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    Purpose: Within the scope of the accuracy of the TR ID information entered on the devices that want to connect to the network. will allow, distribute ip to these devices via DHCP, identify the identities of the distributed ip. a database that will store and dhcp server can be configured with admin making interface. [+] Interface will be designed with HTML CSS vs Js [+] Django will be installed [+...

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    Trophy icon Logo for online store Tamat left

    Hello, I need a logo for our newest online store for carp fishing. The name of the store is Be Angler. - [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Please be creative. I will drop some logos that I like so you can see my idea. DONT COPY ANY OF THE LOGOS OR THE FISHES IN IT. I will upload one more picture that I like the font (text-harket). You can try making something with this font (it's not a must).

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    I need description of 42 technologies. I need it fast: in 3 days, but I want to get 1/3 of results after every day. EACH description need to contain minimun 400 words. 42 articles x 400 words = 16_800 words in total. Each article need to answer the questions: - What is the technology? - How people uses this technology? - What are the most interesting properties of the technology. - When was...

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    Trophy icon Powerpoint Design Tamat left

    We are in the carp fishing sector an need a PPT pitch deck. We have a plattfom, a booking system, a shop and some social media content - keep that in mind for the design please. We are a green company. We want at least 15 different page designs as templates. Please be aware of our coorporta ecolours and our logo as well as our field of action (carp fishing). The pitch deck is for investors. Not to...

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    Trophy icon T-shirt designs Tamat left

    Update: Please follow our instructions. "Bleibt's gspaund" means "keep the tension" so we don't want a guy with a fish. We prefer a rod and a fishing line under tension. Please NEVER use both texts in a logo! We want a nice logo for a fishing T-Shirt. We want "Bleibt's gspaund" on the shirt. This means "Keep the tension". Meaning being excite...

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    Hi I need some help setting up WooCommerce bookings. The set up should be for members of a Carp fishing club to be able to 1/. book to fish on a lake 2/. minimum booking 1hr max 72hrs 3/. minimum fee £30 (for the 1st 24hrs or part of) ie they book for say 10hrs or 23hrs they still pay £30 4/. 25hrs - 48hrs is a base of £30 + £15 5/. 49hrs - 72hrs is a base of £30...

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    We need a logo for a website and business. It's for the carp fishing related website. Please read the attached description and example logo and sample clipart we like. So you can get an idea about the logo we need and design the better logo. Colour Codes, Business Name and more description are in the attached text file.

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    We need a logo for our Carp Tourney, its called Midwest Carp Masters, MAYBE using MCM... something maybe with a carp... SOME SAMPLES THAT ARE NOT CARP RELATED BUT A SAMPLE

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    Trophy icon Fishing Tournament logo Tamat left

    We need a logo for our Carp Tourney, its called Midwest Carp Masters, MAYBE using MCM... something maybe with a carp... SOME SAMPLES THAT ARE NOT CARP RELATED BUT A SAMPLE

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    Trophy icon Business card design Tamat left

    We want a two sides business card. One side with our logo and the other with our contact data (small logo on this side as well). It is about carp fishing. Our CI colors: #00A69C #E94E00 #F8F8F8 Should be optimized for 85 x 55 mm Name: Job Description: Mail: Phone: Website: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] We want the original files including fonts.

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    Trophy icon Fresh label design Tamat left

    I need a fresh designed label for our company WICKED FLAVORS...We are a carp fish bait company I have included our current label which I don’t think it looks all that well on a white bottle... I have also included 2 of our competitors labels. The labels are 2 inches wide by 4 inches tall. When I get to my lap top I will upload our logo in an AI file.. I was thinking maybe something could...

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    I need someone who is good with kernel openBSD and C programming, more details will be shared to the selected candidates only

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    Trophy icon I need a logo for a fishing lake Tamat left

    Hi! I need a logo for a fishing lake were often are organized fishing contests. You are free to use your imagination. Name of the lake: Carp Lake Sapunari PS: Do not use images of any other species of fish , ONLY CARP. Thank you

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    I want to implement a device driver like the accounting system of OpenBSD kernel, but enhanced. The program should be able to pass some tests provided. more details in the inbox

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    Hiring a team of developers to work on a network security project for 2-4 months to work remotely and be available fulltime for 9 hours between UTC 4AM to 4PM. Skills sought (interviews will be conducted to validate): 1. ZEEK IDS (Formerely BRO IDS) - (see [log masuk untuk melihat URL]) 2. Wireshark and TSHARK 3. ELK STACK, API for data exchange, and big data platforms in general 4. AI tech...

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    I am looking hire a developer who can create an app for my business. The app will be based around carp fishing. It will include a login page, a profile page, a page to upload information on latest captures including pictures. A link to our website for shopping. Also possibly further down the line a page for instructional videos and tips, and a page for chats/forums for users to discuss carp fish...

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    Trophy icon solve matrix Tamat left

    a project for to solve [log masuk untuk melihat URL] written by delphi or delphi combine with 3rd openbsd dll.

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    Trophy icon make this fish a carp Tamat left

    Want to keep the Blue and red theme, make the fish look more like a carp, maybe adding scales and change the mouth.

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    Work in progress website, see [log masuk untuk melihat URL]; We are a start up fishing website which will raffle off high end carp fishing equipment. Users will buy £1-£5 tickets and win gear up to £500. We will market this through social media paid promotion. 1. Logo to follow similar colour scheme to ones present on the website - Green - #1A687B Yellow - #FFC03B Could invol...

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    Trophy icon Logo for a Carp fishing bait Tamat left

    WE need a logo for our carp bait Big Hawg bait. I would like the color scheme red and blue. Maybe a play on The B and H. I would MAYBE like a hook under it or maybe include a carp

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    Trophy icon logo design Tamat left

    so the name of the company is 'fishing frenzy uk (uk will be small text) the company is a raffle/lottery style organisation where we put prizes on and allow people to purchase tickets hoping to win a prize. the range of ticket prices could be from 0.99 to 30.00. the target market is anglers and serious fisherman age group is 18-65 and predominantly male. As this is a new start up the log...

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    Stinky Pete's Tamat left

    I am opening a new store that sells angling tackle and bait for carp and course fishing. We are a stockist to top brands, like Korda, Chub, Gardener, Crafty Catcher and Mainline. I have tried the logo makers online, but nothing really works for me. The name of the store is Stinky Pete's. The tag line is Bait & Tackle. We like the idea of Pete being a fish. Specifically a Carp.

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    We have (2) pfSense CARP installs. Both identical in hardware and spec. Both are in live production environments. Both are running version 2.4.5pi. One is working perfectly, exactly as expected. The other indicates that the CARP sync was successful in the logs on both sides. No errors or failures were reported, yet the changed data fails to transfer to the backup firewall. Even if you force a sy...

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    Hello, We are a carp bait producer (boilies) and we basically we need help optimizing our prestashop website. - SEO, Social media marketing (Facebook ads, Google ad words) - CONVERT MORE CLIENTS Experience in fishing would be very helpful.

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    Trophy icon Fishing logo Tamat left

    I'm a fisherman and would like to have a logo. The logo must contain the description TEAM SIMEO, the image of a carp and a fishing rod, other features such as color or other elements is the creator's imagination.

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    Hi I'm looking for my logo to be redesigned, using 3D and minimal boldness of the original. Also looking for possible animation of logo. Must still have the grain and carp. Logo to be used on all brand products and embroydery. Looking for a quick turn around.

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    SBL fishing Tamat left

    I need a logo made for my new bait company for carp fishing I would like it to contain the full company name and maybe a carp amongst the writing please

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    error installing package: pacman -S archstrike --needed warning: unable to resolve "python2-capstone", a dependency of "backdoor-factory-git" warning: unable to resolve "python2-rsa", a dependency of "pupy-git" warning: impossible to solve "pupy-git", a dependency of "backdoorme-git" warning: unable to resolve "python2-logutils"...

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    I've got some software that I'd like to sell to multiple customers. The software is completely browser-based and written with php, Ajax and js. The database is mariaDB. I plan to sell the system to multiple customers as a Saas solution. The system is configurable, so that all customers access the same code but modify the way it performs by modifications to a configuration table (via a c...

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    Hello, I want a logo for my company called CarpHotel. We are a agency for lakes for carpfishing. That means we arranging fishing holidays. We are not a hotel it is just in our company name. In the "Picture 1" image you will find an old draft logo from us. In the picture 2 you see a fin of a carp. This 2 pictures should be combined. Picture 3 is a real carp fin that you know how it looks....

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    Trophy icon update a logo Tamat left

    THE NAME OF THE COMPANY IS WICKED FLAVORS. I WANT TO KEEP THE LOGO WITH A FEW Modifications. We are a fishing bait company we specialize in Carp flavors, I am looking to help incorporate that into our aggressive looking logo... here are the logos and a couple ideas of carps you dont have to use these. I do however want to keep the look of our current logo.

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    Hi, I'm looking for someone to configure a site-to-site VPN tunnel between Unifi USG and pfSense. By the time it's finished, traffic needs to flow between clients on each side. For USG network, there are 2 subnets (10.0.0.x and 10.0.2.x) that need to be able to route. For pfSeense there is a single subnet that needs to be able to route. In this subnet clients on IP .1 to .49 can route. C...

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    Looking for someone to provide instructions on configuring relayd on OpenBSD I will require PF rules to enable this and relayd config any other steps required to configure the proxy Reverse proxy > one IP HTTPS

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    Carp Freedom Tamat left

    Carp Freedom is online shop with angling (fishing) equipment, not live yet. We are looking for a logo maker who will get in touch with us, who will listen to our comments and who will create a logo for us (maybe we will want you to adjust it a few times so our requirements will be met). Logo should be easy, it must include our name "Carp Freedom" and it should be done with the combina...

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    I would like to have a fishing store list in the USA. It can be retailers/ wholesalers also. Only stores that sell carp fishing products. (not sea water fishing) The list should contain minimum 5000 contacts

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    33 bida

    Adwords campaign for existing website [log masuk untuk melihat URL] maintaining top position forvkey search Carp fishing in France and occasionally french Carp Fishing

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    46 bida

    Hi user4max, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    I need twitch, overlay, fps, red samurai, twitch streamer, package, visuals, streamer vitals, impulse, logo, offline, eviaaxtv, vector files, studiovulcan, pack twitchv twitch emote, carp streamer, sub emote, discord, emote pubg, rainbow, koinobori, Unicode, designer

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    Hello, I have installed x11vnc on openbsd and I can start once I logged in. I need to start x11vnc on boot so I can login using vnc viewer. I need your help to complete this task. You will post the commands on this chat and I will issue them on the server,and once test, I will send payment. budget is $10 thanks

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    Hey there! We are looking for an experienced 2D animator to produce FIVE 8 minute episodes for a new animation series. This animation series is comedic, and is about 4 evolved animals who get up to great mischief in an all-animal kingdom. It's all animal because the world is built on the idea that HUMANS never got the chance to exist or evolve. But animals did. Think Zootopia, but not re...

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    Hi we have a new website in place with the Itzeeze base and we are keen to get the brands website into key search terms and Google rankings for carp holidays France etc etc. We would like a realistic costing that we would be looking at to raise the website profile and what you can do for us.

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    I’d like to create the best carp fishing game on the market

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    I would like a 2/3d landscape drawing of a new grounds/facilities for a soccer/football team. I would require realistic drawings of carp parks, basketball courts, astro turf or artificial turf soccer/football fields, garage, water fountain, dugouts, sitting areas etc Please see the pdf attached all the areas labled will need to be drawne/designed. This project requires someone with imagination and...

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    Trophy icon Mobile application layout Tamat left

    Contest for a mobile application layout (design only - expected deliverables - PSD files). I provide high-level mockups and logotype. Expect great ideas for 4 screens. Contest winner will be asked to prepare another 15 screens. Please do not stick to logotype color scheme. It can be any color palette - not just a blue/white from the logotype (colors of logotype can be also changed). You are expe...

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    Trophy icon T-shirt Design Tamat left

    We are a gaming team/ clothing company and im looking for a design or designs that will best mesh with the company name and the gaming aspect. ive uploaded my logo and my initial tshirt design. Below i have what my company symbolizes as well as its based in Chinese Wuxia style novels. Also please no clip art or generic art. looking for originality and creativity Every Dragon starts as a carp a...

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    looking for a few banners to be designed to go on my fishing website and app. i will require 3 different types of banner, just to promote the banner space, so viewers can advertise on my website. with prices start from ....... and contact ....... for more information i will also need 2 different designs for the same but to advertise on the app spaces. these will need to be related to carp fish...

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    25 bida

    We need a logo for a carp fishing tournament. The tournament is the 2019 Austin Team Championship (ATC), and this will be the 18th annual. The ATC is a ‘Carp Anglers Group’ event, and it’s hosted by Austin Carp Angler. The tournament is help on Lady Bird Lake, in Austin TX, USA. The logo will be used for t-shirts, stickers, and of course on the website. This year, we would like ...

    $200 (Avg Bid)
    Dijamin Dimeterai
    104 penyertaan

    We would like to graphically design our logo to be used online. We have a sketch. We are a carpfishing brand from Belgium.

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    61 bida

    Seeking a professional for answering questions regarding CARP and VLAN issues, we currently have XG-7100's setup in HA. Must be an expert in using PFsense.

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    4 bida

    Looking at getting a new plant nutrient (liquid fertiliser) developed for growing lawn and plants. We want the nutrient to be all natural and organic. For example Carp or Seaweed. We are looking at packaging the product into 1-5L bottles. Potential for ongoing development.

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