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    Kami ingin membuat sebuah page untuk register user account baru bagi web apps kami, yang berisikan : 1. Penjelasan singkat tentang webapp kami 2. Form pendaftaran yang terhubung pada database di server kami dengan basis postgresql Page baru ini nantinya diharapakan designnya dapat menyesuaikan terhadap design website kami sebelumnya dan benchmark design kami yaitu ( dan ) Sketch awal page sudah kami buat, diharapkan penerima project dapat melakukan graphic design, pembentukan database, dan penggabungan page dengan website kami sebelumnya (yang mana perlu dilakukan dalam framework yang sama)

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    Kami bermaksud melakukan migrasi data dari server existing menuju ke server baru. OS Server yg kami gunakan Linux Centoz dan database nya adalah PostrgreSQL. Dalam pekerjaan ini pekerjaan yg dilakukan adalah migrasi database, copy data, dump data dan mencreate replikasi antara server baru dengan database server lama. Demikian

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    Frappe and ERPNext- full stack developer I want to make changes for the back side and front side in the application. I am looking for an experienced and fast developer in this field. The app will be a saas project. I am looking for a software developer that I can work with all the time. backend and frontend radical changes. virtualpos integration. I want to change database to postgresql. design change.

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    ... Families will notify the service assistant from the application if the student will not go to school in the morning. On these dates, the student will not go to school and the student's name will be closed from the application. Between those dates, the family gps will be turned off and no notification will be sent. Software to be used. Python, node.js, javascript, React, flutter, firebase, postgresql, sample link. ...

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    Need a DB command (or procedure) to save only the latest value when it has been changed. Whole purpose is to free up database space while still keeping all evidence about value flapping. For example, if input: clock | value ============= 1 | a 2 | a 3 | a 4 | b 5 | b ...be: clock | value ============= 3 | a 5 | b 6 | c 9 | a Output should NOT blindly erase duplicates and keep latest one. This is wrong: clock | value ============= 5 | b 6 | c 9 | a Ideally there should be same SQL command/script/one-liner for MySQL and PostgreSQL. If an unified solution is not possible, then I need two snippets to solve task on each DB flavor. Solution should work for MySQL 8, MariaDB 10.3+, P...

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    There is a real state website that i need to scrape, and collect all the data to be saved into a PostgreSQL database. Main requirements are: - The script should be written with Node (puppeteer+cheerio) - The script should run every x time, configured with node-cron - It should have automated deploy, if we make changes or updates to the source code - Every time the script runs, it should save a summary with all data collected, to be queried later in the database. It would be great if you can do all this requirements to keep working on new features on the future, because there are much more to be developed from this project in the future. More details about requirements are here To ensure that you read my post

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    FastAPI Developer Help 4 hari left

    I have an inventory system backend using SQLAlchemy FastAPI PostgreSQL. I am working on storing sub site locations for every site. Zone / Aisle / Rack / Shelf / Bin Here is the models I am using: class Site(Base): __tablename__ = "sites" __mapper_args__ = {"eager_defaults": True} id = Column( Integer, Identity(start=100_000), primary_key=True, index=True, autoincrement=True, ) name = Column(String, unique=True, index=True) description = Column(String) addressLine1 = Column(String) class Site_Location(Base): __tablename__ = "site_locations" __mapper_args__ = {"eager_defaults": True} __table_args__ = ( UniqueConstraint("name&...

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    Hello there My name is Kemal. businesses I want to make software to manage things like income, expense, stock. Within 25 modules and features selected. clock as version. It may be erpnext but there are too many features and details. I want to rebuild with django but I'm undecided. I'm looking for friends to help me with this. django postgresql javascript react

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    Hi Team, We need a team of experts with the following skillsets who will be able to create one billing application and they need to deploy the application and activate the application on our Linux Server. Skills: .Net Core PostgreSQL Note: Please bid if you have expertise on this.

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    erpnext - full stack developer. I want to make changes for the back side and front side in the application. I am looking for an experienced and fast developer in this field. The app will be a saas project. I am looking for a software developer that I can work with all the time. backend and frontend radical changes. virtualpos integration. I want to change database to postgresql. design change.

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    Requirement: Technology stack : PERN ( PostGreSQL), elasticsearch, chatGPT on AWS/AZURE/GC 1.A nice looking static one page website with Menu on top with submenu and associated html pages , Register functionality with proper security in place with data going in PostGreSQL ( RDS on AWS or similar in GC or Azure) a profile for the registered customer with a nice looking forms with fields like name,age,hobby, hometown etc. This profile will get saved in Elastic search one the HTML page, there will be a chatGP3 like interface where an user can put the prompts and the request will go to chatGP3 or Open AI API and get the results back and save that into elasticsearch should be text box where user can put some text and it will go to Database and fetch the data based

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    ...including Git, Github, SVN, and Mercurial. Experience with AngularJS or BackboneJS. Familiarity with MVC, Mocking, RESTful, and ORM. Good understanding of front-end technologies including HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3. Knowledge of server-side templating languages including Slim and Liquid. Familiarity with testing tools. Proficiency in writing distributed backend services using Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL. Extensive experience with Sinatra, Django, Phoenix, Node, and mySQL will also be considered. Proficiency with testing frameworks such as RSpec, Cypress, Jest, QUnit or equivalent. Proficiency in building and maintaining fully automated delivery pipelines. Proficiency with cloud environments including AWS. Extensive experience with GCP and/or Azure will also be considered....

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    Soporte Técnico informático 2 hari left

    Se requiere una persona para soporte técnico con horarios extendidos. Requisitos: 100% freelancer (indispensable) Idioma Español (Indispensable) Conocimiento en Linux, Windows, cpanel, virtualización (indispensable) Conocimientos en bases de datos MySQL, postgreSQL, SQL (deseable no indispensable) Conocimientos php y java (deseable no indispensable)

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    We are building an application that will be used to crowdsource data in a project focused on Music and AI. Required technologies: - Ruby on Rails (7) - React - PostgreSQL - Vite Nice to have: - Experience with building file-uploading mechanisms - Building charts and graphs with JS (D3 or similar) You have to prove your skills through a short test project for User management and CRUD operations.

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    Hello Helios, We're an ecommerce site looking for a developer that can help us in the following areas: Python, Django, Scrapy, and PostgreSQL. We need something that also has good English communication skills. Please let me know if you are interested to learn more about the position.

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    I need a Postgresql Query 1 hari left

    SELECT CASE WHEN multi_app_documentation.nsma1_code = 'DATE' THEN TO_DATE(multi_app_documentation.nsma1_ans, 'MMDDYYYY') END AS "Procedure Date", ' ' AS "Case Confirmation Number", ip_visit_1.ipv1_firstname AS "Patient First", ip_visit_1.ipv1_lastname AS "Patient Last", visit.visit_sex AS "Patient Gender", TO_CHAR(visit.visit_date_of_birth, 'MMDDYYYY') AS "DOB", visit.visit_id AS "Account Number", visit.visit_mr_num AS "MRN", ' ' AS "Module", ' ' AS "Signed off DT", CASE WHEN multi_app_documentation.nsma1_code = 'CRNA' THEN multi_app_documentation.nsma1_ans END AS "Primary CRNA", ' '...

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    ...for the Guitar Tunes APP on the AWS servers. > Subject: [Action Required] - Migrate your PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MariaDB databases in Amazon RDS running on M1, M2, M3, R3, and T1 instances by February 3, 2023 [AWS Account: 553296537143] [US-EAST-1] > > Hello, > > *Why am I receiving this message?* > You are receiving this notification because you have one or more PostgreSQL, MySQL, or MariaDB databases in Amazon RDS running on M1, M2, M3, R3, or T1 instances. > > *What is changing?* > As communicated earlier via emails and PHD notifications, Amazon RDS will start deprecating M1, M2, M3, R3, and T1 instances for your PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MariaDB databases from February 6, 2023. > > All PostgreSQL, MySQL, or MariaDB database...

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    We are building an application that will be used to crowdsource data in a project focused on Music and AI. Core functionalities - Effort tracking based on uploaded files - Displaying statistical information and analysis of uploaded data - Sharing progress and providing feedback/kudos/motivation to other users Required technologies: - Ruby on Rails (7) - PostgreSQL - Javascript - CSS - Docker Nice to have: - Experience with building file-uploading mechanisms - Building charts and graphs with JS (D3 or similar) - Implementing visual designs provided by a graphics designer - Basic understanding of music theory - Experience working with the MIDI format - Interest in AI and Machine Learning

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    Consider the entities: - Users - Roles - Places You should create a...login, they can invite users of type 3 - Users of role type 1: can list, edit and suspend (not delete) their users - Users of role type 2: can list, edit and suspend (not delete) their users You should use the following technical requirements: - Python Flask, with models, views and templates fully separated - For user management, you should use Flask-Login - The database should be postgresql - You should use bootstrap design on your own Very important note: - If you lie about your identity or if you are using fake freelancer.com account, we will report you and cancel the project - Project should be delivered in 8 hours after awarded. - You should provide the full code and installation in...

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    ...documentation for databases Developing and implementing policies and procedures to ensure the security and availability of the databases Collaborating with developers and other stakeholders to design and implement new systems and applications Requirements: A minimum of 3 years of experience as a DBA Strong experience with database management systems such as MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, etc. Strong experience with database administration tasks such as backup and recovery, performance tuning, security, and disaster recovery Strong experience with SQL and database scripting Strong experience with Linux or Windows server administration Strong experience with Cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure or GCP Strong analytical and problem-solving skills Strong communication...

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    Good afternoon, I want to make an administrable Electronic Commerce, with the following main characteristics: 1. Main web page with announcements of offers and list of products. 2. Sitemap 3. User registration for the purchase 4. Management of discount coupons 5. Shopping cart. 6. Payment by credit card, Paypal or others. 7. Integratio...the calculated sign. 11. Web in English and Spanish (have the option to change the language) Administator: 1. Creation of coupons. 2. Creation of new profiles. 3. Creation of additional users. 4. Uploading of new products with product code, description, barcode, QR, photos and stock. 5. Administrator login. 6. Management of Promotions. Programming language: Angular or Laravel Database: MySQL/Postgresql The service must include deployment on our A...

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    Required developer who have good knowledge of ASP.net Core with Entity Framework, Database : PostgreSql, Reporting : HTML Reporting. for short term project. (1 month) expertise in graphs and analysis

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    Job Title: Software Engineer java Educational Qualification: BE, BTECH,BS Key skill Required: Java , ...AMQP and MQTT through RabbitMQSounddesign decisions around messaging architecture, protocols and interfaces • Backenddevelopment experience for web applications • Experiencewith maintaining products that are in production Experiencewith maintaining products that are in production Experience in some of these fields will give you a jump start • SpringBoot • RabbitMQ(MQTT and AMQP) • Redis,PostgreSQL, Cassandra, ElasticSearch • Docker,Kubernetes, AWS (EKS, ECS, RDS, EC2, S3, networking) • Ansible,Gradle, Jenkins • Prometheus,Grafana, PagerDuty, NewRelic, Mixpanel • Slack,Bitbucket, Jira, G-Suite • Knowledge ofcloud, ...

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    Looking for a data modeler for designing the database model in postgresql

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    Responsibilities: - Working with database software to find ways to store, organize and manage data troubleshooting - Keeping databases up to date - Helping with database design and development - managing database access - Designing maintenance procedures and putting them into operation - Managing database security/integrity and backup procedures - Implementing security measures - Defining objectives through a consultation with staff at all levels - Writing reports, documentation, and operating manuals - Testing and modifying databases to ensure that they operate reliably - Providing user training, support, and feedback - writing disaster recovery plans - Archiving data. Type of contract: Independent contractor Working hours: Full-time (8hrs from Monday to Friday) Time zone to work: PST D...

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    A REST API built with spring-boot and connected to a postgresql database. The project is initiated. I need your skills to complete it

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    Security application needs fixing. Server on AWS. DB on AWS RDS. python nginx django oauth postgresql

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    ...around automation solution usage Provide assistant to the DevOps team to develop, configure and administer overall DevOps and IT automation solutions. Advantageous: Design, develop, and implement test automation with Ansible Automate daily tasks and improve overall test coverage using Python test frameworks and libraries. Communicate test strategies and document test plans. Deep understanding of PostgreSQL, Oracle, Apache, Tomcat and Nginx Expert level understanding and implementation of RESTful, SOAP and SDK APIs Broad and deep technical experience with one or more virtualization and cloud technologies like Red Hat OpenStack Platform, Red Hat Virtualization, VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Microsoft Azure....

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    ...normal business hours on demand. • Ability to create and maintain system documentation (policies, diagrams, etc.) • Strong knowledge of Windows Servers, Unix, and network/web/core subcomponents. • AWS, GCP backup, recovery and health monitoring practices. • Experience with PBX systems (FreeSwitch, FreePBX, Asterisk, etc.) What is good to have • Experience in managing Database servers (MsSQL, PostgreSQL, etc.) • Knowledge of scripting languages (PowerShell, bash, etc.) • Understanding of TLS/SSL and certificates chain use/distribution What is not required • Customer support • QA (Testing, bug tracking, etc.) • DevOps • User training Expected employment type: • Full-time (9a.m. – 6p.m. EST) with the ability to mig...

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    ... Hibernate, Spring technology stack (Spring MVS, Spring Data, Spring Cloud, Spring Batch, Spring spiral, Spring security etc.) along with open source technologies. • Experience building web and mobile applications using frontend technologies Angular (Angular 1/Angular 2), Bootstrap, Material Design, UX/UI, JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS. • Demonstrated Experience on databases like MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle. • An understanding on handling of large data sources. (Desirable) • Expertise on the Code Static Analyzer tools like SonarQube, PMD and, DevOps Tools. • Expertise in using any Unit testing Frameworks like Junit. • Knowledge in Security related to Web Applications and mobile applications. and other open source and commercial tools. • ...

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    I want to design a database in Postgresql. I have all the front end in React Js and backend in Python DRF ready.

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    Requirements & Qualifications - Expert in Python coding best practices - Significant experience developing REST APIs using the FastAPI framework or similar Python framework - Experience working with the Python AWS SDK (boto3) - Some experience working with AWS services like AWS EC2, S3, VPC, SES, ELB, ELS, RDS, Airflow etc. - PostgreSQL experience and familiarity with some ORM (Object Relational Mapper) libraries is a plus - Ability to design and implement low-latency, high-availability, and performant applications - Understanding the threading limitations of Python, and multi-process architecture - Familiarity with event-driven programming in Python - Knowledge of software development best practices: SCRUM, GIT, CI/CD, Test Automation, OOP Experience with Airflow and FastAPI i...

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    There is a real state website that i need to scrape, and collect all the data to be saved into a PostgreSQL database. Main requirements are: - The script should be written with Node (puppeteer+cheerio) - The script should run every x time, configured with node-cron - It should have automated deploy, if we make changes or updates to the source code - Every time the script runs, it should save a summary with all data collected, to be queried later - After all data was scraped, and saved into the database, we need an alert to be triggered to a specific discord channel It would be great if you can do all this requirements to keep working on new features on the future, because there are much more to be developed from this project. More details about requirements are here

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    ...Restful APIs Familiarity with best practices & design patterns (DDD, OOD, SOLID, YAGNI, KISS, DRY, etc) Familiarity with event-driven, distributed, scalable software programming Preferably experience in SaaS and high traffic applications Good knowledge of unit/integration testing and related frameworks/tools Working experience with CI/CD related tools like Git, Jenkins, etc. Experience with Linux, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB, Cassandra, etc. Experience in working with B2B, e-Commerce, CRM, ERP products Ability to write high-performance, maintainable and reusable code Go and/or NodeJS knowledge will be a big plus English knowledge enough to read technical documents and correspond The perfect candidate will also have: - Web/graphic design skills - Basic development...

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    We already have a previous similar project, the idea is to duplicate it and extract only the necessary code to connect with Shopify API in its latest version with generic functions. The points to cover are: Running the Laminas framework connected to a PostgreSQL database Updating product stock in Shopify Price update in Shopify Extraction of orders from Shopify (customer data, delivery address, billing address, products, prices, total quantities) and stored in the database Unit tests of each of the methods with simulated data Note: We provide you with Shopify API credentials, place test orders, and provide access to a test server It is important to apply with a real or final economic proposal

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    hello i have big problem in postgresql sql for big data and many simulation update creat select ... the server its big also have nvme but the problem its cpu be very high so we need someone pro to work in the best indexing and config

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    ...experience with KMIP v1.4 and be familiar with the following technologies: - Git - Java - Apache Struts - Apache Tomcat - Servlets - PostgreSQL - Development of RESTful APIs The main responsibilities of the freelancer will be to implement KMIP v1.4 specifications in the project and integrate it with the other technologies mentioned above. The freelancer will be working independently, but should be able to communicate effectively and collaborate with the team when needed. Qualifications: - Experience with KMIP v1.4 development () - Strong knowledge of Java, Apache Struts, Apache Tomcat, Servlets, PostgreSQL, and RESTful APIs - Experience with Git - Strong problem-solving and analytical skills - Ability to work independently and deliver

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    Hi their, I need help to develop a part of the accounting system, (compound journal entries). Django and postgresql have been used. it is better to some one who familiar with double entry accounting.

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    • Clusters installation that designed to have tow cluster Prod and DR each one has masters and replicators instances. • Replication mechanism between production and DR clusters to perform active passive approach. • Backups for each cluster to perform data retention for certain time. • Master-replicator failover to switch between master and any replicator in the same cluster in case of failure. • Connection pooling • Prepare the cluster for monitoring to allow the cluster to be integrated with monitoring tools Grafana and Elastic. • Migrate the current databases into the new cluster.

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    Required - Python Flask backend - Strong in writing core functions in Python Good to have Skills or any other specific skill: - Electron, PostgreSQL database - Tools like Lamda Terraform and Puppeteer - A quick learner who should pick up from an already built modules by understanding the functionality to make changes to it If you have experience developing the latest python project using MySQl and django with MVC structure, please share the source code. Then we will hire that developer immediately. Start your proposal with "BANANA".

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    1. Payment Gateway Integration : Currently we have existing Razorpay Payment Gateway Integration. We want to add 1 more additional Integration with PayU/Stripe providing a configurable option to choose which gateway provider to be used. So scope to ...extend our Order Management process as currently we do not have 3rd party shipping integration 2. Configuration API to setup which Logistics Partner is selected by Seller and the Sellers Secret Key configuration storage of their account with the logistic provider 3. Integration - Authentication, Create/Update Order, Show Shipping Rates, Returns, Tracking, Fetch Labels/Manifest Database is on PostgreSQL and scope includes any table/query/indexation/optimized query. All API calls to DB will be using Stored Procedure Function Calls using...

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    i have python with postgresql what i need to change sql to mongdb , im not going to award or milstone since ill see that everything work fine !

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    Data engineering project which can perform data pipeline and visualise the reports.

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    Making a small project need help with jest testing and authentication used node and postgresql- looking to work with programmer in real time and he would do do pair programming with me to troubleshoot the project

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    Job Description: We are looking for a highly skilled web developer with experience in Django, Postgresql, and Stripe integration to join our team. The project is to establish a configuration database using Postgres, which will be referenced by external scripts to facilitate the receipt and delivery of SMS messages from third-party vendors. Key Responsibilities: Establish and maintain a configuration database using Postgres Work with external scripts to facilitate the receipt and delivery of SMS messages from third-party vendors Implement a user management system for the website manager to evaluate and integrate new accounts into both our own and third-party systems Comply with regulations for sending SMS messages to mobile carriers and prevent spam Implement a monthly billing fea...

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    iam want make python app with postgresql database, menless system gate in, and loket with human in gate out, i mean gate in wuth raspberry or orange pi, for function push button print ticket with 2d barcode and for member with rfi reader scanner, for capture camera with ip cam hikvision

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    Engagement: Full time Start date: As soon as possible (3-6 months) Language: English Location: Remote Must have skills: Python MongoDB FastAPI API Develo...English Location: Remote Must have skills: Python MongoDB FastAPI API Development Backend Development Flask SQL Rate: We use your own rate Team: Project description: Our client is looking for a Senior Engineer with strong Python skills to join their team Requirements: 7+ years of programming experience of commercial application stacks. Highly proficient in Python and Flask. Experience working with Celery Solid experience with database development MongoDB Experience with FastAPI Experience developing and integrating APIs About the client: Our client is a Finnish technology company known for its popular food and grocery delivery ...

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    ... client - v2.3.0 Less - v3.x - Electron-builder - v22.3.2 Electron-updater - v4.3.1 C++ - std-c11 - UDT - v4 - Crypto++ - v8.20 - SnapBit App-Server : NodeJS - v8.8.1, using Express 4.16.x as the web-server. PostgreSQL - v9.6.x, connecting to AWS RDS, using KnexJS 0.12.x as the SQL driver. - - server - v2.2.x SendGrid - v4.7.x - Stripe - v7.8.x - SSL is provided for free, by If you decide to take this project on how do you keep track of the work you do and the time you spend for

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    Web application for adding and searching mechanical parts. Each part belongs to a certain family and is identified metadata. Each part is associated with one or more logical "folders" containing images. To add a new part, users must first select the part family: - directly from a dropdown list if they already know the name - through guided visual pr...insert the required metadata from an input mask and complete the creation. The search follows a similar process: family selection, plus some metadata. The user can then graphically navigate the search result, select one or more parts, and do operations on them. This is a very basic description of the application; more information is available under NDA. Preferred technologies: C#/Entity framework/PostgreSQL on the server, Rea...

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