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    We will provide Below details for completion of the Website. 1. Our Name & logo so that you can integrate the colours into the design element of the web site. 2. Our product details. Required a new theme altogether. 1)Home page, contacts and map 2)Blog or articles area 3)Newsletter 4) Gallery 5) Scrolling header/media slider 6) Information pages - sample page format (content will be edited...

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    Only Professional WordPress Developers please! min required: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript Use only the previously installed plugin. - Contact Form 7 - Supsystic Form pro Requirements - Matching the current design of the page - Appears after scrolling down a full screen size (not appears straight when the page loaded) - Following the scrolling down or up as the user rolls up or down the...

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    I want to create a website that offers several movies and series to visitors, it can be used by both registered and non-registered people. The interface will kind of resamble Netflix's. By pressing a video, a process of a few verification steps will take place for 10 to 15 seconds, then an ad will be displayed right after. A captcha check will be done, posting a second advertisement afterwar...

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    I have an ongoing job. I need you to resubmit URL's to google for me. I have a real estate website and when a new listing is created I need you to simply submit the URL to Google. Its as simple as copying and pasting the URL and then filling out the captcha form. The URLs will be emailed to you through out the day. The sooner you can submit them the better. But I under stand you might be in...

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    For example I have this youtube video [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I would like to find a website that does this URL formation for downloading MP3: [log masuk untuk melihat URL]://[log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    Realize an API REST in C# that - receives 7 strings as input - connects to a web page - fills in an HTML web form with the 7 values (5 textboxes, 1 dropdown menu and 1 radio button) - invokes an already existing API to decode a captcha image shown in the web page (this API receives the base64 encoding of the image and returns a string containing the decoded Captcha) - fills the captcha text box - ...

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    my webpage is [log masuk untuk melihat URL] it is a wordpress with a woocommerce. I like show only for Argentina all the woocommerce url excluding other folders. but the esencial needing is that i dont want to change the URL... for example: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] this is a t-shirt.. i like to show the t-shirt only for Argentina ( i have cloudflare ) if is non argentine it will arrive ...

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    Hello I need a php script to upload a file from a URL to an [log masuk untuk melihat URL] account and get the link back Price: 50 € Thank you

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    I have made a webhook url using Google apps script to get the data passed on webhook into google sheets but I am getting unauthrozed 401 error

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    Im trying to locate the url on a certain app when search bar criteria shows results. Job will not take long. Need skills in Android Apps, Packet Sniffing, Wireshark, Blue Stacks. Possible SSL certificate knowledge needed.

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    I need to apply this token to my actual php project more details here. [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    Hello, My website is bilingual (French and English) and inside the Blog Articles & blog categories, there is only one place to add a SEO keyword. This cause that articles in French and English have the same URL rewriting. However, in the product and category, there is a field available for every language called URL keyword so we can manage the URL rewriting in both language. I want to have ...

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    URL: HRES Development GmbH Keyword1: Datenschutz Keyword2: Datenschutzbeauftragter Keyword3: DSGVO or DS-GVO Keyword4: Verfahrensverzeichnis Keyword5: DSB

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    We are looking for a quote for a fantasy sports platform where users can play football. It is an online game where users create a virtual team of players and earn points based on the match. Versions: Website and Android App Basic functionalities we are looking to incorporate in the game are Login, Signup using OAuth, Facebook Connect, Manual Login/Signup using OTP verification, anti-spam measure...

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    URL: HRES Development GmbH Keyword1: Datenschutz Keyword2: Datenschutzbeauftragter Keyword3: DSGVO or DS-GVO Keyword4: KDG Keyword5: DSB

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    Update website Tamat left

    I need VirtueMart updated on my website. I need to make sure all links are working as some are not. I need captcha installed to avoid bots creating fake accounts on my website as well. I prefer someone with experience with Joomla and VirtueMart.

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    - Detects in the form to which URL it needs to submit (can be two places). - Scrapes all data from the user inputted URL (textbox, line -> input). - Submits the scraped data including image the to a new URL (fiddler data contains multiforms). - There's also a number check that it needs to do. I have a near ready exe from another developer, unfortunatly he/she can't finish it. I do n...

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    Need a simple Mozilla extension for personal use, it does not need to be published. It will simply do following : 1. Copy the browser URL of the window and change the color of extension button from orange to green 2. When 'Done' button is clicked from a static local HTML page, the open URL tab should be closed. The static HTML page just has a simple table , here is link to file - [log ...

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    I have a list with 15.000 domains/url adresses You job is to check every single url so we can find all webshops in DK if the url adress link to a webshop you insert value 1 if the url adress NOT link to a webshop you insert value 0 [log masuk untuk melihat URL] value set to 1 [log masuk untuk melihat URL] value set to 0 Write "DATA" in the bid so we know you have read it.

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    I need solution with HLS/HTTP streaming, i'm trying to protect multistream. I need to provide me PHP file with NGINX configuration. Job request: - M3U Path = "/test/panel/stream/[log masuk untuk melihat URL]" - username + password - connection number - all data will be stored in MySQL but for testing you don't need MYSQL use variable with static data 1. Creat PHP file to pl...

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    I have several forms on my site that I would like to implement SolveMedia captcha on. I have figured out the code that I need to add to the pages but the validation of the captcha is beyond my scope of experience. My site currently uses php scripts implemented into pages via WoodyScripts. If you can implement the solution on one page I can copy the solution to the other 50 or so forms/pages hopefu...

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    Platforms suggested: Laravel forge, angular/vue.js, redis, mysql, websockets, supervisor & Cloudflare or you could also suggest to me other preferred technologies. Let me know how you are planning to carry out the task. Some of the required features: The forum has to be very similar to: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] - You are also welcome to make the UI even better. Colour scheme Login sys...

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    A ccs address is wrong on my Wordpress template and I can't find where to change it.

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    1. Changing designs of buttons And for the button design, just changing of colors - want to change the colors of button for whole the site 2. And also changing of style of topbar icons- And also the search icon We will first try black in the picture fill to see if it fits and then we may revert back to white after 3. Removing of bottom background - yellow bar - (we may add yelow line in the body...

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    I need someone that can add my web url to opera mini or ucbrowser or chrome

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    14 bida

    I need someone that can add my web url to opera mini or ucbrowser or chrome

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    It is required to make several improvements on the site [log masuk untuk melihat URL] (multisite is used, in this regard, be careful when completing tasks so that they do not appear on all sites). List of tasks: 1. Cubes in LC 4love4you are incorrectly positioned (there must be exactly 3 images, then the next row. 2. After placing the order, the text contains a link to the personal section, but it...

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    shopify custom page always have “/pages” in URL. We need to shorten the URL from "[log masuk untuk melihat URL]" to "[log masuk untuk melihat URL]"

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    Necesito resolver la imagen de un captcha, con inteligencia artificial, puede ser en cualquier lenguaje.

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    Web Scraping remote mission - Asap Find the most appropriate web scraper and personalize to make it match with a notorious online “hotel only website” (B com) Mission : What need to be found / scrap is for one capital city in Europe location : - all name of accounts registered on the Web Site (around 3000) - the URL of each account pages - their properties address when present - th...

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    Busco programador de habla hispana para desarrollar mi sitio web: - Web Responsive: Bootstrap con PHP – Laravel - Programación Orientada a Objetos – MVC - Login con recatpcha - Contraseña codificada en SHA512 + 2º Factor opcional - El proyecto tendrá como objetivo conectar a todos los profesionales del mundo ligados al deporte y a los jugadores profesi...

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    I can work captcha, entry fields , and I will improve myself

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    Build a model which can detect the brightness score of any given image as input. ​Use pickle operation to serialize the algorithms and save the serialized format to a file -​ ​Start an API(flask / django) that will use the serialized model to generate predictions

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    Hello, If interested please read all the details before applying, I will reject random bids. Workflow: I have multiple users that need to see a set of pictures, PDFs, and Plain text files on a daily basis. Each user has different pictures ONLY they can view. I email the pictures to individual users daily and I'm looking to have a simple website they can login to with a user ID and password ...

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    28 bida

    Recreate the existing website, along with a Mobile version and deliver all the necessary website files for this domain: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] No CMS or frameworks. Regular fully editable HTML/CSS/PHP/JS only. You will deliver the files. I will upload to the cPanel LAMP server. 1) The contact form on the site should be operational via PHP 2) Add a simple captcha to the contact form 3) Ple...

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    44 bida

    I need a elearning website ready made if you have a ready made e-learning website in Java or php not WordPress enter the url in the proposal and nothing else. I don't want to read your proposal only check the quality of your elearning website. If you want a reply only put live urls of elearning website and nothing else.

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    I have details of job seeker list... FName, LName, Email ID, Mobile No, company details etc...but this is a bit old data. We want to figure out the corresponding candidate's linkedin URL. THis should be developed as API, such when we give a user parameters, then code has to figure out the URL and share back. Expecting better suggestions from you on how to proceed with this?

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    17 bida

    I need a elearning website ready made if you have a ready made e-learning website in Java or php not WordPress enter the url in the proposal and nothing else. I don't want to read your proposal only check the quality of your elearning website. If you want a reply only put live urls of elearning website and nothing else.

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    Captcha filling karna chahata hu.

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    Hello, I have a scrip developed in python which left incomplete, the script extracts information from a web page. In order to extract the information it is necessary to log in with a form protected by google captcha. The programmer who developed the script proposed to obtain a Google Chrome cookie, but left that task unfinished. I need help to finish the script. My offer is 40 USD, please make ...

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    I need a HTML/CSS/JS ninja to upgrade an existing website template as described below Find attached to this project a scan i have draw. On the template page you can see the header menu on top, and then a headband with a background and written on it in the middle "Property Catalog", then there is a "property filter" area, so far you do not have to change ANYTHING, the job is lo...

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    Using ASP .NET C# MVC Razor there is a view which I need to download in PDF format I have tried with Ironpdf local everything nice but watermark appear in live server I have tried Rotatita local everything nice however it has some issues with share server (goddaddy). I am software developer and I am looking for consultant in order to know the best wat to get this pdf

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    I need who have experience in python automate into excel data related There need to pull the data from HTML And create a python script & automate into excel.

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    I need a wordpress plugin that will scrape a url (all the pages from that url) and sort it they way I want it on a page.

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    I need to get the video streaming URLs on twich

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    Pls refer to the sample video for details I will provide 200 URL, they are all takeaway shops. I need customer review(5 stars, 4 stars, 3 stars, 2 stars, 1 start)for each week, and pls collect data as I did in video. It is long-term work, programme or manual work are all accepted Pls bid your weekly price, pls do not bid low price and charge high, your bid will be supposed as final quotation T...

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    I need a script to auto vote on a website. Info needed : First Name, Last Name, E-mail and captcha to vote. Python preferred. Waiting for messages

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