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    Editing 24 month bank statements for a school project 24 statements + 24 months = 48 statements total will need to add line items and adjusting numbers calculating

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    C++ program labaratory. 6 hari left

    1)Realize a multithreaded program calculating the numerical integral of a function in a given according to the guidelines below 2)The implemented problem is the bubble sorting of an array of numbers of size N Visual Studio

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    Screen digit calculator -- 2 6 hari left

    I need an app that calculates the sum of digits from the screen and displays the result. Here are the details and the requirements. A sample screenshot is attached. - The app needs to screenshot certain area of my screen every second/s. It will need to keep only the newest two screenshots and delete every older screenshot in order to save space. - The area must be defined by the user, in order fo...

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    I provide all my transaction and the images of all invoices for freelancer and I want to list them based on the date and price and also calculating GST for the sale. I am a sole trader, so the amount of data you will be given is not huge. this is for a small business.

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    I am currently working on a simple project to calculate distance between two vehicles without the use of GSM or GPS under the range of 10KM. There would be obstacles in between the vehicles, there is no free line of sight. Mention the technology you would like to use to get this project done.

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    Project that needs defining activities and then durations according to PERT, drawing CPM diagram, calculating time, completing documents of two knowledge areas.

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    Creating a credit scorecard 3 hari left

    We are looking for a credit, risk or financial analyst for creating a credit scorecard. We need a credit scorecard made for small business to assess their creditworthiness without access to banking data (judgemental scorecard). We want to use this data to help small businesses invest in energy upgrades, especially in areas experiencing blackouts. Ideally, we want to use their historical utilitie...

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    We are looking for an analytical, hard-working, meticulous and communicative accountant / bookkeeper, with SPECIFIC EXPERIENCE IN UK company filings and VAT, QuickBooks & HMRC Communication. You will be doing accounting and bookkeeping for an Amazon ecommerce business based in the UK. Your role will involve: - Downloading VAT and expense invoices from emails, scans, websites and other areas ...

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    I need an EXPERT at this. Please don't apply if you are anything short of an expert. If you accept the job and then can't complete it, I will issue negative feedback. You must speak fluent English as well. No ridiculous bids. I'm familiar with what this should cost. I need you to make the following changes to a Google Sheet (will provide link upon job acceptance) but I've incl...

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    We have a project in hand that we need to asses the cost of AWS hosting. The requirements are to run a php/mysql app on server on a datacenter in Europe (Frankfurt / France) . We need to deploy it using load balancers and nodes. We require assistance in calculating the cost that will go towards the same. If our call is fruitful we will likely use your services for future projects on deployments ...

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    I have bought a plugin for calculating pregnancy length and would like to customize some of the features within it. The calculator can be found and tested here: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] (please use Google translate) The changes to be made are the following: - Change the calculation of total pregnancy length from 39 weeks and 6 days to 40 weeks and 3 days -- The calculator already displays ...

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    I want a package delivery app. Features for mobile flutter app. 1. Registration 2. Login 3. Entering package ID and then the system should show the current status of the package(no gps involved) 4. calculating the price of a package using dimensions & kgs Admin Web app-ReactJS 1. Login 2. Creating Package code 3. Updating Package details ***I will only award project to the person who can s...

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    Payroll clerk 16 jam left

    Looking to hire a payroll clerk that can help with collecting employees' timesheets and payroll data, calculating wages, issuing statements, detailing earnings, and preparing paychecks.

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    I need someone to design a very simple program for booking hotel reservations and calculating costs.

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    Should be good at python programming. And knowledge in power system networks. Implementing two algorithms on three power system networks in python. And calculating their computational factors. That is all.

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    Seeking a payroll administrator. This position begins part time with possibility of full time for the right person. The Payroll Administrator will be responsible for the payroll functions of the Company, ensuring pay is processed on time, accurately, and in compliance with government regulations. Duties/Responsibilities: • Implements, maintains, and reviews payroll processing and payroll sy...

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    I want a custom shipping for magento 2.3.2. System: A- Customer will select country (already, magento has it) B- Already, our products has dimensions (width, length, height) How it will work? 1- Customer will select country 2- The total volume (height x widht x lenght) in the basket will be calculated and will take the fee price based amount, fix amount. and display. (to be shown in cart and pay...

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    Well, project consist on developing the codes in Python of three exercises, the final result will be 3 *.ipynb files. 1st Exercise: Create a model to estimate the vehicle consumption among different variables in a .csv file 2nd exercise: Using Theano, develop a model for calculating the variables in an equation 3rd exercise: Using K-means estimate the centroides of each cluster and the states i...

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    Calculating Duration of tasks in PowerBi

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    I need an application for drawing a fence and calculating building materials for the fence. I need to be able to select the thickness of the metal. The person draws and the program calculates the construction materials for the fence The program must calculate the number of poles required to install the fence. You need to calculate the distances between the poles and calculate the amount of fenc...

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    We are a developing company that is based in the United States and specifies on selling on US Amazon marketplace. We are looking to expand and to grow our team. We are currently looking for an EXPERIENCED AMAZON PRODUCT RESEARCHER, a rockstar in ONLINE ARBITRAGE business model (only FBA) and who would be able to successfully source products in online stores in the US. We are looking for responsibl...

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    I'm an engineer working a lot in Excel. I have now created a spreadsheet that I would like to convert into a consumer-oriented Android and maybe iOS app. The app need some "make a choice that will take you to different sub-pages"-functionality. The main functionality, however, is to input some numerical numbers, do some calculations and present some results and store it as an entr...

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    I'm looking for help with calculating theoretical option prices that include IV smile, and smoothing out existing option chains. This may require using recent pricing models that are utilized by quants and market makers, not basic Black Scholes. Please see attached example screenshots showing invalid option prices (due to indvidual bids & asks) that need to be smoothed out. The goal is to...

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    Hi I am looking for a freelancer to research the best priced items from the manufacturer website and than upload the products to Amazon / Ebay / Onbuy Good use of marketplace websites and calculating prices are essential

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    Looking for someone with theoretical experience in structural analysis and integrity (Static 2D straight, Cantilever and cornered beams and trusses 2D using unit load method to calculate deflection) and strength of materials (calculating forces of all 3 directions (x,y,z) and bending moments and finding normal forces, torsion, and transverse forces and in the end using stress tensor (matrix) to f...

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    -----edit today 20-01-2021 -----START DEAR ALL developers !!! we are pleased for all the offers but you all need to ensure us about understanding the requirements about the payment with visa, masterCard etc also MobilePay in DENMARK. understand that the is combined takeAway and Uber like services ( like Uber eat etc. please do your due diligence and dont surprise us with " WE DIDNT KNOW THA...

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    Need help calculating a corporation tax liability - UK I want it done by the 14th of January (17:00 UK time)

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    I need a mobile client app for both Android and IOS platforms. I already have an api webservices. So no need to develop backend services and also no need to develop admin panel. Features are almost as following: Users are able to create profiles via social media as well and able to book ride by entering Source and destination . Once request is made app will lookout for nearby driver and notifica...

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    I'm looking for an HR who can primarily take care of : 1) Calling sales candidates and conducting interviews for hiring them. 2) Conducting basic induction trainings 3) Calculating incentive payments in excel sheet. Budget 4000 INR monthly and we need someone who can work with us for a year. Freshers/experienced looking for a job can also apply. Good Hindi / english speaking skills is an adv...

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    Hello, I will need some help answering and calculating questions in econometric modeling

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    I have a python script running from lambda that has some issue calculating size, need that fixed If you know python it will take 5-10min

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    We are looking for an expert in Google Sheets. We regularly need to perform tasks like splitting sheets, combining sheets, matching data, calculating etc. Looking for someone to regularly go to to completely these tasks who can also teach our staff (write out the process or preferably send videos) on how the tasks are accomplished. Please include the words "google sheets expert" in yo...

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    Hi, I need help on my medical statistics project in STATA. I have data in excel from a randomized controlled study with 200 patients. All received an operation. One group got drugs A, B and C after operation, the other group only A and B. I am examining whether C has an effect on the concentration of B when adjusting for several factors. I need help doing the statistics in STATA and afterwards ...

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    Hi, am working on a project that I submit it but they didn't accept it for the following reason. I need your help to fix the project Task 1 "the presentation" missing some elements, to complete this task you will raise a question about one of the categorical variables from the dataset (GICS Sector) or (GICS Sub-Industry) with one of the quantitative variables, any metric of the...

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    I need to work on a car-sharing database project, and you should take a dataset and work on a use case: doing a market analysis of cab sharing services, for example, calculating the profit in last week, calculating the number of cars nearby, also calculating the number of canceled trips. writing the code in java and database in redis and mongodb. Also, prepare a word document explaining the code s...

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    I work with SPSS but I am not a statistician and I am having trouble with generating predicted probabilities after ordinal regression.

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    I am looking for an expert who can help me in academic Management Accounting. To be specific: -CVP Analysis -Calculating Production Mix, -Job Costing vs Process Costing, Allocating Overhead Costs (ABC-Costing) - Budgets & Variances (Compute flexible budget variance, variance analysis) -Joint Product Costing - Concept of Relevance, One-Time only order. If the result is good I will pay 100$....

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    We are an advertising and marketing company, we need to build a website or launch a whole new feature within the current website we have... Some of the key major idea behind this project; this project is about an Online Work Opportunity for visitor/users that are willing to participate and would be willing to visit the site on regular basis. USER; would be required to signup using their Socia...

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    I’m currently looking for someone who can help me out with converting the code below into Python (v. 3.6). First of all, you should have good knowledge of calculating and coding moving averages; preferably with trading data. I’ve already coded everything myself, but I’m struggled with the calculation of the rma moving average. What is expected?: - coding RMA - review of my codin...

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    We are seeking an analytical, hard-working, meticulous and communicative accountant / bookkeeper, with SPECIFIC EXPERIENCE IN UK company filings and VAT, QuickBooks & HMRC Communication. You will be doing accounting and bookkeeping for an Amazon ecommerce business based in the UK. Your role will involve: - Downloading VAT and expense invoices from emails, scans, websites and other areas into...

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    Please Watch ALL Video Explanations First: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Latest Updates Regarding UI Flow: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Calculating TARE : [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Goals Presentation ppx : [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Link To Visual Example: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Link To GitHub Repo Of Already Partially Built Code (needs to be...

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    Dijamin Peraduan Teratas Perjanjian Kerahsiaan
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    Help with calculating the cost of shared resources in Azure and display the results via PowerBI desktop or Grafana or Izenda BI.

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    two pages resoponsive webpage, car booking option find option calculating travel rate ( example fastrack drop taxi [log masuk untuk melihat URL] )

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    Integrate GoCardless API so that the website pulls in total numbers of patrons (and this should automatically update if Patrons have cancelled their subscriptions), total amount donated (calculating monthly contribution from annual members), displaying total amount donated as a percentage and progress bar, and a display of current patron names (that automatically removes patrons who have since uns...

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    Shortlisting the profitable product on Amazon using some google chrome extensions like Keepa Graph, Scope, AMZScout FBA calculator, AMZ Superman seller tool etc. On that basis of calculating/checking sales rank, ROI, profit/loss, Number of reviews, Estimated sales per month etc. Contacting suppliers as from Jungle Scout we look for products that match criteria then find a supplier for that product...

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    We have an excel spreadsheet file that we want to be an app for our customers to use for calculating how much product they need to purchase for their project. . We would also like to know if they can use that same app to order the product THRU Paypal acct.

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    I need help with writing DAX query for calculating logic for calculation, is below customer invoice total with Customer who spent less with us in current ttm compared to prev ttm ( i need to calculate this dynamically ) customer invoice total with customer who spent more with us in current ttm compare to pre ttm ( i need to calculate this dynamically )

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    We are a successful e-commerce site for 15 years. We have several positions open for a product Loading Specialist. We sell high-end furniture and accuracy as well as following our standards is extremely important. You would be responsible for loading the product, the options, calculating pricing and listing the specifications. Attention to detail and extreme accuracy is required. You will not be r...

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    1- nice modern design 2- responsive design 3- doing math operations 4- calculating results 5- displaying preloaded values 6- Conditions 7- Captcha 8- Secure it

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    Artikel Komuniti calculating Teratas