, buy qty, sell qty (all of these are readily available in the api) + option price based on option pricing model 4. just connect the above database to powerbi (no need to build anything in powerbi as i will do it myself) but the data should be realtime and not refreshed based on hitting refresh button What will you have? 1. api login and secret key 2. i have some old python codes which can do 50% of the work, you can refer that if needed The deadline for this project is 1-2 weeks, so I need someone who can ...

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    Affiliate partners wanted to help popularize our new website and drive traffic and sales. We are offering a generous commission rate of 30% or higher to incentivize our partners. Target Audience: - Our website is for everyone, appealing to general consumers, B2B businesses, and specific niche audiences. Marketing Strategy: - We prefer email marketing as our primary strategy for website promotion. Ideal Skills and Experience: - No needed ezperince, but is a plus if you have: - Experience in affiliate marketing and driving website traffic through email marketing campaigns. - Strong communication skills to effectively promote our website to potential affiliate partners. - Knowledge of various email marketing tools and strategies to maximize conversion rates. - Ability to analyze and tra...

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    ...development and be familiar with social networking platforms. Key requirements for the project include: - Developing a web3 dapp with social networking features - Designing the app to be similar to , but with some changes - Ensuring the app is user-friendly and visually appealing - Implementing functionality for messaging and connecting with other users - Creating a marketplace for users to buy and sell products - Launching the app in less than a month - should be able to build from Features, UIUX, prototype, to first version. Skills and experience required: - Proficiency in web3 development and blockchain technology - Strong knowledge of social networking platforms and their features - Experience in designing and implementing user-friendly interfaces - Ability to customize ...

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    1. 웹 기반 html, css, Javascript, Jquery, Typescript * 사용을 선호하나, JS 기반 다른 라이브러리도 가능. 2. .pcd 파일과 캐드파일(.fbx, .glb 등)을 온라인에 업로드 하면 두 형상을 같이 혹은 각각 보여줄수 있음 3. 두 형상을 각각 혹은 같이 움직일수 있으며, 두 형상이 좌표정합되어 보여줄수있음 4. 업로드 가능한 파일 용량은 최대 1GB (많을수록 좋음) - For English 1. Web-based html, css, Javascript, Jquery, Typescript * Prefer to use , but other JS-based libraries are also available. 2. Uploading a .pcd file and a cad file (.fbx, .glb, etc.) online allows you to show the two shapes together or each 3. Can move two shapes individually or together, and two shapes can be coordinated to show 4. Uploadable file capacity is up to 1GB (the more the better)

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    ...knowledge how to identify high precise position via as much as possible different satelite systems - knowledge how to identify fastly the current position via GSM/LTE positioning - very high knowledge on RTK, AGPS, DGPS, RTCM 3 - very high knowledge on ESP prototyping The current idea is to use ESP8266/ESP32 based devices, along with central managed solutions. generic goal: - identify the current device position as accurate as possible, preferable a few cm - provide well documented code - send position details with accurate time, accuracy of position via MQTT to MQTT server - positions are stored on device in the case no internet connection available - on having connection all "old" stored data are transmitted

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    I am looking for a designer to design a font-based logo for my new startup that specializes in natural beverages and juices. The logo will be used for packaging purposes on product labels. Style: - I am looking for a modern font style for the logo. Color: - I am open to suggestions for the colors of the logo. Symbols/Imagery: - I would like the logo to consist of just the text, without any symbols or imagery related to the product. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in designing modern and stylish fonts for logos. - Creative and innovative approach to logo design based on natural theme - Strong understanding of color theory and ability to suggest appropriate color schemes. - Attention to detail in creating a visually appealing logo. - Ability to work collaborativ...

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    I want the python coding to use for algo trading through broker API. I want a code to exit all positions in index options when "a" amount of loss is reached. simil...code to exit all positions in index options when "a" amount of loss is reached. similarly I want a code to exit all index options positions when "b" of profit is reached. Also i want a code for trailing stop loss that when "c" amount of profit is reached. if profit reduces by "d" percent cut off all index positions. If any of the above criteria is met first the long positions should close(i.e the buy positions) and then the short positions(i.e sell positions) should close. all entry,exit of positions i will place it myself manually. the max loss/max profit/ trailing ...

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    Trophy icon Tshirt design 4 hari left

    We want a rodeo tshirt design and include our LOGO and bronc photo. Get creative to make this tshirt POP and wow our customers so they would want to buy it. DON'T just place the logo on the photo and submit your entry. Get creative with the following to add into your design. Add this tagline BIG LETTERS that Stand out: "MAKE IT HAPPEN" Add Logo - RodeoFIT8 Add the photo of rider. I am looking for a talented designer who can create 1-3 t-shirt designs for my project. The ideal candidate should have experience in creating minimalist, vintage, or abstract designs. Requirements: - Ability to incorporate specific images or ideas provided by me into the designs - Proficiency in creating visually appealing and unique designs - Attention to detail and ability to ...

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    integrate 2 apis' with reach application for GIS data and map based app. I need a developer who's an expert in web development along with GIS data (TIFF images, shapefiles, etc.)

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    Hi BVM Solution, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    I want to buy traffic for my Telegram group link

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    I already installed in a "" a php script for a restaurant waiting list. What I need to fix is as follow: 1. Need fix this, when SuperAdmins active or inactive functions for admins, only just a few functions recognize the changes. Same situation happen when Admins active or inactive functions for their users, only just a few functions recognize the changes. 2. Set admins and users default functions will have when new admin and user accounts is created. Yes, the functions are already created because are native functions. Feel free to ask. Yes, I have knowledges in programming, but this time I need some help because my hands are full of jobs. Yes, is easy recognize fake profiles, fake reviews and unqualified candidates. Yes, more jobs available if this task complete satisfactory...

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    I am looking for a skilled Woocommerce developer to create a website for my business, with products. -Home -Our Specials -Story -Mattress -How to buy... -Financing -Our Team -Shop -Contact Us I have already the idea exactly how I want it I can provide a link of example, I WILL NEED SAME TEXT, PHOTOS AND LAYOUT THAT I WILL PROVIDE Thank you for your help & happy bidding!

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a NFT staking website based on the rarity of the NFTs on the Solana blockchain. This project has a timeline of 1-2 weeks. Features: - Basic staking functionality - Integration with Solana blockchain - Rarity-based staking rewards Specific NFTs: - The client has specific NFTs they want to include in the rarity-based staking rewards. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in developing and integrating with the Solana blockchain - Experience in developing NFT staking websites - Knowledge of rarity-based staking rewards If you are interested in this project and have the necessary skills and experience, please submit your proposal.

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    I am looking for a freelancer to build a simple speech to text Android app with no UI. The app will be used for personal use at work meetings. Desired Output Format: - The desired output format is text only. Anticipated Length of Work Meetings: - The app will be used for work meetings that are less than 1 hour in length. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in Android app development. - Knowledge of free open source engines for speech to text conversion. - Familiarity with real-time translation functionality. - Ability to integrate the app with the necessary libraries for real-time translation. Please note that there is no requirement for a user interface as the app will be used for personal use only.

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    I am in need of experienced professional to promote my websites ( & ). My target audience is anyone down to buy from Amazon. I am looking for a freelancer who is well-versed in the latest social media platforms and strategies to help me generate maximum reach for my promotions. My ideal candidate should be able to craft compelling content that resonates with the audience, as well as be able to properly track the success of our campaigns. I'm looking for someone who is driven and detail-oriented, ready to help me make the most of my promotional efforts.

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