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    I'm currently working on two projects: both (mobile first) websites. One has been live for over 3 years and needs a big redesign, the other is a new idea that needs to be designed from scratch so I can combine your designs with my functional and technical design document and have my developer build it for me. Currently looking for a skilled, smart, inventive designer that can do both these ...

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    We have a cost calculator plugin of bold themes. There we need a cost slider with multiple step values. Like we can make multiple gaps between numbers. By default, the plugin has an option for only 1 step value like if we set step value to 50 then cost slider will increment the numbers with each 50. But we want multiple-step values.

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    I am working on my companies website and want to add a cost calculator to make customers interact with us more easily. The calculator shall be used to calculate the overall price for a service, when entering the needed information. E.g. The custumor enters the size of his/her grass area in the backyard and with the formula (1476.1/(area+676.1)+1.94 )* area will be given the amount of money this...

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    PHP expert Tamat left

    I have a existing website php that needs to support payment ETHEREUM and ERC20 token, Ethereum and ERC20 token API is ready in backend, all you need is to integrate it payment gateway, the website is [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and it is selling music, The function I need is to allow users to: 1. deposit my ERC20 token and Ethereum 2. allow to pay 3. allow to witdraw 4. log the purchases in ...

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    * Can build a backend like wordpress * Have good command on PHP * Have experience in Commerce website

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    I want to get age calculator site

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    Dear All ! I am Looking For Android App Developer For My exiting Hide photo & video Calculator APP ! Send Proposal With Best Price With Time Duration Kindly Knowledgeable Person To Contact otherwise Don't waste your valuable time ...

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    Have you converted flash tools to HTML5 format before? Looking to convert a web-based tool that allows people to calculate their projector displays (screen size, distance from screen, etc) and select the right lens for the projector. Tool was originally created in Flash and needs to be converted into HTML5. All the flash source files are available if that would help get the job done.

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    Hi, Can you please give me a quote for the below requirements: 1. Redesigning Blog Page for [log masuk untuk melihat URL] (inspiration site thisisneat dot [log masuk untuk melihat URL]) 2. Design a Blog Page to Currently, it is a single page landing page. If this page doesn't work, look at [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 3. Add Pay Now page for Ministry of cleaning,...

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    Needs to hire 2 Freelancers I have Software As a Service already built around PHP/Laravel/MySQL/Twilio APIs/REST APIs which are getting integrated in front end so my clients (demo for now) can connect and use our services exposed through APIs. I need someone strong who is expert in Laravel framework, DB, PHP and Rest APIs so we can continue to add more features in my SaaS. We also need to suppor...

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    So let me start with the gematria calculator which is the primary focus here. I need a Hebrew Gematria calculator similar to the one at [log masuk untuk melihat URL] but a more simpler version. So here are the specifics I need: 1. A input form to enter the Hebrew word/phrase 1. only 2 different gematria systems are needed which are ordinal & standard systems. 2. The output of ordinal and st...

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    The attached excel cost calculator tool has a bug when one tries to generate the report in the Allocation Report tab. The guidance on how the tool should work is in the guidance doc attached.

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    urgent tasks on my project, custom coding may required

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    Please look at the attached excel file. We need a tool like this. It is an odds calculator, where user puts 2 numbers (Average goals y Team 1 and 2) and the rest is being calculated with simple formulas and displayed in tables. We only need JavaScript + HTML. HTML is for input and output in Tables. JavaScript is for calculations. We will place the code on our WP site.

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    Change of Base While most scientific calculators have buttons for only the common logarithm and the natural logarithm, other logarithms may be evaluated with the following change-of-base formula. Change-of-base Formula Example 1. Evaluate log5 3. The change-of-base formula allows us to evaluate this expression using any other logarithm, so we will solve this problem in two ways, using first t...

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    Write a code (with comments) for a reverse-polish calculator that adds, subtracts, multiply, divide two 2-digit decimal numbers and displays in decimal. Use a 12-key keypad to input the data and display to the serial LCD. * Use an ousb board [log masuk untuk melihat URL] * 4x3 keypad as an input * Parallax Serial LCD to display the output C Code and Assembly language

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    I am looking for a designer for php based travel agency website, the designing should be modern, young, mobile friendly, small fonts, resposive, NOTE: at the moment I need layout in psd for my developer to work on.

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    Our business is an ecommerce. We operate on our own website as well as mainstream marketplaces in Brazil. We focus on backpacks, purses and travel accessories. Most of the time, we sell the same product at more than one or two marketplaces simultaneously. However, the cost structures change substantially between marketplaces, with different selling and transportation fees, even though it is the sa...

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    Connect via php to Microsoft SQL database in a Windows application. I need the procedure to do this because then I need do install it in other computers. Only I need the connection with a simple select, no more development.

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    Android Launcher for displays with stilized front page. From software it should be: - chrome - whiteboard/paint - calculator - Media player - Picture viewer (+slideshow mode) - Youtube - MS Office (Word/Excel/Powerpoint) or alternative - Note/EasiNote/alternative - Voting tool - Built-in screensharing app makes connecting 8 devices wirelessly effortless. - some free games

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    1. Create a separate page for Customize where each product can be customised. 2. Add a description with the customise tool on the right-hand side. 3. Add calculator on this page. 4. Rearrange the Menu as Varsity Jackets, Rugby Jerseys, Varsity Cardigans, Customise, Specials, Contact Us. 5. Create a Gallery page with all the images. 6. Create Footer with Details about About Us, Social Media Li...

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    Reprogrammation of a plugin installed in WP, add one more parameter and use prices on the attached file. Please, check the attached doc to see the url.

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    We need you to strip the content of [log masuk untuk melihat URL] calculator tool to basically contain ONLY what you see on this screenshot attached, to be provided as 2 separate weblinks(with two different end points): [log masuk untuk melihat URL] - when the user clicks 'Close' at the end of this process, the user is directed back to the parent site [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log m...

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    this is a calculater overview by using python gui

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    I have a Poisson Calculator in Excel for calculating outcomes of football matches and am looking for someone to convert it to a Bivariate Poisson model. You would need to have done similar work before and be able to prove it via screen share

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    I developed a Worpress website on local system.. i Used profile builder plugin .. i need to copy user meta key value when he updats the meta key with new value. Ex : if a meta key has value "tom". when user updats "tom" with any other value like "Havk" Tom should be moved to other field and havk should be update.

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    I want a calculator like digital ocean like: ( just the calculator with download the quote as pdf ) [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    Basically a pretty straightforward thing. Well build a website via for example Squarespace but would need to have a coder build a calculator where the customer can insert certain variable values, and with those it will compute the price. And also determined if we have enough in storage. This isn´t exactly what I´m looking for but very close. Referring to the section on the right where ...

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    I'm looking for a Vue.js and JavaScript Expert developer. I need new calculator for my website same as general calculator. It must be done in 3-4 hours after start the contract.

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    Project: We're looking to finish the below delivery calculator page on our website. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Explanation: We currently calculate and charge delivery manually post order but we'd like customers to be able to calculate the delivery charge in advance. Currently we manually go into google maps and find the route from "Brisbane city" to the customers given add...

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    GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY (read everything first!) We need a another PHP expert with proven 5+ years experience in a company (not freelancing) that wants to work 180-200 hrs a month job for 10+ month. Your monthly income grows per your success. $14,000 to $16,000 guaranteed the first year. ==== NO companies NO salesmen NO unreal picture of woman profile... ONLY professional developers ====== IMPORTANT! ...

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    To create an 11 page HTML website (based on supplied designs) to get a finished live site quicker, then create a wordpress version in the background until ready to launch. Requirements - Responsive - Bootstrap 4 (latest version) - Javascript library that facilitates mobile finger swipe on all carousels and interactive elements. - Online Calculator - Clean code (will be converted into a Wordpres...

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    I have some work, in an Excel spreadsheet. This a calculator that we need to make more user friendly . Ideas welcome max 3aud no fix cost No mikestone must use travker No amateur

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    Need to convert xlsx calculating form into a calculator that can be placed on a web page like Wordpress. The charts can be left out, just the first page/tab of the spreadsheet is required.

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    Hello, We have an WP website with a 4 products for printing service like flyers etc with different prices based on formula used in woo price calculator. We need to add a new product and adding new rules in woo price calculator module, we will provide an link with all the prices from a similar website (not ours) but we will use same calculation plus the formula+prices for every combination.

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    I need you to develop some software for me. Its a simple software/desktop app for tour packages calculator, i need it to work simple and understandable, easy to use, it works like this , when i add tour or number of days or budget, it gives me accommodations options, entry fees option etc. in the back end I will be adding those accommodations, meals, fees, transports, locations, but in front end ...

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    I wanna hire a php zend framework for API and website development for long term at-least 4 hours a day for the period of 3 months or so based on how he perform during this tenure. Kindly requesting only serious interested person to bid or drop me a message

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    Modify and reconfigure Encocoin P2P Escrow platform with the following deliverables to be added to the existing features in the script: 1. Modify to have ONLY Encocoin XNK(Wallet installed) as the sole escrowable base currency with a dynamic online real-time displayed price fetched from Coingecko. 2. Escrow exchange to should support 170 local currencies against XNK. 3. Trading must have an inbui...

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    This is our current website: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] , done with Wordpress I would like to know the cost to improve to this kind of websites (its one of our competitors): [log masuk untuk melihat URL] - Introduce ebay and amazon recommended products (embebed) - Improve calculator experience [log masuk untuk melihat URL] - Improve image and UX All the suggestion are welcome.

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    I have an upcoming web site here [log masuk untuk melihat URL] For some reason the range slider (loan calculator) here does not work in mobile see: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] *Works fine in desktop, but not with mobile. Tested with IOS/iPhone Fix this. I want my page to be fast. Tested with [log masuk untuk melihat URL] The site scored 45/100. I want it to score over 90/100. Can you fix ...

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    I am looking for a developer or developers to work with to enhance an already open source secure messenger application for iOS. The application is called Loki Messenger which is essentially a decentralised version of the Signal application thereby removing any central point of failure. The application is still being developed by the Loki team (currently in beta) so I would need to be able to pul...

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    We, Mahindra Construction Equipment, are a construction equipment manufacturing company based in Pune, Mahrashtra, India. We make backhoe loaders and Motor Graders. We are currently launching a new initiative for our customers. Below requirement is for the same. We need an offline calculator for EMI and operating expenses. Should be able to do basic calculations using user inputs, pre-defined val...

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    Hello, I am looking for a Shopify Expert to fix a few things on my website store. Please contact me if you are an expert of Shopify ONLY and can fix everything in a Shopify store. Looking for long term parntership. Thanks.

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    We need an experienced PHP/Laravel developer to work on an application that acts as a hub for tracking and managing customer data and interactions. This application has already been through a few iterations of development and is currently being used in production. This project will focus on providing integration between the custom Laravel app and Asana. The integration will link to customer ...

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    JS pseudo code Tamat left

    I have a client site set up on wordpress already with them already installed. However, i only need help setting up the cost calculator with all services and prices.. we purchased and own the cost is the link to the software so that ou can see if this is something you can do. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I need someone that knows JS pseudo code and can take my services and pri...

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    I want a replica of this calculator built for my website - [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I don't want a plugin alternative or something similar. If you cannot build this exact calculator with the styling options then please don't bid. I want to see examples of previous work and I want a detailed explanation on how you will build the calculator and how you will achieve the style I'...

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    We are looking for a Senior PHP Developer having experience with how slots operate, understanding of game rules and with relevant experience of creating server side code to communicate with the frontend games. Only candidates with relevant experience to be considered.

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    Looking for Senior PHP expert to customize my PHP application

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    We need an advance experienced developer (PHP, CI) with highest quality standards for our project: a comparison car marketplace under construction. Our Website is "made" by several developer teams. We stopped becasue of the bad quality. So please do not waste your time and ours if you did not master several projects like this. The Job is: 1. Analyse the code and website: Find and so...

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    Hello Freelancers! I am looking for best web developer. I am going to make one module. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] The design is already completed. I will make design too and Sample source code is already prepared so that freelancer can reference the source code. I need the strong JQuery and google map technology. When you place bid, please don't use template. I will remove auto bid. When y...

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