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    We need a VB6 app which compares one Master Access 2k database with a another A2K database which the user selects. When hitting the compare button it has to compare the tables, fields and fieldsproperties, indexes and relationsships between the master and the selected database. So only the full table section and properties. No queries, forms and modules. Then show the differences (which has to be ...

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    Were are looking for a simple Tape backup / restore program which must run on our NT 4.0 Servers. The program must be able to: Run from the command line (no gui) with backup / restore switches. Backup / restore files on a SCSI tape device. Program must create a log file to store all the actions / errors. Log file may be overwritten on each execution. Must be able to write and read tape labels from...

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    Backup Utility Tamat left

    **Scenario:** User has a number of folders with the following (example) size, etc: -->Folder1 (total 700 files, 1.5Gb) ------> Folder1a ------> Folder1b -->Folder2 (total 1200 files: 2.3Gb) **AIM:** To intelligently move files into folders containing files that will fit on a CD - for subsequent backups. Folder1: Not as straightforward as Folder2,...

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    I have a test tomorrow on CISCO routers. I was given a practice exam of 100 questions, but no answers were provided. I am looking for someone who either has their CCNA or is experienced enough with CISCO routers to answer these questions. There are a total of 105 questions, All multiple choice/True false except 9 short answer. If you can answer a good amount of them then I will credit your account...

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    Hi, I need an outlook express backup program similar to the following sites: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I need this done in Visual basic 6 including the source and would like this done fairly quick. Should be able to backup outlook express 5 and above. Needs to have a professional look and easy to use. If you already have this coded that would be great. Thanks and ...

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    I need somebody to write a very comprehensive manual for my program "Lorena Seller Software for eBay" if you want to do it, start by going here and looking at the 2 years old manual that I never completed. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] that is the style that i want for the manual. with pictures of buttons and screens when needed. however, please note that the program is much more complic...

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    Upgrade Wizard Tamat left

    DESCRIPTION: Propose a method and implement a program, which is capabable of: 1. Compare and synchronize new database structure and data to client database based on a set of specified criterias, including but not limited to adding, removal and modification. Note: Database structure contains link tables from other Ms Access databases. 2. Take into consideration of backup and restore to original set...

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    Hi, We would like to implement a shopping cart using osCommerce (based on PHP and MySQL). Most of the features were are requesting has open source osCommerce add-on modules. There might be some light Perl coding to format our distributor's CSV spreadsheet in order to import to osCommerce's catalog. The enclosed zip file provide additional details in order to let the developer know the sc...

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    We are looking to convert our current Access 2000 application to an ASP based web version. Currently the system is setup with the backend on a central server and each client (max 5) have the frontend on their computer. W have decided to try and get some bids using screen shots of the application. We will send selected coders the MS Access 2K application after an NDA has been signed so you can get ...

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    pki and pgp Tamat left

    I have a project which requires using pgp and pki encryption software and then writing an essay comparing the two and identifying their differences etc...This is an URGENT project as I have been let down by someone and desperately need it in a few days!!! Its relatively simple! ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code...

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    I am looking to add the ability to Burn CD's from within an existing VB application to automate data transfer. I am looking for "existing" source in the form of a component or whatever that can be readily integrated into an exisiting VB application. Please note that I do not want this written from scratch. It must be a working piece of code that I can already see operate in some app...

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    Program to automatically zip a single file and email it. The purpose of the program is to backup an Access database. The program should allow the user to: (1) Set a time to backup each day (2) Specify the location of the file to be backed up (3) Specify the email address (4) Have the program only appear in the system tray ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in ex...

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    My client wishes to launch a website with certain community-based features. Please note that the functionality of the site will be reviewd based on the bidders chosen solution, so we are only expecting outline costings at this stage. The basic funcionality of the site will allow users to: - Register with the site and fill in personal details and background about themselves and upload a photo - Con...

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    I have 2 websites that need moved from the old shared host to the a new dedicated server. The sites are on accounts using an older version of cpanel now and the new server is running on cpanel so maybe a cpanel backup would be the best way to go. You will need broadband if you are going to download the backups they are to large to do on a dialup account in any reasonable period of time. Also you w...

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    Hi, I have a website working with a SQL2000 database and uploaded on 3 different ISP's. Why? In case the primary website fails I need to be up-and-running in one hour with the secondary website. I need someone to show/explain in detail how I can use SQL Backup and/or DTS packages to daily update the secondary website(s). thanks, Razvan ## Deliverables 1) A complete step-by-step explanation...

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    Problem: Medical information is the burden of all medical clinics. I am part of a larger clinic that uses a large database for billing but not generating medical notes, records. I am currently using a program with voice recognition (using Dragon as the voice engine) but it has a lot of wasted fields and limited in handling the information that is the best for me. All it really is is a database run...

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    My site [log masuk untuk melihat URL] went down and all files were deleted because they swithed server. I have 3 (4) mySQL database on that site and my backups are old... newest is 3 weeks old. But when I try to upload them I get some problems. So now I have uploaded some 5 weeks old mysql databases. I need you to upload the 3 week databases backup and make the changes so it work. Should not take ...

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    Hi We need a fully functional backup software that is capable of: 1) selecting files to backup in an explorer type environment 2) selecting to also backup files by extension i.e. *.doc 3) selecting to automatically backup all outlook and outlook express message stores and address books. 4) the destination for the files to be backed up to, should be able to be selected as either cd rom or another c...

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    I need a script created that offers ALL of the features available at [log masuk untuk melihat URL] This should be a 100% ORIGINAL script -- DO NOT use any of their existing code. We need the FEATURES from this site in an original, exclusive script. I would like to see a demo of this before we begin business. When the project is completed, it will need to be installed at our site. We will need...

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    The program/script must automatically switch the current IP in the DNS zone file to the next backup when the current IP's index fails a keyword comparison. The program/script will then send me an email to make me aware of the IP change. The DNS server is using BIND. I have multiple domains (50+) that utilize the same zone file. The script will be change the IP for all domains. I will need an ...

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    Create a training course where by the user will learn unix system administration by reading the lesons & practicing the commands & tools via Telnet to a server available in the company. Goal is to deliver lessons with description, easy to read information with some "lead in" description followed by commands used for that topic. Platform will be Solaris 8 or 9 OS You are not writi...

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    Greetings, I´m buying the resell / giveaway rights for one of these applications. Text Replacer - [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Special Browser - [log masuk untuk melihat URL] The first one is a very good text replacer. I bought it and it´s very good. I need all the functions it has (scan entire directories and replace the desired text, with another, only in the files we select). If...

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    I need 4 Nuke DB's copying over to my new box. They're all in MySQL and are live DB's. I also need a backup copy of each db in zip format. Previous experience essential.

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    I need a script that will allow me to do backups of a server account and MySQL databases. It needs to backup all MySQL databases on that account, save then separately and also backup the contents (files and folders) that are on the server. Mail would allow be a nice addition but not required. All which is control by a cron job. I need the ability to have an admin page and just enter the URL that I...

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    A PC software that allows users to syncronize(export and import) data from a PDB file to a sheet of MS Excel, Access or to other sheets and vice versa. A software that allows me to customize simple VB apps (that I'll distruibute), that looks for the PDB file in the users backup directory, add some functions to Excel(2 or 3 new buttons)on the tool bar(to open,install pdb..) A user should also ...

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    I have an open source image rating script that I need modified. I need the following features added. We want to have a "Voting bar" on the same page as the image like on Currently, you have to click on the "Rate" link to select the image rating. A small (Maybe something free from sourceforge, there is no point wrining one from scratch) news script that posts new...

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    I need a program to allow users to backup / restore outlook data on a folder by folder basis - i.e. NOT backup and restore the whole message store. The dev language can be VB / Delphi. The full description is in the attached PDF. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that w...

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    Mail Archiver Tamat left

    The email server stores emails in text files. This application will scan a directory and create a database entry for each file found. It will need to scan the file for the sender id and receipients example files will be given. The app will then move the file to a backup directory. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source c...

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    Software Boxes Tamat left

    I need to have a couple of software boxes made up. The first is for a program called "Cookie Cutter" that finds and deletes cookies on Windows OS's. Next, I need one for an internet based backup program called "Web Arc". Please use an apporpriate theme for each graphic, i.e.; something representative of cookies and the same for a backup utility. The basic color theme is to...

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    I need an employee time clock app to replace a mechanical time clock for hourly employees. Data should be stored in an encrypted CSV database and the system clock must be locked when the app is running. Time should be reported in minutes and 100ths and there should be a choice of overtime rules including daily, weekly, and monthly. It must also be networkable and offer a backup capability. I have ...

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    Hi All, Serious and experienced Coder Only, NO SPAM BID Please ! I wanna request someone for me complete a task of my project about ASP web programming. Which I urgently need it. You can download a backup file of MSSQL2000, two page of ASP. Just install in in your IIS, open the ASP file "[log masuk untuk melihat URL]", try to lookup data from MSSQL (please set DSN, or change connection s...

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    Mailing script Tamat left

    We need a mailing program that allows the following: *HTML sending *Plain text sending (needs to be a separate list, but program should only allow people to subscribe to one or the other) *Offers personalization (first name, etc) *Offers template editing of both HTML and plain text (HTML editing must be WYSIWYG--our clients can't program HTML) *Needs to be easy for us to update to each templa...

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    I need a script created that offers ALL of the features available at [log masuk untuk melihat URL] This should be a 100% ORIGINAL script -- DO NOT use any of their existing code. We need the FEATURES from this site in an original, exclusive script. When the project is completed, it will need to be installed at our site. We will need a copy of the script for our backup purposes. We will own AL...

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    Backup-Restore Tamat left

    Hi I want a backup-restore system which should have following capabilities: 1. choice of daily backup or selected day backup with time or time interval like Daily at 5:30 PM or Daily every half an hour or yo can set days of the weeks like Every friday at 5:30 PM. For this particular thing you can check incremental backup program on psc and you can enhance that. 2. Each backup will be stored in com...

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    ultimateauction seems to be the best script i've reviewed for the features that I want - but I've heard it products mysql errors? and the admin password is passed via URL! Auction site to run on 1 domain with 6-8 subdomains MySQL database auction entries for each subdomain Would like the features that are offered with ultimateauction (auction side + admin side) Needs to run with MySQL...

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    Basically, it's something whereby teachers can us templates to create test /exam questions and upload to server. Ont he other hand, Students will download the tests/exams then take the test/exam and submit. There will be a clock running. It's something like microsoft / CIsco kind of testing. At the end of it, the scores will be submitted to a database and scores tabualted. The progress o...

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    I am looking for the following taks to be completed on a daily basis: 1. Backup Web Hosting Accounts 2. Move those accounts to new servers 3. Handle Tech Support email request 4. Day to day support issues. WE will be looking for most experience, and lowest pay bids, we would like to pay on a hourly basis. We will be hiring asap. Jax ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working progr...

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    $30 - $100
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    We have a Everyday Growing Database in MSSQLServer7 with an approximate current size of 300MB consisting of 50 tables and 30 stored procedures and few triggers. Need a software-utility program to automatically/manually perform "Live-Backup" onto another server(IP Address) in "real-time", so that both the servers are in-sync. The Interface of the program should provide the mea...

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    require a web based email script that will handle up to a total of 4000 users (these are approx figures). It is for a community based project and must be secure and safe. Features required :- Ability to handle 4000 users Send mailings out to users Stats on users and usage totals Ability to reserve user names, to protect certain usernames Special sign up page and area for under 16's...

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    Our small company in Lincolnshire, has a small network consisting of: 1 main server running Small Business Server 2000, with Exchange 2000, and about 10 client machines running anything from W95 to XP pro. We have a few problems, internet hanging etc, and these are usually resolved by re-booting the server. We are looking for someone who will come and configure all this properly to give us a rel...

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    Need a PERL cgi script created that will run on Red Hat Linux 7.3. The script need to be able to: 1 - Open a pop3 e-mail account 2 - Retrieve all of the messages in the account 3 - Save the message body from each message in a separate, unique file. Ie: First message body would be saved as [log masuk untuk melihat URL], second as [log masuk untuk melihat URL], etc. This part should ONLY contain the...

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    Suggest and build a small application suitable for demonstrating the reasoning powers of a rule based E.S. using Aion DS. Ensure suitable resources are available for building the Expert System proposed e.g. an ‘Expert’ willing to spend 2 hours or so with the Knowledge Engineer (i.e. you) and other sources of knowledge e.g. books etc etc. The Expert System proposed should be small enoug...

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    I need a project on Invisible digital watermarking. I need the algorithm, the source code, and its output after execution. I also need comments for every line of he source code. I need even written documents of the project. The following is the information needed and are all mentioned in the buyer templates of the rentacoder website. I need everything according to the website rules. Problem/Opport...

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    We require a clone of dvdxcopy, an application that will allow one to Backup a DVD to CDR. A good example of this can be found here [log masuk untuk melihat URL] The application will work in this order if recording to CDR: 1. Reads the DVD and decodes to the hard drive. 2. Converts the video and audio to MPEG format (MPEG format will be define by the user) 3. The application will then define space...

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    We need a small shopsolution for 20 items. It should manage orders, client-files and products to download for the buyers. All transaction-handlings should be done via forms. Please check the (zipped)PDF-File for the detailed description. Note: The layout and HTML-design will be made by us - but you can make proposals (or a offer if you want) ## Deliverables 1) The application should be installe...

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    This project has been done by an experienced programmer in php/mysql, and is currently in use. The owners of this web application absolutely love it! They do, however need a few changes (as noted in the deliverables section). Allow me to explain what this web application does: This application allows lifeguards to log into the web site and schedule in days they can work, as well as what pools they...

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    Hello, We need an applications that can backup DVD movies to DVD-R/RW using a DVD burner. The software should behave similar to: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] All in all it should support all processes. Please post a reasonable bid if you already have a similar application or want to work with us on building one. If you have one already, please attach a demo version or screenshots, Thanks and Best...

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    1 -We need to create Scripts to backup files. The script will be used for Linux servers. 2-Install Webalizer program for sites 3-Convert existing ASP/Access code to a PHP/MySQL code for a website. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in read...

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    Hello, Re : PAYROLL PROGRAM (FOR SINGAPORE USE) The program is to be used specifically in Singapore context. The data and information are not very well known as they apply to Singapore only. I will come up with the Data Model of this program to facilitate you in your programming. Just briefly, Program to use : ------------------------------------------------------ Screen layout : ----------...

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    Similar to [log masuk untuk melihat URL], [log masuk untuk melihat URL], BrightPay or StormPay etc. ---------------------------------------------------- Project Description : ------------------------------------------------------ We need an affiliate, mlm, sweeptakes and a payment prossessor type script. These programs should work together. If you have not worked on replicating systems or binary ...

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