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    ... Facebook page: Target Countries: France, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Finland, Poland, Italy, United Kingdom, Greece, Bulgaria, Iceland, Hungary, Portugal, Ireland, Austria, Czech Republic, Republic of Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Montenegro, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Andorra, Malta, Australia, New Zealand, United States of America, Hongkong, Singapore, Audience Interests: Dating Thai Women or Men, Dating Asian Women or Men, Private Investigator Goal: To become a known Facebook page for people who keep long distance relationships with Thai women or man or are interested in dating Thai women or man. 8-real estate Website: Facebook page:

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    I need a ready made solution for Food delivery app in Android, IOS and Web. There should be customer app, driver app and Restaurant app. Should have the ability to manage multiple branches, support Cash on delivery and Payment gateway to pay by card. Live tracking of order, admin panel to manage the dishes, add-on and price, coupon code, manage delivery regions of each branch, delivery charge by region or based on kilometers, SMS OTP for new client registration for number verification/forget password, invoice printing from restaurant app - 80mm printer or from android device with build in printer like SUNMI. The software must be a complete package and bugg free.

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    ...library for easy reuse. We prefer a a hidden menubar at the top that gets visible while scrolling down. The template must make use of the divi builder possibilities to centralized define all the colors and fonts and their sizes including definitions for heathers and so on. We want to be able to change and fine tune settings after the page is built. The purpose of our company is to actively support climate change and ensuring energy at all times for our customers (private home owners and companies). We rent our products as a service for our customers to make sure they do not have to care about hardware or technical stuff but can focus on enjoying their lives. We love full screen layouts with images to transport emotions like joy, confidence and a touch seriousness. We care about...

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    Para la fundación de una empresa unipersonal de trading, se requiere un informe completo con comparativa entre los diferentes modelos impositivos de los siguientes países europeos: Irlanda, Chipre, Bulgaria, Estonia, Rumanía, Malta, España, Italia y Alemania. Para la institución de una empresa unipersonal, se requiere saber para cada uno de los países citados: 1- Cuál es el impuesto de sociedades. 2- Si es posible que el propietario de la empresa pueda carecer de salario y cobrar únicamente por dividendos pagados. 3- En caso de que el propietario de la empresa se atribuya un salario, qué impuestos se pagarían y cómo sería su cuantía. 4- Cuál es el impuesto sobre los dividendos pa...

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    ...important on the beginning we note: JilCat Proline (TM) Provide innovated specialty chemicals, lubricants and biodegradable products for vehicles. Our manufacture has been in business 42 years and exports to 45 countries. Our products will NOT void factory warranty and are eco friendly, lower fuel consumption and emissions and are manufactured in the USA. This aligns with Walmart’s “focus on climate, nature, waste and people”. 5. You are focusing solely on the example .ppt about semi trucks. That should go in a later slide to consider for shipping departments, however, the main focus is for walmart to buy individual bottles and cases to put on the shelves of walmart to sell to consumers. So we have to show why these products benefit the consumer not just th...

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    Contoso Consulting is an international consulting firm that is based in Edmonton, Alberta. Contoso Consulting specializes in consulting services for North American companies that want to establish business operations in foreign countries. Contoso Consulting assists companies by analyzing the factors that influence their expansion into new geographical regions. Contoso Consulting also arranges for these companies to meet with the government agencies that control the establishment of manufacturing facilities in their countries. In the past two years, Contoso has expanded its business by offering its customers additional services such as housing, recruitment, and legal services.

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    ...deposit-usa Payment in EMT OK View Safe Purchases OK Database Tables Snapshots OK same table as Manager Countries Ok Regions OK Agents Does not work Account Transactions Does not Work Account Summaries Does not Work ADMINISTRATOR None of this works and I do not want it accessible to anyone. If you can

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    Our client has a research proposal which was not approved [failed] and he needs to correct this by Saturday 25th. The thesis will address the Tourism industry and climate change

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    ...American machinery. Input data: - list of parts in Google sheet table - Equipment name and serial number The Executor will have to - to find a supplier (at least 10 organizations from Europe and at least 2 from other countries) - his contact info - get in touch with the manager - ask for a price list of parts for pick-up from their warehouse. - clarify the possibility of delivery and to which regions they can deliver. - Fill in excel (Google sheet) tables - To summarize data in a spreadsheet to analyze prices (to be discussed additionally). Additionally for a fee (negotiable): - search of analogues of the given parts Result: - The result will be a filled in table with prices for parts - Correspondence with manager (+ actual contact information of manager + commercial ...

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    Soil types need to be identified from satellite images. The idea is that whoever does it does it for a specific year (preferably 2002) and transfers knowledge of what has been done. To the point that this can be replicated for the following years. At the same time, said identification must account for the area for each category and specified sub-regions. For example, political division of Uruguay. The work should be done in QGIS software where possible, although it can be changed. Soil categories must match those provided by Sentinel-2 Land Use. In this sense, an attempt is made to incorporate the previous years that this data source has. ------------------------ Se necesita identificar tipos de suelo a partir de imágenes satelitales. La idea es que el que lo realice ...

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    We Want an Advertisement for ServoHeat Hamam for month June n July for marketing in North India. Normally we market the product in September, October, means onset of winter.. But currently the climate is very cold unexpectedly, so we can create a campaign with a concept revolving around tags like, “Feeling a winter chill in summers, Get a ServoHeat Installed within 48Hours” etc. Kindly go through Page no 8 - Page no 16 on the attached file “ServoHeat Latest Summary”, to get a robust understanding of what the product is all about. Also attached are a few Older Advertizement Designs. KINDLY NOTE THAT THE NEW ADDS MUST BE DIFFERENT & BETTER THAN THE EXISTING ONES. Also a point worth consideration is that if u meet our expectations then we got a lot of...

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    We're looking for an full time experienced digital marketing assistant to create and help execute a new campaign that responds to the changing business climate due to COVID-19 and beyond. you’ll not only be responsible for our SEO efforts at scale but also develop and execute other organic channels and opportunities. You will align your strategies and other team initiatives with the broader company roadmap and goals, and prioritise them accordingly. What You’ll Do Onpage SEO - Identify & optimize trending keywords - Optimize on site content for keywords - Monitor weekly keyword reports - Monitor competitor keywords and implement a strategy in response Rankings - Monitor NN domain authority and identify and resolve issues - Identify and monitor high ranking p...

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    We're looking for an full time experienced digital marketing assistant to create and help execute a new campaign that responds to the changing business climate due to COVID-19 and beyond. you’ll not only be responsible for our SEO efforts at scale but also develop and execute other organic channels and opportunities. You will align your strategies and other team initiatives with the broader company roadmap and goals, and prioritise them accordingly. What You’ll Do Onpage SEO - Identify & optimize trending keywords - Optimize on site content for keywords - Monitor weekly keyword reports - Monitor competitor keywords and implement a strategy in response Rankings - Monitor NN domain authority and identify and resolve issues - Identify and monitor high ranking p...

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    Hi, can you add Human DNA to the mix as well? Essentially what I need to know is how many of the conserved regions between alligator and Chicken are conserved in mammals and how many are not shared with mammals...

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    Hi I am looking for a liability / professional indemnity insurance to cover my work as a freelancer in start up project management and operation of plants in crisis regions

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    Project should focus on the following aspects Historical Background Climate & Naturals Traditional Wear Traditional Food Traditional Song Dance etc. 8-10 Page project required with Pictures

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    I need someone in Belarus or Russia to access websites like , , etc, and post job listings. Since I am in America I am unable to make postings on these websites so help from someone from these regions is necessary. Will reimburse for time and costs.

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    Very simple project. Design a logo for a project along with PowerPoint slide template as a brand for consistent theme. The requirements as following; *Color theme: Green and Purple * Logo: it should describe decarbonization and energy transition along with number 7 * Logo key words: Carbon Offset, Carbon Emission Reduction, Number 7, Environment, Sustainability, Climate Change, and Energy Transition. * Slide template; it should be used as a theme to deliver a presentation with white background.

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    I host groups of artists in the South West of France. I would like to improve my content marketing with some well written blogs. To better understand my business and customers: - we host groups of artists in the Lot & Dordogne regions of France for painting workshops of 10 days. - we take these artists to paint en Plein air in different villages, towns, landscapes, vineyards etc to enjoy the beauty of the area as well as the cultural and historical aspects. - we serve excellent food that is locally produced - please ask to see our previous blog posts to see topics that we have already covered. Any applicant should have a good understanding of writing content and the associated SEO.

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    The process in which some toxic pollutants are added to our environment is called pollution. It makes the climate harmful for both all the living beings. Pollution mainly happens because of men made activities, whether done unknowingly or deliberately. Nowadays, it has become an important issue worldwide. Many countries are facing defective childbirths and high mortality rates due to pollution. It makes natural things like water, air, soil, etc. harmful for both the humans and the animals. The pollutants that mix in the air directly affect living beings as they get into the body directly while breathing. Water pollutants are in the same way hazardous for living beings. In today’s time, manufacturing and construction units are significant sources of pollution. People living ne...

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    Our team is looking for a Market Researcher: Terms of reference for choosing a business We plan to start a business in the Austin metropolitan area and further expand to the other regions of Texas. We want to choose one of the service businesses for households: 1. Installation, maintenance, and repair of air conditioning, ventilation, and air purification systems. 2. Electrical. 3. Front yard and back yard services (including design, renovation, care, etc.) 4. Installation, maintenance, and repair of the site sprinkler irrigation system. 5. House and interior design (including 3D modeling). 6. House remodeling and renovation. We need to score these areas to reasonably select a business (considering several criteria including but not limited to): 1. The volume of the market for sp...

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    We are the “IoT for Healthcare” company which provides award winning IoT products for hospitals to increase patient care quality and operational efficiency. Our customer segment is mainly top hospital managers. Our target regions are US, Europe and GCC. Our website: Our article will be published in US websites (for example ) , Europe websites and our own company website. We want this article to be gramatically correct, attractive, creative, plagiarism free and SEO compliant. So please feel free to rewrite some parts without changing the meaning. We’d like to have a long term relationship for our other projects, if we like your work. Word number:1900 P.S I'd like to work with native speaker from U.S

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    Who we are nextmarkets AG – Europe's commission-free neobroker with offices in Cologne, Amsterdam, London, Malta and Cyprus, offers fee-free trading in over 8,000 equities from 52 countries and 1,000 ETFs. Investors have free access to currated investing via the modern trading platform. 20 trading experts generate up to 300 investment ideas every month - free of charge and in real-time. About the role nextmarkets AG is looking to recruit a Thai speaking Customer Service Specialist to be part of our growing Customer Service team in the heart of Limassol, and contribute to provide high quality customer support. If you are looking for a new challenge in a fast-growing dynamic company with flat hierarchy and many development opportunities, then apply today. What you will be...

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    I have a 50,000m2 farm in Kuwait, Which is. A hot arid climate. The soil type is alkaline (pH 8) and texture is sandy loam. I need an agronomist to assist in: -Soil amendment plan - Fertilization plan to reach maximum yield of crops (potato) - current yield is similar farms is 25ton/ha where other countries reach up to 80ton/ha. -follow up with any consultation requirements related to the farm business.

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    Purpose: Policy incentives for up-scaling green energy solutions. Task: Please compose a (3000 words) of what you consider to be the available and desirable policy interventions for integrating and up-scaling renewable energy production. What are the benefits and challenges of these policies? MANUSCRIPT GUIDELINES: Paper proposals should be written in English and should provide clear and concise statements on the contents of the paper. It should include brief findings, solutions, impacts, and concluding remarks of the work. Manuscript should be submitted based on topics listed under the technical category ENERGY TRANSITION AND DECARBONISATION - Social Responsibility and Policies. The proposed paper must contribute to petroleum technology or be of immediate interest to the oil and ga...

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    Hello! I am looking for content creations who can write for me four documents about: 1. Basic concepts about the climate change and Global Warming 2. How the climate change can affect animals 3. What are the beavers and what interesting facts about them 4. From this movie link: (I will send you after) the people can learn about the beaver's life and how humans' behaviours can affect them.

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    ...Additionally, the csv table includes 16 dataset columns for each country (Dataset 1 - PN, Dataset 2 - PN, Dataset 3 - PN, Dataset 4 - PN, Dataset 5 - PN, Dataset 6 - PN, Dataset 7 - PN, Dataset 8 - PN, Dataset 1 -Vol, Dataset 2 - Vol, Dataset 3 - Vol, Dataset 4 - Vol, Dataset 5 - Vol, Dataset 6 - Vol, Dataset 7 - Vol, Dataset 8 - Vol). The Region column assigns each country to one of about 20 regions - each region has between 4 and 16 countries. For the analysis, each dataset within a country will be compared to all of the other datasets within its assigned region to create pearson correlation and granger causality scores for the pairing. There should be csv output files for each country with the pair scores. As an example, Turkey is in a region with 14 other countries (total...

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    I am looking for someone who could visit tractor dealerships in India in the following regions: Bihar Haryana Karnataka Matya Pradesh Mahrashtra Orissa Uttar Pradesh

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    I am looking for a Structural Revit Expert to help with modeling and preparing drawings for a residential house of wood construction in United States. The work will include Revit modeling of the house - foundation, wall...United States. The work will include Revit modeling of the house - foundation, walls (including openings), floor framing, and roof framing. From the modeling, the freelancer will prepare foundation plan, floor framing plan, and roof framing plan using my company Revit template and a CAD file of the layout and main section. The freelancer will also prepare full live sections to be edited with regions and components for more detail and clarity. The freelancer will prepare some Drafting View details (not Live Sections) of the foundation, floor, and roof framing c...

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    Hello, i need a simple Excel Macro script that does the follwing. As i have a time issue, i need somone who can do it today until 1 PM CET (4 hours from now.) its a 30 minutes job... Decription. The Excel table has several columns, but only 2 colums are relevant for you 1. Regio (6 different regions / countries) 2. Include (yes / no) ToDO. the script shall first filter out all "no" lines Then from the remaining "yes" lines, create 6 CSV files, each containing the "yes" entries for the respective region Save this 6 CSV files on a predefined folder As I dont want to get generic bids, pls write in your answer "I have read the description, and i can provide this today until 1PM CET" Again, its a very simple macro that shall not take mo...

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    I need to copy Masjid data (Arabic names, GIS coordinates"X,Y") from the below site: you will choose 3 regions -> cities (Makkah -> Makkah, Madinah->Madinah, Makkah->Jeddah) Makkah -> Makkah "1835 Masjids/entry points" Madinah -> Madinah "2231 Masjids/entry points" Makkah -> Jeddah "2607 Masjids/entry points" The output file will include the following columns: 1- Arabic name "from the site" in Arabic letters 2- English name "you need to write the Arabic name in english letters" 3- GIS data "X,Y data" 3 files needed, one file for each region -> city Kindly bid and note data is required within 5 days See attached files for reference on where to find the data (filter by region -> city...

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    Global warming Tamat left

    Climate change refers to long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns. These shifts may be natural, but since the 1800s, human activities have been the main driver of climate change, primarily due to the burning of fossil fuels (like coal, oil, and gas), which produces heat-trapping gases.

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    I'm looking to build a simple Wix site that showcases climate change data for different cities globally. I'm looking to build something simple like in terms of page structure. The first version of the site would have: 1. Homepage with links to city pages 2. Dynamic city pages that showcase content and dynamic data All dynamic pages would be created based on the data in I have attached the page content and database table data. I would like this to be created using so I can easily update the look and feel of the site using the drag and drop elements. I'm looking for someone with experience having created dynamic Wix websites. If interested in this project, please let me know: 1) Give me examples of dynamic Wix sites/pages you have created, and which

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    I want to determine the conserved DNA regions between two species (Crocodylus niloticus and Gallus domesticus). This is what I need from you: * The conserved DNA sequence between the two species in whatever file format is convenient for you. You need to tel me what program to use to open the file. * The percentage of bases that is conserved in each species (Total bases of species and coserved number of basis in this species) * Total number of bases that occur in both species (the conserved bases count)

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    2d illustration, can be anime/sketch or any other way. Have to guide the user by the illustration on how to pose for a picture (will provide instructions). Illustration will focus on mouth area. Face and shoulders and camera should be included. Illustrations will be needed to capture about 8 regions of head and neck area. Sample pictures included.

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    Trophy icon Want Apartment Desirer 6 hari left

    ... so maybe U have an good idea I attached the Integrated 2D AutoCAD diagram is available with all the dimensions and the lengths, columns, windows and electrical sockets, also the Apartment Video to let you Imagine the place in nature , i also attached some photos as example just an ideas only i posted my project as contest because there is many designers - so for sure they from many regions and each designer there have an difference in vision and ideas from one person to another, also the general view, and experience and professionalism in design, coordination also for my desire to have several options from several designers in order to be able to determine the best design for my apartment you must make an sample of my project 3D rendered with high quality and ...

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    The natural environment or natural world encompasses all living and non-living things occurring naturally, meaning in this case not artificial. The term is most often applied to the Earth or some parts of Earth. This environment encompasses the interaction of all living species, climate, weather and natural resources that affect human survival and economic activity.[1] The concept of the natural environment

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    Hello, We are a gems and diamond company. We need a highly result oriented Digital Marketing expert who can generate Business and create Brand online in selected regions. We want to Target only USA, UAE, India, Belgium and Entire Europe. I want someone who will be highly creative, do brand awareness and generate leads from these marketing techniques. I want our presense on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Linkedin. Your responsibilities. - You will create graphic templates for posting content in ALL social media platforms mentioned above - You will regularly update Fresh contents. Increase Organic audiences. - You will create and promote our Brand in the geographical locations mentioned. Build our brand. - Most importantly, get us new business and leads for our business. If...

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    We need to join people interested in having info about aur products an fix a home visit with them. I want to advertise a product and be called on phone by interested clients we sell water treatment products in Italy and are interested to advertise only in 2 or 3 regions . Lazio and Toscana Speaking italian is optional.

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    looking for company formation + bank account opening + future tax filing services in Malta Need someone located in Malta country. We will start with one project for now and increase the number of projects based on your performance Costing can be discussed Regards

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    ...VIMS Web-Based Software Features In regards to completing this project we need to work on the following features, PARTY WORKER MODEL Ghana Map: you carve the regional map -16 regions, and constituencies-275 All maps will be named When you click on it you should should see a dashboard of 1. Name of MP ( party he belongs to ) 2. Population of region /constituency 3. Population distribution according to gender 4. Credentials of party workers displayed in table form 5. Last presidential results 6. Last MP results 7. Burning issues in the area ( A field to be key in by us after survey ) Pre-loaded (PL) with all Regions, Districts, Constituencies, Electoral areas, and Polling stations for selection. Pre-loaded with available Positions at each level for selection Accept d...

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    I'm doing something about numbers, mathematical analysis. I need someone to help me verify my accuracy. Just simple work and I'll teach you how to do it Working hours per day are up to you Free up your time for tasks assigned to you Jobs are available in all regions No professional skills required You only need to complete simple computer or mobile phone operations as required to get paid

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    details needed in the analysis: Concept of the design: Response to physical context (topography, climate, vistas, urban pattern, historical urban pattern, etc.) Response to social context (identity-culture-user requirements and needs): Response to program: (use schematic drawings and photos): Paths of movement (Approach to the building, entrance(s), horizontal and vertical circulation) Horizontal and vertical space organization (main zones in plans) Indoor- outdoor relationship Volumetric and spatial qualities of space (voids, level differences, physical and visual continuity) Response to structural system and material:

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    I have a Import/Export business, trading in multiple commodities and non-commodities. I will need several Apps, CRM, websites. DAO dev. as well.

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    We are selling Luxury Designer Clothing like Gucci / Balenciaga / Dior / Fendi etc. We need potential customers where we can sell our stocks. Potential customers are Onlineshops which are selling those stocks above. Also Retailstores. Regions: Europe (whole) - US - Russia - Japan / South Korea Our payment will be like performace.

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    An up and coming market research and advisory firm specializing in the outsourcing / BPO space requires a public relations consultant to assist in generating media buzz. Key requirements would be to assist in drafting press releases, liaising with media outlets in target markets to drive interviews and to track hits in digtal / print media. Key regions of interest include Europe and North America. Outsourcing industry experience would be an asset but not a deal-breaker. Fluency in written English is a must, other languages may be seen as an advantage.

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    Need to translate into Malta language

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    Need to translate into Malta language

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    SEO my website Tamat left

    SEO work need ✦ Get Top 1# Ranking on Google. ✦ Proficient in SEO, SMO, and Link Building. ✦ Complete ON-Page & OFF-Page Optimization. ✦ 8+ years of experience. ✦ Website promotion for both Local & Global regions. ✦ 100% White Hat SEO strategies.

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    ...quality issues in the fresh produce(fruits and vegetables) industry by streamlining it and making it more efficient. We have an array of solutions in that regard including AI-powered mobile-based solutions as well as Grading & Packing Machinery solutions. Currently, we are looking to amplify our digital marketing efforts targeting potato cold storage in and around Agra in India and adjoining regions for our Products Intello Sort(for sorting, and grading of potatoes on shape, size, and weight) and Intello Pack(packing automation of potatoes). You can check more details on our products here: We want to run paid fb, YouTube, google campaigns targeting this group and location to generate leads for Intello Sort and

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