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    I'm seeking a competent artist to illustrate a medium-sized realistic mural (3-6 feet) of our family name. The primary focus will center around an artistic representation of our family name, other elements may be introduc...feet) of our family name. The primary focus will center around an artistic representation of our family name, other elements may be introduced based on the artist's discretion for a balanced and appealing composition. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in creating realistic murals - Strong understanding of proportion and balance in composition - Strong skills in typography or calligraphy is considered a major asset - Must be detail-oriented and accurate in replicating the specified design elements - Must be adept at offering creative in...

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    I'm seeking a designer to create a distinctive and professional logo for my law firm, "Keravnos Law Firm." The logo should be primarily in traditional calligraphy with a hint of modernism and incorporate a thunder element. This thunder element should be subtly integrated into the letters, not as a separate icon beside the name. The color scheme for the logo should be a combination of blue with gold. The overall theme of the logo should emphasize authority and professionalism, reflecting the core values of my law firm. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in calligraphy, particularly traditional style - Strong design skills to seamlessly integrate the thunder element - Experience in creating corporate logos, particularly for law firms or other profession...

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    I'm in need of a skilled Korean calligraphy artist (who is Korean itself and knows spoken Korean) to create custom name pieces for me in your unique style. Key Project Details: - I'm looking for someone experienced in Korean calligraphy to craft names in Korean in your own calligraphy style. The style can be Traditional calligraphy, Modern calligraphy, Brush lettering, or a fusion of your own. - The names can be either in Formal (Hanja), Semi-formal (Hangul), or Casual (Stylized Hangul). You are free to choose the style that you feel best suits the names. Application Requirements: - Please include examples of your past work specifically in Korean calligraphy. I'd like to see a range of styles to gauge your versatility. This proj...

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    I'm looking for a talented logo designer to create a unique and eye-catching logo for my Saudi Arabia travel agency. Key Requirements: - Colors: Black and grey - Incorporate Elements: Kaabah, plane, arabic brand name - Font Style: Arabic Calligraphy for brand name Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Arabic Calligraphy - Experience in designing travel or tourism-related logos - Ability to create visually appealing and unique designs - Understanding of Saudi Arabian culture and landmarks.

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    Hello, I'm looking for a (preferably Chinese) designer to write the text "Protection" in handwritten/calligraphy style. Example of calligraphy/handwritten style I'm looking for: It's for a tattoo. If you can do please let me know fast.

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    I'm urgently in need of a skilled professional who can assist me in putting together a dataset of Arabic calligraphy text images. This dataset will be crucial in training a machine learning model. The ideal candidate will: - Have experience in dataset creation especially for image-based deep learning generative tasks. - Have knowledge or interest in Arabic calligraphy text to ensure the quality and relevance of the images. Your timely completion of this project will directly impact the progression of my ML model's training. Looking forward to your proposals!

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    I'm on the hunt for a skilled Iconography designer with expertise in creating line art icons, which will be used to boost our brand recognition. The primary use will be for our mobile application. Key requirements include: - A strong portfolio in line art design - A degree in Fine Arts and hands on experience in calligraphy - Experience with brands and icon development for mobile applications - An understanding of how to visually communicate our brand through iconography - Creativity and attention to detail, to create a unique and recognisable brand representation through these icons. This is an opportunity to use your skills in line art to enhance our brand and contribute to our user's mobile experience.

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    As the client, I am in need of a graphic designer to craft a...of Chaitra Navratri. The cover design should incorporate: - Devotional imagery portraying the essence of Chaitra Navratri. - Floral designs mingling with vibrant colors. - Traditional Sanskrit calligraphy. The entire feel should be cohesive and follow a traditional Indian aesthetic, exuding a rich cultural vibe yet maintaining a professional magazine cover look. The ideal freelancer would be someone having skills and experience in: - Graphic design particularly suited to magazine covers. - Proficiency in creating traditional Indian art forms. - Understanding and execution of Sanskrit calligraphy. A background in designing religious or spiritual content would be an added bonus. Please share relevant samples o...

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    I am looking for a creative and talented graphic designer to create a modern banner that reflects my company's corporate identity. - Language: The banner should be designed exclusively in Arabic. Familiarity with Arabic calligraphy and typography would be desirable. - Main Message: The design should focus on communicating our corporate identity effectively. I expect the designer to understand how to visually represent our brand identity in a precise and appealing way. - Style: The desired style is modern. It should incorporate current design trends and styles for maximum appeal. Applicants should provide portfolio examples of similar work done in the past. Experience with Arabic design and modern stylistic elements is a plus.

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    Trophy icon Logo Design for “IQRA Tutors” 16 jam left

    ...elements. KEY POINTS: 1)Arabic calligraphy 2)Primary colour green OR maroon red 3)Try to add symbols or cool shaped punctuations to emphasise on learning, education and family 4) Contrast the green or maroon with white background and/or font WE REQUIRE 4 VERSIONS: 1) Large IQRA calligraphy in Arabic and “IQRA Tutors” written in english below, above or next to the calligraphy(photo attached for inspiration) 2)Same as above plus elegant circular or half circular calligraphy design wrapping around the Arabic letter Alif in Iqra(photo attached for inspiration) 3)Large IQRA calligraphy inside a circle and the border of the circle is made of calligraphic design(photo attached for inspiration). And IQRA Tutors written in English outside the ci...

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    I am seeking the creative services of a seasoned graphic designer for developing a bold and vibrant Marathi logo for my brand. Keeping in view my aesthetic preference, the design should be bright and colorful. Familiarity with Marathi calligraphy and branding are crucial for this project. BRAND NAME JIVANRANG - जीवनरंग I WANT FONT IN MARATHI ONLY SIMILAR TO MY ENGLISH BRAND NAME FEEL Project Key Aspects: • Logo Use: The logo will be used primarily for branding purposes. Hence, your design should be versatile enough for different mediums like print, digital, merchandising, etc. • Stylistic Requirements: I am looking for a design that exudes boldness and vibrancy, attracting immediate attention and leaving a memorable impression, yet being professional. ...

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    I'm in search of a skilled calligrapher with experience in traditional calligraphy. The project involves creating beautiful traditional calligraphy that will be framed as artwork. Key Requirements: - Write the Verse #5 (ولسوف يعطيك ربك فترضى) from Susa Alduha to fit a specific shape that is provided in this project - The writing has to be done in SVG format - Provision of past work for review Ideal experience: - Proven track record in traditional calligraphy - Experienced in creating calligraphic pieces for framing

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    I need a talented logo designer who can capture the essence of my brand "Aaina". - Our focus is on fashion that caters to women and girls aged between 16-45. - We exude an ethnic aesthetic and would want the logo to reflect the same. - Ideal skills include experience in logo design, particularly in the fashion industry, and a demonstrable ability to bring a brand's ethos to life through d...reflect the same. - Ideal skills include experience in logo design, particularly in the fashion industry, and a demonstrable ability to bring a brand's ethos to life through design. - Having knowledge about ethnic design elements will be highly appreciated. Take on this creative journey to mirror the timeless beauty of ethnic fashion through the logo of "Aaina". - Prefe...

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    More details: What is the main theme or concept of your website? Fun and Playful Which colors do you prefer for your logo? Bright and Vibrant Do you have any specific imagery in mind for your logo? Lettering or calligraphy I'll be providing IT Services of all kinds to the clients.

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    For my upcoming wedding, I'm needing a skilled designer proficient in creating modern Arabic style invitations. This project will require: - Proficiency in modern Arabic design techniques, - The incorporation of three key elements: calligraphy, Arabesque art, and Jizani heritage style, - Utilization of a specific color palette: gold, navy blue, and coral. Previous experience in wedding invitation design or a related field is highly desirable. Showcasing Arabic design influences within your portfolio will put you at the top of my list. Make this occasion memorable with your unique and beautiful design skills.

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    I'm in need of a hand written signature for personal use. The ideal candidate should be well versed in calligraphy and experienced in creating signatures with medium complexity. While I want it to be recognizable and elegant, I don't want it overly complicated. Key Requirements: - Expertise in calligraphy - Ability to create medium complexity design - Proven track record of similar projects Looking forward to your creative designs.

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    Trophy icon Font Revamp for Existing Logo Tamat left

    Help improve the look of our current logo. I love the icons, HATE the current font. Requirements: - KEEP both logos/icons versions, change ONLY the font - Bold and semi-bold preferred - Even spacing preferred - DO NOT use calligraphy fonts Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in graphic design - You can incorporate feedback + make necessary changes quickly - Portfolio demonstrating previous logo design or font customization projects would be valuable Thanks!

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    I'm in need of a modern EID card design. I'm looking for something that is vibrant and colorful. The design should include some calligraphy elements for a unique touch. Ideal skills and experience: - Graphic design with experience in card design - Proficient in modern style design - Proficient in using bright and vibrant colors - Experience with calligraphy or incorporating it into designs.

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    I am looking for a skilled graphic designer to create a logo exclusively featuring Chinese characters. The style should reflect traditional Chinese art and aesthetics. In this project, I will provide the specific Chinese characters to be incorporated into the logo design. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in graphic design software - Familiarity or experience with traditional Chinese art and calligraphy Please include examples of relevant work in your bid. I'm looking forward to seeing your creativity! simple 3-step: 1. the "background" file is the background of the stamp, ignore the random character in the middle 2. the "big text" file is the main character I want (chinese Hu) 3. there's a small red text on the "big text file" which I want to re...

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    Trophy icon Blissful Studios Logo Creation Tamat left

    I'm seeking a creative graphic designer who can design a uni...for creativity. Design specifics: - Colors: The logo should incorporate pastel colors. Think Spring. - Style/Themes: The chosen design should convey a modern, elegant, fun, and whimsical feel; it should be creative, inviting, wispy, and welcoming. - Elements/Symbols: I'd like the logo to feature wildflowers, a paint palette, and a paintbrush. The "Blissful Studios" text should be in wispy calligraphy, and the "t" in Studios should be represented and stand out by a cross. This project requires an understanding of design aesthetics, color schemes, and branding. Freelancers with a portfolio displaying similar works will be highly favored. If you believe you're the right fit for this pro...

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    I require a specialised calligrapher with a modern touch to their work. This project is intended for branding and logo design. The sample is attached, ...however you are welcome to combine your creativity. I have attached a sample picture and will need of these a total of 3 of these each picture has the name that should be incorporated. - Aesthetic Preferences: There's no specific color scheme to stick to. I'm open to exploring all colors as long as they blend and look appealing in the design. - Essential Skills: A profound understanding of calligraphy, particularly modern style, is fundamental. Past experience in working on branding projects would be an added advantage. Feel free to get creative and propose some unique concepts. Let's co-create some stunning v...

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    I need an individual to manually write the names and addresses from an Excel file of 500 recipients on standard letter-sized envelopes. After the envelopes have been addressed they need to be mailed to me in Delaware, USA. Details: - The envelopes should be addressed by hand. - There is no designated handwriting style - feel free to use your natural ...Details: - The envelopes should be addressed by hand. - There is no designated handwriting style - feel free to use your natural writing style. - Use standard letter-sized envelopes for the task. Should this initial batch be successful, I have a larger order of 10,000 awaiting. Thus, the ability to handle larger quantities is a plus. An organized, meticulous individual with neat handwriting and calligraphy skills would be ideal for...

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    ...would bring words to life on a t-shirt. - Specific Elements: • Lettering Style: Convey meaning and emotion through the choice of font and the arrangement of the letters. • Calligraphy: Elegantly crafted scripts will be highly attractive. • Photo: Combine photographic elements with typographic ones to create visually appealing designs. Timeline: I need this project completed ASAP. Therefore, efficiency and ability to adhere to deadlines are key. Ideal candidates should have prior experience in t-shirt design as well as in working with Coral Draw. A robust understanding of typography, calligraphy, and photography integration is imperative. Your unique touch will help communicate sentiments, messages, and emotions in a striking, visually c...

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    We are in need of a talented graphic designer to help us re-adjust our current logo to a more calligraphic style. Unfortunately, the design has become outdated and we have decided that this adjustment will better fit our brand aesthetic...decided that this adjustment will better fit our brand aesthetic. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in using graphic design softwares - Past experience in Logo Designs, particularly in calligraphic style - Attention to detail and creativity - Understanding of color and form We encourage freelancers to include previous works and experiences in their bids, specially if relevant to calligraphy. The more detailed the proposal, the better chance of winning the bid. We are expecting our new logo to have a calligraphic twist, appealing and pro...

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    I'm seeking an experienced Arabic calligraphy artist, proficient in the Thuluth style, to create a striking design for a logo. The final design should be delivered in JPG, PDF, and SVG formats. Key Requirements: - Mastery of Thuluth Arabic calligraphy - Proven expertise in logo creation - Ability to deliver in JPEG, PDF, SVG formats Your portfolio showcasing similar work will be highly appreciated. Let's create something unique and compelling together.

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    I'm in need of a skilled designer to place three calligraphically stylized signatures at the bottom center of my picture. - Ideally, the signatures should be of : Robert Michael, Angelica Molina, and Sarah Sepaya. - The color of the signatures should be white. - Must possess a great attention to detail to place the signatures precisely where needed. Experience in digital calligraphy is a significant plus. Please share previous similar work for consideration.

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    I am looking for an experienced Arabic calligraphy professional, specifically skilled in the Thuluth font with Tashkeel style, as the final output will be utilized for writing names. Key Requirements: - Expertise in Thuluth font and Tashkeel style - Demonstrated portfolio of past work My budget is very tight, but I assure you that I will provide a top rating and a good rev!ew.

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    I'm seeking an artist with beautiful handwriting in thick modern calligraphy to design my shop lettering. The purpose of this project is specifically for designing 2 words handwritten in Modern Calligraphy, not a logo or general display. Background will be basic white, Lettering basic black. Simple. Low budget, Please big your "final set price". If you ask me my budget I will not give you my project. Your bid, is my budget. Thank you Ideal Skills and Experiences: - Handwritten Calligraphy. - Thick lettering, - Experience with Modern Calligraphy Your task will be to write in simple modern calligraphy, Two words (on two lines), and connecting the last letter of the first word, to the first letter of the second word, To look as a who...

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    Trying to start a blog for which I would need a logo with Arabic calligraphy

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    I need someone who can combine print and cursive to create personalized handwritten notes for children. This task requires particular attention to ensure legibility and appeal to the young audience. Ideal Skills: - Excellent in Print and Cursive Handwriting - Experience in Calligraphy - Previous experience in creating content for children Thus, if you can blend the artistry of calligraphy and the beauty of handwriting, you are the right fit for this fun project.

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    I need a professional logo designer to help me establish strong brand recognition for my Arabic Calligraphy business. The design should be traditional and highly representative of the nature of my business. Your role is to create a visually appealing design that communicates the culture, artistry, and professionalism of my brand. Ideal Skills: - Strong traditional logo design skills - Understanding of Arabic culture and calligraphy - Ability to incorporate business identity into design - Strong interpretation of brand recognition elements Experience: - Proven experience in designing traditional logos - Prior work with Arabic Calligraphy is a plus - Portfolio showcasing creative branding projects - Excellent reviews for logo design jobs

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    I'm looking for a talented graphic designer to create a unique, luxury script-style logo for "LUXURY STUDIOS" By London Suites. Here's what the design should include: - Style: The logo should be designed in a script style. Expertise in calligraphy is a fond bonus. - Special Element: Please incorporate a type of geometric ornament or decal to frame the logo, providing a luxurious and upscale feel. - Skills: This project is ideal for graphic designers experienced in deluxe branding, symmetry and balance, abstract logo design, and calligraphy. The goal is a unique, eye-catching design that conveys luxury and prestige. Your creativity is welcomed and highly appreciated.

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    I've just finished a poster for my film and I'm looking for a detail-oriented calligrapher to elegantly write the title of the film. The title is (Majnoon) as shown in the picture sent - Style: The calligraphy should have an elegant style which reflects sophistication and creativity. - Title: The work will involve calligraphy for a single word which is the title of the film. - Color Scheme: Ideally, I would need a mix of both monotone and color-based design to match the overall aesthetic of the poster. I would prefer bids from freelancers who have a robust portfolio in calligraphy, preferably in film or similar industry. Knowledge in different styles and color schemes is a definitive plus. The right candidate should be able to work under deadlines and pr...

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    I'm venturing into a business that will specialize in jarred, canned, contained, and frozen Syrian food products. These products are delicious and healthy....will specialize in jarred, canned, contained, and frozen Syrian food products. These products are delicious and healthy. I'm in need of a logo that will not only unify my brand but also communicate the nature of my products to attract my target customers. The name of my company unites Syria and Australia. I am bringing Syrian food culture to Australia so I would like to incorporate arabic calligraphy or Syrian/arab symbols (example mosaics, keffiyah, jasmine, etc ) into the end logo. It is also important to me that the logo shows my embrace for humanity and a love for diversity/unity. Colour scheme: (not neon) red...

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    Looking for an experienced graphic designer who specializes in traditional Arabic calligraphy and English typography to create a unique logo for our business. Your expertise will merge two distinct cultures and languages into a single compelling image. REQUIRED SKILLS: - Proficiency in Arabic calligraphy and English typography - Exceptional creativity and originality - Knowledge in translating traditional elements into modern design Ideal candidate should have: - Proven graphic design experience - Portfolio of creative logo designs - Strong orientation to detail We're on a tight schedule and need the project completed as soon as possible. This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your cultural knowledge and artistic flare. Let's create something unique tog...

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    As an entrepreneur, I am looking for a professional app developer to help me create a notepad app for both Android and iOS platforms. This app should incorporate a range of distinctive features, including: * A comprehensive color palette for fonts, allowing users to choose any color they desire. * The integration of pre-existing Golden, Chrome, Calligraphy fonts, as well as customary fonts akin to Google Doc or Word. * An option for text bolding. * The ability for users to insert images or tables – although this is not mandatory, it would be a plus. * A function for changing the background color. * A link to a chatgtp free version login link and space for automated text generation plus. * Download and share options, as well as the capability to save files as PDF, Doc, or ...

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    Searching for a creative digital artist experienced in modern calligraphy, preferably with an understanding of Arabic. Your mission, should you choose to accept, will be to craft a stunning digital piece of artwork. Here's a sneak peek: • Artistic Style: We're modernists here! Your design should reflect a modern calligraphic style. • Color scheme: While I don't have a preferred color scheme yet, I'm open to your creative suggestions. Surprise me! • Artwork Size: The size isn't decided yet, so scalable art that can look good on various sizes would be appreciated. It's crucial that: • You're able to start the project immediately • You work fast and are capable of meeting deadlines • You're affordable Sounds lik...

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    I'm seeking a skilled logo designer to create a vintage-style logo for my brand. Key logo design aspects: • The ideal logo is vintage-inspired, embracing the richness and unique aesthetics of the past. • Important elements to incorporate in the design include calligraphy and retro imagery. The calligraphy element should add a touch of sophistication and elegance, while the retro imagery should represent vintage charm. • The logo should use a combination of pastel and bold vibrant colors. These colors should complement each other to create a balanced, eye-catching design. Skills and experience: • Proven experience in logo design, particularly in vintage-style design • Proficiency in graphic design software • Strong understanding of col...

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    As the owner of 'Emaad', a perfumes and attar company, I'm seeking an expert logo designer to create an attractive logo inspired by Arabic aesthetics. Key components for the logo: - Arabic Calligraphy - Traditional Patterns - Representation of Perfume Bottles My preference for the logo's aesthetics: - Elegant - Luxurious - Traditional While I'm unsure about color scheme, I trust your design instinct to incorporate colors that best represent the company's character and products. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Arabic Calligraphy - Advanced expertise in logo designing - Understanding of middle eastern traditional patterns - Knowledge of color psychology in logo design - Ability to interpret a brand's identity into a logo The ide...

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    I'm in need of a talented graphic designer to create original, modern artwork for wall decoration with lively calligraphy and intricate designs. Ideally, you'd have a knack for creativity and 3D concepts to create a unique product visualisation for commercial use. The design should have modern calligraphy, simple and eye catching words and ornaments around the words, in the form of home decor items, 3D floral or other items which warm the heart . Skills and Deliverables: - Solid experience in creating 3D visualizations and product mockups - Exceptional talent in modern, artistic design featuring calligraphy - Professional design skills for print-ready artwork Please submit your work based on the attached samples for inspiration, they should be similar in...

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    Trophy icon Arabic Calligraphy Logo Design Tamat left

    ...the existing logo for the equestrian centre. See the attached logo with the English name. You need to translate the name PADISE EQUESTRIAN CENTRE into Arabic and put this Arabic text in Arabic script calligraphy that should be inside the horse's head in the existing logotype (see the attached image as a reference). Arabic words inside calligraphy are separated by different colours: blue and black. Name in Arabic: مركز باديس للفروسية The ideal candidate should have significant experience in graphic design, with a particular focus on logo design. Knowledge and understanding of Arabic calligraphy is a must. I'd love to hear from you if you think you have the skills and experience required for this task. Please include a portfolio of any similar work in ...

    $163 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm currently looking for a seasoned illustrator who specializes in Arabic calligraphy. Your task will involve creating captivating, modern calligraphy art that's bound to attract audience attention. The job would require: - A strong background or experience in Arabic calligraphy - Expertise in modern calligraphy styles - Ability to deliver high quality work within a short deadline If you're confident in your language and artistic skills and can deliver within tight deadlines, then you could be the perfect fit for my project. Let's get in touch soon. Your portfolio submission will greatly influence my decision. Look forward to seeing your bids soon.

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    ...me. The design should incorporate Arabic calligraphy, forming the shape of a horse's head, specifically facing right. Essential Details: - The logo should be produced in the Naskh script, known for its script-like style. - Though the design needs to maintain the essence of calligraphy, I would like a blend of minimalist and detailed elements. Experience and Skills Needed: The ideal candidate for this project would have substantial experience in: - Graphic design, specifically logo design - Proficiency in Arabic calligraphy, particularly Naskh - Strong understanding of visual composition, irrespective of the minimalistic or detailed nature of the designs Please provide a portfolio showcasing your experience and proficiency in Arabic calligraphy and ...

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    I'm looking for an artist skilled in the traditional Gurumukhi calligraphy style who can create a decorative artwork for me. Format & Aesthetic - The design should be in Gurumukhi calligraphy. It is important to closely adhere to the traditional style to ensure authenticity. - The main focus of this project is to create a decorative artwork, not a logo or a tattoo design. Time Frame - Despite there being no ultimate time limit for this project, regular updates on progress will be appreciated. Quality is the key factor, so take the time needed to get it right. Skills & Experience - Proven experience in Gurumukhi calligraphy is crucial. - Experience in creating decorative artwork would be beneficial. - Excellent communication skills in order to underst...

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    ...large-scale (24x36 inches) Punjabi calligraphy prints. I will provide examples. I would like to know price per poster. Requirements: - Develop visual renderings of Gurbani verses and famous Punjabi quotes. - The prints should be formatted to a large scale: 24x36 inches. - The calligraphy should be printed on quality paper for durability and a premium feel. E.g. German Archival Paper Key Skills for the Job: - Deep understanding and proficiency in Punjabi calligraphy. - Ability to translate text into aesthetically pleasing visual designs. - Experience in large-scale print production, specifically on quality paper. - Strong communication skills to understand my artistic vision. The completed pieces should beautifully mesh the traditional Punjabi calligraphy w...

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    ...experienced tattoo artist to design a small, calligraphy-style tattoo. I would like the names Trent and Anthony OR the initials T and A intertwined the form a simple tree. Ive attached two designs I really like so would like something similar but open to other ideas. I’d like the design to be not to wide, with the names possible going up the tree vertical but again open to ideas. The size of the design should cater to a smaller application seeing it will be on my wrist. Keep in mind that the design needs to be physically plausible for a tattoo, and should translate well to ink and skin. Deliverable: - One small tattoo design incorporating a specific name or initials in a calligraphy style. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Tattoo design - Calligraphy - Gr...

    $10 (Avg Bid)
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    ...brand - the logo should fashion two intertwined camera lenses, showing our collaboration and creativity. The fine details are as follows: ▪️ Colors: The logo needs to be presented in a sophisticated mix of blue and gray. It should balance between these colors to provide our brand's unique color effect. ▪️ Logo Text: The "Dos Visiones Fotografía" brand name has to be done in Hand-lettered Calligraphy style, showcasing our attention to detail and fondness for the craftsmanship of typography. ▪️ Usage: The logo is expected to be primarily used on social media. Therefore, it should be designed to stand out and fit well within small digital spaces. Ideal Skills: • Graphic Design • Logo Design • Typography • Hand-Lettering I look forward...

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    I am searching for an Arabic designer who brings creativity and flair to the table. The task at hand involves creating a unique brand logo that combines calligraphy and icon elements. Specifically, I'm looking for: - A mix of Calligraphy and icons in the design - A focus on traditional Arabic calligraphy style - A blend of minimalism and modern aesthetics for the logo The ideal candidate should have: - Strong skills in Arabic calligraphy - Experience in creating brand logos - A good sense for blending different design elements with creativity Please include samples of previous work, especially those involving Arabic calligraphy, when submitting your bid.

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    I am in need of a talented designer with experience in ambigram/calligraphy lettering, who can create a unique brand symbol for my restaurant, "VG". The primary purpose of the ambigram is to represent the restaurant's name: a symbol that combines the letters V and G. This should be created with the inspiration of flower petals or plant motif botanical illustrations, serving as a reminder of our home-grown, organic approach to food. Key Requirements: - Ambigram design: must combine the letters V and G in a creative and readable way - Nature-inspired: subtle elements that evoke feelings of fresh, organic produce should be incorporated - Organic aesthetics: the design should convey a natural, down-to-earth atmosphere Ideal skills: - Expertise in ambigram design an...

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    I'm in need of a talented and creative graphic designer to create a Ramadan gift card for my customers from PSM Estates. As the primary recipients of the gift card, I want my customers to feel the spirit of Ramadan through the design. Below are the specific elements I'd like to include in the design: - Arabic calligraphy - Ramadan lanterns - Crescent moon and stars Please note the type of card intended would be a greeting card, thus, design should be warm, inviting and reflect the theme of Ramadan. Ideally, freelancers with previous experience in designing for religious or festive occasions will be considered. Knowledge and understanding of Islamic culture and its aesthetics is important for this project. Be ready to provide samples of your past work in similar projects...

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