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    ...covers for my brand. The ideal candidate will have experience in minimalist design and a keen eye for detail. Specifics: - The design style should be minimalist, capturing the essence of simplicity and tranquility. - Although I don't have specific color preferences, the covers should match my brand's colors to maintain consistency. - The primary message and feeling that these covers should convey is relaxation and calm, creating a sense of serenity for the viewers. Skills and Experience: - Experience in minimalist design is essential. - A strong understanding of color coordination and the ability to match the covers with my brand's colors. - The ability to create visuals that evoke relaxation and calmness through design. If you have the skil...

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    I need the expertise to calculate a basic power and SNR link budget for receiving GMSK packets on the GSM900 band from Space with an SDR to evaluate what type of antenna I need. I assume a base station is transmitting and I want to receive downlink signals from the station. MUST: SDR Knowledge, Link Budget Knowledge, Cellular GSM Knowledge

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    I am looking for cellular mechanobiology projects

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    I have the design ready. Will provide once selected. Basically, the sensors need to be rainfall, temperature, humidity, moisture, ph and npk. There will need to be a cellular nano sim card slot, battery etc. I am looking for someone who can assemble the device and give a complete prototype

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    The Instagram automation program has web/mobile methods. I have experience with both methods, and the automated method of directly controlling the mobile device (ADB) suited me best. So far, I have automatically configured 10 A...device and attempted to log in to my Instagram account, but as expected, the account was blocked after a certain number of login attempts. 30 accounts blocked :( A method I haven't tried yet MiFi Router (Single SIM) A method of connecting up to 5 devices by installing a single SIM card at a relatively low price 4G/5G SIM card router (Dual SIM ~ Octuple SIM) A method of dividing high-quality cellular data using a router and connecting to new devices. Raspberry Pi SIM card router (proxy server) No detailed information yet. I need your advice to solv...

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    Trophy icon ART CELLULAR Tamat left

    ART CELLULAR Project Description Project Title: ART CELLULAR Type of art cellular work: CREATE A LOGO Size or dimensions: LOGO Timeline: ASAP Please refer to image attached BUT open to any creative ideas

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    ...price history, adjacent property owners, and aerial photography for land parcels in various counties in the state of Illinois. Data will be scraped from public GIS websites (DevNet or others) with potential query restrictions for IP addresses. The scraped and analyzed data will be used for investment decisions including: 1. Determining land parcel suitability for a cellular tower by combining data with radio signal strength, cellular coverage, and local ordinances. 2. Evaluating land parcel suitability for sale to adjacent parcel owners by analyzing data from adjacent land parcels. 3. Assessing suitability for farm equipment storage (vehicles, farm equipment, trailers, RVs, mobile homes) by combining data with local road information. 4. Determining suitability for bil...

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    I am looking to develop cellular notifications for both Android and iOS platforms, utilizing SMS to send alerts. The primary purpose of these notifications is to alert us when our automatic feeder drops feed. This would be essential information to alert us quickly and accurately in order to prevent any issues or disasters. This notification system must be reliable and timely to ensure the safety and well-being of our animals and equipment. We will send an output signal from our Unitronics PLC to the Arduino board. please reference

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    I am looking for a programmer to write code to retrieve the sunrise/sundown times for a specified location. This code/program will run on a Red Lion DA70 device to control exterior lights. Red Lion describes their software language as "C like". The latitude and longitude will be provided by an attached GPS on a cellular modem. The code should be easy to use and modify. It should also be able to accurately and quickly generate and output the sunrise/sundown times. Would like to possibly use one of these sources: Code will read latitude and longitude from specified tags. Code will then retrieve times from source and write to specified tags. If there is a failure or null value returned, code should change another specified tag to

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    ...wood shutters, composite wood shutters, window Shutters, plantation shutters, Motorized shutters, custom shutters, Blinds, window blinds, Custom blinds, Roller blinds, budget blinds, Motorized blinds, smart Motorized Roller blinds, zebra blinds, cordless blinds, remote control blinds Shades, window shades, roller shades, roller window shades, Roman shades, woven wood shades, honeycomb shades, Cellular shades, sheer shades, solar shades, blackout shades, cordless shades, zebra shades, dual roller shades, panel track, Smart Roller Shades Motorized shades, Motorized Roller shades, remote control shades Location in the Orlando, Florida area Advertise in specific locations Clermont, DeBary, DeLand, Deltona, Mount Dora, Winter Garden, Orange County, and Seminole County Ads with image...

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    Progetti di Telecontrollo IoT con ESP32 e Blynk Desired Outcome: - Remote monitoring and control of devices Hardware Design: - Partial assistance required Communication Platform: - Cellular Skills and Experience: - Experience with IoT projects using ESP32 and Blynk - Proficiency in hardware design and integration - Knowledge of cellular communication protocols - Familiarity with remote monitoring and control systems - Ability to analyze and collect data from devices

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    I am looking for an experienced programmer to develop and integrate a secure NS3 blockchain network with machine learning algorithms for my IoT devices. The programmer should be highly knowledgeable in discrete-time modeling and blockchain technology. This innovative technology will enhance the security of the system, allowing the platform to detect and determine anomalies. Add...the security of the system, allowing the platform to detect and determine anomalies. Additionally, machine learning algorithms will enable the system to make predictive decisions. In order to ensure success, the developer should have experience in designing blockchain protocols, machine learning algorithms, discrete-time simulation models, and networking technology such as WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular comm...

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    We have unique products that are protected by patents, trademarks, and copyright. These products are related to the 4G LTE and 5G cellular data networks, in particular, routers, modems, and antennas. The goal of this project is to generate sales through massive reviews written on related websites, blogging, ets. Skills and Experience: - Strong writing skills, with the ability to produce unique product reviews - Familiarity with SEO best practices to optimize content for search engines - Ability to work independently and meet deadlines - Knowledge of the target audience and ability to create content that resonates with them - Verifiable progress day by day (number of reviews, unique and qualified page visitors, etc.) - Excellent skills with Google Ads and other PPM tools Responsib...

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    ...emphasizing the story's progression rather than intricate literary embellishments. It's imperative that the writer skillfully incorporate extensive research and factual details into the narrative, blending real-world locations, historical events, and scientific concepts to imbue the story with a sense of authenticity and realism. Requirements: The ideal candidate must have a basic understanding of cellular biology, epigenetics, DNA, stem cells, and the principles of biohacking. You'll need to conduct independent research and comprehend advanced topics in longevity. Although we will supply some easy-to-understand content, a capacity to grasp complex information and transform it into compelling prose is critical. The most crucial aspect of this project is the dev...

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    We have unique products that are protected by patents, trademarks, and copyright. These prioducts are related to the 4G LTE and 5G cellular data networks, in particular, routers, modems, and antennas. We're looking for Amazon Affiliates to join our team for a permanent project. The goal of this project is to generate sales through affiliate links. You will be paid by Amazon directly since you must be an affiliate. We're also looking into generating bonuses for affiliates that generate many sales. Skills and Experience: - Experience as an Amazon Affiliate, with a proven track record of generating sales - Excellent knowledge of the Amazon Affiliate program and how to effectively promote products - Strong writing skills, with the ability to produce unique product reviews - ...

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    Project Description: Vehicle Tracking System - I am looking for a GPS-based tracking system that can provide real-time tracking as well as occasional location updates. - The system should be able to connect to other systems as well as function as a standalone system. - Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in GPS technology and tracking systems. - Knowledge of cellular and satellite-based tracking systems. - Experience in developing systems that can provide both real-time tracking and occasional location updates. - Familiarity with integrating tracking systems with other systems. - Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail. - The successful freelancer will be responsible for: - Designing and developing a GPS-based tracking system th...

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    I am working on a resource allocation problem for vehicular communication using OMNeT++, I will use both simulate and simu5G as cellular simulator Someone who has expertise in Telecom and Network Engineering would be preferred. I will send you more details who have experience Urgent Requirement

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    I'm looking to hire a Freelancer who can help me with an in-depth analysis of the specific functions and processes of the plasma membrane. I need a written report that covers these topics in detail. I need to understand how the plasma membrane works in terms of the structure and composition, as well as the role it plays in cellular communication. This report should provide an in-depth understanding of the topic and explain the major functions and processes of the plasma membrane at a detailed level. I'm not looking for an illustrated article or a technical paper but instead a written report which provides comprehensive information and insight regarding the functions and processes of the plasma membrane.

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    ...to facilitate the clustering process at BS (Base Station) and helps to maintain link quality between users in D2D wireless networks. Important point one user should belong to distinct cluster not more than one cluster. After grouping MUE (Master User Equipment) is selected by BS on 3 major factors i.e., their willingness to be MUE, SNR and battery percentage, MUE will be given incentives by the cellular operator in term of extra MBs or call credit for this purpose. At any time MUE can leave it role and the among other SUE devices will be selected MUE. Next, SUE (Slave User Equipment) devices in each D2D cluster share their raw data that is current content popularity and historical usage patterns with master devices. A GC-GRU (Graph Convolutional Gated Recurrent Unit) model is the...

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    I am working on a resource allocation problem for vehicular communication using OMNeT++, I will use both simulate and simu5G as cellular simulator Someone who has expertise in Telecom and Network Engineering would be preferred. I will send you more details who have experience Urgent Requirement

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    Cusco SDWAN Tamat left

    Cisco8200 with NIM ES2 8P module, get Cisco Cellular gateway commected to the NIM module and onboard C8200 as a sdwan edge with primary transport as Internet and secondary transport as LTE

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    In an effort to develop a prototype (proof of concept) for an IoT device (please don't laugh :P) where I need to: - capture one image per day - track GPS once per day - monitor temperature/humidity every two hours - monitor battery status - charge the battery through solar panel and - send all this data once per day via cellular network (to thingsboard and Amazon S3 however I'm willing to accept proposals for other solutions - Azure etc., AWS) I was thinking of using the following: - Raspberry Pi Pico H - High Precision RTC Module for Raspberry Pi Pico, Onboard DS3231 Chip @XYGStudy (Pico-RTC-DS3231) - SIM7080G NB-IoT / Cat-M(eMTC) / GNSS Module for Raspberry Pi Pico - DiP-Pi Power Master for Raspberry Pi Pico - 5MP OV5642 Mini SPI Camera Module for Raspberry Pi Pico ...

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    ...login system to view data IP address IP addresses groups in accending order like ip address start from and ends at Referred Page / previous page Visited Page Browser Details Screen Resolution Status Country Country Code Region Region Name City Zipcode Latitude Longitude Timezone site total visits last visit ISP "slow-2g", "2g", "3g", or "4g" network type " ethernet", "cellular", "wifi", Detect IPv6 time spent by a visitor on that page some API addresses some referances Ideal skills and experience for this job: - Strong proficiency in PHP and experience with frameworks such as Laravel or CodeIgniter. - Knowledge of user authentication

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    I need to create some computer vision hardware out of the following components: - triple camera set-up to gath...Nvidia Jetson Nano V3 to process images from each set of cameras - Cyglidar to improve distance measurement to the recognized objects - adaptive IR LED and light sensor to improve night time images - GNSS/RTK reciever and GNSS antenna to geolocate and triangulate the recognized object based on timestamps - Nvidia Orin Nano to use as a central processor (1 master and 1 slave) - image storage - 5G cellular - Temperature monitoring - Cooling fans I have a basic set-up in mind but need someone to assist in creating a hardware set-up whereby all these components are merged into a single computer vision system so that I can start writing software to gather certain data with t...

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    We are an international company looking for an experienced remote work freelance translator from English to Chinese (ideally both simplified and Traditional) of highly specialized texts (molecular and cellular biology, organic chemistry, etc.). ** Written scientific and technical translations in Chinese: product descriptions (chemical reagents and fluorescent dyes); protocols and manuals of tagging and painting; articles of molecular-biological and chemical orientation; web-site pages, presentations, advertising brochures, and any other materials. Requirements: Higher education in translation/biology/chemistry fields experience in translation of documents in chemistry/biology fields responsible work strict compliance with deadlines If you are interested in this job please provide...

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    ...a comprehensive research study in the field of neuroscience to address specific research questions and provide valuable insights for medical professionals. Research Area: Cellular Neuroscience Research Questions: - What are the underlying cellular mechanisms involved in neurological disorders? - How do cellular processes contribute to the development and progression of neurodegenerative diseases? - What potential therapeutic interventions can target cellular abnormalities in neurological conditions? Target Audience: Medical Professionals Skills and Experience: - Strong background in neuroscience, specifically cellular neuroscience - Experience in conducting research studies and literature reviews in the field of neuroscience - Proficiency in analyz...

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    We have a new store front we will be installing perforated window vinyl to keep the SUN/UV out and advertise our products and services to the community. Design must keep with our corporate branding which uses BRIGHT PINKS, GREENS, and PURPLES, along with an easy-to-read message about Cellular Phone Services, TV Services, and Internet Service offerings. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Graphic design expertise - Experience in creating advertising materials - Knowledge of designing for perforated window vinyl - Ability to incorporate specific design elements into the final design We will require you to provide the .ai files including the FONTS and PDF ready for print.

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    Series 8 ultra GPS+ Cellular 49 mm, Titanium case with black loop

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    ...wireless network that includes three LANs; a cellular LAN; a Wireless LAN; and a Wired LAN with a wireless router. The system will be a 4G/5G architecture with VoIP capability and data transfer. Each of the three interconnected networks will be accessed through a Gateway/NAT router with IPv4 static public IP addresses externally and private IPv4 access internally. The access points should be interconnected and each LAN will have its own DHCP server for internal (private) IPv4 addressing. Run a simulation to demonstrate the functionality of your network by sending both voice and data information. The mobile devices have the capability of a smart phone which means that they can communicate with the access point using either voice or data LAN 1 Cellular System •...

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    I need a network booster service to increase the cellular coverage in my indoor environment. I want to ensure that signal strength is improved across my living space. I am looking for a service that can ensure all indoor locations are serviced with a quality network connection without any interruption. I need the network booster to be capable of increasing the cellular coverage to cover all of the areas that are indoors so that I receive the best possible connection at all times.

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    I am looking for an experienced freelancer to fix issues with my IOT/M2M network connection. The project involves resolving the following: Devices: - GPS vehicle tracking devices Network: - Cellular network Primary Issue: - No connection at all. Needs private APN Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong understanding of cellular networks and their working principles - Experience with troubleshooting and resolving connectivity issues in IOT/M2M networks - Familiarity with the tracking devices and their protocols used in the network -Familiar with GPS connectivity and softwares EG. GPSwox

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    ...be rewritten. Example: [Start_Rewrite] As we get older, our energy level decreases. This also applies to cellular energy, which is produced by the cell's powerhouse, the mitochondria. Cellular energy enables our bodies to perform important functions and move our muscles. Unfortunately, mitochondrial function declines as we age, reducing cellular energy and leading to muscle fatigue. However, there are several strategies to promote muscle recovery. One of the simplest is to take supplements to boost mitochondria. [End_Rewrite] [Start_Rewrite] H2 - Energy for our muscles [End_Rewrite.] [Start_Rewrite] Everything is made of energy; it is the basic building block of all matter. Cellular energy is a specific type of energy produced by mitochondria, which ...

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    I am looking for a networking expert with experience in OpenVPN to help me set up site-to-site connectivity for my small office/home office (SOHO) network. My main goal for implementing OpenVPN is to establish secure connectivity between my various office locations. my home office has a cellular internet so it does not have a public IP. The router has an Open VPN in it. I need to connect to my office so calls from the wan will be able to be routed to my home office. even though it has no public IP. I need the expert to ensure that the setup is on and reliable, and that it can support up to 5 remote users who will need access through OpenVPN. The ideal candidate should have experience in networking and VPN technologies, and should be able to provide recommendations on the best setup ...

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    We are looking for a developer to code a very simple Twilio iOS App. Twilio has an iOS SDK and quickstart. Should make this very easy. You should be famili...Twilio platform) are sent to that iOS app user. 4. Using Apple PushKit the call is sent to the app. The caller ID name and phone number is show to the app and on the notification of the incoming call. 5. Must use CallKit framework. 6. User can use phone, speaker, or any bluetooth to handle the call. 7. End the call with END button. 8. No outgoing calls/no dialer/keypad. 9. If user is already on a cellular call or another call, they must be able to HOLD & Accept the Twilio call. 10. If user is already on Twilio call, they must be able to HOLD & Accept any other calls (including another Twilio) call. 11. To change #, ...

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    My team and I are dedicated to developing a new Affortrack Mangoose OS to develope a new tracking device firmware. We have already gone through the concept/planning stage, and are now in the process of creating a prototype. To complete this project, we are looking for experienced firmware and mangoose OS developers to assist in the developme...necessity for OS development. They must also be knowledgeable in documentation and user guides creation and have a good understanding of system architecture. If chosen for this project, the team we hire will be expected to help create a high-quality product in a timely manner. GPS BLE WiFi LTE ESP32 MCU we have to create a firmware to save GPS information, temp sensor, wifi scan, connection to the cellular network by TCP or MQTT and BLE com...

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    Braile Mobile Tamat left

    ...comprehend and interact with the digital world in a tangible and meaningful way. The BrailleMobile boasts a range of features designed to enhance the user experience. Its sleek and ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling, with a tactile keypad that allows for quick and accurate input. The device is equipped with a high-quality speech-to-text and text-to-speech system, providing seamless communication options for both blind and sighted individuals. With the BrailleMobile, staying connected has never been easier. The device supports multiple connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular networks, enabling users to access email, social media, and various online services effortlessly. Furthermore, the BrailleMobile is compatible with popular accessibil...

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    This job is for the students interested in having a part time income. They can work from home Requirements 1. Have a laptop at-least i5 windows laptop or Mac 2. Have a extra mobile phone 3. Have a fast internet connection both Wifi and Cellular data The person will be trained to work. Will be shown what to do and how to promote. 8/10 hours per day (Work from home) BID YOUR MONTHLY PAYMENT EXPECTATIONS Payment will be released every 2 weeks.

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    We are looking for an iOS / Android Application Dev...within radius (will be 1 (typical) – 5) / Search just in case also - if NO GPS provides a list of all items and search - Select Show - Play pre show MP3 - Play HOLD MP3 till start time and stop at show time - Play show MP3 (No Pause or resume needs to stay in sync with show run time) - Play post show MP3 Admin - Put in GPS location - Put in radius 1 – 10 miles - Show start time (via GPS clock) - Cellular to GPS clock sync - Pre show MP3 - HOLD MP3 - Show MP3 - Post show MP3 Server - Must run on Azure - Collect users’ location - Collect users device information - Collect how many people listened and maybe markers every so often to know for how long, specifically starts and ends be nice. Please let me know if y...

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    Molecular engineering is a crucial field that is constantly evolving. In specific, molecular engineering is defined as the field of study concerned with the design and testing of various molecular and cellular properties. This includes different molecular reactions or behaviors needed to assemble systems and processes required for life .Your task is to write a 2-page research paper (in MLA format) about any relevant topic of your choice in the field of Molecular Engineering. And most importantly You have to use images and properly cite them internally and in the Works Cited .Your Works Cited should be on its own separate page. It should be alphabetized with hanging indentations.

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    I am looking to have an SMS Gateway devel...NOT virtual numbers. Web backend will need to communicate with physical hardware: (Moden huawei e303, 3131 FOR EXAMPLE) The system has to be the same as sms-activate, sms hub, sms pva, please if you have this experience I am searching for coders experienced is USSD/AT commands. Heavy experience with GSM/CDMA cellular networks and sms gateway integration. Look at the websites I've posted above, put together a compatible hardware list for the web frontend&backend that you can design, and let me know how long it will take you to create this. I need an accurate estimate of time to complete this project (+/-) what programming languages you will be using and what hardware you recommend. Coders with NO EXPERIENCE IN SIMILAR...

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    Looking for email contacts in the cell phone trade-in and repair industry for the purpose of Sales and Marketing. We require more than 500 email contacts for our outreach campaign. The ideal freelancer for this job would have experience in lead generation and data mining, with a strong understanding of the cell phone trade-in and repair industry. Att...The ideal freelancer for this job would have experience in lead generation and data mining, with a strong understanding of the cell phone trade-in and repair industry. Attention to detail and accuracy in data entry is a must. We need someone who can deliver the email contacts in a timely manner and at a competitive price. Businesses of interest are those that buy, sell, trade or repair wireless cellular telephones within the UNITED ST...

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    I am looking for an experienced freelancer to write a personal article about the cellular and molecular pathology of cancer. The ideal candidate should have a strong background in biology, with a particular emphasis on cancer biology. Requirements: - Experience in writing scientific articles related to cancer biology - Ability to write in a tone that is both technical and conversational - Knowledge of cellular and molecular pathology of cancer - Ability to deliver high-quality work within the given timeframe If you have the necessary experience and skills to complete this project, please submit your application with details of your past work and relevant experience.

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    LOGO IN ATTACH - Updating Logo for Repair Center and Cellular Phone Shop - I would try to renew this logo, or suggest me alternatives but same style. I need use on line, on street shop and on branded gadget (like t-shirt for employees, or package for accessories).

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    ...and Construction and the Last Mile; this promotes safety and process efficiency for direct cost savings and higher overall profitability. Accomplished with our pre-configured, portable, extensively validated, cell/satellite interfaced, mobile HOO-nahTM devices, and/or tailored connectivity consulting, design, and installation solutions, specifically adapted to your needs. Our multi-patented solutions (Europe, United States, Australia) are not an internet or cell provider but can provide cellular, WIFI, GPS, and video-teleconferencing. Our solutions have been successfully tested and deployed in multiple states. Over the past 7 years, our solutions have also been adapted to moving vehicles and ambulances, RVs, cabins, campsites, and remote homes, including in rural Utah. I...

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    I want to build a device that is a cellular modem with an integrated fingerprint reader, capable of providing a secure and authenticated internet connection to a Windows-based PC. The device will also host an NFC interface and a Node.js webserver for device configuration. The device needs to be enclosed in a plastic casing with openings for the fingerprint reader, a USB port, a reset button, and an RGB status LED. There is an option to focus on a Lite version first that only supports the model with filtered domains (a sperate spec was uploaded for that as well)

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    I would like to have a transactional website for selling cellular devices online. You may copy this website to help. The site must be in Spanish, English and French. I would like all the cell phone models to be on the website with the description of the models including photo of the models I would need access to be able to modify the prices every weeks. The buyers would make the payment to the web site and he would have to choose to pick-up the device at 3 different addresses with a date of delivery they will have to choose. The 4th option will be to ship the device with a $20 extra fee.

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    ...breadth of knowledge on a topic. You may like to represent this as 4 different sub headings, but that is not necessary. How You could use powerpoint to create your infographic or there are a number of free online graphic design tools, such as Canva that you could try. Here is a list of some. The topics you can choose from are: Week 1 - Chemical bonds Week 1 - Atoms and elements Week 2 - Acids and bases Week 3 - Organic compounds Week 4 - Macromolecules Week 4 - Energy cycle (just pick one) Week 5 - Eukaryotes vs. Prokayotes Week 5 - Eukaryotic cell tour Week 6 - Cellular transport - I'm doing this one Week 6 - Cell communication Marking criteria You will be marked according to the following criteria: Visual attractiveness (20%) Accuracy of information (10%) Ho...

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    Hi, I'm reaching out from a company called Keycafe () We create electronic Smart boxes for keys so that car-sharing companies, apartments, or even vacation rentals can have a place to check keys in and out. Our Smartbox connects via cellular, WIFI/Ethernet, we would like to do some testing on the WIFI and cellular at one of our locations. You'll take notes and provide us with feedback as to how the system is operating. This will require an ON-site visit. The client is located in New Hampshire, US.

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