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    Find geocoordinates (Latitude and Longitude) of places and villages in Brunei. For example Belait Kampong Labi Lakang Belait Kampong Laong Arut Belait Kampong Lorong Tiga Selatan Belait Kampong Mala'as Belait Kampong Malayan Belait Kampong Masjid Belait Kampong Melilas Belait Kampong Mendaram Besar Belait Kampong Mendaram Kecil

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    Need a simple, single-activity Android app (made in Android Studio) which shows user's current location (latitude and longitude) and marks waypoints on the map (when a latlong is provided). Fixed Price $10 AUD. The work should be done by Friday. Code should be neat, well intended and commented (if possible). Write today's date at the beginning to qualify for the bid.

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    We need to use the attached API provided from a wind sensor in order to show live data (wind, wind gust, wind direction and temperature) on a web site. For that we need to create a small admin section that will insert Stations with some Variables such Name/ Location/Latitude/ Longitude/Year Period/Day Period (so we do not get an alert if the station is Down)/Wind Sensor ID/Temperature Sensor ID/L...

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    We have a database of more than 1000000 professionals in an excel format in different zip files. We want you to find the profile photo/image of the professionals from the internet. You will have to copy the data from the databases and paste it in a new spreadsheet with the following columns: Practice, Address, Address 2, City, State, Zip, Country , Phone, Fax, email, First name, Last name, Full na...

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    The project aims at analyzing tweets in real time and classify the tweets based on criminal activity. First step is to get all the tweets related to crime in los Angeles area by using the geo location function i.e. latitude and longitude. Pre-processing of data: Tokenizing the data into lexicons. Clearing the data of tabs, whitespaces and emotions. Removing stop words like ( a,the,an,from,to etc.)...

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    Hi there, I am building a product and require some help with the google places api. The current system does pull the google places address, but I also want latitude, longitude and have all the address components split in the database. The information I would won't stored in the database are. Full address string, street number, street name, suburb, city, postcode/zip code, latitude, longit...

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    We need to get a google maps image (2D or 3D) in a vb.net 2015 project. We are giving the latitude, longitude, and the height. Normally this is done in a webbrowser which we can do ourselves to a certain level. However, we do not want to display a web browser as we want to draw over the image gdi graphics. The process should be: Load hidden browser control Copy image from hidden browser control s...

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    You will be paid: AU$15 in total upon completion. Deadline: 3 days Please send me the python code when you complete. The code must run on my machine (Windows 10). If it does not, you are free to teamview into my computer and make it work. TASK: Query these two websites real time: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Find, all "PROPERTY_TYPE", with ...

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    Trophy icon Create a brand for our sailboat 18 hari left

    We need a brand for a Ranger 29 sailboat. The boat will be called "Latitude" and we'll need a brand to put on the back. This brand should be in black and blue (preferably a shade similar to royal blue) posted to a white background. This brand would be suitable to have on shirts, hats, and eventually the back of the boat. Possibly include an octopus if that doesn't make thi...

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    It’s Python/Jython project. he code itself is very simple and it has two parts to achieve it: 1. Initial input file has a store location, latitude @ longitude NAME OF STORE LATITUDE LONGITUDE A ---- ---- B ----- ---- C ----- ------ The objective is to determine a sorted list of the stores closer to a given...

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    Storesanalysis Tamat left

    he code itself is very simple and it has two parts to achieve it: 1. Initial input file has a store location, latitude @ longitude NAME OF STORE LATITUDE LONGITUDE A ---- ---- B ----- ---- C ----- ------ The objective is to determine a sorted list of the stores closer to a given one. For that purpose, the Append...

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    This is a software development project. You must create and deliver a fully functional software solution. Specific requirements: I need a program to calculate the distance from any point in California (input: latitude and longitude) to the nearest point in a line-segment representing the coastline of the Pacific Ocean (output: distance to the nearest point in the Pacific Ocean coastline). The prog...

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    Hi, I am a Project Manager at a Consumer Electronics firm looking at data from a GPS sensor collecting G force data, along with latitude and longitude for certain routes across the US. I would like to use ggmaps in R Studio to plot the location for each of about two hundred latitude and longitude data points and add the sensor's readings as x,y,z components (for each L&L pair) with the c...

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    There is a snapshot of the terrain in jpg format. It has points with known geographical coordinates (latitude and longitude). You want to use this image to generate a GeoTIFF file with a coordinate reference (in matlab). The output must be a project in a matlab environment that allows you to translate any map (jpg) containing points with known coordinates into a GeoTIFF with a coordinate referenc...

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    Optimize and ensure the existing flutter app runs for ios and android fix broken links fix flutter chat integration with the display of messages Implement notifications store and read existing data location based fix geolocation to obtain location from latitude and longitude Implement favorites for existing items perform unit testing

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    This is a software development project. You must deliver a fully working program without bugs. I need a program to calculate the distance between a given point (latitude & longitude in standard GPS format, same as used by Google Maps) in Southern California (from dataset specified defined below), to the Pacific Ocean. The distance shall be calculated as the shortest path from the given point ...

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    Hi there, i'm creating a real estate business related local directory. The website is nearly finished and I need to propagate business listing content before I launch. The business type's are listed here: bchn. ca /browse-categories/ and there are around 16 location/cities are listed on the front page. Each city will have these types of business in them but might be...

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    There are customers: lat-long and stores lat-long which needs to be mapped to see which customer is closest to the stores

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    i have a gps device that send data to my server IP:port i have a php script that create socket connection listen/ recive data that is sent from device so i recive something like this hex: 2820503396978210880000584429 do i need to response to it with another message or what should i do so device can start to send me the gps info(like latitude longitude) please read the procol pdf(ATACHMENT) t...

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    i have a php script that i run in server, so the php srcipt run SOCKET on port 1234 and it listen messages from my gps device, so gps device should send langitude latitude to me the problem is coz i cant decode the data i recive something like hex 2820503396978210880000584429 or asci ( P3▒▒▒▒XD) u can check protocol on atachment

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    Tenho um aplicativo desenvolvido em HTML 5 e Javascript preciso enviar as coordenadas de Longitude e Latitude e abrir o Google Maps e usar a ROTA

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    *** NO AUTO BIDS - THESE WILL BE DELETED ** So that I know you are a human, please enter "I dream about WordPress" in your bid :-) ---------------------------- This is to build a WP site plugin for use on a personal website - it does not go into the official WP repository. Also, I have some php standalone code that currently adds the exif data to images. This plugin would combine this...

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    Shift: Monday to Friday during business hours Scope: End User Asset (1. Desktop/Laptop (Windows 10/ Dell latitude/ 6200 2. smartphone/Mobile/Tablet services 3. Printer) 1. Active Directory user account management 2. IMACD – performing smart hands and feel support aligned to Install/Move/Add/change de-install/dispose of IT Equipment mentioned above in the "end-user assets" sect...

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    need to develop IOS and ANDROID mobile app to capture latitude ,longitude, Speed and Gyroscope X, Y Z axis data in connection with exact location of longitude and longitude and stored in smaller file format when the journey ending point reached should be pushed to backend database. you can write API an use MYSQL or any form of RDBMS login should be done using social, phone etc.

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    We need a controller with Digital IR Infrarot Laser Thermometer Pyrometer and we have to get in our server the measurement data (temperature, UV radiation on the earth's surface, latitude longitude and the date every specific time).

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    Draw maps using dental office locations as points on the map grouped in different categories Budget: $1500 Requirements: Outline tools and programs proposed to be used to complete project Create AWS account and create free ec2 instance using Ubuntu for project Install necessary programs and applications to run project Use opensource mapping application Use postgres as the backend database Web ...

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    Project XPTO Please don't automatically accept and BID this project if you haven't read it. Bid should be considered final. The project requires Python 3 and MySQL (expertise) for backend and Android (native) for the mobile APP. This project consists on building the backend and mobile components to allow an end user to execute the following on the mobile app. We will provide UX fram...

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    Mobile banking app and mobile banking keyboard development I am a freelance banking consultant, and I need a mobile banking app and mobile banking keyboard for IOS and Android to be developed Mobile banking app key features • Landing page tabs and content to be driven by data from a backend database • Menus, menu options, forms fields etc to be driven by data from backend datab...

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    Hello, I am using a service named openalpr - I capture license plates with the program but need to add gps to each plate capture. Tech support at openalpr said I could have someone write a script to add gps coordinates to each plate capture image. Here is the response I received from tech support on how to do this: The GPS coordinates are sent with every result POSTed from the OpenALPR agent. Whe...

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    We have a tech blog website. We publish lots of articles each month in different categories for our blog website. For this reason, we need an expert article writer who able to write any types of review articles for our website. For the best example, you can check a few articles- 1. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 2. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 3. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Only apply if- - A...

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    I'm looking for an app (android and iOS) icon design as well as website logo for my upcoming app. It's aviation related (business jets), so I'd like that aspect to be presented simplistically. For the app icon a simple G would suffice as long as the aircraft aspect is presented. Website logo should carry the same color scheme as the icon, and while we're on that subject, I have...

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    A small job in an existing node.js project: Update data fields and update POST/PUT endpoint for these. Store country, region, city,postcod, latitude and longitude

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    I have an existing source code. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I want to change the homepage to autoload the directory base on users current location. I'm only offering a specific service/business listing. Also i want to modify the Add New listing so that i can manually add the Longitude and Latitude (note that the field already exists. Just need to expose the field on the add new listing pa...

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    I need a person who has experience in collecting latitude and longitude data, while ensuring high accuracy....

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    Create an android app that stores date, time, longitude and latitude every time that a button on the screen or a bluetooth camera shutter remote control is pressed. User can view data in newest to oldest order.

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    The app must perform the following features: Download the clients created when they synchronize, search for a client by ID, Name or RNC, if the client is registered, it must allow the client to edit and update the client data and obtain the real location offline, synchronization must be carried out when the mobile device connect to the mobile network or Wifi synchronize with the server where the ...

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    We need a GPS temperature tracking system. GPS And ultraviolet radiation measurement need to be included this system. We have to monitor in real-time around the clock temperature and location of the logger. The logger has to send automatically every specific time (this time has to configured on the logger for example, every 1 min, 5 min, 10 min, or 1 hour) to our server (which will be reachable ...

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    I work on a desktop application with 70,000 users that has been around for 30 years.. and the icons have never been updated. They look terrible - very Windows 95 ish. I'd like a visual designer to help clean these up and modernize, using this icon set as a basis: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Overall, there are 1007 icons that need updating. This project is just for the first 90. See attac...

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    We need a quote system developed for a WordPress website. When someone clicks "Request A Quote" they will fill out their email, name etc. and receive an email quote with the 3 closest re-sellers based on longitude/latitude (not zip code) and a pdf attachment that is specific to that product.

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    Please have a look at the attached picture. We would like to have from you a simple wordpress plugin. Once installed we can use the shortcode [ecsMap].The shortcode will be replaced with the content in the picture: A google map with 22 poi markers and underneath the adresses of the pois. If the user clicks on an adress the corresponding poi will be centered in the map and show the tooltip/ballon. ...

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    Need a custom Power BI visual created that displays a google map (custom map created with zones) with data points, categories and tooltip values. This a link to an example map. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] We will need to be able to input the map in Power BI so that a different maps created in Google Maps can be used in different Power BI reports. The visual should display latitude and longitu...

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    - I am a senior dev, but no time. - Looking for a dev to wrap Google GEO REST API create a C# function and unit test. - Accepts longitude & latitude and return place name. But in the collection. First place would be like local place, second place city name.

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    Problem You're managing the North Americal tour for the band V3, a hugely popular group with eco-friendly intentions. V3 intends to start their tour in Vancouver and visit a number of cities in North America while reducing the amount of distance traveled and, hence, petroleum fuel consumed. Data A sample data set containing the location of the cities has been provided. The format is a sim...

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    Name of the school, Address of the school, phone number, email id., latitude, longitude,

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    App can log continuous user Geo-location and timestamp in background and foreground. Geo-location(Longitude & Latitude) Time stamp data should be store offline. App should work on all the version of android API level between 19 to 29 Basic one page UI required only to test the app. No Webapi or server sync required.

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    I need someone to scrape all of the information on store locations in the US for Best Buy and Costco and provide excel file with the following fields. Store name, Address (street, city, state, zip code) Latitude Longitude Thank you

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    We are a highway department that uses LiDar data files to create contour maps. The LiDar data files have thousands of lines with 4 numbers each separated by a space. Each line represents a point with an irrelevant number, latitude, longitude, and elevation. It provides a lot more data points (lines) than we need for what we do and would like a program that could take the data file and keep ever...

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    Data points required for Hyderabad and Pune city Preschools, Name of the school Address of the school, Mobile number Latitude, longitude Email id Website address

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    I'm trying to create a stream for SPSS Modeler. In one excel table, I have a list of addresses with their Latitude/Longitude data. (sample data in sheet 1 of the excel attached) In a second table, I have the Latitude/Longitude of many gas stations. (sample data in sheet 2 of the excel attached) I need to derive a table with the lat/long of the house, the distance to the closest gas station...

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    we are planning to get our online assessment portal for conducting various assessment under various skill development projects. TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS ARE LISTED BELOW: 1. Only app based platform is mandatory. 2. No Third Party and Common Vendor platform to be showcased. 3. Platform should be owned by the AB itself with a NDA. 4. Two apps- Assessor...

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