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    wordpress web calculator 6 hari left

    cost effective quotes required for a wordpress calculator required that adds on no of days to the date of birth....and display required date of vaccination....formula is simple addition wrt calender dates and i will provide that .....sample shown and

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    I want to develop a public plugin to allow that any web page developed with WordPress can install the plugin and easily incorporate my price calculator. On the basis of my current price calculator () (for tests purpose, use Zip Code 41012) I want this information to be included through the plugin on any WordPress website where it is installed and it will show the user the price of the budget within the web (at the same time that it sends the data to my server so that the budget is recorded in our database). We have already created the webservices that perform the functions... so I just need someone that adapt them to the WordPress plugin webservice has already been created, which via a URL with the format

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    $31 - $261
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    We are a not-for-profit enterprise seeking an experie...appealing display with animated visual outputs showing the user's carbon emissions across a variety of sectors. but usability/interactivity will be a step above this The websites below are similar in functionality, however we would expect the user experience to be easier, more interactive, and more visually appealing: · · We are seeking a web developer/s to build the website and provide ongoing maintenance and upgrades. The site must be web and mobile-responsive. Initially, we are seeking proposals that demonstrate the capability to complete this job, previous experience, and a ballpark figure of costs.

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    I would like to have a tab added to my site that says "How much could I qualify for?" or "Get a Soft Estimate" with a calculator like the one I attached, but obviously it has to match my website. You can go to and scroll to the bottom to see this. I want it on a separate tab, as well as replacing the contact area on my home page. Here is the link to my website

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    A Simple Assembly Income Calculator that takes the number of jobs, adds the amount of money made at each job, and applies both state and federal tax.

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    I have the algorithm you needed to build the calculator What you need to do is to build it using the layout I wanted (I drew it out in the pdf file) I will share you the python doc once we decide to work together

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    Create cordova app for ios and android for simple website calculator

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    I want a simple linux calculator A GUI calculator program using C programming language with a makefile that will run the program on Linux After your done i want a screen recording for the running calculator along side the script

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    I need help with this, I am struggling with assembly

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    I need help with this, I am struggling with assembly

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    Hello Freelancers, I require a taxi booking website with a distance price calculator, the taxi website will need to have the same amount of pages as the site here - and the same page names. It’ll also need to be on a WordPress website and have the same plugins used for Five Two Travel site. It’ll also need the following: - Design Customization - Content uploaded - Responsive design - E-Commerce Functionality - Customize pricing calculator (we will provide our prices) - Manual on how to make changes to the site (for example prices, forms, text, pics etc…). You’ll need to use the same font and colours from the logo which will be sent to you in an attachment once you have been awarded the project. I’d also require up to 5 revisions too. If you...

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    google maps API expert 1 hari left

    setup location finder with distance calculator, this is already 85% completed however location finder is not creating the distances addresses

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    I'm looking for someone who is able to build in a taxi rate/fare calculator based on Google Maps into an exiting WIX website. I need it to be customisable as my client wishes to be able to have access and customise it. Ideally, similar to We are also looking to develop an app for customers to sign up and get access to bookings. Similar to mobile App. There is no specific budget defined for this project. It will be chosen based on portfolio and best quotation. Please provide us with your options, costing and lead time. Kindest Regards,

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    Need to change calculator design and implementation its a crypto based calculator which calculates buy and sell cryptocurrency based on the current market rate from CoinGecko API , small changes needed, buy sell tabs should be added

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    Hi! i need to things 1- I want to add a personal LOAN CALCULATOR to my website this is a example 2- And i need to migrate the content from a domain to another

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    build me a wordpress website 1 hari left

    build me a wordpress website it will need a home page a landing page which will first have a calculator that can give approximate quotes based on details in put by a customer and then be able to capture details such as name phone number email and address also a contact us page with whatsapp plugin

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    We need a custom excel underwriting and financial calculator, with DCF, Proforma, Cashflow analysis, and IRR projections.

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    Need to make a wordpress website of custom design with a calculator, please share your earlier work

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    I want to build an app which contains a table of numbers and a simple calculator based on the table

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    Aviva project Tamat left

    I want to clear my AEM Microservice story equity release calculator email handling service

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    2 bida

    Hi Would like to have made a website that reminds not the same images and content but the graphic setup the same however, without login and without app I also want a calculator like this

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    47 bida

    Audio streaming bandwidth calculator, you can use any programing language you like. But the end product will appear in a WordPress site(s), so must be easy to add to that.

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    10 bida

    Looking to have a developer code a default "Ship To" address (which would be our store's physical address) for "Local Pickup" orders so that they can export to a third party shipping provider (Currently Shipstation) and we can hav...have a developer code a default "Ship To" address (which would be our store's physical address) for "Local Pickup" orders so that they can export to a third party shipping provider (Currently Shipstation) and we can have all fulfillment done by our staff through Shipstation dashboard instead of Shipstation AND Squarespace order dashboards. Also looking to see if we can get real-time shipping calculator to show accurate rates to the end user during checkout. Right now the USPS calculated rate is showing up...

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    For our crypto token we will make weekly buy competitions, we need following script -Go to BSC Explorer and check in realtime all buys happened for a specific token within one week -Show per wallet the total which has been bought in BNB (only the buys) -Show a rank list on our website -Show the prices in the rank (here you have to check a specific wallet, e.g. in case the wallet has 5 BNB and the first rank gets 10% of it, in our rank list the price should be shown 0.5 BNB for the first rank. This always change, e.g. if the wallet increased to 7 BNB than we have to show 0.7 BNB) -Copy the rank after competition ended and show it on an other page. -Set everything to 0 and start again for one week. Every week it will be the same

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    18 bida

    -Home Page -Loan Calculator -Loan Eligibility Calculator -Apply form -Loan Comparison Table -About Us Page Please share exact kind of sample website. Only 3 sample website not the whole list please to check.

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    25 bida

    I'm interested in hiring someone to create an edge browser extension one of my clients needs. I'll likely post it and make it available to everyone though. The extension is super ...of days (so a dropdown for before or after entered date) and a dropdown to count every day or only Monday-Friday as days. Then they click a submit button and it gives them that date. So lets say I enter June 23, 2022, and I enter 30 for the number of days, then based on before vs after and counting all days vs just weekdays, it will return one of those 4 dates. Basically something like this calculator but in an edge extension. I could make this in PHP myself, but it has to be javascript to work in Edge and I'd rather not spend time on it right now.

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    29 bida

    I'm after someone to work with me on building an online calculator for my product. The products has several different options, with each option the final price. it will be similar to this link with more options. I would like to client to choose the option get a price then have the option to go through a payment gate way at the click of a button. any question please reach out

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    94 bida

    Hello, we need some customizations on the plugin Measurement Price Calculator for WooCommerce. The base of the plugin is great but we need to add some extra features. We are using the plugin for a tile factory; during the calculation they necessarily have to specify the exceeding. Also, the company wants their calculation to work on a per-box basis, but we noticed that by setting the Quantity-Based Mode Product, we don't have the ability to update the quantity. So we must, by necessity, keep the Quantity Mode Configuration option selected. In Quantity Mode Configuration can you add as an extra feature the exceeding? Another extra feature is to make the text/description item inside, each variation, updatable by quantity, ex: 2 boxes - 72 pieces - 1.04 m². Thank you.

    $174 (Avg Bid)
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    86 bida

    Need an expert who has strong knowledge of excel and is familiar with Mortgage Payment Calculator with Data Table and Amortization Schedule. A person is responsible for completing the whole project within due date. Deadline- 6 hours

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    107 bida

    Develop a framework in Swift (for use in iOS, macOS and iPadOS) that is capable of calculating the astrological position of the following planets/stars: Sun, Moon, True Node of Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron. Input: UTC Timestamp, Planet/Star - Output: Position in degrees in the chart (value in degrees only, no graphical representation) I used to use SwissEph for this, but due to licensing restrictions I have to avoid it. If you have specific questions please let me know.

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    27 bida

    We have an excel macros sheet in which calculators are built. I need someone to build the same calculator on google sheets with the same functionality. Attaching the current calculator & Brief document for reference. I would need this done with strict timelines.

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    28 bida

    Build a savings calculator to show a prospective client if they have one or more of the diseases listed on the attached file, how soon their payback would be on their investment of $7000. Ideas for payback or ROI calculator would be a 1, 5, 10, 15 years savings - depending on how many diseases they checked off. The costs of each disease would be added up in the background and the cost of the program would be shown. The saving could be shown in a graph format. I would like to be able to send this to a customer via email or develop for use on a website or landing page.

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    37 bida

    Below are the specs: INPUT: Ticker symbol, start date, end date OUTPUT: Display ticker symbol, start date, closing price on start date, end date, closing price on end date, gain/loss %. The program can get the close price from yahoo finance or any other site. If there is no...closing price on end date, gain/loss %. The program can get the close price from yahoo finance or any other site. If there is no data for the start date or end date the program will proceed to the next trading day. Below is an example of the output TICKER: AAPL START DATE: 1/3/2022 $181.72 END DATE: 3/1/2022 $163.2 GAIN/LOSS: -10% Possible resources to help you Feel free to ask me any questions for further clarification

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    6 bida

    Looking for self hosted maps server. Features: 1. Users should be able to add addresses, add buildings, multiple addresses on multi story building (floors) 2. Admin should be able to add new map layers 3. Can use maps on JS based applications 4. Distance calculator just like bing, google maps 5. Live feed of a user (cab) moments 6. Need world maps 7. I have domain , should be able to use maps from this domain. #OpenMapTiles, #MapTiler, #OpenStreetMaps #LeafLet

    $206 (Avg Bid)
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    3 bida

    Looking to build a calculator for my website. I can provide a link to the one I am using but I do not wish to use this anymore as I do not wish to deal with the company who created it.

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    173 bida

    To make changes to an existing WordPress website, changes involve the following 1. Change the flow (remove and add some steps) 2. Add an instant quote calculator using sticker dimensions and quantity (Formula Provided) 3. Integrate so that client can Checkout to Payment Gateway (PayFast for South Africa) 4. Integration to Woocommerce for order details for both client and online shop, including client signup and login. 5. Shipping module to also be included at flat rate for South Africa Website checkout functionality to be similar to but themed to Website to be mobile friendly and order process to be optimised for mobile and desktop/laptop viewing. Milestone will be a fully functioning responsive website which allows the client to finish

    $485 (Avg Bid)
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    78 bida

    simple loan calculator for wp. Budget is $10. Thanks

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    13 bida

    Please note that calculator should prevent run-time errors such as a division by 0, a square root of a negative number, multiple decimal points, etc.

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    22 bida

    I need an expert can build a model calculator that can help in calculate any new inputs with advance formula. entire cell AH6:AV6 to AH18:AV18 matching with advance logic from table J6:P6 to J18:P18

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    I am an investment consultant who is using the services of a group of mathematicians who have developed an algorithmic trading system that I will call “Pro-Traders”. The Pro-Trader service has for the most part been able to successfully predict small movements (either up or down) in the price of gold contracts on a daily business day basis. Most days, the Pro-Traders only execute one or two trades which usually results in a small percent of profit from the sale or the short sale of gold contracts. They usually only hold a contract for a matter of a few seconds to a few minutes and they usually only buy and sell one or two contracts per day, when trading opens on the European markets. They normally make money if the price goes up or the price of gold goes down. I am interested i...

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    created a java program in java using glassfish server in which you can do basic airthmetic operations of mathematics

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    I have a QGIS...mask layer for survey site; Output Size Raster 1.0. 2. Use Raster Calculator evaluate P3/P1=P5 as new layer. 3. Denoise all layers using SAGA Mesh Denoise and default params. 4. Add contour layers for each (GDAL_Raster Extraction_Contour) - may need to be manual iteration here as contour thresholds will need tweaking. 5. Create K-Means for Raster evaluating denoised layers for P1,P2,P3 & P5. Critical params are 3-4no. Clusters; 100 iterations; normalise. Output steps - can this be modelled using the Atlas tool? Create for each survey site and for each dataset parameter, a layout based on a template that includes the survey site as the extent, and the dataset parameter layers from the denoised IDW and raster calculator steps as the active layers, plus...

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    I want to build very simple online calculator tools like insurance calculators, weight calculators,... 1. I'll give the tools details and what they look like. 2. You want to replicate the existing tools, and develop the scripts with the same formulas. ___ Online Calculators Examples: ___ ___ IMPORTANT __ * Show me you read the details. * The budget is for 10 tools. * Please put your bid for 10 tools. * Please apply if you have previous references (online tools/calculators)

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    This is a manuscript which can be published in Amazon KDP as paperback but I want ends front and back cover to publish in KDP And the size must be match as knowing with KDP Calculator

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    14 bida

    The description of the whole project will be found in the word file I need the solutions for the questions of this project to be ready as soon as possible (to be done within no more than 3 or 4 days). Regards,

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    6 bida

    I have *.sch file to convert to easyeda. I need also to change cms components to traversal component. - Knowledge of PIC16F688 required - Knowledge of the ASM language

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    3 bida

    Requirment ✔Customer Login ( via Email, Phone no., Google ) ✔Password reset ( via Email, Phone no ) ✔SSL certifcate on website and dashboard ✔Unlimited Product Categories. ✔Product Variants – size, color, dimensions, etc. ✔Multiple Payment Po...(Accounts, Registration and Rating/reviewing system) ✔️Multiple Payment gateways and Shopping cart system ✔️Dashboard inventory system and Unlimited products and product categories ✔️Catalog management ✔️Orders & shipping management ✔️Discount and promotion management - Gifts, gift cards, discounts and vouchers ✔️Consumer reviews on products management ✔️Blog Editor Section ✔️Third party shipping calculator ✔️Reporting system ✔️SSL Certificates ✔️Email notification system to users (Boardcasting notification)

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    53 bida

    hello this is a crypto website to simple ...crypto website to simple show the user how much profit they could have made if they invested in crypto at certain time ... it is NOT a serious trading advise , it just shows theoratical results . and supposed to reach curious users here is a site that does it for stocks for ex , i can specify if i invest $1000 in BTC in 2007 how much would have been now ? our calculator will give that , so it will calculate the amount of $ entered and based on time T1-T0 to find the time lapse to calculate , here is the API key to use also in the results we can show some Affiliate links for the users and google ads ++++++ Please POST your FINAL BID in Proposals +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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    Build a form Tamat left

    Build a form with jetengine and jetform builder according to a calculator we have.

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