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    Dibutuhkan Full Stack Developer untuk mengerjakan sebuah projek yang mungkin akan berlangsung selama 2-3 bulan dengan requirement: - Ahli dalam mengimplementasikan PHP, Laravel, Vue.js, JS, Jquery, Ajax, SQL, git - Menyukai Problem Solving, dapat belajar dengan cepat, cepat dalam membaca dokumen, dapat bekerja secara tim, good attitude. - Lokasi di Yogyakarta

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    problem solving on spiritual case (masalah spiritual yang kini banyak terjadi yang memerlukan penanganan khusus,kami datang menyelesaikan)

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    My project urgently requires a seasoned React Native developer. My existing codebase needs some skilled attention. Key requirements include: - UI Improvements: I need a new FAQ screen added and other minor UI tweaks made. Specifically, the FAQ screen should have categorization options...tasks periodically. - Target devices: We target ios devices for now. But later we will target android as well. - We will rename the app name ( don't worry about app store release ), since we already have the app working with the same name. A solid background in React Native is crucial. Equally important is the experience in bug fixing and UI design. The winning candidate will exhibit top problem-solving abilities and an eye for design detail. Familiarity with FAQ design and functiona...

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    ...and functions, and setting up user-friendly input fields. 2. **Sheet Navigation Improvement**: By developing shortcuts to speed up data entry and simplify navigation across various sheets. 3. **Dashboard Development**: A new, intuitive dashboard for easier data interpretation and decision making. The successful freelancer must possess deep understanding of Google Sheets along with strong problem-solving skills. Experience in user interface design will strongly favor your application. You should be skillful in creating and using formulas, functions, and inter-sheet linking. If you are a detail-oriented worker with a knack for creating efficient and user-friendly systems, I would like to invite you to bid on this project....

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    ...a professional with advanced knowledge and skills in handling Excel Macro issues. Key details include: - The Excel Sheet is not opening properly: Instead of loading correctly, the file automatically closes after I attempt to open it. - Issue presents in Excel's Safe Mode: The problem persists even when unloading all add-ins and opening Excel in safe mode. The ideal candidate for this job would have: - Extensive experience with debugging and troubleshooting Excel Macros. - A methodical approach to problem-solving. - Strong attention to detail to ensure that no related issues are overlooked. - A proven track record of resolving complex Excel issues. Your primary task would be to examine my Excel sheet, diagnose the particular issue causing the automatic cl...

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    ...get target node ID" accompanied by a failure to locate a ready node with the default engine image longhornio/long... I tried going through the Longhorn documentation for troubleshooting but unfortunately, the problem persists. I could use your expertise to resolve this issue. Skills and Experience Required: - In-depth knowledge and experience in the deployment of Longhorn, essential. - Proficiency in troubleshooting complex issues relating to Longhorn. - Proven track record of successful cluster deployments. - Good understanding of Longhorn's documentation. - Strong problem-solving skills. - Must have handled similar issues, a bonus. Your task will be to: - Figure out why my Longhorn engine image is not ready yet. - Fix the error that the user interfac...

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    ...Description” section below. <Technology Description> This technology is related to anti-theft technology when parking a car remotely, e.g., with a smartphone. One of the problems that can be anticipated when parking a car remotely is that the vehicle is moved at low speed for parking, so a person with malicious intent may enter the vehicle and manipulate it, resulting in theft. To solve this problem, this technology allows only the operation to park the vehicle out of the driving operations in the cabin when the vehicle is parked by remote control. Please search for this technology in this contest. <<NOTICE>> The target car brand in this search is limited to ★”Jaguar Land Rover” or “Jaguar” or “Land Rover”★. Please se...

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    ...for remotely operating a vehicle from a communication terminal, and in particular, to improving security when a vehicle is moved for parking by remote control. One of the problems when remotely parking a vehicle is that a moving vehicle is relatively slow and has low acceleration, so a bad person may enter the vehicle and steal it while the vehicle is parking by remote control. To solve this problem, when a vehicle is remotely operated from a telecommunication device such as a smartphone to move a vehicle, the vehicle is prohibited from moving when the vehicle cabin is unlocked. Please search for this technology. <<NOTICE>> The target car brand in this search is limited to ★”Jaguar Land Rover” or “Jaguar” or “Land Rover”★. Please...

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    ...acquired information on a display.  More specifically, this technology incorporates a mechanism to switch the notification function on and off. One of the difficulties while the notification function is in the off state is that the display area of the display becomes dead space because no new information is reported to the occupants when the notification function is in the off state.  To solve this problem, this technology makes the information to be displayed on the display different between the on and off states of the informing function. Specifically, as shown in the attached image (*), i) When the notification function is on, information on road signs is displayed in the left display area of the display while information on the vehicle's speed is displayed in the right d...

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    I'm requiring a talented and detail-oriented specialist to construct a database to manage a diverse set of data, potentially including but not limited to customer information, inventory management and sales tracking. The freelancer would ideally have experience in design and ER diagr...Requirements: - Proven experience in the designing and implementing of a comprehensive database - Knowledge of dyanmiq or mongoDB - The ability to produce detailed project proposals When applying, please provide a detailed project proposal including an overview of the project, your proposed approach to the project, timeframe and budget estimates. I am looking for an innovative thinker with a problem-solving approach, excellent communication skills, and a strong track record of database p...

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    ...troubleshooting and fixing CSS issues. The current problem is concerning a banner which is displayed over the navigation bar on my website. The issue is occurring across the entire site and not just on specific pages. I wish for the banner to be adjusted to appear above the navigation bar. Scope of the Project: • Identify the CSS issues causing the display problem in Google Chrome • Fix the issues so that the banner is properly displayed above the navigation bar across the entire site. Ideal Skills and Experience: • Strong knowledge of CSS, HTML and web design principles • Familiarity with responsive design issues • Proven track record of successfully troubleshooting and fixing CSS issues • Detail-oriented, with excellent problem ...

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    I'm seeking a proficient statistician and content analyst who can transform survey data into meaningful inferences while identifying sentiments and opinions. This dual-pronged approach will allow for a thorough, nuanced understanding of the data. Key re...out sentiment and opinion analysis, articulating the emotions and views present in the survey responses. Skills and experience desired: - Expertise in inferential statistical analysis. - Proven experience in sentiment and opinion analysis. - Familiarity with analyzing survey data. - Strong communication skills, capable of explaining complex statistical results in simple terms. - Independent problem-solving skills. Your inputs will significantly contribute to the understanding of our survey data and guide future deci...

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    I am currently experiencing some challenges on my WordPress website related to both links and images. I require an expert to come in and help resolve these issues effectively. The specific tasks to be handled include: - Addressing issues all related to links. Although it is not clarified what kind of links problem I am facing, it would be helpful if the freelancer can check on all aspects such as broken or invalid links, incorrectly routed links, or links that aren't opening in a new tab. - Sorting issues concerning adding gallery images. The ideal freelancer for this project should possess a high level of skill and experience with WordPress, and web development in general. Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and PHP will also be beneficial. A candidate with a keen eye for detail, the a...

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    37 bida incremented in the future based on quality and commitment towards the task. Answering format as following is provided to maximize your speed and save time: “Intro: (Why this Occurs? How to Solve it?<In short)” What is “this problem”? Why “this problem“ happens? Suggestions/Tips/Guidelines to write as follows: What were you doing and how did you get this problem (How to Reproduce the Error) What code or things you did do to get this error (For example how the error occurs) Code snippet Screenshot of Error/issue Error Message in text How to resolve “this problem”? Solution1:() Solution2:() Payment would be made when you cover the 40 AUD milestone, later greater milestone will be created. We may increase ...

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    I'm in need of a talented WordPress developer who can help refine my our product site. The key tasks for this project include: - Website Maintenance: Clean up issues with the templates and "viruses" and improve performance - Migration: Transferring from Bluehost to a different provider. - Adding a Shopping Cart: Secondary objective is to add e-commerce functionality ...freelancers should have a robust set of experience in the areas above. Please share your past work showing proficiency in maintenance, cleanup, migration, and shopping cart integration. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in WordPress - Familiarity with website maintenance and cleanup - Experience with data migration - Experience adding e-commerce functionality to a WordPress site - Attention to detail and prob...

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    I am currently having issues accessing my cPanel and WHM, but I'm not encountering any specific error message...cPanel and WHM. • Ensure that the cPanel/WHM continue to function properly with future updates. We need update to the last version php compatible with cpanel The ideal freelancer for this job would be proficient in: • WHM/cPanel management and troubleshooting. • Alma Linux System administration. • Experience with cPanel/WHM software updates, particularly on an Alma Linux system. • Excellent problem-solving skills and experience in diagnosing and troubleshooting access issues. This project requires urgent attention and thus a quick, yet efficient turnaround would be greatly appreciated. If you have the necessary skills and experience...

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    Tailscale Remote Access Setup 6 hari left

    I'm currently working on a project that requires configuring Tailscale on a Windows operating system. My main interest lies in being able to access devices remotely. Here is what I'm aiming for: - A secure and reliable remote...Tailscale on a Windows operating system. My main interest lies in being able to access devices remotely. Here is what I'm aiming for: - A secure and reliable remote device access setup. - The configuration should be able to connect to fewer than 5 devices remotely. Ideal skills: - Proven experience in Tailscale configuration. - Advanced knowledge in working with Windows OS. - Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail considering security. If you have prior experience in this field and believe you're suitable ...

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    I am in need of an innovative and experienced freelancer who can help me design a pool using Pool Studio (Structure Studio) software. Since the design concept, whether it will be an inground or above ground pool an...the area where the pool will be installed are still undecided, I'm looking for a professional who can guide me throughout this process. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Pool Studio (Structure Studio) software - Proven experience in pool design - Ability to comprehend and implement client ideas - Strong communication skills to understand requirements and provide design guidance - Problem-solving capabilities for proposing the best solutions Please include your portfolio of previous pool designs in your bid. I am looking forward to a collaborativ...

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    (Please Only send Proposals if you have experience in SaaS, especially SaaS research) Hey, I am in need of someone to design a clear and concise market fit survey for my SaaS product. The target audience is businesses of all sizes, so the survey needs to resonate with small, medium and large enterprises. Here is what my product does and the problem it aims to solve for my target audience: - My SaaS product is a tool for analyzing Video sales letters (VSLs) and generating insights instantly. Therefore, the survey should be tailored to uncover how much businesses value these features, and determine if there is a PMF. The key functions of my product are: - Instant video sales letter script analysis - Generating meaningful insights Considering these facts, here is th...

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    I'm looking for an experienced Java developer with proficiency in JavaScript & Spring Boot. Your task will involve leveraging these tools to complete an existing webhooks project. The project involves customers being able to choose options such as marketing, technical & Key responsibilities will include: - Integration of this functionality into our current Java7 and Spring Boot platform - Ensuring the seamless execution of email notifications in response to product updates. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in Java7 & JavaScript - Highly experienced in Spring Boot - Previous experience with webhooks and email notifications - Attention to detail and problem-solving skills This is a great opportunity if you're a Java enthusiast wanting to make ...

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    3 bida incremented in the future based on quality and commitment towards the task. Answering format as following is provided to maximize your speed and save time: “Intro: (Why this Occurs? How to Solve it?<In short)” What is “this problem”? Why “this problem“ happens? Suggestions/Tips/Guidelines to write as follows: What were you doing and how did you get this problem (How to Reproduce the Error) What code or things you did do to get this error (For example how the error occurs) Code snippet Screenshot of Error/issue Error Message in text How to resolve “this problem”? Solution1:() Solution2:() Payment would be made when you cover the 40 AUD milestone, later greater milestone will be created. We may increase ...

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    I'm seeking a developer with a deep understanding of object-oriented programming in C++. The focus of the project is to develop robust and efficient software. Specific skills and experience required: - Proficient in object-oriented programming using C++ - Familiarity with industry best practices - Excellent problem-solving skills - Software Development experience Even though knowledge of specific libraries/frameworks such as Boost, STL, or Qt wasn't specified, having knowledge or experience in these would be highly appreciated. Please only bid on this project if you are comfortable with these requirements and can deliver high-quality results.

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    I'm seeking a MIDI programmer who specializes in MIDI mapping for a specialty device. Specifically, I need the mapping to trigger an Allen & Heath QU console Mix mute function by configuring Midi solutions F8 with Bomebox Key Requirements: -Know how to deal with Allen and Heath QU midi protocol - Know how...midi protocol - Know how to deal with Bomebox - know how to program MIDI solutions F8 The goal of this project is to properly program MIDI mapping to mix (bus) mute console functions effectively. Ideally, you should have prior experience mapping MIDI for specialty devices. This project will require a deep understanding of both MIDI programming and mute function triggering. The ability to problem solve and innovate within constraints could be instrumental to the su...

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    ...NET framework development, with a strong portfolio of previous work in application development and integration. • In-depth knowledge and practical experience in implementing Windows Active Directory authentication in .NET applications. • Familiarity with Windows Server 2012 Standard and its features. • Strong understanding of security protocols, including Kerberos and LDAP. • Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail. • Ability to write clean, maintainable, and documented code. • Good communication skills for effective collaboration. Project Timeline: Please include your estimated timeline for completion in your proposal. How to Apply: Interested candidates are invited to submit a proposal that includes: • A bri...

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    Looking for someone who can help me by creating a program that will work with some app i need it to work with. The problem? that the program is only available for mobile apps. So you WILL have to know how to make your own API's

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    I am in search of a skilled frontend developer with proficiency in You'll be tasked with developing a dashboard....JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and TypeScript is a must. - Familiarity with Next.js. - The ability to implement minimalist designs per layout and specifications. Your duty will be to turn concepts and designs into responsive and user-friendly web pages. You will also need to ensure the project's responsiveness and efficiency. A potential candidate will have a keen eye for detail alongside strong problem-solving skills. Experience in the field is beneficial but a good display of skill is equally important. If you are adept in working with the above-mentioned technologies, and have a knack for elegant minimalist design, you are the perfect fit. Let's br...

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    I am needing a skilled Shopify developer to assist with fixing website issues and bugs on an existing site using the Live theme. Responsibilities: - Troubleshoot and resolve website issues and bugs - Ensure smooth functionality and user experience Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Shopify's Liquid coding language - Familiarity and experience with Shopify's 'Live' theme - Strong problem-solving skills - Excellent communication to explain any technical issues clearly - Experience with bug tracking tools and processes Please include any relevant past experience and project completion timelines in your bid.

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    I'm looking for an experienced coach to help take our customer service to the next level. Here's what we want to achieve: - Refine Communication Skills: Sharpen our team's ability to give customers clear, direct, and uplifting service. - Boost Problem-solving Capacity: Improve our team's problem-solving skills. This involves quickly detecting issues, creatively generating solutions, and satisfying customer needs effectively. - Expert Handling of Difficult Customers: Our team needs to master strategies to handle customer complaints tactfully, keeping customers calm, and turning negative situations into positive ones. - Enhance Team Work: By improving the working relationships within our team, we can create a smoother line of communication ...

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    I want to create a filter so that a line is blurred, I attach a photo of the line, it is a saturation problem but I want to create an algorithm that makes that line disappear.

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    Social Media Mastery 6 hari left

    Digital marketing expert To work with our brand in the us market Managing instagram, Facebook Drive customers to our site At least 3 years experience Digit...(content, engagement, ads) • Target US customers, create engaging content, manage interactions • Analyze performance, report & recommend optimizations • Collaborate on website conversion optimization Qualifications: • 3+ years experience in social media marketing & paid advertising • Proven success on Facebook & Instagram • Strong analytics & reporting skills • Excellent communication & problem-solving Benefits: • Competitive salary & benefits • Fast-paced, dynamic environment • Passionate team & real impact Apply: please send a p...

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    The primary aim of my project is to enhance energy efficiency thro...specificity. - Engineers with deep knowledge in Energy Engineering Systems (EES) and optimization strategies are preferred. - Proven experience in similar projects, especially in the field of energy efficiency and program development, will be highly regarded. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in EES program development and energy analysis. - Familiarity with energy optimization principles. - Strong problem-solving skills with an ability to think 'outside the box' to provide effective energy-saving solutions. - Excellent understanding of optimizing energy usage. - Ability to deliver the project within a stipulated timeline. Looking forward to working with dedicated professionals who have a strong commi...

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    ...experience: - Proven extensive experience with Buildxact - Ability to integrate Buildxact with Xero accounting software - Strong project management skills - Proficient in creating estimates and quotes - Efficient in tracking costs and expenses Anyone possessing the above skills is encouraged to place a bid. It is an opportunity to showcase your expertise in Buildxact software and problem-solving skills in integrating it with other systems....

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    I'm looking for a talented and experienced WordPress developer who can modify Contact Form 7 on my website. Your task would be to adjust the email recipient functionality, in particular: - Implement a function that dynamically selects the email recipient based on the input provided in the form. For thi...with WordPress and more importantly, with modifying WordPress plugins specifically, are essential. Furthermore, demonstrated proficiency with PHP would be a strong asset since Contact Form 7 is built with this language. The goal of this project is to create a seamless and efficient contact system that promptly directs queries to the most appropriate recipient. Therefore, attention to detail, problem-solving skills, and understanding of user experience principles will ...

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    I'm in need of a skilled flutter developer with an intermediate level of expertise. My primary focus is a functionally robust app that will retain and satisfy users efficiently. While I have not detailed specific functionaliti...UI/UX and seamless user interaction. Skills and Experience: - Intermediate experience in Flutter development. Proof of this will be a big plus. - Proficiency working with Firebase for user authentication and real-time database integration. - Experience integrating push notifications in a Flutter app. - Knowledge of state management solutions like Riverpod, Provider, Bloc, etc. - Good problem-solving skills and ability to adapt and learn fast. I hope to find a dedicated, committed individual who thrives on challenges and is open to giving a...

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    I'm in need of a skilled flutter developer with an intermediate level of expertise. My primary focus is a functionally robust app that will retain and satisfy users efficiently. While I have not detailed specific functionaliti...UI/UX and seamless user interaction. Skills and Experience: - Intermediate experience in Flutter development. Proof of this will be a big plus. - Proficiency working with Firebase for user authentication and real-time database integration. - Experience integrating push notifications in a Flutter app. - Knowledge of state management solutions like Riverpod, Provider, Bloc, etc. - Good problem-solving skills and ability to adapt and learn fast. I hope to find a dedicated, committed individual who thrives on challenges and is open to giving a...

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    I'm in need of help restoring my 12-year-old website which presently has some functionality issues. Specifically: - Website does not allow login - The opening page, designed with Adobe Flash, is non-responsive - The new software needed to open the Flash animation . Therefore, I'd welcome any experienced web developer with strong troubleshooting and problem-solving skills, particularly those able to work with outdated technologies such as Adobe Flash. Moreover, your expertise in newer, alternative technologies would be invaluable as I'm open to replacing the flash animation on the opening page with a different, more cutting-edge technology. In addition, proficiency in website optimization, interface design, and content updating is desirable to enhance site f...

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    I require a seasoned tech developer with robust expertise in not just managing, but maintaining, updating, and further developing a Saas platform. This platform also operates on Apple and Android interfaces, making this task more demanding and multi-faceted. See document attached for additional information and details. ...access control, and encryption of user data - Incorporating advanced payment processing and subscription management - Streamlining integration with third-party APIs Preferred skills include proficiency in SaaS platforms, mobile development (Apple and Android), UI/UX design, authentication protocols, data encryption, payment gateway integration, and API integration. A keen eye for detail, problem-solving mindset, and passion for enhancing user experience...

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    .NET SQL Debugging Needed 6 hari left

    I am in need of an experienced developer with strong skills in .NET and SQL. My project currently has some issues that I am unable to resolve on...strong skills in .NET and SQL. My project currently has some issues that I am unable to resolve on my own. Work needs to be done on my premises in Las Vegas. Key Tasks: * Debugging: The application has been developed but is encountering syntax errors and runtime errors which need resolution. Ideal Skills and Qualifications: * Strong experience with .NET and SQL * Proven debugging and problem-solving abilities * Knowledge of application development and programming languages If you have the ability to quickly identify and fix these issues, I would love to hear from you. Please share examples of similar work you have comp...

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    You would be my voice in Australia, handling customer service calls on my behalf. Main Duties: - Communicate effectively with our clients over the phone. - Solving any problems that may arise during the calls. - Handle multiple tasks simultaneously. Skills and Experience: - Strong problem solving ability. - Excellent multitasking capabilities. - Outstanding communication skills. - Preferably a woman from Australia. Time Commitment: - The job requires less than 10 hours per week. - Flexibility is essential as call times may vary. This position provides an excellent opportunity for those seeking a part-time role with potential for growth. Have you got what it takes to deliver excellent customer service support? I look forward to your bid.

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    I'm having a problem with the functioning of my OpenCart's Brainy Filter extension. After making some custom modifications, such as changing the filter logic and modifying product attributes, I've found that it's not filtering products correctly. More specifically, the issue lies in the accuracy of the filtering results. The filter is failing to return any products at all when used, which is a critical issue for my e-commerce platform. Ideally, I am seeking a freelancer who has: - A deep understanding and working knowledge of OpenCart and its Brainy Filter extension - Proven experience in modifying filter logic and product attributes - Strong problem-solving skills, able to diagnose and fix the inaccuracies in the filtering results Your task wo...

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    ...technologies. 6. Excellent troubleshooting skills and the ability to analyze complex network issues. 7. Effective communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams. Preferred Certifications are a plus. - CCNA - CCNP - CompTIA Network+ The ideal candidate should have a proven track record as a Network Administrator combined with exceptional problem-solving abilities, meticulous attention to detail, and a team-driven work ethic. When submitting a proposal please answer the following questions: 1. Does your network admin experience involve supporting a high-traffic/busy e-commerce site or non-e-commerce site? -If Yes, describe, and include details like how many users per hour. How many web servers, and how many database ...

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    15 bida

    ...connection. Minimum 1 year experience in a brand design or design agency role. Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite. Good portfolio showcasing your best work (even if not purely brand design). Excellent attention to detail and ability to produce high-quality work. Strong communication and collaboration skills. Ability to work independently and manage multiple projects simultaneously. Creative problem-solving skills and ability to think outside the box. Flexibility and willingness to adapt to changing design needs and priorities. Strong time management skills and ability to meet deadlines. Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design or a related field is preferred, but not required....

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    37 bida

    I am searching for an experienced IT professional who can provide comple...hardware, you will need to diagnose various problems that may arise and provide solutions to ensure the smooth functioning of the systems. - Network issues are also a concern. As such, you must be proficient in identifying and solving problems related to the network and maintain stability and robust connectivity. A successful candidate should have proven experience in providing comprehensive desktop support, primarily for Windows systems, including software management, hardware fixes, and network troubleshooting. You should also demonstrate excellent problem-solving skills and an ability to handle a large number of systems simultaneously. The ability to respond quickly and effectively to supp...

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    I'm in need of a specialist who can help me unhiding rows in a large Excel document. The row hides ...throughout the entire sheet and unfortunately, there seems to be no specific pattern or rules that determine which rows are hidden. Here's what I expect from an ideal candidate: - Extensive experience dealing with complex Excel sheets - Proficient in managing rows and columns, specifically displaying hidden data - Ability to quickly and accurately navigate through a large Excel document - Critical problem-solving skills to figure out the inconsistencies in the sheet To be successful in this project, understanding of Excel logic and functionality is vital, as there doesn't seem to be a clear-cut reason for why these rows are hidden. Time efficiency is also key...

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    I'm in need of a professional with strong Python skills to develop a project focused on performing sentiment analysis on Google Play Store reviews. The main goal of this project is to extract features from these reviews and perform an in-depth analysis of their opinions. Key tasks include: - Extraction of salient features from Google Play Store reviews, with a particular focus on th...analysis, particularly by using mixed-method approaches. It's also important that you have knowledge in text analysis and are adept at uncovering relevant patterns in large datasets. If you've worked with Google Play Store's API or similar platforms in the past, that would be a big plus. But most importantly, I need someone who can think critically about data and take an analytical appro...

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    ...Ratatui issue on Github that has got me tied up. I am looking for a proficient Rust programmer to guide me out of this bind. Key Responsibilities: - Have a thorough look at the identified Ratatui issue on Github - Help me to create PR on GitHub with solve for this issue Ideal Candidate Skills and Experience: - Understanding and experience in Rust programming - Proficiency in debugging and problem solving - Familiarity with GitHub environment - Prior experience with open-source contributions, preferably Rust related, will be enormously advantageous I will tell you the chosen issue in a direct message. When you apply, please highlight your experience, specifically focusing on open-source contributions you've made in the past. I'm interested in seeing how you�...

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    I am seeking a highly skilled Full Stack Web Developer who specializes in platforms like Laravel Requireme...Integration Google Callender Plugin Integration Google Meet or Zoom Integration Admin and vendor Portal Database and other background deployment - Proficiency in Laravel platform or other coding platform - Proven experience setting up E-commerce platforms. - Precision in implementing provided web design. - Strong understanding of user interface and user experiences. - Ability to troubleshoot and problem-solve efficiently. - Ability to work to deadlines and maintain quality of work. Preference will be given to candidates who can demonstrate a strong understanding and previous experience with Laravel and E-commerce site development. Please provide examples of your prev...

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    ...matches the one from my previous accounts program. Here's what I need: - Inclusion of specific information - The template must: - Include sections for customer details - Feature our company logo prominently - Have fields for an itemized list of products/services - Formatting - It needs to replicate the look and feel of our existing invoice template. This job will require a creative problem solver who can work effectively within the Xero environment, while still delivering a custom, tailored product. - Swift completion - Since we're keen on transitioning to Xero as soon as possible, we'd highly appreciate prompt project turnarounds. Please, only bid if you have proven experience in customizing invoice templates in Xero. I look forward to partnering ...

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    I'm struggling with severe issues concerning my Outlook application on my Windows desktop. The software crashes frequently and unfortunately I am losing vital emails when it's connected to my Gmail account. Here's an overview of the situation: - Frequency of Issue: This is not a one-off situation, but rather a recurring ordeal that happens often. - Device Type: The problem is specifically on my Windows-operated desktop computer. Ideal Candidate: I am searching for an expert who possess the technical skills to troubleshoot and fix software issues, preferably someone experienced with Windows operating system, Gmail and Outlook integration. A clear understanding of the cause and solution of such crashes and data (email) loss will be beneficial.

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    16 bida • Create a secure and efficient payment processing system. Ideal Skills & Experience: • Significant experience in e-commerce website development. • Familiarity with a broad range of e-commerce platforms and payment gateways. • A good understanding of user interface and experience principles. • Experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and web analytics. • Attention to detail and problem-solving skills. • Good communication skills for effective collaboration. The website's main goal might vary between selling products, building brand awareness or lead generation, so the design should facilitate these adjustments. Your experience and creativity will be essential to achieve a versatile and high-performing e-comme...

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