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    manage working clothes is not easy to follow so i would like a database structure a json tree to do iteach employes got four working clothes (four jacket, four trousers) we send clothes to the laundry, they get back sometimes we have to repair i want a jason tree who allows me to do it

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    Looking for somebody who can recreate my drawn logo. I have drawn the logo that I would like, I need somebody to create it on the computer for my new business. That is a palm tree to the left of tarpon. and ".com" should be closer to center. I really like how the letters are drawn in the photo. Also, i think maybe the messeges on top and bottom should

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    Trophy icon Shade Tree BBQ Tamat left

    Looking for a logo design for...small catering/BBQ company. Christian based (would love a VERY SUBTLE cross hidden in the logo design.) Attached is the type of Shade Tree that I'd like to be prominent in the logo, along with the name - Shade Tree BBQ. Deliverable to me should include Adobe source files as well as high res logo and transparent logo.

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    ...product from 4 external databases. Domain and WordPress theme were already reserved. In addition, I need you to instilled recommend plugins. Note: products will be listed in tree-type structure. All classes and subclasses need also to Example: Class of products: A Subclass of products: AB . . . . Product class: ABCDE1 Total number of company pages:

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    I like to make a family tree app that creates hirerchy of people till 8-10 levels. For each individual I like to create a database related to their birth, their family, their, occupation, their address and such things. Also would like to create logins for these individuals so that they can edit their detials and photos and such. example of such kind

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo Tamat left

    ...The new brand is called 'Fours Mentors'. We would like the background to be the same, with a water polo ball, ocean and sand. But with a hand signalling '4' on top. No palm tree. This idea is drawn in the attached photo. We would also like the name 'Fours Mentors' to be underneath, in similar text and colours to our previous logo with our tagline underneath

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    Design a logo Tamat left

    hello i would like to get done a design for a logo for my small business, the name of the company is FAV Remodeling services,...for my small business, the name of the company is FAV Remodeling services, and what do i have in mind is place the letter of FAV together and form a house with them, with a tree on the side, i attach an image to a better idea

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    ...product including the following oils and need the best content for our customers so they know how to use our oils most efficient. 1. ANTI SRESS (Lavender) 2. REFRESH (Tea Tree) 3. Mind & Body (Lemongrass) 4. ENERGY (Peppermint) 5. ANTI-ANXIETY (Rose) 6. FOKUS (Sandalwood) So this ebook will only cover those 6 Essential oils. Also include

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    I require machine learning PYTHON code. The dataset that will ...To do: preprocess dataset Gini impurity / information gain methods created Decision tree created End result the tree should produce percentages of classification Message for more questions Prerequisites: Must be python 3 with jupyter notebook using Decision Tree machine learning

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    ...measure I have a already deployed instance on a private server (TOmcat 9, Java 1.8, PostgreSql) partial examples insert a new sensor [log masuk untuk melihat URL] insert an observation [log masuk untuk melihat URL] the 2nd step is to define settings to implement authorizations and access for

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    Trophy icon Design logo and letterhead Tamat left

    ...The ideal logo will show a synergy between life and water, (not a combination of a leaf and a drop as this has been done hundreds of times). I am open to suggestions, maybe a tree above ground drinking water from below ground or something that obviously connects the solar - water nexus. The .docx header must contain the logo in an elegant manner, while

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    Only if you can do it today! I need algorithm professional in javathat will know how to solve: [log masuk untuk melihat URL]?usp=drivesdk In the most efficient way. I will be glad to know about solution options and the most optimize algorithm to do it. I thought on direction of R tree.

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    ...flowerpot as well as the wall color of the living room and also the amount and thickness of the flowers of the tree. It has to be user friendly for non experienced users. Every season there will be a change of the flowerpot collection and the tree collection, so it has to be easy editable. It has to be compatible for Wordpress For example like this website:

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    Only if you can do it today! I need algorithm professional in javathat will know how to solve: [log masuk untuk melihat URL]?usp=drivesdk In the most efficient way. I will be glad to know about solution options and the most optimize algorithm to do it. I thought on direction of R tree.

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    i run a company called utilistraw. We sell a collapsible reusable straw. I need a simple, modern logo design based around the Montserrat font. I have uploaded photos of the product to assist you. Please match this color in the image that has the name only.

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    Only if you can do it today! I need algorithm professional that will know how to solve: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] ...k1LXBWHAHQj/view?usp=drivesdk In the most efficient way. I will be glad to know about solution options and the most optimize algorithm to do it. I thought on direction of R tree.

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    6 bida, but can provide it again, if needed. Minor changes to the text of the book may be made. The book contains recurring uses of a growing tree, and two people falling in love as they grow older alongside the tree. I will require the artist to lay out the text of the book along with the images. The Illustrations will probably be 12 inches (wide) by

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    ...[log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 2. Video Broadcasting [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    Sending photo of the sky to be added to the background AND in the rear window of the the pickup. If it will help, you can edit out the tree branches and greenery in the background.

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    ConsoleApp2 Tamat left

    Find a BNF grammar specification for one of the following languages, either online or in published material: Java, C++, Swift or PHP. Once you have found the specification,...code of the program in your report. BNF grammar specification report a step-by-step walkthrough of the process of parsing your program and a description of the final parse tree.

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    The project involves development of semi-authomatic protocol to process digital images of tree anatomical features to generate text-based data output.

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    ...scale/product, set alert limits for the weight, temp, and voltage. With alarm delay capabilities, allow the user to add phone numbers and email information for the scale into a call tree for alert notifications. The scales will push data to a cloud-based web site for data storage and viewing of logs, graphs, and reports. This Web site will require a login security

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    We need to port existing CA378-AOIS camera drivers [log masuk untuk melihat URL] from NVIDIA Jetson TX2 to Nano. The camera is based on Sony IX378 chip.

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    I need someone to make me an animation of a tree in August with orange digital leaves falling in the wind for my YouTube outro

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    Trophy icon Reliance Landscaping Logo Tamat left

    ...silhouette, is going to be small, but customer want it discrete , not too fancy. Business Name: Reliance Landscaping. May be letter "R" bigger and make it this letter looks like a tree somehow or inside the letter "R" bigger put a leaf on the part that look like a "D" inside letter "R". Feel free to do a design on your own. Do you best as always ...

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    We need some ...creating a Google Data Studio Community Visualization ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) using d3js or similar charts ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]@d3/collapsible-tree or [log masuk untuk melihat URL]) Please reply with time and cost estimate, along with your experience in doing something like this

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    The tree is on page 47. You dont need to use any GUI. Just use characters to generate the tree and print it to the console. Your code must take any data and analyze the data then generate the decision tree.

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    ...the confidence with each other. The first small project is to install the sample SDK on our server, the SDK could be found here: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] The steps to create the sample page could be found in the following: [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    A mockup for a fake brand extension of fever-tree called bubbles. Where fever-tree would expand into gin and tonic sweets. Create an advertising campaign mockup consisting of a banner ad and 3 posters. Aimed at 40 and above with the emphasis on sharing and enjoying the small things in life.

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    ...companies" and "tree removal / tree surgeon". a. Name Of Company b. Address (Street Number / Name, City, State, Zip Code c. Phone Number d. Website e. Email Address 2. Search Criteria a. Logging Companies i. Within 100 Miles Of Cleveland, GA 30528 b. Tree Surgeon / Tree Removal Companies

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    Data Entry Tamat left

    We are a consumer gardening website. The project entails researching green industry companies (landscapers, lawn care, tree services) in specific U.S. geographic markets and adding them to a database (company name, contact information).

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    Logo designed for my brewery that will be the main logo used on everything. I have a design in mind and don't have time to...designed for my brewery that will be the main logo used on everything. I have a design in mind and don't have time to design it myself. ( A leprechaun sleeping under the irish tree of life with the name of the brewing company. )

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    ...with lens (link below) However, we're open for alternative suggestions regarding the CMOS sensor integration. 2. The rockchip Linux ov5648.c driver and related files (device tree etc.) needs to be adapted to work with the main board and the Rk3399DT interfaced with the camera module. Additional information 1) Kaliptech Module description: http://www

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    I need to convert the [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and [log masuk untuk melihat URL] from swift to objective-c Code repo: [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    The idea is to do a digital signature but with Encryption, in this case we can retrieve the text and image ( not just hashing). Similar Work idea: ...Similar Work idea: Paper: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Java Code: [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    As the title says. Here are the codes: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 6.1 6.2 6.3 Basically , I want with different structure so that it looks different. I want it in 3h max. 10$ Max.

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    ...your report. Using the BNF grammar specification, include in your report a step-by-step walkthrough of the process of parsing your program and a description of the final parse tree. You should complete parsing down to the final tokens. Include only the relevant parts of the grammar specification. Program Two: Write a different minor program (described

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    1m wide. Require grinding/digging out of stump and removing

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    ...Binary Trees -------------------- tree(+Tree) tree/1 succeeds when its argument is an instantiated binary tree. A binary tree may be tip (representing an empty tree) or bin(Left,Here,Right), where Left and Right are binary trees and Here may be anything (including an uninstantiated variable). tree/1 should be determinis...

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    CloudsimSDN Tamat left

    calculate total transmission time between any two VMs in a tree topology. Most of the code is in github but i don't know how to simulate transmission time. github link: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] In the below file, they have shown the results for various scenarios. I need the same results.

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    Draw me a car Tamat left

    Draw a VW camper Van in a simple style, similar to the one attached - front and side ...view that can have people added to in the windows. It is required to be customizable with Christmas decorations that can be added and removed- ie presents, lights, Christmas tree etc. I am not looking fir a vector - I am looking for a hand finished illustration.

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    ...with a crypto currency similar to Bitcoin. Sample plugins: https://github. com/cryptoapi/Bitcoin-Payments-Woocommerce https://github. com/bitpay/wordpress-ecommerce-plugin/tree/master/src This project will be at first for woocommerce. Seems, there is single file coding work required most likely. * You must be familar with working WP and Woocommerce

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    User registration, verification via mobile or email. Can refer a member to register and can track the tree of registration.

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    Tree of Life Tamat left

    Family reunion Combining Last name Seay an Williams together an creating a brand Logo something ancient African modern with a royal twist, live 3D movement would greatly appreciate thank u

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    19 bida positive and negative space designs but it may not be realistic for a branding iron? My idea is a hand reaching up with a tree coming out , kinda like it almost is holding the tree. The fingers turn into the trunk and a tree emerged. I would like this imposed into a wax seal type background with “Handcrafted by Liz Wood” around the out edges maybe

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    Need new logo Tamat left is I envision a round tree frog with a tatto of the globe on its back - but open to original ideas. Looking for original color schemes. In addition to this I'd like to somehow have the finger of the from (look at tree frogs) as a pointer somehow. You will get it when you see the tree frog toes. Attached is a bad image of the

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    I would like to design a logo for a hotel business that I have. The logo is for a company that manages and owns houses...located in Tinos (a cycladic island in Greece). The name of the business is specific and general. I want a logo that probably has a home or a cycladic feature like a small tree or something like that. More to discuss via message.

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    ...can be compressed by using variable length Huffman Coding. By analyzing the different probabilities of the various symbols that occur in a given file, we can build a Huffman tree to come up with a minimal, optimized binary list of code words for these symbols. In this assignment, you will be implementing a compression utility for ASCII-encoded text.

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    We need concept design of a motorized folding collapsible gate for goods lift. We a mechanism where we can do retrofit the existing collapsible gate to motorized driven and also for the new lift. Collapsible gate can be either a centre opening or a single opening. Picture added to your reference.

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