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    Hi there! My name is Allison and I am a small business owner. I flip houses and have rental properties as well as run a marketing and recruiting business. I’m looking for a VA who can help me for an average of 10-20 hours per week for a long-term scenario. MUST SPEAK EXCELLENT ENGLISH and have a positive mindset. You’ll be doing a variety of tasks

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    I am in need of a Facebook Ads Expert. I need someone that has great experience with using audience insights and Google Trends; willing to do detailed targeting to find my audiences. I want you to create engagement, traffic and conversion ads; using images and videos (I can supply you both). My goal is conversions for my Shopify eco...

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    ...advice here. I need someone to look at my facebook account and let me know why I am unable to post political ads on Facebook. I live in the US and I have already been verified. All the check marks are green. I have been approved to post political ads. But for some reason, I am unable to post. I keep getting notice from Facebook asking m...

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    I have my script, and need someone with power point skills that can create aboutquality slides that I will bring into Camtasia 2018 and do voice over. This is for part of our funnel and qualify prospects as to whether they can work with us. Specificically, for me, I offer an 8 week course where I coach clients. I cover all platforms, I have digita...

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    ...time to do. Im needing someone that can take calls from me when i have questions or need help with Marketing, FB ads, product listings and whatever else that comes along. Im new to the online world of business and expecting you to have MUCH MUCH knowledge at everything needed to promote and sell through my shopify store. Facebook managing ...

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    I need someone to market my service... I was thinking facebook ads but I have horrible experiences with facebook ads. I need to get customers , need help getting clients. my website is: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Need someone that will be creative in their marketing plan and can get me clients. This should be...

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    ...that I can see where my sales are coming from. For instance, I would like to be able to see how many sales I got from my pinterest traffic. I need someone to help me setup analytics tracking on a custom form that I have from another site via iframe. They have a custom way of doing this via their own pixel and you may need to consult with their...

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    I need someone to help me with daily Facebook Ads Campaign Building and management for my clients. I will provide templates for ad copy and targeting etc but you will need to have experience with the Facebook ads manager and setting up and managing campaigns. You must also be competent in setting up integrations with Z...

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    Looking for a High talented - Social Media Marketing campaigns - Manager. Ads on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. I'm looking for someone to help run my social media and engage with audiences, views, clicks and REAL followers. We will be needing a social media specialist with influence to different countries but at this moment we need to focus ...

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    Hi, I have recently launched a website and need an expert in marketing to help me achieve these goals: 1. Create brand awareness and build trust with my customers (Australian market so must live or have lived in Oz) 2. Generate 6,000+ visits to my website so I can reach my monthly sales target (being able to generate this is a must) If able to del...

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    Ultimately I am looking for someone to help me grow my newsletter to 10,000 subscribers. That would mean managing our LinkedIn ads, SEO on our Website and what every other strategy you are already using with your existing clients. I want to focus ALL of my attention on creating content. BUT FIRST LET'S START WITH A WEEKLY TASK&helli...

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    I need some help with internet marketing. Hello, im looking for someone to help me with Marketing my Cosmetic product. I dont sell to public its to proffesional salons only. How can i create targeted facebook ads and mailchimp adverts tailored to salons. I need help in automating mail chimp emails and having them sent out...

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    Setup my app (itunes and google play) on facebook. So i can advertise/promote my app directly on facebook. I also want to track installs and create effective campaigns that will work best for my app and lead to downloads. I’m Australian and would like to work with someone in AU or at least on AU time. Steps: 1. Setup apps on facebook...

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    I need someone that can create ads and a few posts on Facebook to generate likes, shares and help me gain sales and recruit team members. Small simple landing page that will lead to my replicated website with the company and page ranking. I have 3 companies I am working so this will be a long term job for the right candidate

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    Hi Dear I am find someone who want to 1) I need a very KNowleadgeable and Skilled Philipino COach /Va 1) I was in the Service industry and want to move Product instead. So i want to transition to AFFILIATE Marketing 1) I have purchased my Domain name [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 1) I have the word press blog set up 1) I have 4 affiliate links

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    ...Need someone that can help me to promote my yoga business in Auckland New Zealand. Im looking for someone with great communication skills that can advise me and take my business as it it theirs, I need to grow my likes on facebook and Instagram. I know how to post ads etc so at this stage I need some...

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    43 bida

    I need some help with finding some leads. I am looking to hire someone who can help me with product niche research. I would like to find the market for my product of choice and then scale it down to a target audience. This would be done by reporting numbers on Facebook ads/pixels, google trends , Aliexpress dropshipping transa...

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    5 bida (Facebook Group) as well as build an e-mail list (the main focus). I need someone who has actually brought results (in terms of low-cost conversions) to other clients with actual experience. I myself am very acquainted with Facebook Ads so technically I can do this myself however I'm looking for someone who can wat...

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    22 bida

    i need someone to help me to develop my brand and shop in sochial works. I have shop on Etsy and sell patterns for cosplay armor and helmets from game and movie. i have channel on YouTube with tutorial videos for my patterns. What i need: I want to get more sales and traffic from social networks. I listened to the proposed options for the developmen...

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    15 bida

    I need someone to help me for facebook ads for my teespring campains. I want to see sales. I have some designs that I created and I can find more designs. I want someone that have done this before in teespring with good results! Have you ever launched a teespring campaign? Tell me your results profit from your campaign. I need p...

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    14 bida

    I just started my Ecommerce website here in the Philippines where I sell products like bags, shoes, clothes coming from abroad. I never knew that it would be so hard to create such traffic to my site. I tried Facebook and Google ads but it only produced hundreds of views and likes. So now I am looking for someone who can help me find Filipino...

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    12 bida

    I'm looking for someone who can help me to set up properly targeting ads for UK market only. The main task for our customers is to fill up the registration form on our landing page (4 questions and then they are redirected to another page to fill up the full form. But 4 questions already good for our business. Facebook pixels, google analytics

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    10 bida

    Hi I need help growing my social media following. I'm an entreprenuer and I can invest in ad spend as long as you've done it before and know ways to grow real relevant followers cheaply with paid ads. Current following Facebook : 40 likes Twitter: 323 followers YouTube: 8 subscribers Instagram: 0 followers I post content consistently, a...

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    25 bida

    Looking for someone to help me run facebook ads for my clients. I need someone who is knowledgeable, quick, and reliable. Reliability is important. I need someone who can build campaigns based on lower customer acquisition costs for the client, gets the greatest quality lead and cares about the long-term results of the campaign. I ...

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    22 bida

    ..."Clickfunnel guru" to help me build my lead generation campaign - 3-month initial contract. - this could become a long-term agreement if you can rock it out. I'm looking for someone who can develop an online "sales funnel" for my website using Clickfunnels and active campaign that would include but is not limited to...

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    10 bida

    I am looking for someone to help me with youtube ads, facebook ads, and instagram ads. I have all the content but need help targeting my demographic. I have a basic understanding on adwords, facebook ads, but I Know there is more that I can do. I would like to hire someone and learn from them as we...

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    26 bida

    ...freelancers! What I am looking for is someone who is skilled at writing copy. Ideally I need someone to create high converting videos, pictures, ad-copy for my facebook ad campaigns. I am a business consultant with a growing practice in America. I am looking for virtual assistant to help me with the day-to-day tasks and to help ...

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    12 bida My goal is to add value to others through coaching, speaking, and training. I am looking for a responsible and reliable individual who can partner with me to provide dedicated virtual assistant support up to 30 - hours a week. This is a great opportunity for someone looking to grow personally as well as help my business grow with ...

    $7 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    11 bida

    ...looking for a social media "expert" who wants to help me serve my international clients! You should be a native English speaker! Are you a social media pro? Do you know how to create a social media strategy that gets real followers, engagement, conversion, and sales? Do you know how to create and test ads until they convert at their best? Are you able

    $41 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    39 bida

    ...looking for someone who has experience with website design, and with how SEO and google analytics works. My end goal is to write articles for my blog and/or the travel industry. I'm also interested in running ads on my site in order to generate income. I am, obviously, not great in this department, so, if you know what you're doing and ...

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    31 bida

    ...mentor to help guide me through this. I have experience in managing large social acquisition budgets but that's as far as I go when it comes to paid advertising. Looking for someone or an agency with a excellent track record in the following. 1. Shopify Optimization - Help finalize final shopify theme with me based on your experience...

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    43 bida with Google adwords and Facebook for finnish people with finnish language. I have website [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and I need someone to help me with my Google adwords and Facebook marketing. If there are some other places where ads should be show, I am ready to hear your succestions. My goal i...

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    28 bida

    ...flyerEXPERT, My name is Mat, and I run a business called "Saddles Plus" in Perth, Australia. Our Business consists of a Fixed Premises store and an online store. We offer approx 1300-1500 Equestrian products as you will see on our website. We also offer a "Saddle Fitting" Service which is where we send someone out to see a customer

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    1 bida

    ...Secrets) and striving to create my first 1 million dollar funnel. I have a deeper purpose around making sure others win. I'm also a full time athlete. I'm trying to focus on what I'm best at and build a team who each contribute their own 'unique ability' I've defined my What, Where, Bait, Result and written my Value Ladder. What am I l...

    $22 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    10 bida

    Looking for a freelancer that can help take over my marketing campaigns for my business on Facebook. I currently spend around $200-$800 a month on Facebook ads ($200-$250 per event). I would like to incorporate videos to increase the effectiveness of my campaigns. If you are interested in the position, I need the following from you: ...

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    26 bida

    I need help with making facebook ads and regular ads for my website. I want my google pixel to be intergraded into it as well. I am looking for someone who knows what they are doing and can guarantee me that their ads will work. I have other websites too and will want a lot of ads so i am looking for one person who...

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    26 bida

    I need some help with finding some leads. I am looking for someone to help me market, using Facebook ads, a monthly fitness challenge that I host on my website. Ideally looking for someone who can develop Facebook ads, using my videos and images, to link with a sales funnel I set up on Convert Kit. Th...

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    5 bida

    I need some help with finding some leads, and with my Facebook business page. I am the owner of an emerging small retail ecommerce business, High Society Canine We specialize in designer dog clothing and supplies (such as beds, carriers, accessories, shoes, costumes, etc). I launched the business in July 2016, and currently

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    27 bida

    ...couple clients who I need to deliver high quality shopify store's for but I'm swamped with getting the Agency going and handling customer relations / bringing in sales + trying to fulfill these orders So I'm looking for someone who's got a great work ethic and can help me fulfill the orders while I work on customer relations and bringing...

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    29 bida

    Hi innovera, i want to ask you are you introduced with facebook ads becouse i need someone who can unblock my facebook advertasing profil if you know how or you know someone who can help me we can work.

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    1 bida

    Hi ReliableMate, i want to ask you are you introduced with facebook ads becouse i need someone who can unblock my facebook advertasing profil if you know how or you know someone who can help me we can work.

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    1 bida

    Hi hrkr143, i see that you are programmer so i want to ask you are you introduced with facebook ads becouse i need someone who can unblock my facebook advertasing profil if you know how or you know someone who can help me we can work.

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    1 bida

    ...improvements for my site - I'm fairly well versed with basic SEO but need someone at an expert level that will help me take my site's optimization to the next level. We are a brand new small business that just started on April 1st so as you can expect, budget is a bit tight so I'd appreciate it if you

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    my themes having some bug, i need someone to help me fix them. Below are the problem that I need to fix. For more details, you can go to the site and test for it, the url is Loop Hole: 1) the map is unstable. Sometime it was able to detect my actual location but sometime not. And when it was able to detect my location, al...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to help me with my project. The skill required is Website Design. I am happy to pay a fixed priced and my budget is $30 - $250 USD. I have provided a detailed description and have not uploaded any files. www. billlionaire inc limited .com is the main site what you see now is just there for now i need a site created

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    37 bida

    Hello, I am looking for someone with experience managing facebook ad campaigns to advise me on the setup of a new facebook ads campaign for my business. Basically we need help group targeting the right niche specific audience. For now I am looking to pay someone with experience for 1 Hour of Assistance / + Help by Answ...

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    21 bida

    ...for someone to manage my ads on Facebook. I need someone to help me get page likes on Facebook targeting USA at a cost of only 0.01 or 0.02 cents not more. If you are able to achieve this or have any experience achieving this result while targeting USA,UK,Canada please attach a proof of image on your portfolio. If you succeed doing this f...

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    20 bida

    ...who will: -write my ad description in RO (from english) -list ads on local Romanian sites + facebook groups + other methods -maintain recruitment process and contact with copywriters during our searching phase -choose best copywriters -give me contacts to all who you will find (persons worth contacting) -will help me with review of...

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    20 bida

    I want my website to be rebuilt and fully working. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I have no issue placing full milestone but I will not release anything until the site is 100 percent finished.. I have had to many fake people saying they can do the job. type 4858569 if you understand this and read the entire

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    95 bida

    ... Hi my name is Tushar Joshi please I Need a skill full freelancer that can help me get a few 100 clients to be on my hosting company that I would like to build. I will build the website for any one looking for a great hosting provided as I will be reselling hosting TO them. All u need to do is get sales and find who to target. I need someone who

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    4 bida