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    ...Calculation for the month of December-2014 ISO forming req. in pcs. 425702 182.63 Jiggering forming qty. in pcs. 1382260 1382260 Casting forming qty. in pcs. 62396 62396 Total forming qty. in pcs. 1870358 1444656 619.76 Considering Body Wt.(dry) 0.429 pc. Considering Glaze Wt.(dry) 0.080 Kgs. Per pc. Glazing qty. in Pcs. 1545781 123.662 Date :14-11-2012 Jiggering + Casting Jiggering + Casting Body req. ISO ISO Granulates Req. Total Glaze req. 619.76 Mt. 182.63 Mt. 123.662 MT. Raw material in pipe line Name of raw material HR518 Body recipe ...

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    ...Calculation for the month of December-2014 ISO forming req. in pcs. 425702 182.63 Jiggering forming qty. in pcs. 1382260 1382260 Casting forming qty. in pcs. 62396 62396 Total forming qty. in pcs. 1870358 1444656 619.76 Considering Body Wt.(dry) 0.429 pc. Considering Glaze Wt.(dry) 0.080 Kgs. Per pc. Glazing qty. in Pcs. 1545781 123.662 Date :14-11-2012 Jiggering + Casting Jiggering + Casting Body req. ISO ISO Granulates Req. Total Glaze req. 619.76 Mt. 182.63 Mt. 123.662 MT. Raw material in pipe line Name of raw material HR518 Body recipe ...

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    I need to use ABAQUS to calculate the residual stress and deformation in a 3layer laminated composite. the composite is isotropic and residual stress is because of solidification shrinkage after molding.

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    Casting a male artist for an informative video for a commercial safe manufacturer.

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    need to develop a code using c++ for X-ray and MIP raycasting techniques

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    ...Website Address - and make sure we didn't collect it already. The number of plants you can possibly submit is unlimited - we already collected sizeable number of them, but still there are many waiting to be collected. Metal recycling plant is a specialized plant which remelts scrap metal into semi-finished metal casting products (metal ingots, billets, blooms, slabs, sows). Scrap metal is a waste metal - Description of semi-finished metal casting products - Examples of metal recycling plants can be found here in our online directory – Important notes: 1) we don’t accept battery recycling plants – those are plants which make metal ingots from

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    Ola Chat is hosting an open casting for one of our app promotion video, lolFi. We are looking for Tiktokers/ YouTubers or teens that are interested to be part of lolFi app promo video. Project details - Short video Marketing (<30 seconds) - App promo video: Online, social media, ad-buy TikTok - Can be filmed in your country/city - Audition Period: Now to Dec 2022 Talent requirement: - Native English speaker - 18 to 23 (Young and youthful) - Able to pull in at least 4-5 friends into your video - Acting / Skit performance desired - Able to produce video based on script requirement

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    The job requires a qualified engineer to help with talking a product design that is in 3D format and develop files that can be sent to organisations that provide aluminium casting and machining services. There are approximately 30 individual parts that make up the product and I require drawings that can be used for production. An image of the prodcut is attached. I have SLDPRT Files of all the components.

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    CHEMICAL COMPOSITION (%) OF ALUMINIUM CASTING ALLOYS (Alloying elements are given in ranges, Impurities are single figures and are the maximum)

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    Siang kak! Kenalkan, Gg dari Shanghai, perusahaan tempat saya bekerja sedang mencari male/female voiceover untuk mengisi suara guna short video iklan-iklan produk. Saya tertarik untuk casting kakak secara online, apakah bersedia? Terimakasih kak!

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    Kami ingin suara yang ceria,fresh dan santai tapi tidak heboh dan pesan yang disampaikan bisa diterima dengan baik oleh viewersnya. Kalo kamu punya suara dengan kriteria diatas ayo ikutan casting online ini! – Voice Over Talent : Perempuan atau Laki laki – Tone : ceria , fresh dan santai – Speed Reading : medium – Durasi Naskah : maks 30 detik – Sistem Project: Casting Online Cara mendapatkan project ini dan cara mengikuti Casting Online sebagai berikut : – Bacakan naskah diatas dan rekam dengan format mp4/WAV – Dilarang menggunakan background music / musik latar

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    Data Project. - Please do not contact me unless you have access or membership to a reliable data sourcing website or platform. From this link: There are 30 companies per page a...platform. From this link: There are 30 companies per page and 7 pages = 210 companies listed. I need an excel sheet with. 1. Website link. 2. Managing Director name. 3. Managing Director email. I also need the name and email address of one or more of the following titles. Creative Director, Head of Production, Casting Director, Head of Talent. This will involve a website like Contact Out… or similar and may involve some checking or manual work.

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    ...respond to this message with a greeting, Whatsapp is able to provide the name of the voter and his/her number. Example: Bonjour Jean, comment vous allez? system will send the polling question of the day and give the voter the options to pick from. the voter has made his/her choice, they will send us their choice. system will thank them for having taken part in the polling by casting their vote....

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    Continous projects needs experience in desiging castings patterns and core boxes and gating systems.

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    Need for a redesign of multiple stamped parts into 1 large casting. Thin walled structure. Need to be designed around hpdc dfm and first principles approach.

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    I want to make a small model around 5 inch in height. Human stl file for metal casting

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    Looking to build a casting web portal for an upcoming TV casting call. Basically just want to replicate this website for a different TV show we are making:

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    Need an expert who can complete a project of Design Project - Casting by using either a CAD software or drafting tools (straight edge and a circle template/compass).

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    We are seeking an Android developer to help us create code to integrate with our app that will enable screen casting from one device to up to 20 other devices over WLAN (not connected to the Internet) AND over the Internet. When applying, please state similar projects experience. Thanks.

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    I need to edit out the sun casting in a listing I just shot or reduce the brightness it.

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    My grandmother loves this spoon, I have not been able to find another one like it, so I am going to print it. I would like to make a copy of this object, need an STL file so that I can print it with a resin printer. We will be making a mold of this and casting it in food-safe plastic. Photos attached, Scaling Information is: The silver coin is a US Nickel and is 21.21 MM, and the Copper one is a US Penny and is 19.05 MM.

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    We are developing an EEG headband. All of electronic components have...information regarding the mechanical requirements and constraints for this project will be provided if you are selected. Please keep in mind that the obj file is not to scale and there will be measurements provided which will help with the design. The objective of this project is to make indivudal parts in Solidworks for plastic manufacturing using either HP jet fusion 3D printing or via Urethane Casting with Silicone molds. We are not looking at high volume manufacturing. With making of these parts, we also need you to make not only an assembly file, but a viable assembly method that allows us to install electronics and electrodes in this device easily by hand and assemble it by hand with least amount of time ...

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    I’m designing and casting a sconce but I’m stuck on some technical details that are making the lamp ugly. I don’t know enough about junction boxes and lamp holders and how to work with them. I’m using a Tala porcelain 3 bulb. And casting a half sphere form around it. Trying to figure out if sockets can be buried inside a junction box and if junction boxes has to be 10cm or if I could find smaller. The trunk is currently 72mm and is meant to have a machined plastic 1cm thick ring around the socket that attaches to the bowl through 2 set screws. I don’t know if this is the best design or a lamp holder with a screw cap could hold the sconce in place from the outside, without the plastic ring and set screws

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    I need to find an editor who can take segments of a cooking competition I competed in on Netflix, and pull out a montage of my scenes...to share with casting agents my "comic" abilities. I also have a personal portfolio which needs to be revamped to be shareable. Thank you.

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    ...puntuales, con amplia disponibilidad y posibilidad de timings ajustados. Estos dossiers son archivos fáciles de keynote (posibilidad de adaptación a power point) creados en la fase de pre-producción de los proyectos que nos entran. Suelen ser presentaciones en donde hay que aunar toda la información posible que va llegando de diferentes departamentos (Arte, Estilismo, Maquillaje, Localizaciones, Casting...) por eso buscamos personas que puedan adaptarse a timings justos para terminar estas presentaciones, ya no tanto por la complicación de la maquetación si no por los timings ajustados desde que se recibe la información hasta que se tiene que entregar para las reuniones con cliente. Tanto las plantillas como el material viene de ...

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    Hi to all, I have a short clip (2min duration), it's a simple jewelry engagement ring casting. I need to make this clip sad, like with some video stock of happiness couple, memory scénario.. and now with the destruction of the ring it's the end of relation.. see what i mean ? This editing need to be free use. I juste need to put it to social network without any right. No limit. Clip need to be at least 1min. Clip in private. (550mo)

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    The hunting lodge cabinet is inspired by cabinetry from the 18th Century. Sculptures adorn the cabinet at various places and this project is about the sculptures which will be made in bronze by vacuum casting. But first a 3D file will be printed which will be a .stl file. The project document is 10 pages and accompanying images are given which inspire the sculptures. Separate images have been posted so that sculptures can be drawn from them. Important points: All scupltures have to thematically match. There will be a couple of times corrections will be made in the 3D file. Communication by us will be during business hours New Delhi time. Once all files are done - they will need correction in size (minor corrections) and also maybe required to be shaped, because t...

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    Doing a family wizard battle scene with spell casting effect to play during wedding on October 29th 2022

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    die casting mold designer. Please bid only if you have your Previous work sample for diecasting mold design

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    Build a look - develop a social media strategy for an individual to get rankings and to touch base with noted people in the particular industry. This person is a model and looking to build awareness and increase social media activity in the fashion industry - with casting agents, media agents, etc.

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    I need a cast to tv android app in Android Studio(Java, Kotlin). 1-> Create a Button in MainActivity name Cast. 2-> On Button Pressed show a dialog list of All Casting Devices(TV) nearby. 3-> Connect With Casting Device(TV) on click list item 4-> When Connected play a video on Casting Device(TV) 5-> Just cast our App screen to TV not the whole phone or other Apps or other queries we discuss in chat. Thanks

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    Hi we are looking for a website Designer and website developer UX & WEB to Create Talent agency website that's will include Homepage about us Projects Videos contact us Blog + registration form for Actors to find work Or crow like directors, producers, casting directors, etc registration System will include REGISTRATION FORM PROFILE PAGE LOGIN FORM The website we're looking for it same software as this website : Please let us know how much will cost to rebuild our website: Thank you

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    im looking for someone to create a video of a fishing lure i created. I need a 5 minute video of casting my lure in water such as a lake. It can be from an iphone video, but needs to be clear video. it needs to show casting of the lure and catching atleast one fish

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    my name is Robin Frick, I am Team-Leader in the Design and Engineering Department for the Schneider-Form GmbH. Schneider-Form is one of the leading Toolmaker Companies for big Injection moulds for the international Automotive-Sector located in the south of Germany.  Engineering and tooling from Schneider Form – Component Design, Injection moulds, Die-casting dies, CFRP/Thermoforming tools () I am currently investigating about our plans to open an outsourced Design and Engineering Office somewhere in Asia. Therefore, I am looking for skilled and experienced employees which are willing and able to get started fulltime with us. Here are some of the requirements we are looking for: - min. 3 years experience in designing tools for injection molding, if possible for big automot...

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    Scope of work - About corporate video which separate into 2 clips 1. Company Profile (7 mins) 2. ESG video (5 mins) - Use recording microphone with high quality - Able to voice casting as our short script Plese send your work example's link for first considering Big thanks!

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    I am a stamping die design engineer in China. I can use UG, CATIA and AUTOFORMR8 for stamping die design (Steel & Casting Continuous Die Design. Steel & Casting Engineering Die Design. Industrial Design), Stamping Process Design and Analysis.

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    Are you looking for a new supplemental gig? Are you interested in reviewing popular products and exploring shopping hacks? Semaphore Syndication is looking for co-hosts for our new YouTube channel. Age range 23 - 45. Must be able to improvise AND read off of a teleprompter. We're looking for a fun, upbeat, excited personality to deliver a high energy presentation. Must be local to Denver, Colorado. Please submit reel, headshot or link for consideration.

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    Hi, have you ever tried life modelling? We are Life Drawing Therapy, a group of artists, psychologists and art professionals that is documenting the benefits of life art with girls that experienced abuses or suffer from eating disorders or depression. Our life drawing ...for the participants. Documented benefits are increased self-confidence, body-confidence, love for life and many others. We are looking for new female talents to expand our life model Worldwide team. Selected talents will be modelling from anywhere in the World (also your room), for a private female-only online drawing class. If you are interest you are welcome to participate to our online casting. Applications will be shortlisted on a rolling basis and to complete the selections a demonstrational cast-tape is...

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    We have been hard at work on new features for our software and now need a great promo video to send to our existing and prospective clients. We are looking for someone that does all things video: graphic intro and outro, screen casting and/or editing screencasts, skillful use of transitions, and a highly polished final result - voice over and audio editing are a bonus! This would be a one-time need but if it works out there will be the possibility of a continued relationship.

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    We are 55 years old company , we manufacture die casting machines. We would like to renew our logo this year. We would appreciate if you design us a new modern logo for our company. You can visit our website to have an idea about our company. Thanks in advance ... Notes: We just want to improve and renew our logo, we don't want a brand new logo. Please take this into consideration. The feature of our logo is that it is in the form of crucibles used in die casting.

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    Hello Freelancers We are Pune based small scale manufacturing company. We are into design and manufacturing of precision components, We render our services to Automotive Sector, Casting Industries, Cement factories, Food industry. We specialize in machining and fabrication projects, We have recently strategized our marketing activities and for that we need a solid presentation which would be a kind of introduction to our prospect clients. We want the PPT to be well designed with proper content writing and with good flow. For reference we are attaching our old company profile Thanks and Regards Ravi H Pandhare Insight Engineers 7020074938 Pune

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    We want a 3D file which will be used to print on a 3D printer. File should be .stl or .obj Two images are uploaded which describe what is to be made. The high resolution image is for the detail and the shape, and the scanned image is with basic measurements and proportions. Please let me know if there are any questions.

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    My 14 year old son recently signed with a NY Modeling agency. We need an instagram account also. I want it to be interesting to potential clients; his first casting call requested instagram link & we didn't have it set up yet. I want to be ready for any future casting calls requesting this. I want it to be interesting and in good taste. Need help. I need someone to assist with an appropriate instagram name; how to organize content & use of recommended hashtags

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    I am starting a new business. I need pottery molds designed to print on a 3D printer that can be used to make plaster molds for pots. The plaster molds will be used for slip casting clay pots.

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    Casting motorcycle helmet in resin

    $250 - $750
    $250 - $750
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    Launching exclusive drive of signing various promoters, models, actors, manpower for multiple projects We have major upcoming projects for Events, Promotion and Advertising with top reknowned national, international clients Looking for *freelancers and casting directors* With extended quality teams (manpower) Variable projects Variable requirements From simple product promoter to professional models and actors. Feel free to connect at the earliest as Requirements are the subject of availability and fulfillment. Feel free to ping us personally for any queries..

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    I want to create an android app for pouring machine mechanism mostly delivered with cloud and python with sensors

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    ...struggling Artists reach the next lvl. In there Career. We offer Premium beats for a super affordable price with masters given when beats are purchased there’s no other place that will let you have the masters to your own music but here were the first innovative crew to engineer produce and score music. All for an affordable price. I would like a 45 cylinder from a revolver standing upright casting shadows on a blue cloud and diamonds where the bullets would be inside the cylinder with the logo name stick them up in script top and bottom or if you find something that you think is better I would love to see that to...

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    Create A Logo Tamat left

    Its a Movie casting, Modeling and acctress casting agency.

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