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    We are having issues with images on our Woocommerce Website and also Pagination Issue at the bottom of the products when display products for a certain category on a page. Woocommerce Images The images seem to be blurry and also when you hover your mouse over the images they then go even blurrier.

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    I want to create a ReactJS based UI for a) Displaying lot of Texts with pagination, b) With a Data time picker (last 30 minuts, last 1 hour, custom date etc..) c) Few drop downs Looking for someone with proper React JS experience , comfortable with Python Flask apps. Can provide screen samples and details once agreed

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    IBM needs your help creating engaging content for our tutorial library. This contest is to migrate an existing spreadsheet with data and dashboard visualizations onto IBM Cloud and write an engaging blog about the experience.  Migrating to IBM Cloud will consist of replacing your spreadsheet data store with a database or equivalent and replacing your dashboard visualizations with a dashboar...

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    This is my website "[log masuk untuk melihat URL]". I want pagination on this website, when someone down the page, the product is automatically loaded until all the products are visible. My budget is 400rs, if you are OK with budget ping me otherwise don't waste time.

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    By default woocommerce review pagination settings that show on single products reviews tab, uses the default wordpress comment settings. Which doesnt work for us because we want woocommerce reviews pagination to have its own setting different from normal blog posts. Eg normal blog posts use the discussion setting of Break comments into pages with 50 top level comments per page and the last page d...

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    Problem Statement for Application Development The objective of the winter internship project is: ● To build an Order Management Application ● Build an Order Dashboard and a Login page. ● Add and Edit order data in the editable fields of the grid. ● Perform Searching operations in the grid. ● Build an approval workflow that allows the user to approve or reject an order based on certain predefined r...

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    Required vue js developer for pagination development in my project.

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    We're a small boiler company who are looking to add a members section to our website. The members section is intended for trainees and apprentices who would like to join the team and join our training program. Thus, this will include a dashboard for YouTube tutorials created by the company where the trainees can learn and converse with other members for discussion and collaboration. There ...

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    We have a WordPress plugin that takes news articles from an API and adds them as posts within WordPress. The task is to create a Settings Page, as detailed below, for a WordPress Plugin. The Plugin doesn't have to do anything except "control" the setting page i.e. save, load and update the fields on the page. I believe the easiest way to do this would be in pure HTML and javas...

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    This project is almost done, I'm looking for someone to finish it. Skills required : - Golang - Php - Use of cron - Some Wordpress knowledge is a + The project is already running on a droplet, we have the script to fetch data from an api, it's working but the "pagination" has to be implemented. Also I need a php script on another server to be created from scratch, to receive ...

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    I have one mvc project having concept of web api. Data is being fetched with api and in front end using jquery. Need to implement custom pagination in front end.

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    I need a php 5 script to scrap the page below for the company name and stock ticker code, and log the 2 columns of information in a simple MySQL table. The script should handle the pagination. There are probably 500 pages of results. It must work in PHP 5.3 and MySQL 5.1 You should use procedural style coding - not object oriented You must do this with regular PHP. NO FRAME WORKS. One dat...

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    A Boat/Vessel Sale Page with Images and Description and Advance Search Filters like 1) Bootstrap slider for Boat/Vessel length 2) Search by Model, Name and Location 3) Boat Type checkbox 4) Boat Status dropdown Need to have proper pagination numbering system. The boats should load fast in response using technology like ajax and jQuery Backend should be built on MVC C# with Entity framework. A...

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    I need someone who is excellent with PowerBi M query, who has worked on fetching data from API with pagination. I need this very urgently. Kindly let me know if anyone can lend a helping hand.

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    Need a sample Angular project which will have below feature: 1. Angular material table with 4-5 column and having filter,sorting on each column and pagination. 2. Use FormArray and material table with validation on each row like required and one custom validator. 3. Table should allow CRUD operation. inline editing. 4. first column should be check box. initially all rows should not be editable. on...

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    Make filter page with grid and list view that is similar to the Map view but only without a map. . on the top right corner add button “Map view” that leads to map view (Photo 2) . Add somewhere a button with “Add new product" . Add sort by button (sorting via name, user, date posted, and location) Pagination It will be delivery in 3 days from now.

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    Hey guys! I wanna show only the first 5 (or whatever number I set) comments in Wordpress. The rest should be loaded from the server by a click (important, because they shouldn't be just hidden through CSS etc.). I know that's a pagination-function in Wordpress in the settings, but that's not what I want for different reasons. The good news: There's already a plugin, which d...

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    demonstrate how well you can develop a position. demonstrate your ability to apply critical thinking skills demonstrate how correctly and honestly you can incorporate outside sources into your original, well-thought-out, and thoroughly analyzed topic that interests you and your audience. topic is the age of viability he paper will be formatted in APA style. (citations, references, quotations, ha...

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    Hi, I have a website developed using codeigniter framework. You have to do pagination for three pages. I'll provide the pagination design. if you complete this task on time then I'll give you the remaining works also.

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    Fix Wordpress pagination issue, Random number of products are showing on each page. Need someone who can start immediately.

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    I have a project of a prototype of a ERP in Html, CSS3, and jQuery. This project is based on Metronic Keen Theme v6.1.1. After award, I can provide the repository access. All the data is loaded locally from Json files. Some behavior is only for demo purposes, so some buttons do nothing. I need to convert the project to a functional Angular v9 project, with these requirements: - Keep all design (f...

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    language - php 5.3 mysql 5 The script must be procedural style. NOT Object oriented. I need a script which will be run on a cronjob from the command line, to retrieve all data related to the ebay "returns". I have some similar script for another function that could be copied. Every time the script is run, it should grab the last 30-45 days worth of data and simply overwrite what i...

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    I am writing an arbitration award and need help with: editing Word document - spacing, margins, headers, footers, pagination, and when finished I need to email it as a pdf to the partys - can your organization help?

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    Hello, I have a initiated Laravel project, it has the Login interface and some logic already crafted. I need to improve and change several things such as: 1. Dashboard would show the trading summary for the current day 2. View Trades [logic already there] but need to modify the columns in the database and some logic to allow pagination, and other minor details 3. Need to Build Manage trades inter...

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    I will provide you with an image that contain design and functionality that i want to achieve. The functionality will include: Sort, Filter, Pagination(first previous next last), page info, Jump to a row. More details in chat. This must operate fast as we will have large amount of data in the table. budget: 100 max

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    I need a working data-table that connect with a DB table and with a grid-view which have column filters and pagination. The work is needed in ASP.Net C# normal web form

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    I have a 150 page Word document that I want laid out into a professional looking textbook, whether that is in Word or Illustrator or InDesign doesn't matter, I will be guided by freelancer's best judgment. The English version I am working on is a translation of a Russian book that I have in PDF, so if you are fluent in Russian that will help, as I want the new English book to mirror as ...

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    I need an expert in .NET Core +3.1 Web API to: - Analyze existing API documentation (Not Mine, no db, no code) - Identify & document the business logic - Rebuild the api (Restful/JSON format) using .NET Core 3.1 - Use Clean Architecture, at least includes User Management Module, EF Code First, Swagger UI, Pagination, Identity with JWT Authentication/Role-based, Unit testing, Custom Excepti...

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    163 bida

    I am looking for some one who can create the front end Labeling screen for our Annotation app using konva Js react library. We already have graphic design and PSD file ready to kick start the work. Back end code is almost ready so looking for front end developer to complete the code and integrate . In this annotation app user will draw the bounding box or other shapes ( Brush, Polygon, Lines, poi...

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    17 bida

    Hi, I need somebody who helps me with a task: i need a custom loop and a pagination on a WP-site. I already created a template that contains the loop. But the pagination does not show up. As it is (unfortunately) a little bit urgent, I have no time left for bug-searching. Therefore I post it as a project. For any WP-developer it should be done within one hour, maybe two.

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    11 bida

    React developer needed for React app update with node backend. Will need to implement pagination, drag and drop, redirectioin url when submit a page. It's an easy job for an experienced React developer. I need to complete it in 1 day.

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    Hi, I need 3 projects done by 11/10/2020 11:59 pm EST. Using cognos

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    Hey, Looking at data scraping all business from yellowpages. I have a template of the way it should be set up. Fairly easy website to scrape. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Thanks!

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    68 bida

    I need a small application that shows the given data as an html table in ASP.NET Core MVC. Preferrably, the data to view should be passed as JSON object, as I want to keep the view as generic as possible in order to have an easy option to plug the view in other parts of the existing subproject. The following functionality should be the part of the the view / table: 1. Search box over all column...

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    We've got an issue with the Shopify Store. We hide out of stock products from online store but the pagination counting them and leaving the space for out of stock products. See this link: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Let me know what plans or what you have in your mind to solve this. Thanks

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    I am looking for a developer that can add additional functionality to a table component that was built using Material UI. 1. Add search and filter functionality to table. 2. Add table shorting 3. Add table pagination (Rows per page: 50 – Default /100/1000/All) 4. When a row is clicked, a popup properties page shall be displayed

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    Check this website [log masuk untuk melihat URL] There is the following: 1- Filtering functionality from the left menu 2 - LazyLoad of the images. 3 - Lazy Scroll of the 60 images before you reach the "pagination menu at bottom" i need to implement similar functionality here: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] As you can see, much has been done. i've also created a simple api and ...

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    Dear all, hello! Please, read my description carefully. I've got an Excel file with 2165 products. It contains well-organized, title, category, price, features of each product. I also got all images ready (1000x1000px in CMYK) in folders, according to the categories of the products. Example, if we have category1, category2, the folders have the same name. What I want is InDesign file with ...

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    [log masuk untuk melihat URL] of items (list of projects) [log masuk untuk melihat URL] filters (can be removable when we click the close icon) [log masuk untuk melihat URL] filter - one we select region show countries only of that region - once we select country then show cities only on that selected country. the remaining filter is normal filters like brand, type, etc.. [log masuk untuk melihat ...

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    pagination,sorting,page per limit,search filter-mern stack

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    Looking for someone to support 100% my Cognos BI project.

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    1 bida

    Looking for 100% support for my Cognos BI project for hourly rate. Kindly let me know your thoughts.

    $10 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    1 bida

    Looking for someone to support my Cognos BI project 100% for hourly rate. Kindly let me know what’s your offer.

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    1 bida

    Would need 100% allocation of the person for my Cognos project. Supporting Cognos BI reports developmet etc.

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    I have a large database with at least 10,000+ records of product data. I want a frontend that will show this data paginated, (say with limit of first 1000 matching values), and in fronted user will be able to: - set pagination limit (20, or 50 at a time) - filter results like product with min price of 100 and max of 200, in examples (in such case, we need to take again the first 1000 matching va...

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    Run recruitment business in Australia. Have started building a job website. Part of it is done, although stuck on connecting my strapi api to the nextjs site. Also stuck on infinite pagination and don't have time to fix it.

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    I need someone who can remove pagination and integrate infinite scrolling feature on my website. I also require someone to edit text format on my website. Also, i need my product and collection pictures to be bigger and i also need coding on the footer menu. I will provide sample details. I will select the most afforadable offer as I believe all o f you guys can execute this

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    Requirement: 1. Each time I enter a character in browser, it will ajax to backend to get the filtered related search items and list the best related 10 search items in Alphabetic sequence. 2. Click on the search button, there will be a list of all the related content items with pagination control. Prepare any initial data with more than 1000 records Technical: spring boot, hsqldb, react or ang...

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    I need to help for products search, filter, applied filters, pagination, sort by using Vue js. I will send the neccessary Data for candiated developer. Thanks

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    I need someone with previous experience in WPML ( the site should be in EN and BG(Bulgarian) ) or other ML plugin. Doesn't really matter which. Experience in WCFM ( Multi-vendor plugin ). In it I need membership page configured. I am talking about basic configurations. To be able to create/register new vendor and make 1 test order. The them I have is: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] This one of...

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    35 bida