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    Pembuatan RAB (Volume & Item, List Material dan Denah)

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    Mengumpulkan 950 URL dalam bahasa Sunda dalam 1 minggu. Disediakan 50 contoh URL dalam excel. Pengiriman file per hari (135 URL) via email.

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    Zoho books 6 hari left

    Someone who is proficient in zoho books for small businesses and can calculate GST payments based on the sales and purchase invoices provided.

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    ...invoice, it should send the invoice directly as receipt to the printer. g. Show option to show existing invoice by searching by invoice number. h. Show option to search for item by any part of the name or barcode. i. After user finish entering the items and click save, it should show a form to enter the payment method which could be multiple ( part cash and part as credit card ) j. System should calculate the VAT automatically based on the VAT rate from VAT_PERIODS table 5. Refund Page ( fields should be as in DB ): a. First user enter the invoice number of the invoice need to be refunded. b. It should allow to user barcode scanner to enter items c. System should check the item entered is exist in the invoice or not. 6. Reports: a. Daily invoice report Database link can be provi...

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    EXPECTATIONS AND TASKS: 1. Responsible for the overall scheme and top-level scheme design of the FICO module; 2. Responsible for the demand analysis, blueprint design, system implementation, system testing, and go-live of the FICO module; 3. Responsible for system interface design and testing related to financial business; 4 . According to or implementation project management; large-scale energy, petrochemical implementation experience is preferred; 2. Familiar with SAP ERP quality management program; 3. Excellent business analysis, induction, abstraction ability, document writing ability, and proficient language expression ability; 4. Proficient in English or French listening, speaking, reading and writing WORKPLACE:Algeria Calculate salary by day and pay salary b...

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    Operations Manager -- 3 6 hari left
    DISAHKAN operational policies and procedures. Able to think quickly and perform problem-solving tasks, even within changing conditions. Address operational concerns and issues, monitor overall customer satisfaction Conduct research for special projects, respond timely to inquiries, and present written/ oral briefings Formulate strategies to ensure that hiring is 100% Promote the company's culture and values through leadership by example, group interaction, and frequent one-on-one coaching with associates at every level. Required skills and qualifications: Two or more years of proven success in an operations management role Strong communication, situational awareness, and organizational agility skills Excellent ability to delegate responsibilities while maintaining organization...

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    Good evening, I am looking for an individual or team to go through a provided list of competitor backlinks, create backlinks on available sites, and organize the remaining links into a list. Thank you

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    ...example from GPIOxx to GPIOyy or from an Arduino to RPI pin. Which reaction speed is feasible and why? This is similar to cyclictest but with external events. Thread: KERNEL CONFIG CODE The Linux kernel is open source. The RealTime Patch for Linux as well. The kernel configuration is very extensive - a lot can be set or turned off. Choose 2 config values ​​and describe in plain English what these config parameters do and if it helps to make the system faster. Many RT tests have already been done by others and you can just imitate them and check whether it is faster / better / slower in your case. Make it 'testable', so also upload any RPI kernel image you used and all source code. Explain which (RT TESTS) test tools you used and how they work.

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    Hi We need someone to do the layout plan for geomembrane as per the site drawings. Need to calculate the wastage and overlaps for same. Regards DSS

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    Hi, I have one Excel I want to sort the data as per the alphabetical order. its a advance excel Concept. Have a 5 spread sheet and wants to compare/sort in the same order, Ex 2018 spreadsheet, 2019, 2020, 2021,& 2022, I want to sort in a order where I can see in a one spread sheet with all 5 year data. Some of the Customer / distinct value is differ then other so need to sort according to (This part is a tricky) and I am paying for. [I dont want to copy and paste manually - I am looking for dynamically, By using some query so that i can also sort by differently as well in future] Thank you

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    ...accurate requirements and expectations from the online platform on Travelmeans Website and Social Media channels ● Establish and promote a clear customer value proposition ● Develop and explain new initiatives, ideas, and best work practices ● Develop and maintain key documents in line with the local laws to ensure all sales are registered properly including the GST criteria ● Develop model to calculate cost of customer acquisition and report on this metric while eventually bringing it down ● Managing third party engagement inline with the outcome of the Board Committee decisions ● Perform other related duties as assigned Qualifications & Knowledge: ● Understanding of different business models ● Awareness of or interest in Indian art and handicrafts ● Experience or exposu...

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    Help excel 6 hari left

    ...traffic light icon conditional format. b) Modify the format so that values >=90% get a green light, >=80% get an amber and everything else is red 4. a) Select H5:H11 and apply a conditional format to highlight the top two values. b) Select H18:H24 and apply a conditional format to highlight values greater than 1. 5. Select A18:H24 and add a conditional formatting rule to fill the whole row with medium blue where the salesperson name matches the selection in cell L3. 6. Select B18:G24 and apply a conditional formatting rule that highlights all the cells between the values shown in F16 and G16 in red. ...

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    Perform RT patch on the RPI 5 hari left

    ...from GPIOxx to GPIOyy or from an Arduino to RPI pin. Which reaction speed is feasible and why? This is similar to cyclictest but with external events. Thread: KERNEL CONFIG CODE The Linux kernel is open source. The RealTime Patch for Linux as well. The kernel configuration is very extensive - a lot can be set or turned off. Choose 2 config values ​​and describe in plain English what these config parameters do and if it helps to make the system faster. Many RT tests have already been done by others and you can just imitate them and check whether it is faster / better / slower in your case. Make it 'testable', so also upload any RPI kernel image you used and all source code. Explain which (RT TESTS) test tools you used and how they work

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    Hello, Find average memory acccess time local cahe ,hit rate is given

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    Build me an app 6 hari left

    I want an android app which will load a csv file (excel with 7colums and 100 rows - the first column will have destinatio names, and the rest ...csv file (excel with 7colums and 100 rows - the first column will have destinatio names, and the rest 6 columns prices. The app will have two button lists. the first will have as options airport, city centre and the second list will be loaded from the first column of the csv file. When you press a button calculate. It will give as a result in the same screen the prices of the row of chosen destination name of the 2nd,3rd and 4th column if the user picks airport in the first list or the prices of the 5th 6th and 7th colums if the user chooses the centre option in the first list. I want to be able to load a csv file in ca...

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    I am trying to display weather data on a website in php, and i am trying to use plotly to display a nice look&feel graph. As an input in php you must have a selectbox: 1. to select a range of time (2y,5y,10y,20y,max) 2. to select the type of weather data (TMIN,TMAX,TAVG,PRCP,DEWP,WDSP,GUST) 3. to select the type of seasonality (week,month,year): this part may be a bit tricky as you need to calculate the seasonality from raw data. if i have a year of raw data and i want a weekly seasonality, i will have a curve of seven point, and each point will be the average of 52 value (there are 52 weeks in a year) 4. to select the type of graph(quantile,raw) In the graph i need to see for the selected weather data,seasonality : 1. the plot of the lowest 10% quantile (for type of graph qua...

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    Hi!! I already have an existing Telegram Bot python script. The script uses two inputs: and I need a front end in Django app which will be deployed on Heroku that allows the admin to manipulate values of the existing txt files. Front End UI:

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    i have a work where in i am looking for a person who can create a button roulette grid which captures the values on click and also that it calculates the difference between the next two nos in grid, wheel and sum.

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    I have a lottery contract where everything works ok except the part that when someone wins and withdraws the amount of the winning, that value never gets reset. This is the code: const handleWithdrawWinnings = async () => { const notification = ('Withdrawing your winnings...'); tokenPayment([lastWinner, BigInt(winnings * (10 ** undoDecimal / 100))], { onSuccess: async () => { try { await withdrawWinnings([ tokenAddress, lastWinner, winnings, {gasLimit: "1000000"} ], ); ('Winnings withdrawn successfully!', { id: notification }); } catch (error) { ('Whoops! something went wrong!', { id: notification ...

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    This app needs to include Ai to generate content ideas based off the users social media data It needs to include a database of businesses who can be emailed from the app It needs to include a online learning management platform It needs to calculate the total value of the user's social media account based off analytics It needs to generate ideas for YouTube, insta,tiktok, Facebook and LinkedIn It needs to offer users a marketplace to purchase domains and hosting from third party vendors. Refer to my social app as a guide I need a white label digital marketing agency to partner with

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    I need nifty option chain and greek data in excel or Google sheets.... You have to fetch data like open interest , change in open interest , implied volatility , volume , last traded price and change in ltp .... Also u have to plot a graph of previous day oi and current oi .... ( Graph will be attached below ) ... And the most important i.e option Greek ( theta , Vega , delta ) also have to calculate.... Entire should should be referesh in different time frame like nse itself updates open interest in 3 min so just refresh open interest in 3 min .... Option greek is updated in every minute so it has to be updated in every min ... Implied volatility should be updated in 2 min ... Rest will be discussed in chat ..

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    We require a basic programme to assist us in recharging our tenants for their utility costs. Ideally our tenants / their premises would be entered into the programme and remain on the system. At the end of each month I take meter readings and enter them into the programme along with the values and tariffs on the bills etc. the programme would calculate and provide a statement as to what each tenant should be billed for the month. The programme would also keep tract of what we are paying the supplier in terms of Units and cost and how many units and cost we are billing the tenants for and whether there are any discrepancies I.e utility meters not adding up in terms of Units and what the value of the discrepancies equate to. The programme would also have a basic dashboard and...

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    - I have a number of PDFs that I want to use to train an AI model. You will: 1. Write specific and easy to follow scripts for each step of the process so that I can replicate at another date. 2. Carry out Preprocessing: Clean and preprocess the text data, removing any irrelevant information such as HTML tags, special characters, duplicates, and handle missing values. 3. Tokenize the text into smaller units, such as words or subwords, and convert the text into numerical representations, such as word embeddings, using techniques like stemming, lemmatization, and lowercasing. 4. Carry out text tagging - Assign labels or tags to individual tokens or sequences of tokens in the text (e.g., named entity recognition, sentiment analysis, topic classification, etc.) using spaCy, NLTK, S...

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    Im looking for a could based database where I can record RFID tag numbers, store livestock pedigrees and estimated breeding values along with what each animal has been bred to with history. I'd also like to be able to record the individual history of production for each animal. I'd like this database to be searchable and be accessed by a password off my webpage

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    Food Ordering App for my small Restaurant with Email, SMS and Payment Gateway. The app is mainly works with the filters like nutrition values, Sugar optimized, etc. Need completion in 2 weeks.

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    ...stored in a temporary variable and when either of the price values in A1 or B1 in the spreadsheet changes, the spreadsheet needs to compare the new sum with the old sum and only if the sum is different then it should write the prices to a new row in the spreadsheet. For example: Cell A1: 1.50 Cell B1: 2.50 Sum: 4.00 The spreadsheet must write to another worksheet tab a new row with the values: 1.50 2.50 4.00 Now I change Cell A1 to 2.00 and B1 stays the same. The new sum is 4.50 The spreadsheet must write to the other worksheet tab a new row with the values: 2.00 2.50 4.50 Now I change Cell B1 to 0.50 and A1 stays the same. The new sum is 2.50 The spreadsheet must write to the other worksheet tab a new row with the values: 2.00 0.50 2.50 Now I chan...

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    Hi Marjan A., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. My main challenge is to effectively promote my pricing values on social media. I am seeking assistance in developing advertising content to generate interest and drive engagement. The goal is to create a buzz around my offerings.

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    I need you to create a mailing list based on a list of areas and subject criteria below Concretor’s Concrete and building supplies Pool landscapers Decorative Concretor’s Pool paving companies Pool builders Pool installers Minimum of 10 emails per area Queensland * Surfers Paradise Example-blocksandpavers@ * Fortitude Valley * South Brisbane * Southport * Spring Hill * West End * West End * Toowong * Woolloongabba * Milton * Caboolture * Maroochydore * Indooroopilly * Coorparoo * Ipswich * Nerang * Robina * Bowen Hills * Chermside * Greenslopes * New Farm * Acacia Ridge * Capalaba * Forest Lake * Burleigh Heads Western Australia * Perth * West Perth * Subiaco * East Perth * Osborne Park * Canning Vale * Fremantle * South Perth * Morley * Welshpoo...

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    I NEED TO WEBSCRAPE THE ENTIRE LIST OF HOSTELS ( including names, address, emails, phone number, ) INTO A SPREADSHEET

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    I NEED TO WEBSCRAPE ALL OF THE HOSTELS ( including names, address, websites etc) in a spreadsheet

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    We are seeking a part-time or full-time web developer to create a web app. The developer will be responsible for working daily on the development project until it is in a beta operational state. The developer would then continue working debugging, changing, and adding new functionality to the app as we begin beta testing. The web app needs: user signup / login user dashboard back-end dashboard admin dashboard text and email notification functionality maps integration We have detailed specifications, and would like someone who can begin work immediately. We hope to be operational in a short period of time, and then continue working with you as we develop the app.

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    I have the Homepress wordpress theme and the advanced search form has one error on it. The error is that the price range values have a "$" prefix associated with them (as shown in the graphic attached). Additionally, the "Area (sq ft)" range values have a "$" prefix associated with them (also shown in the graphic attached). I would love the price range values to have a "₦" sign, and the "Area (sq ft)" range values to have no prefix at all.

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    I have an Access database with four separate tables. Each of them have somewhere between 3000-12000 rows of data. I need to be able to set up an Excel spreadsheet so that it automatically retrieves the data from one of the databases (one that is selected at that time) and uses values from certain cells of the Excel spreadsheet as query parameters that give both lower and upper limits for queried values. I need to be able to easily modify these values (by modifying the corresponding cells in the Excel spreadsheet) and update the query results accordingly. I would imagine that this is not too difficult or time-consuming to do for someone who is experienced with similar tasks.

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    I am wishing to learn how to create a database in excel. Currently I keep dail data on a chicken shed. the data is kept in A4 printable sheets in one worksheet in excel Each day i insert another sheet for the days data I end up with about four hundred sheets on the one ...worksheet in excel Each day i insert another sheet for the days data I end up with about four hundred sheets on the one worksheet This makes aggregating the data quite difficult I would like to have the data I collect in a database using rows for each day Then I would like a form where I could input the data and it would show me only the data for that day and then calculate various sums from the data I could also easily calculate aggregated data from many days etc... Attached is a screen shot of the workshee...

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    1)required to conduct full investigation in designing a complete GCPV system using relevant PV design software based on the rooftop condition provided and The target is to maximize the energy generation using one of these PVSyst software, Helioscope software and Sketchup software 2)proposed structure shall be installed in any possible unoccupied area located at the ...of these PVSyst software, Helioscope software and Sketchup software 2)proposed structure shall be installed in any possible unoccupied area located at the mentioned location 3)All necessary parameters and derating factors shall be relevantly considered based on common standards and practices in the industry. that include also the related theoretical calculation for comparison with the simulated values produced by the...

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    Full stack developer needed 5 hari left

    Require Full Stack developer with experience in python, django/flask, sql, html, css, javascript, database management, data modelling, server managements, cloud based platforms & technologies to create a website which will calculate & display prices of the products based on the user inputs.

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    ...(Coin-Margin) OKEx (USDT-Margin) The index price methodology is designed to satisfy two important statistical properties of time series: the Markov and martingale properties. The Markov property refers to the memoryless nature of a stochastic process, which ensures that the conditional probability distribution of future values only depends on the current value. The martingale property implies that the current value of a stochastic process is also the expected value of future values. These 2 properties make index prices unbiased estimators of future prices, so that users can bet on the changes in value of the underlying cryptocurrencies without having to worry about the microstructure effects of individual exchanges. Calculation steps: 1. Subscribe to as many levels of de...

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    I need to covert columns to one row and sort the data. I also need null values to not show a blank line during my query.

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    I have the AUTOCAD file, Design is already completed, need an analysis report to calculate load and strength.

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    1) Make an excel sheet with following data on the 100 companies in the following link (pages 48 to 51) - Company, adress, PLZ, city, main phone, website 2) For each company find the following two contact persons; 2.1) Fleet manager, name, email, linkedin profile link 2.2) Health and safety manager or similar, name, email, linkedin profile link

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    Trophy icon PRICE LIST - 04/02/2023 07:04 EST 4 hari left


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    I’m looking for a bubble expert in the U.K. to provide support for a site recently built for beta testing and continue with future development works.

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    Complete recreation of existing website to new look and customize with following Description - List all influencer with their social media platforms (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) - Shows numbers of followers for each platform - Can calculate reach, engagement and impression of each influencer - Can recommend area of influencing (eg Sports, Entertainment, Politics etc) - Client can write his/her campaign and ask for a quote from that specific influencer - Can generate report at the end of campaign Backend - Create influencer’s profile - Edit influencer information - Reply to request of people who want to work with that influencer - Create report for client at the end of campaign

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    ...established women's clothing brand, seeking a creative and passionate Social Media Content Developer to join our team. As a Social Media Content Developer, you will play a critical role in creating engaging content that connects with our target audience and helps to build brand awareness. Responsibilities: Develop and execute social media content strategies that align with the brand's vision and values Create and curate engaging, visually appealing content for various social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok Write captivating captions and hashtags to accompany each post Stay up-to-date on industry trends, emerging platforms, and new technologies to continually improve the brand's social media presence Collaborate with the marketing and cre...

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    1 Requirement:- we want to calculate the total count of all the available inside the office with percentage For example : There are total 50 employee in the office out of which 20 are inside the office and 30 are out side the office for tea break so the total count should show like Total count:- 20 Percentage:- people available/ total people * 100 This should be on real time so count will be increasing or decreasing 2 requirement :- we want to calculate individual total working hour as well as their availability in percentage For example:- in our dashboard if you select any name you should be able to see his / her total hours and that in percentage Formula:- Actual time / total time *100 This should be on real time as well Total working hours is of 8 hours so if a person�...

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    ...he needs but in one worksheet. I'd like to keep track of the information daily, total of the weekend ending, and the total for the month. Each manager must input the information daily for each belt which calculates the hours and act volume per belt, each loader should be planned at with a PPH of 180 which you'll see on sheet number 3, which on the daily dashboard or total should automatically calculate from the employee sheet. You'll see on sheet 3 I have it set as purple belt but I need all the belts to have their individual information which you'll find all the belts and employees under the employee sheet. Also I am including an Addaline that I also need, but i am not sure if we can input it in here or if it will be too much. The Addaline is on sheet 5 and 6...

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    We have 10 numbers. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9. If 4 numbers is picked from these 10 numbers on the left side, we have the rest of 6 numbers on the right side a remainder. For example 4078 it is picked, so we have 123569 is a reminder. Now the logic or your program, python will come to work. So your program will ask 1. type a set of four numbers, so your program will subtract 4078, so the remainder is 123569. It may be as many as needed to insert a set of four numbers. Now your program will compile the remainders from left side, and right side, and either uses a force of four numbers or predicts 4 numbers from 6 numbers. The trick is that the remainders that we are going to work with. Also, no repeat of 4 numbers on the left side. Your job is do not repeat 4 numbers from the f...

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    Hello We are looking for a developer who can create a custom record - an external online form to calculate shipping charges

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    I have the output of a BTLE CO2 sensor in a simple plaintext format in the form of a python library and wish to import the plaintext output into the corresponding HomeKit/HomeBridge categories. The python library is functioning with sample program, what remains is the HomeBridge plugin to import those values into their corresponding HomeKit categories. HomeBridge documentation is:

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    ** Read the task list and contract criteria completely before bidding. Be sure to include the key word in the first line of your bid, or your bid will be ignored. ** Looking for a coder to do some customization work on the Chameleon dating site software (impact theme). We would like to have the current compatibility match graphs include the results of a compatibility survey that you will create. The site uses php, HML, js, MySQL and CSS as its stack. In summary, the project includes: Task List: 1. Create table in existing MySQL DB to hold user survey results. 2. Modify user table and admin user list page to include the ability to delete survey results for user. 3. Modify authenticated user header page to include link to Complete Survey, and Retake Survey. 4. Add sc...

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