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    ...category tags are extracted from the scraped information, and a brief summary of the information is created. This process results in small "news blogs" that serve as the foundation for the dynamic newsletters. At the beginning of the project, the URLs of the websites to be scraped are obtained through a simple Google News query (Germany). The Google News search is based on keywords such as "Climate, Forest, and Credit." Later, additional word combinations shall be added, such as "Carbon, Agroforestry, and Emission Trading." The numerous news blogs with their category tags now form the basis for dynamically filling the newsletter according to the subscriber’s interests. Subscribers receive the newsletter daily, and there will be an opt...

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    I am currently doing my Bachelors in International Management at IU International University of Applied Sciences, looking for a CV writer who can help me showcase my extracurricular activities and the professional certifications/courses I am enrolled in. I need help crafting a well made, appealing yet professional CV that will stand out from the others. I am looking for someone who understands how to effectively craft a CV that can display my current accomplishments in International Management in the best possible light. The ideal candidate should have experience in CV writing, as well as knowledge and experience in International Management and related fields.

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    I am looking for a skilled GIS professional who can create a basemap on ARC GIS PRO for a climate change project. The purpose of the basemap is to identify areas at risk of climate change, specifically focusing on natural ecosystems. The basemap should provide a general overview of the area, highlighting the potential impact of climate change. Skills and experience required for this project include: - Proficiency in ARC GIS PRO and its mapping capabilities - Knowledge of climate change data and its visualization - Understanding of natural ecosystems and their vulnerability to climate change The ideal candidate should be able to efficiently gather and analyze relevant data to create an informative and visually appealing basemap. They should also have th...

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    I am seeking someone to write an effective and outstanding statement of purpose to apply for a PhD program in the United States. My intended field of study is Environmental Health Sciences in Public Health school. I am open to guidance when it comes to choosing a research interest as I have not yet developed any specific interests. I would like a statement of purpose structure that is thematically based on key themes. It is important that my statement of purpose reflects my educational background, motivations and experiences. The writer should have knowledge of the postgraduate admissions process and be familiar with the type of statement of purpose required when applying to a PhD program in the USA. The statement of purpose should also be original, personalized and free of errors...

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    climate change 4 hari left

    Climate change refers to the long-term alteration of Earth average weather patterns, including temperature, precipitation and wind patterns. It is primarily driven by human activities that release greenhouse gases, such as Carbon dioxide and methane, into atmosphere. These gases trap heat, leading to a warming effect known as the greenhouse effect. As a result, the Earth’s Climate System is undergoing changes with far-reaching consequences.

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    Architectural Design Semester Project for Third Year Scope: Educational Deadline: Till 5 november Seeking a talented freelance architecture student ( 3rd year and above) to design a Health Centre in New Delhi. The project aims to promote health awareness in new delhi. Key requirements include spatial planning, climate considerations, safety, energy efficiency, and technological integration. Since this is a ongoing semester project, weekly deliverables are required in order. Also changes in the drawings and plans is also needed to be done as suggested. Final Deliverables include: Design concept, Site Plan, Section , Elevation, 3D views :- sheets for this Skills :- Autocad, Sketchup, Revit, Lumion

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    Hi, I am seeking a freelancer to help me create a statement of purpose for a college/university application to a program in the sciences field. I have some pertinent achievements and experiences related to this field, but not a great deal. The statement of purpose should be creative, compelling, and tailored to express to drawfocus to my strengths as they align with the program. I'm looking for someone with a strong writing background and close attention to detail. I look forward to working together!

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    Hello! I am in need of an experienced architect to design plans for 1500 - 2000, off grid cabin in a frigid climate. I have some ideas for the cabin's layout and features, however I am open to the architect's design. As the cabin will be off grid, optimizing energy efficiency is essential for the design. The cabin must also be built to last, with the appropriate measures taken to protect against the region's harsh weather conditions. maximizing living space within the over 1000 sq ft cabin is also a key consideration. Prompt, reliable work is expected from any candidate, along with strong communication skills and a detail-oriented approach. If your skillset matches the above requirement, please submit your bid and let me know what experience and qualifications you b...

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    DATA SCIENCE 2 hari left

    ...Qualifications:** - Proficiency in utilizing satellite data and tools like Google Earth Engine for extracting relevant environmental data. - Familiarity with MODTRAN or similar tools for atmospheric transmittance calculations. - Strong data analysis and visualization skills to effectively present the findings in a clear and insightful manner. - Background in environmental science, remote sensing, climate studies, or related fields would be highly beneficial. **Deliverables:** - Comprehensive dataset of region-wise humidity/water vapor data extracted from satellite imagery. - Detailed analysis and visual representation of ATW variations across different regions in India. - Calculations of atmospheric transmittance data based on humidity levels. - Performance mapping of radiative ...

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    I am looking for a designer to create a traditional garden design for my medium-sized front garden. I do not have any specific style or theme in mind, and I am open to any type of plant or color scheme. Though i have planted 4 fose bushes. It must be suitabke for the Australian climate. The area gets a lot of sun. The area is approx 6m wide by 5m deep (with two back corners truncated). Skills and experience required: - Landscape design experience - Knowledge of traditional garden design principles - Ability to work within a medium-sized space - Creativity in selecting a diverse range of plants and colors

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    I am seeking a talented freelancer to create an engaging graphical abstract for my review paper. The paper covers topics related to the sciences, and I have specific elements that I would like incorporated into the design. The graphical abstract should capture the essence of my work at a glance and capture the reader's attention to draw them into the paper. As a skilled designer, I am confident that you can use your creativity to create a clear, attractive, and descriptive visual representation of my paper that will grab the reader's attention. I look forward to seeing your creative ideas for what the graphical abstract could look like!

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    I am looking for someone to videotape a series of speeches given by various people that will last over 30 minutes. I need the footage taken to be done so in such a way that specific moments and aspects of the speeches are ...would require the person hired for this job to provide full post-production services such as editing and subtitling. If you think you have the skills and qualifications to help me achieve my goal, please apply for the job. There are a few Powerpoint speeches I'll be giving on the climate crisis during the next couple of months. The video(s) are intended for a website to be created to market more speeches in the future. I spent 27 years on TV in Philly and am well-known for weather but need to advertise my climate-related presentations. You can ...

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    ...Key Responsibilities: Content Curation: Select and organize compelling pictures and video footage from a 2-week volunteering experience in Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park, showcasing endangered animals and conservation efforts. Script and Storyline Development: Craft a compelling script or storyline that effectively communicates the message of wildlife conservation, including the challenges posed by climate change, poaching, and human-wildlife conflict. Narration/Text and Music Integration: Decide on the use of voiceover narration or on-screen text to convey information. Select suitable background music that enhances the emotional impact of the trailer. Visual Effects and Editing: Edit the content to create a polished and visually captivating trailer. Add transitions, text overlays, a...

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    ...research proposal in the field of Social Sciences. The ideal candidate should have experience in conducting research at a postgraduate level and be familiar with the APA citation style. Skills and Experience: - Strong background in Social Sciences research - Proficiency in conducting postgraduate level research - Knowledge of APA citation style - Excellent writing and communication skills Responsibilities: - Conduct literature review on the chosen research topic - Develop a research question and objectives - Design a methodology for data collection and analysis - Write a comprehensive research proposal following the APA citation style - Revise and edit the proposal based on feedback Deliverables: - A well-written research proposal in the field of Social Sciences ...

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    I am looking for freelance academic writers to work with for at least 6 months. The subject is in Sciences and the desired level of expertise is at an Undergraduate Level. Each piece of work should be less than 1000 words long. I need someone who can produce quality work under tight deadlines and has strong communication skills. This is an excellent opportunity for someone with the ability to write well-researched, interesting, and informative articles. If you think you’re the candidate for the job, then I encourage you to apply. NOTE: IMPORTANT You will need to write a paper to prove that you can do the work long-term. Candidates will be considered depending on how fast they complete the test paper. The pay starts from $3 up to $15 per page. A degree is not necessary provided...

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    ...للعرب فقط الناطقين باللغة العربية مطلوب تقرير عن فرع في العلوم الاجتماعية سيتم تحديده في الشات لعمل تقرير مكون من 1500 كلمة مدعم بالجداول والرسوم والخرائط في يوم واحد عاجل جدا يفضل الحاصلون على الماجستير والدكتوراه I am looking for an Arab freelancer who has a master's or PhD degree in social sciences to write a 1500-word report in Arabic. The report should focus on the subject of sociology and should include tables. Skills and Experience: - Fluent in Arabic language - Expertise in social sciences, specifically sociologyو geography - Strong research and analytical skills - Ability to write a concise and well-structured report - Proficient in creating tables and presenting data

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    I am looking for an interior designer for designing a dance studio. It is located in an urban area, with a size of 1500 sq. ft. The space should be well-lit, climate controlled, and securely monitored to increase safety.

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    I am in need of an experienced editor for my dissertation or thesis, which is in the field of Social Sciences. Not only am I looking for proofreading services, but also formatting services to be conducted on my work. The required length of my project is between 50-100 pages. I am who is a highly qualified, detail-oriented individual to ensure that my work meets the standards of excellence expected within this field. The necessities of proper grammar, clear and concise writing, and correct citations are of the utmost importance for this project. Being able to adhere to a timeline and understanding of deadlines is also essential. I am seeking an efficient and reliable editor to assist me in submitting my dissertation or thesis on time.

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    The objective of this project is to analyze the market of small and business organizations in Saudi Arabia with the aim of starting a new business. Specifically, we will focus on the technology industry as the primary area of research. By undertaking this analysis, we will gain valuable insights into the needs, trends, and scope for success in the current market climate. To achieve this, we will conduct comprehensive research into the relevant economy, industry, and consumer behaviour. We will then compile the data and insights gathered into an actionable report, looking at the key financial, economic, and consumer trends related to technology in Saudi Arabia. The report should provide relevant recommendations that will inform the project goals of launching a business in the region.

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    I need an expert on environment and climate change subject matter who can access government reports available in the public domain and give relevant information as per my needs. All relevant documents related to environment/climate sector in India will be used such as SDG reports, State SDG reports and Central/State schemes on climate change. Need to make a very rough PPT as per my needs Need to have academic rigour and good research skills at fast pace

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    ...togetherness as a beacon for positive change. Visit to learn more about the context of this contest. Script for the Cartoon: Frame 1: A: "Hey, what's that logo about? Is it some kind of campaign?" B: "It's more of a reminder that we're all in the same boat." Frame 2: A: "If everyone believed we're connected, imagine the positive change!" B: "Totally! Together, we could tackle climate change, poverty, and more." Frame 3: A: "Sounds great! How do I be a part of it?" B: "No formal 'joining'. Just wear the logo from and spark conversations." Frame 4: (Illustration of a diverse group of people, including A & B, sitting around a campfire on the beach. Character B and two others are wear...

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    Research paper Tamat left

    ...resources. The ideal candidate should have a strong background in social sciences and be familiar with the latest trends and developments in the field of HR. Research Questions and Objectives: - I have specific research questions and objectives for the paper, and I require assistance in developing them further. The candidate should be able to work closely with me to refine the questions and ensure they align with the objectives of the research. Desired Length: - The research paper should be less than 10 pages in length. The candidate should be able to condense the information and present it in a concise and organized manner. Skills and Experience: - Strong research skills in the field of human resources and social sciences - Ability to develop research questions and obj...

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    HI- here is for the logo animation

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    I am looking for someone to review and edit my dissertation on the Efficient Market Hypothesis in the social sciences. Specifically, I would like them to focus on the methodologies and data analysis chapters, however, I am open to any other edits or suggestions they might have. The dissertation should be structured according to academic standards. The editor must have experience with this specific field, as well as an academic background in social sciences, in order to ensure quality editing and writing. Experience in proofreading and copy-editing is also desirable. The editor must be familiarized with Stata, since the hypothesis testing was made on that program. Finally, they should have excellent grammar and syntax, with an eye for detail.

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    I am seeking a skilled writer to assist me in developing a proposal and thesis in the field of Social Sciences. I already have a research question or theme in mind and would like the final document to be less than 50 pages in length. The ideal candidate for this project will have: - Expertise in Social Sciences and a strong understanding of research methodologies in this field - Proven experience in writing academic proposals and theses - Excellent research and writing skills, with a keen attention to detail - The ability to work efficiently and meet strict deadlines - Strong communication skills to collaborate with me and ensure my vision is accurately translated into the final document.

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    thesis paper Tamat left

    Hello, my name is Rabi and I am looking for a freelancer to help me with my thesis paper. The subject of this thesis is A Study on the Analysis of Business Models in the Metaverse, which is an amalgamation of elements from science, humanities, and social sciences disciplines. I do not have specific research questions formulated yet, so I am open to any suggestions on what I should research for my thesis paper. The paper needs to be 18000 words in length. If you think that you have the skills and knowledge necessary to complete this job, please get in touch and we can discuss further details. Thank you!

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    Solar off grid Tamat left

    I am in need of a solar off-grid system for residential use that has a power requirement of over 10kW for a rural area. The system should be capable of generating enough power to sustain the area's electrical needs while taking into account the region's climate conditions. The installation of the system should also adhere to local regulations and should be able to accommodate any technical changes that may need to be made in order to comply with regulations or maintain the desired power output. Additionally, the system should be designed in such a way that it can be easily maintained and serviced in the future.

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    Trophy icon Logo and Icon for our platform Tamat left

    We are looking for an experienced designer to design for us a logo and icon for our platform "butonde". Butonde is an eCommerce platform for climate-smart solutions / products. The logo should encompass the ideals of sustainability, climate-smart, environmental conservation, and eCommerce, yet remain very simple and clean. It's color should reflect the same.

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    I am looking for someone experienced with the WRF climate model to help me with my project. Specifically, I need help processing a dataset within a specific geographic region with nesting using the WRF climate model. The output format I need is in NetCDF. I will provide further input and data if required (ERA5 reanalysis). This project is for someone experienced in the WRF climate model, who is comfortable processing datasets to create the desired output format. This project requires a particular set of skills, so the chosen freelancer must have experience with this type of project.

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    Hello! I have a project in need of a talented freelancer who can help put together a short video montage of climate disasters that will morph into the cover of my novel about rapid onset climate change. The desired length of the video montage is less than one minute. The content of the video is open to the freelancer's discretion but I do have a specific style in mind. I'm looking forward to seeing your vision and creativity come to life so I can share this unique video montage with the world!

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    ...Google Docs. Search, cut & paste skills in - Google Docs are essential. - No original academic writing required. Details - Immediate start. - 4 hours per week (may vary across the month). - One month's notice will be given by both sides if either party wishes to terminate the agreement. - Strict privacy and confidentiality required. Basic requirements - Masters or PhD degree in the Social Sciences (Merit or above). - Scanning of text, document searching, find and search within research data documents, and reading skills. - Good general computer use (Web searching, program use, research sites plus fast typing + copy/paste skills). - Good knowledge of Google Docs, Microsoft Word, searching for journal articles. Advantages - Experience researching digital sociolog...

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    ...Reviewer and Co-Author Needed for Medical Sciences Review Article We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced individual to review and potentially co-author a review article in the field of Medical Sciences. Responsibilities: - Conduct a comprehensive review of the existing literature in the specified field - Analyze and evaluate the quality and validity of the research findings - Provide constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement - Collaborate with the client to ensure the article meets their requirements and objectives - Potentially contribute as a co-author, depending on expertise and level of involvement Skills and Experience: - Proven track record in reviewing scientific articles, preferably in the field of Medical Sciences - In-depth knowled...

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    Looking for an editor for my Social Sciences dissertation. I need both a simple proofread and a detailed edit. The editing needs to be done within a week. Ideal skills and experience: - Experience editing academic dissertations in the Social Sciences field - Strong knowledge of grammar, punctuation, and formatting - Attention to detail and ability to provide constructive feedback - Ability to work efficiently and meet tight deadlines

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    NEW RESUME. Tamat left

    I had to leave my 30 years career in dentistry last due to back and hip problems. I need to find a new job-career utuliziing my long career in healthcare and also my undergraduate studies in the Biological Sciences. PT or full time....flexable. I need to get my foot in the door. I need a all in one resume. Maybe 3 versions? Attached are basic resumes to start with.

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    I'm looking for an experienced web designer/developer to create a website for a consultancy in Innovation for Life Sciences companies. This website should have multiple purposes; showcasing consultancy services, selling our book, and providing training resources. We envision the website to include a contact form, blog, interactive training modules, client testimonials, book previews, lead generation form, event calendar, and resource library. Additionally, the website should accept payments and expose technologies (showcase) The design style we are looking for is modern and clean. The main goal is for the website to look professional and communicate the message that our services and products are of the highest quality and authoritative. We look forward to receiving your p...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to help me create a project report on the nutritional status and dietary patterns of diseased subjects, residing in Uttrakhand. The subjects will have fewer than 50 peopl...the diseased subjects has yet to be determined. I am looking for someone who can help create a detailed project report related to the subject matter above. The ideal freelancer for this project should have a working knowledge of nutrition, dieting, and the illnesses listed (diabetes, hypertension). If you have experience in collecting and identifying data, conducting research in nutritional sciences, and analyzing data, I'd love to hear from you! I understand this project will require a significant amount of time and hard work and I'm willing to pay a fair price for quali...

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    I am in need of a professional dissertation editor for a large project in the humanities and social sciences field. The dissertation consists of more than 20,000 words and requires a specific APA style and formatting. I am looking for someone who can review the document, spot any grammar errors, and ensure that it follows professional academic standards. The editor will need to address any punctuation, spelling, flow, word choice, sentence structure, coherence, and other such errors that may impair the quality of the dissertation. Working with an experienced dissertation editor is essential for ensuring my dissertation is accurate, precise, and free from any grammatical mistakes. I am looking for someone who can provide a comprehensive editorial service on a timely basis, according ...

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    I need PowerPoint Presentation: Subject is the 7 World continents (africa, asia, north america, south america, europe, oceania, antartica) 30 slides minimum U...30 slides minimum Use at least five different slide layouts. Use of a theme Animations of pictures and some text Entrance, exit, and some other variation. Transitions between slides Bulleted lists – two more slides Clip art and pictures A video A .gif or a combination of both .gif and video use a different theme for each continent and each continent is to have subctions as follows: 1. Size and climate, 2. Number of countries, 3. Population (population size and density), 4. Economy (share of world economy and richest country), 5. Natural resources for each continent The deadline is 4-5 hours First write "30"...

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    ...discreetly to the side of the house. Surround the sauna with carefully selected plantings that offer privacy and a sense of enclosure. Ensure that the sauna area complements the overall theme and aesthetic of the landscape. Greenery: Create a diverse plant palette that includes a mix of indigenous plants and those native to the design influences. Focus on using plants that thrive in the local climate and require minimal maintenance. Strategic placement of trees, shrubs, and ground cover will contribute to the desired atmosphere. Materials and Finishes: Select materials that align with the chosen design styles, such as natural stone, bamboo, wood, and decorative tiles. The materials should not only enhance the aesthetic but also withstand outdoor conditions. I have a collection...

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    I am looking for a skilled proofreader to review and provide comments on my PhD level paper in the field of Sciences. The paper is less than 10,000 words in length and I need assistance with ensuring the grammar and structure are flawless. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong proficiency in English grammar and academic writing conventions - Experience in proofreading and editing scientific papers - Familiarity with the specific requirements and style of PhD level writing - Attention to detail and ability to provide constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement The goal of this project is to enhance the clarity, coherence, and overall quality of the paper's grammar and structure. I am seeking a professional who can effectively identify and correc...

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    political tee Tamat left

    My project is for a political tee featuring a bold and graphic design. The design should be a creative expression of political satire, supported by a red, white, and blue color scheme. This design should speak to the realities of the current political climate in a manner that is witty and thought-provoking but still respectful. I am looking for a designer who is able to capture this sentiment in an attractive and modern way. The tee should be printed on a quality fabric for durability and comfort. In terms of styling, I am open to the designer’s creative input. I am hoping for a design that will catch the eye and stand out in the crowd. The political tee should be ready for delivery within two weeks. Payment will be made at the completion of the project. Thank you for your int...

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    ...Wildlife Conservation I am looking for a freelancer to work on a project focused on wildlife conservation, specifically on protecting bird species. Project Scope: - The project aims to raise awareness and implement measures to safeguard bird populations and their habitats. - The freelancer will be responsible for conducting research on the challenges faced by bird species, such as habitat loss, climate change, and illegal hunting. - The project will involve developing strategies and recommendations for conservation efforts, including habitat restoration, creating protected areas, and promoting sustainable practices. - Additionally, the freelancer will collaborate with local communities, organizations, and government agencies to implement conservation initiatives and monitor th...

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    I am seeking a mechanical engineer who is licensed in the Sate of Maryland to partner with us for responding to a Request for Proposal (RFP) related to climate change prevention within the State of Maryland, United States. Specifically, the RFP addresses strategies for reducing carbon emissions. The timeline to submit the proposal is within 1 week. We are eager to bring on a professional who can be part of our team if we win the RFP work. We need to submit MD state license as part of our response.

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    $25 - $50 / hr
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    L'ESCCI, École Supérieure de la CCI Portes de Normandie, est à la recherche d'un formateur vacataire pour dispenser un enseignement dans le domaine des technologies industrielles à un public de BTS Métiers des Services à l'Environnement (MSE). Compétences spécifiques - Installation et maintenance systèmes - Procédés statistiques - Gestion des pannes - Pilotage machines et SI industriel Activités principales - Animer et encadrer les sessions pédagogiques en cohérence avec les standards de l’école. - Evaluer les connaissances des apprenants et les accompagner dans leur réussite. - Assurer la conception et la préparation des cours dans le cadre du r&e...

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    Research Question Identification in Entrepreneurship Research Journals - journal of business venturing, entrepreneurship theory and practice, and strategic entrepreneurship journal Skills and Experience: - Strong background in social sciences research - Proficient in reading and analyzing research articles - Familiarity with different research methodologies in social sciences Project Description: I am looking for a freelancer who can assist me in identifying research questions from 2000 research articles in the field of Entrepreneurship. You have to follow the following steps - 1. Access the full article by clicking on the link provided in the excel spreadsheet (will provide to the freelancer) 2. Copy the introduction section and paste it in an AI tool. 3. Ask the prompt...

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    Dissertation Tamat left

    I am looking for someone to help me with my dissertation in Social Sciences. I already have a well-defined topic and research question, and I am expecting it to be less than 50 pages. The ideal candidate should have experience writing dissertations in the Social Sciences field, with the ability to produce clear and concise work that builds on existing research. Additionally, the successful candidate should have excellent English language skills, both in writing and speaking, as well as strong organizational abilities. The end goal for this project is to produce a paper of the highest academic quality that meets the expected length specifications, on a timely manner.

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    ...the Red Planet. While NASA is synonymous with space exploration, its influence extends closer to home. The agency's aeronautics research has led to groundbreaking advancements in aviation technology, shaping the way we fly and making air travel safer and more efficient. Moreover, NASA's Earth Science Division studies our planet's climate, weather patterns, and environmental changes, providing essential data for understanding and mitigating the impacts of climate change. **Conclusion** NASA's journey through space and time has been nothing short of remarkable. From the iconic Apollo missions to the cutting-edge robotic explorations of today, NASA continues to inspire generations with its unwavering commitment to exploration, discovery, and pushing the...

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