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    we need competitive coder who are expert in at least two language from the following C++/JAVA/MATLAB/Assembly Language. We prefer student & new freelancer only because earning is less.

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    MATLAB code Tamat left

    I want MATLAB code which run for all image...and just input image,apply region of interest(ROI) manually in image and automatically gives desirable output.. I want to select multiple ROI at same time and also run simultaneously..

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    we need competitve coder who are expert in at least two language from the following C++/JAVA/MATLAB/Assembly Language. We prefer student & new feelancer only beacuse earning is less,

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    I am looking for an expert in R/Matlab to convert our current financial screeners that already filter stocks/commodities/currencies based on technical indicator values as well as fundamental inputs (outstanding shares, etc). We found all the indicators/sentiment feeds/price data required to copy our screeners over from Google Sheets. We just need more help with compiling the model on Matlab. We ...

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    Implementing Bloom filters logics in the Matlab code

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    I need to extract data from series of videos and plot those data in graphical form as Histogram and other graphs using MATLAB

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    stochastic dynamic programming optimization for a microgrid considering load uncertainity in matlab... objective minimize cost and co2 emissions. in MATLAB

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    Hi We have started a new organisation and we need people for multiple Skills. We need people for long term projects. We have projects related to different skills sets. 1. Excel, Data Entry, Data processing, Excel Macros, Excel VBA. 2. Graphic Design 3. PHP 4. Website Design 5. Data extraction, data cleansing. 6. Odoo 7. Javascript and Jquery 8. Software Architecture 9. Translation 10. ...

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    I need this code to be enabled for Matlab ( txt file) I have also few features that I would love to include later on

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    I am looking for an engineer having great skills in MATLAB/SIMULINK must be proficient in following areas:  MATLAB/Simulink  Power System  Signal Processing  Image Processing  Artificial Intelligence new but proficient freelancers are highly encourages. i will share further details of work in chat.

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    My project is based on SMQT features SNoW classifier. SNoW classifier(from cogcomp website). I want to extract features from SMQT image to train SNoW classifier based on paper uploaded. I have done SMQT transformation of image. But not getting way to extract features as mentioned in paper.

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    stochastic Markov blanket-based framework dedicated to the detection of epistatic interactions. SMMB successfully competes with state-of-the-art methods such as BEAM, AntEpi-Seeker and DASSO-MB. I want implementation in matlab.

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    Mathematics basic. Matlab and Algorithm. simple project

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    Audio signal processing, Matlab

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    Hi, We are an education consulting company and we are looking for people who have an experience in Academic Writing. We need people who can work preferably on a full time basis with us. You must have a good knowledge of your subjects or area of expertise. Some of the subjects that we are looking for are an follows (the list is not exhaustive): 1. Accounts 2. Finance 3. Management (MBA, Str...

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    Matlab Neural Network work need to be done in 20 hours

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    Membuat prediksi dengan fuzzy substractive clustering dengan data training data set yang inputnya : Usia, Usia kehamilan, BB, TB, HB. Untuk menentukan output: LILA dan TFU

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    I would like to build a small piece of Matlab code that recognizes that different buttons in a Bluetooth headset were pressed. The recognition could be using flags that change value when the respective buttons are pressed.

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    I need a Matlab expert to help me. I will give you the details via chat.

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    I need someone to help me with some matlab work that will be done after 4 hours from now and I only have one hour to do it

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    I need to perform spectrum sensing on matlab for both local sensing and double threshold cooperative sensing. Plots include Local node sensing metrics plots (both single and double threshold) Cooperative sensing metrics plots (both single and double threshold) (Urgent)

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    Objective Follow ROI in frame like structures that are vibrating with a moving cellular phone. Routines to track motions of several objects on a video. Conditions: Video is taken on an unknown cellular phone. Phone is hold in hand so moving and rotating, in plane and out of plane motions occurs. No calibration of the camera lens Single lens film Programing in Matlab. Computer Vision toolbox an Op...

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    HI, we looking for developer to create software to count vehicle classify them and measure other parameter. basic requirement 1. software should be written in .NET/ C# 2. final out cum is working source code and exe Skills Required C Programming .NET C# Programming Software Architecture C++ Programming openCV yolo tensorflow

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    I need to build functions in our website in PHP .. 1- appointment system with customers 2- messaging between users and customers like in freelancer 3- payment gateway 4- database upload feature and classification for customers data 5- users profile like in Facebook 6- Some Medical features Please send actual quotation and realistic time and cost

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    We need someone to build an excel sheet with the Date, Symbol, Security Name, Tier, Price, Vol, 52 Week Low, 52 Week High, Country, State, City, Market Cap, First Name, Position, Email Email Type, Industry Classification, Authorized Shares, Outstanding Shares, Last Filing Period Ending, Cash, Current Asset, Current Liability, Going Concern, Derivative Liability/ Convertible Notes, Revenue, Net Pr...

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    We are a small company developing tools for using algorithms to optimize chemical processes, e.g. for making pharmaceuticals or materials. We have developed a hardware platform that allows computer control over chemical reactions, and we would like to implement the SNOBFIT algorithm in MATLAB into our platform. Our platform is Python-based, so we want to develop a strategy for wrapping MATLAB algo...

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    I want someone who has background in wireless communications and has good skill in Matlab.

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    I have wrote a code to control a LeCroy Oscilloscope the waveform_read_1_updated code is not running when connected to the oscilloscope please run this code(waveform_read_1_edited) and check the output. the way it is shown in the output for this code, it should wait for a trigger to grab the waveform at that particular triggered time and plotting the maximum value on the phase graph. the demo vid...

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    i am looking for a female Electrical &&& Electronics Engineer who can do report writing of all kinds. must be good in Arduino and matlab coding can do any kind of fyp (final year projects) related to electrical &&& electronics engineering.

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    hello freelancer team ! i need apps for smart tv (samsung / lg ) This is an explication for how the api will be working for this app : Firstly you must developp a login page to our users where the user can enter his activation code and log in using the UserAgent: Star7liveTV This is an example for The code : [log masuk untuk melihat URL] If navigate using another user agent a "wrong ...

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    I would like to find out how to run a matlab code from a website. So the inputs for the matlab code must be collected from the website and the output (say a graph and a table) must be sent back to the website. I dont know where the code should be running. I would like to have someone to find this out and test on a simple matlab code. I would also like the steps to be documented well, so that I can...

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    Looking for someone with MATLAB, and Statistics experience to help me with MATLAB code to Archimedes principle" the buoyancy force" project details are attached in a word file.

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    Need a couple of MATLAB script (for creating an array, preliminary processing, using for loop and no using any loops). Information in photos attached.

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    I am looking for MATLAB programming expert who have done some projects in past

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    Design and Document a VHDL Complex Mixer • Design should contain two 11-bit complex NCOs (Numerically Controlled Oscillator): • Assume clock freq of 100MHz • NCO #1: 11MHz • NCO #2: 18MHz • Design a complex multiplier component • Multiply the outputs of NCO #1 and #2 • Write the outputs of the NCOs and Complex Multiplier to a text file Theory of operation Detai...

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    Classification of breast cancer by using the different features from our data like cell radius , texture , size , area etc ... This project is completed by using machine learning algorithm by using Python with accuracy above 95% .

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    Request details Analyzing Twitter Posts to Support the Development of Smart Cities Build a system to decide wither there is a traffic issue in a specific area throughout the processing of collective tweets in three cities by using SVM algorithm. Doing a research about this project and describing how the code works, what the steps are followed and why these steps are used rather than others with at...

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    Need to machine learning expert to write a python classification program using support vector machine with the following: - three phases: training, testing and validation - matplot figures for classification. Notes: - the programer should be able to explain the result or any other issues with the program. - support the code after delivered and adjust it as required.

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    Who are very familiar with NN and Matlab may apply for this project.

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    Hi, I need a website that asks a number of questions, scores answers and then provides conditional response for which cloud to use. The conditional response after questions are weighted will be either AWS(A), Azure(B), GCP(C), Private Cloud(D). Additional information E will be updated too. Record all responses for later review. Questions should only appear if needed. Q1 Are you purchasing an ...

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    The project description is to write a Matlab code (including comments) to optimize the electricity bills of consumers by dynamic pricing based on the IEEE paper "Decentralized Neighborhood Energy Management With Coordinated Smart Home Energy Sharing". Based on this paper, you need to implement the methods, algorithms, scenarios and reproduce the experiment results (same figures and numbe...

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    We process documents related to mortgages, aka everything that happens to originate a mortgage that you don't see as a borrower. Often times the only access to a document we have is a scan of a fax of a print out of the document. Our system is able to read and comprehend that document, turning a PDF into structured business content that our customers can act on. This dataset represents the o...

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    Freshers with excellent knowledge have the chance to complete this job. Please bid. Details will be shared with winning bidder.

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    Already implemented the code for the main architecture. I need an expert in image processing who can code in MATLAB and generate good results in any case from my architecture. No time wasters please, only bid if you have past experience in CBIR domain and knows how to build a good test suite so that I can get excellent accuracy from my architecture.

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    We need matlab code for Deep learning Computer Aided diagnostics for Thyroid Ultrasound images. You can use the open DB for the ultrasound. The result should be classification results between benign and malignant. The rule should be follow TI-RADS.

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    Hello bro ,, I need for my uni project a voice recognition by using MATLAB. What I meant from voice recognition is that the program can compare with the database in order to identify the one who is talking. Five persons will take three of them must be recognize by referring to the database. MFCC or HMM must be used. Many thanks.

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    I am working on MATLAB, trying to simulate ocean wave using potential function and finite difference method.

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    Procesamiento de audio- imágenes , necesito ayuda para una prueba el día de mañana a las 7 am.

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