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    wanna build an ISP for 5G speed

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    POST request : https parameters : token , fullname, password, email, read the output: read the out put and write to .txt file out put contians: accoutn number (16 digit) server router URL : Route::post('personal/checking/account/save/account/information', 'PersonalCheckingAccountController@saveAccountInformation'); token should be append in the request : [log masuk untuk ...

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     vw6333855vwPublic profile Post a Project Download the App Get Free Credit Dashboard My Projects Browse Projects Browse Freelancers Browse Local Jobs Inbox Deposit Funds Get Support Log Out Copyright 2019  Freelancer Technology Pty Limited Switch Account Cisco packet tracer tutoring project PROPOSALS MANAGEMENT ... PROJECT BUDGET (USD)$ 30 - 250 AVERAGE BID (USD)$&n...

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    This is a Cisco Packet Tracer project that I need help with. A local school has been assigned the IP address [log masuk untuk melihat URL] As an IT consultant, you have been asked to design a subnetted network for the school to meet the following specifications: 1. Two subnets for student labs to support at least 24 computers each 2. One subnet with at least 26 addresses to be used by teachers 3...

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    so i have a raspberry pi 0w and 4G modem ZTE MF910 using squid proxy having success working on local network but cant get it to work on external , i have tried with my adsl and it works fine so its my there any way to forward the port using another router ? i do have a dlink dsl 124 i think that my isp uses carrier grade nat , found this on the net and i barley understand this meaning c...

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    A medical website with Cisco Jabber integration (Telehealth) capability, payment portal, appointment scheduling and upload/download of documents, email and e-fax options for documents. Domain name and hosting has been sorted out. I need some creativity in putting the website together.

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    We have 2x offices floors,. The ground floor internet runs from a traditional cable phone line. The top floor runs from a mobile data enabled router. We are looking for consultancy (hopefully leading to a bigger project) on how to use the mobile data connection on the ground floor via the network (without having to use wifi dongles in the desktop computers). i.e. we need to be able to connected t...

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    Configure Cisco router as Voice/Vxml Gateway

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    Need to install Cisco firewall switch and UP the 3 ports and enable.

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    Hi, I require pdf. Plans to be converted to files that a CNC Router can read.

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    Hi, We are looking person who knows to write G code (GRBL code) for Shapeoko CNC router powered with Ardunio UNO Project Description: We are planning to use Shapeoko CNC router for automation purpose. So we did following things to suit us. 1. PWM pin + 5V + grd attached to gripper (Attached with MG995 Servo motor ) 2. Coolant on / off used to switch on off other Machine. We are using univers...

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    To create LAN and WAN diagram using Packet Tracer Task 1: What types of routers are needed and how many of them are required according to given specification. Task 2: You are required to find out how many switches are needed for this complete project and what type of switches will be suitable for each LAN. Task 3: Establish the sitting and types of terminals, processors and required protocols and...

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    We currently has Microtik hex RB750Gr3 Router set up with two ISPs going in and 1 output going to switches. Load balancing rules have been configured. We now wish to make one of our local servers access over internet. For that we need to configure ddns. We do not have static ips and shall not receive any support from ISPs. This is a quick job and we plan to close everything in a day or two. Th...

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    Configure Cisco rv345 router to Prioritize VPN traffic.

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    Write a 200-500 word proposal on ways to ensure an internet connection in the event of a system failure, taking into account the point of view of a network. Knowledge in networking and Cisco is valued. English proficiency required.

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    Hi, We have 2 routers (Cisco ASR 1001x and Arista DCS-7050S-52), we want someone to configure iBGP on both routers. Please note that the Cisco ASR is on a live network and care must be taken. Thanks.

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    We are looking for a network system engineer who have experienced in L2~L7 network devices, severs, firewalls and so on. (Cisco, Watchguard, Baracoda, Riverbed, Juniper, Vyatta and so on ) to establish an integrated Log Management System for various network devices accross the Internet. Please write this sentence in your proposal to avoid bots - "Logging is neccessary." Especially, spec...

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    We are going to establish an integrated Log Management System for various network devices accross the Internet. To enhance the current integrated metrics collecting system, we prepared all solutions for the logging and tracking. We are looking for a network system engineer who have experienced in L2~L7 network devices, severs, firewalls and so on. (Cisco, Watchguard, Baracoda, Riverbed, Junipe...

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    You are in charge in designing the network for a medium size business.  The business is located in a single building with three floors.  The first floor has 250 PCs, the second floor has 120 PCs, and the third floor has 120 PCs.  In addition each floor will need to support the same number of VOIP phones as the number of PCs on the floor, along with at least 50 printers.  The VO...

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    My CRM (ActiveCampaign) pushes data to Integromat via webhook. I want to have Integromat update and perform simple math on a simple four-column Google Sheet -- made up of names of my sales team -- when the webhook fires. It needs to post to the correct cell based on the name of the Salesperson. E.G. 1) Webhook Fires 2) John Smith's cell in Google Sheet updates from 1 to 2. E.G. 1) Webh...

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    We want to modify the standar Teltonika OpenWRT firmware and develop custom applications: The applications that we want to run in the custom firmware are: - Use GPIO port to count external pulses. Read the pulses, storage and send it. - Acquire parameter for cell location (MCC, MNC, LAC and CELLID) and show it on a map. - Autoconfigure parameters (APN, NAT…) in function of SIM card used. ...

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    Hello, I need to code a recording system that will be integrated to cisco call manager and will be recording IP telephones' calls. I need this to be built for windows in python or C++ with a nice GUI. Please state your budget and relevant experience in similar tasks. I have many other related projects if this one was successful. Regards,

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    Keep in mind, it has to be a vpn app! Not a proxy one. Needs to connect with Cisco/openvpn. Must be coded well, if it disconnects it connects again, shows connection times, etc. Bonus if it has admob integration and an iOS app as well. I also want it to have account creation and control, management etc panel. It should be bug free and established. want this finished asap

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    Project 1: Overall goal: Allow N429 switch to be remotely configured by an upstream switch (example: cisco 3650/3750/3560/2960 and iE4010 /CGS-2520) The upstream switch will be configuring VLANs on the N429. Current Status: The N429 is based on the Marvell LinkStreet network switch chip. Currently the N429 is us...

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    We want a design document to implement Cisco ISE. - 802.1X authentication for Wired and Wireless clients. - MAC authentication - AD authentication - Dynamic VLAN assignment

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    Greetings everyone, we were planning to integrate opennebula into our production workflow, but unfortunately, we encountered a serious networking problem, while provisioning virtual machines on our 3 baremetal servers. A cisco switch handles vlan distribution and interface trunking. The overall goal is allowing the creation of private networks, with inter vm-routing capabilities. We use KVM as our...

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    Create a router setup page android application through Android Studio Demo Apk : [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    Need someone to work on the communication hardware of a pi board (sunxi ARM54) with sun4-emac, AP6212 (broadcom 43430), LED indicator and additional of 2 USB Wifi RTL8812AU/RTL8811CU dongles to work on the latest forked version of OPENWRT. The forked of OpenWRT I need does not support the pi board communication hardware but the pi manufacturer version of Openwrt does. You need to get these fixe...

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    Solve it with Packet Tracer Cisco and solve the complete questions + write a report with every step you did

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    Install and configure Cisco vWLC on and join 12 AP.

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    Project 1: Overall goal: Allow N429 switch to be remotely configured by an upstream switch (example: cisco 3650/3750/3560/2960 and iE4010 /CGS-2520) The upstream switch will be configuring VLANs on the N429. Current Status: The N429 is based on the Marvell LinkStreet network switch chip. Currently the N429 is us...

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    Hi Peter, we need the vector file of "[log masuk untuk melihat URL]". Please also remove the routers from the public profile because this is nothing for the public, hope you understand that. I cant write you in the other projects, dont know why. Best Steffen

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    Need Cisco Router config firmware [log masuk untuk melihat URL] We can get isp ip address and dns but it is not able to ping internet

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    This is an Individual Written Report based on a Case Study Analysis About the Individual Written Report: It is a case study analysis & design using network simulation. It has to have a maximum words of 2500 words. Cisco Packet Tracer is mandatory to use for the project. Screenshots in Cisco Packet Tracer, are mandatory as well and must be included in the assignment. Please contact me and I ...

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    hi SPA laravel website backend development design we will provide in vue + react + session handling will be with laravel / python OR yii2 rest will be on vue + react and axios and json multilevel DRAG and Drop menu builder must be there dynamic website for content eg. text image link button SIMILAR type pages hast be created and reorganizations of sections and menu item page must be get ...

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    Thermal Analysis Required for RF Aviation Router Enclosure. Power Dissipation: 50 Watts Maximum External Ambient: 55 degC Cooling Method: Natural Cooling Enclosure Dimensions: 180 x 250 x 80mm

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    I need the simulation scripts with snapshots and log files of below with conclusion using CISCO Packet Tracer DDOS Attack Man-in-the-Middle Attacks Low-rate TCP attacks DNS poisoning

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    I already have a Raspberry Pi setup and running I need two areas of help: OLED Python script to run at bootup - The Pi must boot up in GUI mode not CLI. I tried a few methods of starting the script but no luck. PiHole - installed but not running right. I have a TP-Link Deco Mesh system Router and need DNS working correctly from the router to PiHole so all attached computers automatically run thru...

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    Hi, Contents: Create a 3D model of enclosed console/container that would fit (4) items. High fidelity Camera Projector Computer Router It should look neat organized and compact. I would recommend to use current computer, router, projector models including the name, and price. Mix and match to see fit. Thank you in advance.

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    as discussed provision script for first router

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    I'm interested in an EdgeRouter/Ubiquiti expert. I'm unable to get L2TP VPN server working on an Edge Router Lite device. (I'm using this setup: [log masuk untuk melihat URL]). Getting error The L2TP connection attempt failed because the security layer encountered a processing error during the initial negotiations with the remote computer". I would prefer that you know EdgeRou...

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    I've done a lot with Asterisk and configured many Cisco phones to work with it but this one has me stumped. I'm looking for someone that has successfully configured one of these models to work on an Asterisk server. I'm not using any GUI like FreePBX. I have a custom-compiled Asterisk running on Ubuntu 18. Basically I'm looking for remote support to get this done. Thanks!

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    We have 3 sites connected via a DMVPN. Each of the 3 sites have cisco routers. We are experiencing connectivity issues between sites and need an expert to review the configuration and determine source of issues. The expert MUST be an expert at Multi-site VPN, firewall configuration, DNS and Microsoft domains in a multi-site environment.

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    Hey, I work with a Thailand based startup and looking to develop a Python based tool which can be used to screen/parse the logs from several Cisco/Alcatel/Brocade devices. I need the script to run through the log files and look for any prospective errors/issues. thanks

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    Configure VPN (my HMA Account) on my TP-Link Router (Archer C7), via Teamviewer , around $50

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    Hi, I want to remotely access to my clients routers online to check if router is online or not and to access to SSH, The idea is to use OpenVPN. I need a solution without opening a port in the ISP router

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    we are needing someone to compile this package to work in Openwrt as a OPKG package with all its dependent packages. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Dont BID unless you have an OPENWRT router where you can try and test it

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    Training will be in Dubai. Number of days - 5 days Participants - 1 Should be Covered by you: - Flights, meals, training, course material in pdf, Labs Covered by us:- Visa, Accommodation

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    We are an ISP in the USA. Project is to set up a VPN using Mikrotik CCR router to support WAP-lte routers as remote VPN clients. The VPN will need to supply each client a live IP address from our ISP network. The goal is to allow our ISP customers to be monitored and for bandwidth control even though the Customer is running an a different LTE network provider.

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    SDL is currently looking for functional hardware testers for a 25-30 hour project that must be completed in Belgium. This project is expected to be completed by mid-December, starting as soon as possible. Purpose: Sanity testing a WiFi router and Mesh Extender, including testing various router settings, basic performance testing, streaming quality tests, Smart Home device integration tests, and...

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