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    Mengubah sejumlah gambar Photoshop Edit Picture

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    saya bisa membuat bermacam2 logo, gambar atau sponsor. dengan kemampuan saya tersebut saya bisa membuat gambar yang menarik untuk sebuah logo atau iklan.

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    I am looking for a skilled web designer to redesign my Squarespace website for my bookkeeping business. Specific changes I want to see in the redesign include improved navigation and user experience. I have a color scheme and brand style guide that needs to be followed. I am also open to the designer's suggestions f...experience - Ability to create aesthetically pleasing designs - Experience in implementing online booking systems, blog sections, and contact forms - Familiarity with branding and color schemes Here's the link to my website: What's most important to me is that the value proposition and "schedule a free consultation" button are "above the fold" along with my picture so that desktop and mobile users don't need to scroll t...

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    I am looking for a graphic designer to add a picture to my comedy show flyer, in order to match the exact style of the existing flyer. All I have is the jpg of the flyer. 1) Please add picture (IMG_4486) to Vargus Flyer 2.0 in the exact format as the other comics please. 2) Name to add with picture 'Sammy Journey' 3) Need completed asap Skills and experience required: - Proficiency in graphic design software - Ability to work with existing designs and match styles - Attention to detail to ensure the picture seamlessly integrates with the flyer Requirements: - The client will provide the specific picture to be added - The flyer is in standard A4 size Please submit your portfolio showcasing your previous work in graphic design, particularly in...

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    Logo design 6 hari left

    Looking to create a logo. It need to be like monogram style so we could print and embroid on merchandise. You will find attached picture we would like to incorparate or use as inpiration The name is : Ohel Amram V’Haim We could use initials we would also like maybe with hebrew letters This is the same written in hebrew : אוהל עמרם ו חיים

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    I am looking to purchase a realistic nude 3d female character that will be used for animation in blender. Would like the character to have blonde hair, pretty face, big breast, skinny waist, big tight butt, little hands and feet and perfect body, rigging needs to include facial expressions and hair movement. Please send a picture of the model available. Requirements: - Expertise in 3D modeling and character design using Blender - Experience creating high poly characters for animations - Ability to create a realistic and visually appealing female character - Knowledge of animation principles and rigging - Strong artistic skills and attention to detail The ideal candidate should be able to work with a general idea of the character design and bring it to life with their artistic int...

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    Cartoon Drawing of 3 People - We are laying bricks I am looking for a cartoonish style for my project. Specific Poses or Actions: - Yes, I have specific poses and actions in mind for each person. - the picture will be put on the front of a thank you card showing me (male) laying bricks. There will be two other people (female) passing me bricks or generally helping me on the jobsite to lay bricks. - There needs to a statement on it. " Thank you - Referrals are the building blocks of our business" Color Preference: - I would like the drawings to be in color. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong capability in creating cartoonish illustrations. - Proficiency in capturing specific poses and actions. - Ability to create vibrant and visually appealing color illustrations.

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    Trophy icon Receipt/Invoice template 2 hari left

    Needing a copy of this template, please be sure to include all of the black lines and formatting the same as picture and all of the black and bold words too please I do not need any of the words that are written in pencil, you can leave the fill in templates blank I just need the format and same exact bold wording included

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    marriage drawing 9 hari left

    THE GOAL : of the picture is to have all 6 people in the picture, looking happy and joyful. The accuracy of the clothing / scenery is not important, I would like it to look animated(cartoony but not child-like) and be able to recognize a minimum the people that are on the picture.

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    I am looking for an interior designer to create a visually appealing and child-friendly environment for my pediatric dentist clinic. The clinic is large, with a size of aprox 2500 sq ft. Design Style: I prefer a thematic design, such as jungle or ocean, to create a fun and engaging atmosphere for the young patients. Color Scheme: I am open to suggestions and would like the designer to propose suitable color schemes that complement the chosen theme.

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    I am looking for ...story to life - Ensure the video is engaging and suitable for children - Incorporate vibrant colors and playful characters to capture the attention of young viewers - Use appropriate sound effects and background music to enhance the overall experience Skills and Experience: - Proficient in 2D animation software and techniques - Strong storytelling and scriptwriting abilities - Understanding of child psychology and what is visually appealing to children - Ability to create fun and engaging characters - Experience in creating animated videos for children is preferred If you have a passion for creating captivating animations for children and have the skills and experience required, I would love to hear from you. Please provide samples of your previous work in your...

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    ...Understanding of the real estate and business industry to accurately represent the podcast theme The ideal candidate should be able to create a thumbnail that grabs attention, communicates the podcast's theme, and entices viewers to click and listen. The name of the podcast is "The Revamp Podcast" Here is a URL to the host Drew facebook for a picture of him: Here is a URL to the guest Stacie facebook for a picture of her: Here is a URL to the google drive with some of the raw video/aidio files for context or ideas: Maybe add the text to the thumbnail: Shocking Truths of Real Estate Unveiled First good entry we will award To see some

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    Keychain design 6 hari left

    Project Title: Keychain design Material: Picture Design or Logo: No design or logo needed Intended Use: Personal use Skills and Experience: - Graphic design skills to create a keychain design based on the provided picture - Experience working with different materials such as metal, plastic, or wood for keychain production - Knowledge of keychain production techniques and processes

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    I am looking for an illustrator to create a cartoonish illustration for our ventilation system advertising campaign. The illustration will depict a smoke monster filling the basement, attic, and crawl space of a home, using a cut-away picture of the home. Style: - The illustration should be cartoonish in style, with exaggerated and playful elements. Target Audience: - The target audience for this advertising campaign is adults. Color: - The illustration should be in color, bringing vibrancy and attention to the advertisement.

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    ...swapping on a photo Description: I am looking for a skilled photo editor who can help me swap faces on a photo. The purpose of this project is to swap 4 faces out from 2 other images provided. It is a Family photo. And not every one is looking in each picture. Picture 1 2 rows 1st row on couch 2nd row standing From left to right This is the picture we putting the faces on. Row 1 from left to right Change face 1 to face on picture 2 Leave face 2 Change face 3 to face on picture 2 Change face 4 to face on picture 3 Change face 5 to face on picture 3 Row 2 Leave all faces All 3 images are attached. Requirements: - Proficient in photo editing software such as Photoshop - Experience in face swapping techniques - Attention to det...

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    ...menu with "Load" that permit to see the files in the internal storage and load the file in the real word (Not in virtual reality, only in Augmented/mixed reality). I want to load internal file and not use internet connection, because where I want to use it, there is a very bad signal, and if I can load the glb file internally I can load huger file than I actually use online. In attachement some picture of a glb file as I made as test online, and a weblink to see (on your smartphone or meta quest browser). NOTE : App must work on Quest 3, I'm not interest to work on my mobile phone. Meta quest use APK as android so your work is simple but I suggest to you to try it, because Quest 3 have some limitation (I.E. if I load my file with the browser internal on internet ...

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    I am looking for a skilled and experienced writer to create blog posts for my parental control app. The target audience for the blog is parents of chi...parental control. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Excellent writing skills, with a strong ability to create engaging and informative content. - Knowledge and understanding of parental control apps and their benefits. - Familiarity with the target audience and their needs and concerns as parents. - Experience in writing blog posts on technology-related topics, particularly in the field of parenting and child safety. If you are a writer who can effectively communicate the importance of app blocking and provide valuable insights and tips for parents, I would love to hear from you. Please provide samples of your previous work in a simi...

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    Native American designers preferred, with children at home. Task requirements: 1. make a girl's color scheme (e.g. pink + black) according to our product example picture 2. make a color chart for a boy according to our product example chart. 3. make a more neutral color scheme according to our product sample drawing.

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    Trophy icon Logo Design 9 hari left

    ...name is 'J R Yachting Ltd.' The Key elements of my business are: - Teaching kids how to sail - Professional Yacht Racing - New Zealand I would like New Zealand to be reflected in this logo if possible by way of the New Zealand Flag or the maori symbol, The Hei Matau (Fish Hook), could be used as the 'J' in my company name. This Maori symbol means safe travel over the sea. I have included a few picture examples of these. - Specific Colors: Ideally either, Black, Chrome/Silver, Electric Blue - Combination of Text and Image: The client prefers a combination of text-based and image-based elements in the logo. - Nature of Business: The client's business is focused on sailing yacht racing and sailing coaching. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Graphic Design...

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    face switching 6 hari left

    Project Title: Face Switching Purpose: - The purpose of this face switching project is personal. Requirements: - The face switching needs to be done in still images. - We need to switch between 1-3 faces. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in image editing and manipulation software. - Experience in face swapping and morphin...still images. - We need to switch between 1-3 faces. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in image editing and manipulation software. - Experience in face swapping and morphing techniques. - Attention to detail to ensure seamless and realistic face switching. - Creativity to enhance the overall visual appeal of the images. Note: I want to take my face in the picture with the black background and photoshop it onto the picture of me in t...

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    ...refrain from bidding or reaching out. What I will provide: (a) Website content in MS word format / Company profile in MS word format. (b) Company logo (c) Business Stationery (if required). (d) Web hosting access / cPanel access for hosting. What you will do and provide Develop/create our four pages company website along with selecting relevant illustrator images (only), please note no real picture will be used. Key components include: 1st page - Main Landing Page: a. Introduce the company, its mission, vision, and main focus on services. b. Showcase services (short summery) with a "Read More" option. c. Display logos of registered firms with clickable links. d. Highlight numbers of completed work in four service areas . e. Include a footer with quick links and con...

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    Slide show presentation 6 hari left

    I have a company presentation deck and need someone to format and make it flow with two slides to have picture instructions on step by step on how to use a company app

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    Hi, I have a render of a Terrace house development I am doing (attached). I have a very basic render of the front view of the building, but need a render that is more like the other picture attaached.

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    Trophy icon Turn image into Logo 3 hari left

    I need the LETTERING in this picture turned into a logo with .ai files so I can use this for my company. Please make it look exactly like the words in the picture. "Lazy G" with "COMMERCIAL HUNTING UNIT" underneath. Do NOT include "No Trespassing" words please.

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    I am looking for an illustrator to create a cartoon-style illustration for a fun and unique project. The illustration will depict two armies of feet battling, with one army wearing socks fully on and the other army with socks semi off, exposing the heels. Specific Requirements: - Cartoon-style illustration - Open to the artist's discretion for the color scheme - Size of the illustration should be small, up to 8x10 inches Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in creating cartoon-style illustrations - Ability to bring a fun and playful element to the illustration - Attention to detail in capturing the different positions and expressions of the feet This project may seem weird, but it has become a weird inside joke for me and I have a full conversation that I can send as a refere...

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    Trophy icon make a logo 6 hari left

    I am looking for a talented graphic designer to create a logo for my existing business. Specific requirements: - I have detailed specifications for the colors, fonts, and themes that I want to be incorporated into the logo. - However, I am open to suggestions and would appreciate the designer's input and expertise in refining my ideas. I need a lo...into the logo. - However, I am open to suggestions and would appreciate the designer's input and expertise in refining my ideas. I need a logo for an online store called All things Sports Cards and Memorabilia. I need the colors to be a black and white color scheme with images of random sports things. (footballs basketballs baseballs bats helmets jerseys Etc etc) ill also need a banner sized picture of the logo included (...

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    Trophy icon Logo Making - 07/12/2023 17:43 EST 20 hari left

    I am looking for a skilled logo designer to create a unique and eye-catching logo for my online clothing store. I have attached a picture of a logo I love using a logo generator but I want vector images to go along with it. The ideal candidate will have experience in logo design, with a strong portfolio showcasing their ability to create visually appealing and memorable logos. Knowledge of the fashion industry and a good understanding of online branding is preferred. Thank you so much for your interest!

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    Website with salespage 6 hari left

    We are setting up our business webite. We are a consult...some pages that we want to be on there they are put in together under "þjónustur" but these things we would like to appear in the scroll down pages on the start page. The theme we uploaded uses elementor, we are not used to work with that, if that is easy to use and with out any montly fees we can use that. It would be good if the individual had access to some images galleries and could put in picture as well. The webpage is we have started setting it up, but I have not been doing this for a few years and currently to busy to sit down and finish this so looking for some to help me make it look good. We are not looking to spend much more then 30$ its a simple site, it is quickly done for someone worki...

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    Landscape picture of friends 5 hari left

    I am looking for a skilled artist to create a realistic landscape picture for my family. The main focus of the picture should be specific people that I will provide. Here are the project requirements: Style: - Realistic/ cartoony Audience: - Family Elements: - Specific people Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in realistic landscape painting - Ability to capture the likeness of specific people - Attention to detail and ability to create a lifelike composition Total of 14 people I want drawn with noticable facial features.

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    I am looking for a skilled photo editor to remove 1-2 people from a ...photo editor to remove 1-2 people from a group photo (remove my husband and I from middle) for personal use. In addition to removing the individuals, I also need some minor adjustments made to the photo, such as enhancing, cropping, and color correcting. *Trying to use this as a Christmas card photo of my 3 children (2 on left and red dress girl on right). I do not want me & my husband in picture. Would like to clean it up a bit too if possible. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in photo editing software (e.g. Photoshop) - Experience in removing people from photos while maintaining a natural look - Strong attention to detail and ability to make minor adjustments to enhance the overall qualit...

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    Trophy icon Logo design 3 hari left

    Logo design project: Creating a unique and impactful logo for branding purposes This is for a Woman's Soccer team please see the attached pictures. - Purpose: The logo will be used for branding our company and creating a strong visual identity - Style: We prefer a combination of text and symbol in the logo design - Color preferences: We have spec...incorporate specific color preferences into the design - Creative thinking and ability to come up with unique and innovative logo concepts - Strong communication skills to understand and incorporate our requirements into the design process We would like a shield for a soccer club the Team name will be Sioux City Sol. We want to combine a shield and a Sun with SC Sol somewhere I have submitted a picture of the Sun we are aiming for...

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    I need a Tube Clamp with hook to attach a clear window tarp to (see attached file for similar product), making it secure while driving but also removable. I also n...roof where the bolt attaches to is broken so I need a washer that tapered into a sunken plug insert so I can put a bolt through as to hold down the roof. Roll cage Tube Diameter is 1.5" (38mm) the hook will go into a 7/16" (11.11mm) eyelet hole like what's found on a tarp. The tapered plug needs to fit a 10mm bolt through. The measurements for the diameter of the hole (above the bolt head seen in picture) is 0.95" or 24mm. the depth of the whole insert should be no larger than 1" (25mm). **This is a small backyard project, nothing is going into production therefor it doesn't need to be pe...

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    I am looking for a skilled graphic designer or artist to transform a given picture into a striking silhouette art piece. The goal is to create a visually appealing silhouette of the person from the provided image. The finished product should highlight the subject's distinctive features while maintaining a clean and recognizable silhouette.

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    I am looking for a talented graphic designer to create a captivating fight night event poster for a boxing event in Miami. The poster should have a bold and bright color scheme inspired from the video game GTA 6. Key requirements for the poster include: - Date and venue information prominently displayed to inform potential attendees - Fighter profiles and picture to showcase the talent and excitement of the event - Sponsor logos to acknowledge and promote our sponsors Ideal skills and experience: - Strong graphic design skills with a portfolio showcasing previous poster designs - Experience in creating event posters, particularly for sports or entertainment events - Proficiency in using design software and tools to deliver high-quality and visually appealing designs If you are a ...

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    ESP32CAM Bluetooth Classic Project I am looking for a freelancer who has experience with ESP32CAM and is capable of implementing the following functionalities: - Receiving and sending data via Bluetooth - Taking pictures remotely - Live streaming video Skills and Experience: - Experience with ESP32CAM - Proficient in Bluetooth Classic protocols - Knowledge of remote camera control - Familiarity with live streaming platforms Please note that specific requirements or preferences for the live streaming platform have not been specified.

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    I am looking for a Python developer to create a script that can compare two JSON APIs. The script should output a JSON response. API will have child and grandchild attributes. script/program should return missmatches . both attributes name and value missmatch. Note : avoid using new pip install. Specific requirements for handling API errors are not necessary. Standard error handling should be sufficient. There are no security measures or authentications needed for accessing the APIs as they are open APIs. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in Python programming language - Experience working with JSON APIs - Knowledge of error handling in Python - Familiarity with comparing and analyzing data from multiple APIs.

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    Book cover 5 hari left

    I am looking for a freelancer to design a book cover for my personal use. The genre of the book falls under the "Other" category. I have specific elements in mind that I would like to incorpor...depicting key events in a life for new parents from birth through to marriage in 12 stages. I have a title and an author name selected. The purpose is to give a book A4 sized to our son and daughter-in-law for them to create a record of their first child’s progress and development from birth through to potentially being married/ in a for life relationship and so the process may replicate for the child. I want the completed design to be made available as files that I can print from and edit in part. The design is not to be cartoon like nor academic The 12 stages of develo...

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    Trophy icon Holiday Flyer Design 1 hari left

    I am looking for a talented designer to create multiple vers...for a talented designer to create multiple versions of a modern holiday fundraising flyer for my existing business. The ideal candidate will have experience in creating eye-catching designs that capture the essence of a modern holiday theme. Requirements: - Please use the logo and all of text that’s in the attached flyer because I am basically trying to reproduce this flyer. Do not include the picture of me in the new design though. -Please use the attached images in the new design. - Experience in graphic design and creating marketing materials - I want the design to be simple and clean. - Strong attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines - This is a contest and a winner will be selected approximately wi...

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    Property Website for Royal Street Purpose: - To showcase the street, provide information to people and allow them to explore rental listings for properties on Royal Street as well as get general information. A condo association website would be the closest generic format. Design and Features: - It should feature a Royal Street picture on the home page and have links that are easy to add and subtract that talk about Royal Street issues like parking, or moving, or street cleaning or apartments for rent, neighborhood development projects, how to contact the city, and how to contact the owner directly using a form at the site people can submit. It should also allow updates to post to the home page if the client wants to post current events, updates or news. Must be able to add and s...

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    fix child theme issue on elementor fix child theme issue on elementor

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    Creating a logo 5 hari left

    I am looking for a graphic designer to create an icon-based logo for my project. I have specific elements and themes in mind: it depicts a camera diaphragm with a tooth in the middle (see attached sketch). I would like the logo to have a simple or monochromatic color scheme. The logo will have to be used both as an icon of my app (as a standalone image) as well as as a picture + text in the landing page of the web/app version of the program. The ideal candidate should have experience in creating visually appealing icons and be able to work with monochromatic color palettes.

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    Project Description: Social media picture advertising an upcoming performance on Instagram - I am looking for a talented graphic designer who can create a modern and eye-catching picture to promote an upcoming event. - The main message that needs to be conveyed through the picture is the event details, including the date, time, venue, and any other relevant information. - The preferred style for the picture design is modern, with a clean and sleek look. - The picture should be optimized for Instagram and should be visually appealing to attract the attention of the target audience. - The ideal candidate for this project should have experience in graphic design, particularly in creating social media content. - They should have a good understanding of Insta...

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    I am looking for a skilled graphic designer to edit my profile picture for professional use. The main task will be to replace the current background with a solid color background. Here are the specific requirements for the project: Background: - The preferred background color is black. Editing: - In addition to the background change, I would like minor retouching to be done on the main subject of the photo. Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in graphic design and photo editing software. - Experience in background removal and replacement. - Attention to detail and ability to perform minor retouching on the main subject of the photo. Please provide examples of your previous work in photo editing, particularly in replacing backgrounds and performing minor retouching. The f...

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    65 bida

    Project Title: Face Swap for a Celebration Image Description: I am looking for a skilled freelancer who can help me with a face swap project. I have a specific photo that I would like to use for the face swap, and I will provide it to the freelancer. Requirements: - Face swap editing: The freelancer should be experienced in face swap techniques to seamlessly replace my face with another person's face in the photo. - Attention to detail: The final image should look natural and realistic, with proper alignment and lighting adjustments. - Celebration emotion: The desired reaction for the final image is a sense of celebration. The freelancer should be able to add elements or effects to enhance the celebratory mood of the photo. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in photo editing soft...

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    Picture edit 5 hari left

    Project Title: Picture Edit Description: I am in need of a skilled picture editor who can assist me with color correction and additional modifications for a set of 1-5 pictures. The picture has white markings on the mirror that you can see on the beater vest area, shoulders and chest. I would like these markings removed Skills and Experience: - Strong expertise in color correction techniques - Proficiency in using photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop - Ability to make precise and accurate modifications to enhance the overall appearance of the pictures - Creative eye for detail to suggest and implement additional modifications to improve the visuals - Experience in working with a variety of image formats and sizes If you have the necessary skills and expe...

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    I am looking for an interior and exterior designer to help me design a modern coffe...details and guidance to the chosen designer. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in designing coffee shops or similar retail spaces - Proficiency in creating modern and aesthetically pleasing designs - Ability to incorporate specific requirements into the design - Strong communication skills to understand and translate my vision into a design concept Attachmennt : i attached for you the picture of the rented place 140 meter , it will divided into two stores : - the one in the corner will be a coffee shop : Drive through called " Third wave" i attached the logo with sample of idea for another cafe - the one beside the cafe will be a mini restaurant for sandwiches called : Qasad...

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