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    The purpose of this project is to help me improve my business English vocabulary. Although I have some knowledge of English, my vocabulary for business English is lacking and this is the main area I want to work on. Ideal Skills and Experience: - ESL Teaching - English Linguistics - Business English Tutoring Understanding of the right technical, industrial and commercial terminologies is a must. Anyone who can offer specifically tailored instructions to help me bridge the gap between intermediate and advanced business English is welcome to apply. These are the things I expect from our engagement: - Interactive vocabulary building session focused on business English jargon and idioms - Provide reading materials, exercises, and homework with feedback - Conduct tests to meas...

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    I need 2000 words of quality work related to Computational Thinking.

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    - I have 3 questions need you to help complete (given that they are just some parts of my report, so introduction and conclusion are not needed) - Word requir...they are just some parts of my report, so introduction and conclusion are not needed) - Word requirement: 2000 words in total. - At least 10 references in total - No AI and Plagiarism (Turn-it-in report is required from you) Questions need to be completed: 1. Are computational thinking and AI education important? 2. What do you think future teacher education developments may need to prepare teachers to teach computational thinking and AI? Provide justifications for your reasoning. 3. Are you ready to teach computational thinking and AI in schools? What support or resources do you need to prepare yourself ...

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    Must understand I require an expert in financial statement analysis and forecasting. The project involves predicting financial trends over a three-year period. I only have cash flow statements available for analysis purposes. Key Responsibilities: - Analyzing cash flow statements - Preparing a three-year financial forecast based on the analysis ...Responsibilities: - Analyzing cash flow statements - Preparing a three-year financial forecast based on the analysis - Highlight expected trends and give insights Ideal Skills: - Proven experience in financial statement analysis - Proficiency in financial forecasting - Expert ability to analyze and interpret cash flow statements - Keen attention to detail and accuracy - Excellent analytical, computational, and mathematical abilities.

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    I'm seeking a talented machine learning expert to create a model to predict cancer - related proteins within Protein-Protein Interaction networks. Key Requirements: - No Data Availability: You will be responsible for sourcing a suitable dataset for this project. The dataset should be substantial, relevant to healthcare, and appropriate for predictive analysis. - Designing, Implementing and Evaluating a Strategy. - Evaluation of the Model - Making predictions on a New Test Set Ideal Candidate: - Strong Machine Learning Skills: You should have a proven track record in creating predictive analysis models. - Healthcare Industry Knowledge: Little experience in working with healthcare datasets would be a significant advantage. - Data Sourcing Ability: Being able to identify and acces...

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    I'm in need of a TensorFlow expert to create an image classification model using Yolo. The model should be able to categorize images into more than 10 categories. We're aiming for basic accuracy for simple tasks, a good start in the right direction. Key Tasks: - Utilize Yolo with Tensor...classification - Ensure the model can accurately distinguish between more than 10 categories - Focus on achieving basic accuracy for simple tasks, rather than advanced or research-level accuracy. Ideal Skills: - Strong proficiency in TensorFlow, with experience in image classification tasks - Prior experience working with Yolo in a similar context - Ability to balance model complexity and computational efficiency for basic accuracy - Strong communication skills to understand and adapt t...

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    **Overview:** Seeking a Virtual Assistant with expertise in Romance languages to help translate and format documents. Proficiency in ChatGPT-4, Microsoft Word, and PDFs is essential. **Responsibilities:** - Translate and mirror format documents into Romance languages. - Use ChatGPT-4 for translation assistance and editing. - Handle document formatting in Word and PDF. **Qualifications:** - Linguistics major, specializing in Romance languages. - Must be a native speaker of either English, Spanish, French, Portuguese or Italian - Skilled in Microsoft Word, PDF editing, and ChatGPT-4. - Excellent grammar and punctuation skills. **Pay:** - $3.00 USD/hour

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    I am seeking a skilled consultant to provide expertise and guidance for our CFD analysis project in Ansys Fluent. The project involves applying user-defined functions (UDFs) to a pre-prepared model. Your role will be to provide consultancy and support throughout the project, ensuring accurate and efficient analysis. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in computational fluid dynamics, extensive experience with Ansys Fluent, and proficiency in developing and implementing UDFs. Key skills required: - CFD analysis - Ansys Fluent - User-defined functions (UDFs) We are looking for an expert with a proven track record in CFD analysis and Ansys Fluent to provide high-quality consultancy and deliver exceptional results.

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    I'm in search of a skilled MATLAB programmer who also specializes in computational fluid dynamics (CFD). This role encompasses various important tasks, including the following: - Writing MATLAB code for complex simulations: You must have a strong command over MATLAB programming to create the simulations required for the project. - Ideally should know how pipe organs work in the first place. - Conducting CFD analysis: A comprehensive understanding of fluid dynamics and the ability to perform CFD analysis is crucial for this role. - Optimizing code performance: You should be able to enhance and optimize the performance of the MATLAB code for efficient and effective simulations. The purpose of these simulations and analyses is specifically for two main areas: - Fluid Flow Analy...

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    **Overview:** Seeking a Virtual Assistant with expertise in Romance languages to help translate and format documents. Proficiency in ChatGPT-4, Microsoft Word, and PDFs is essential. **Responsibilities:** - Translate and mirror format documents into Romance languages. - Use ChatGPT-4 for translation assistance and editing. - Handle document formatting in Word and PDF. **Qualifications:** - Linguistics major, specializing in Romance languages. - Skilled in Microsoft Word, PDF editing, and ChatGPT-4. - Excellent grammar and punctuation skills. **Pay:** - $3.00 USD/hour

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    I'm in need of an expert who can perform protein structure prediction on canine (dog) protein sequences for the purpose of disease research. This project will involve: - Utilizing advanced computational tools and techniques to predict the 3D structures of specific proteins - Understanding the relationship between these structures and possible diseases in canines Ideal candidates should have: - Extensive experience in bioinformatics, specifically in protein structure prediction - A comprehensive understanding of the relationship between protein structures and diseases - Previous experience working with canine protein sequences is a plus, but not mandatory - Strong analytical and problem-solving skills The end goal of this project is to potentially contribute to the developmen...

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    I'm in need of a skilled translator capable of converting an English document into Spanish. - It is imperative that the translation maintains the intent, tone, and context of the original content. - Prior experience in document translation is required...English document into Spanish. - It is imperative that the translation maintains the intent, tone, and context of the original content. - Prior experience in document translation is required, and the ability to work efficiently under tight deadlines. - Familiarity with both the English language and Spanish (Castilian specifically) is essential. - Ideal candidates should have a strong background in linguistics. - Please provide any examples of your previous translation works in your bid. - Translations will be reviewed for accura...

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    I am seeking an individual proficient in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation for a project centered around simulating the performance of louvres under specific conditions, as per AS 4740:2000 standard. Our primary objective with the CFD simulation is to evaluate the performance of the louvres under variant conditions, more specifically: - The impact of wind and the associated pressure conditions. - The efficiency of airflow and ventilation through the louvres. The candidate must: - Have a deep understanding and an ability to execute CFD simulations. - Be familiar with the implications of wind impact, pressure, airflow, and ventilation in regards to louvres. - Have extensive knowledge of the AS 4740:2000 standard specifications. This project requires pre...

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    ...will involve comparing the differences between the stress distributions of the shell and solid models using a cross-correlation analysis. Careful examination of the stress distributions near significant thickness losses will be undertaken. The finite element model results will also be compared to results obtained from analytical models used by the industry to evaluate structural integrity. The computational time of the shell and solid finite element analysis will be recorded to evaluate and compare the computation efficiency of each methodology. Phase 4: Explore structural integrity evaluation and prediction. This phase is to investigate the application of the model to evaluate the structural integrity of the tank. The stress distribution in the vicinity of significant thickness...

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    ...forces acting on particles in a pre-existing code. - **Focus on Accuracy**: The most critical aspect of this project is ensuring that the forces implemented into the code are as accurate as possible. A thorough understanding of force fields and their application within LAMMPS is essential. - **Requirements**: - Proficiency in using and modifying LAMMPS software - Strong background in computational chemistry or physics, especially in molecular dynamics simulations - Ability to write clean, efficient, and accurate code - Detail-oriented approach to ensure the accuracy of the forces applied - **Ideal Experience**: - Previous experience in modifying LAMMPS codes with a focus on force implementation - Solid understanding of particle dynamics and how to accurately simula...

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    We are looking for a highly skilled and experienced freelancer to assist with Finite Element Analysis (FEA) fro drone. The ideal candidate should possess strong proficiency in Solidworks, ANSYS, CATIA, and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Additionally, a solid background in aerospace engineering and fundamental aerodynamics is required. Requirements: - Proficiency in Solidworks, ANSYS, CATIA, and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). - Strong background in aerospace engineering, with knowledge of fundamental aerodynamics principles. - Experience in conducting FEA simulations for structural analysis, thermal analysis, and other relevant applications. - Ability to interpret analysis results and provide actionable insights for design optimization. - Excellent communication sk...

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    We're in need of individuals highly proficient in Spanish language for testing a digital text editor focused on advanced g...text editor focused on advanced grammar-checking functionalities, specifically subjunctive mood and complex sentences. This is being developed on a digital platform powered by AI. - Your task involves reviewing and evaluating the tool's performance accurately. - Replying survey - Validating subscription method. - We'd greatly prefer applicants with a strong background in computational linguistics or Spanish linguistics. - Spanish native speakers or advanced Spanish language learners would be highly preferred. Your input will greatly enhance the effectiveness of this tool and contribute to a smoother user experience for those wr...

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    ...and generate questions based on text documents and PDF files. The system will need to: - Extract key information from the content files - Generate fact and conceptual-based questions - Provide respective solutions, incorporating a value range between 2000 and 20,000 soles The ideal freelancer for this project should have experience with AI technology, natural language processing, and computational linguistics. Knowledge in business-related content would be beneficial as the AI-generated questions will be designed for a business audience. More details This is what we need: 1- A simple login page 2- A system with web interface with IA trained with legal files (resolutions) from PERU (we have the files) that can answer diferent questions in spanish only about the files cont...

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    Hey, we seek someone who can build the first version of a custom blockchain based on Cosmos SDK or Solana. We seek someone for a long partnership, there will be followup jobs. Here are the whole requirements: -Build a custom blockchain using Cosmos SDK or Solana -Block explorer website. This page will be integrated in our regular website. -Walle...Coins will be divisible to accommodate splitting, have adjustable fees to incentivize transactions, and a capped max amount to maintain scarcity. Therefore, rewards will decrease periodically after a certain step/ amount of coins were generated. Nodes: - Periodic broadcast for node discovery - Custom messaging protocol f.e. TCP/IP or UDP - Rewards for validating transactions and providing computational resources - Penalties for maliciou...

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    I am seeking a proficient Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analyst with specific expertise in axial pump cavitation analysis. My project aims at optimizing the flow rate and efficiency of an axial pump currently performing at medium levels. Key tasks include: 1. Pump Performance Optimization: The specialist will identify cavitation regions and execute comprehensive analysis to support efficiency and flow rate enhancements. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Thorough understanding and experience in pump cavitation analysis. - Prior work in CFD analysis, specifically in the domain of flow rate and efficiency optimization. - Knowledge of axial pumps and their optimal performance characteristics. By bringing onboard your specialist skills, we will be able to significantly enhance...

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    I'm in need of a skilled mathematician who specializes in computational geometry. I'm particularly interested in individuals who can assist with the following tasks: - Resolving problems related to geometry, in particularly area calculations and perimeter measurements. - These calculations will primarily deal with specific shapes such as rectangles and triangles. Knowledge and understanding of the geometric principles related to these shapes is critical, as you'll be working to simplify and solve related equations, and produce accurate area and perimeter measures. Experienced math tutors or graduates with a background in Geometry would be ideal candidates.

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    I'm looking for someone experienced with Ansys or similar CFD software to design an extruder die that can create a multiple revolution helix. The perfect freelancer for this project will have a solid background in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and expert-level knowledge of Ansys or equivalent and some plastic extrusion understanding. Some critical aspects to consider in the modelling are: - High dimensional accuracy, while managing a linear velocity gradient across the width of the extrusion - A flat bottom and side walls, perhaps using co-extrusion as a way of delivering this - Some insight and design of tooling for handling the extrudate from the die as it solidifies into the helical column. Overall, this project requires a creative intuition about controlli...

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    I'm on the hunt for an English teacher who can help me improve my advanced-level English skills, with a particular emphasis on Business English conversation. The lessons should: - Tailor to advanced English proficiency, primarily focusing on business linguistics - Prioritize free-flowing conversation based on daily business situations rather than rigid structured topics - Enhance my practical business communication skills in English This role is ideal for tutors with experience teaching Advanced Business English where real-world, spontaneous conversation practice is a core part of the lessons. Effective communication skills, patience, and an understanding of business vernacular are a must.

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    ...with strong skills in 3D modeling and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Key tasks involve: - Constructing an accurate 3D model based on provided specifications. - Performing CFD analysis for fluid flow analysis and heat transfer optimization. The ultimate goal is to optimize the design of the product in question, basing improvements on the results from the Fluid Flow analysis and Heat Transfer analysis. Given the technical nature of this project, I will provide the selected freelancer with all the needed details such as: - Dimensions and geometry specifications - Material properties - Operating conditions Ideal freelancer is a seasoned SolidWorks user that understands Finite Element Modelling and can handle complex, two-phase computational flow simulation sce...

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    I am hunting for an expert in ANSYS to generate a high-detail mesh on all parts of a KJ66 micro turbojet engine. - Scope Of Work: To be specific, the project involves meshing the compressor, combustor, and turbine. - Purpose: The primary purpose of this task is to facilitate a computational fluid dynamics study on the engine. - Detailing: It is essential that the meshing is done with high precision for accurate simulation results. - Ideal Candidate: You should have a rigorous understanding of the meshing process in ANSYS, with particularity towards turbojet engines. An ability to achieve high-detail simulations with a discerning eye for accuracy is imperative. Prior experience in CFD studies will help you succeed in this project. Please include in your proposal ho...

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    ...language tutors from the Philippines to teach kids and adults English on Voov Tencent Meeting. Requirements . must be available to have class with students from 6 P.M to 9 P.M on weekdays and on weekend. must be a Wechat user or able to sign up on Wechat. and patient , proficient in English language. who have background of education, applied linguistics, English language ,TESOL,TEFL and Professional teacher license are preferred . 5 hopefully at least one year experience as an online English language tutor 6 have a quite place to have uninterrupted class with students 7 noise deduction headset ,camera and device are needed (laptop or desktop computer ) hourly rate :PHP 120-140 pay on a weekly basis . Ideal applicants should have experience

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    I am seeking a competent research writer that specializes in mathematics, particularly computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The project involves writing a research paper and thesis for my PhD studies. Key requirements include: - Analyzing fluid flow behavior particularly of water waves. - Coding of the analysis in Matlab, with provided validation with other port data. The ideal freelancer for this will have: - Expertise in mathematics, with a focus on CFD - Demonstrated experience with Matlab coding - Background in fluid dynamics, specifically on water wave behavior - Publications or demonstrated experience in academic writing - Strong attention to detail with emphasis on accuracy and quality This project is an exciting opportunity to contribute to advanced academic research ...

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    ...highly experienced MATLAB programmer to contribute to my Ph.D. research in the area of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Primary Tasks: - Develop a numerical solver in MATLAB for the Boussinessq type equations. - Undertake sophisticated multiphase flow modeling within a 2D mathematical model context. -Study and analyse the behavior of these multiphase flows extensively. Secondary Objectives: - Investigate the potential impacts of varying parameters on fluid dynamics to add depth to the research findings. Ideal Skills: - Comprehensive understanding and experience using MATLAB for advanced computation and problem-solving - Background in physics or mathematics, particularly in the area of Computational Fluid Dynamics - Knowledge of non-linear Boussinesq type equations...

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    I'm in need of an experienced engineer specialized in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and with proficiency in Ansys Fluent. Key tasks: - Analyze turbulent flow behavior in a specific system. - Use speed as critical fluid properties in the simulation. Desired Skills and Experience: - Advanced working knowledge of Ansys Fluent software. - Sound understanding and application of CFD and fluid mechanics. - Previous experience with turbulent flow simulations. - Detailed understanding of fluid properties (namely viscosity and density), unique to turbulent flow systems. It's crucial for the freelancer to offer clear, concise communication and adhere to timelines. Looking forward to your proposals!

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    I'm seeking an individual skilled in both biochemistry and computer-aided drug design. Your main task will be to design novel antibodies with therapeutic applications. Key Responsibilities: - Apply your knowledge of biochemistry and computational methods - Utilize computer-aided drug design techniques - Focus on creating antibodies for therapeutic uses Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in biochemistry - Familiarity with computational methods, specifically computer-aided drug design - Experience in antibody design - Background in therapeutic applications Together, we can contribute to the advancements in therapeutic applications!

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    I have a simple running game fully developed for PC using Unity. I'm looking for a Unity Game Developer to improve the efficiency of the game's genetic algorithm. The objective will be to create a smoother, faster experience for the players. - ...have a simple running game fully developed for PC using Unity. I'm looking for a Unity Game Developer to improve the efficiency of the game's genetic algorithm. The objective will be to create a smoother, faster experience for the players. - **Skills Required** - Experience with Unity Game Development - Proven track record with Genetic Algorithms - **Expectation** - Reduction in computational load during gameplay - Improved efficiency of the genetic algorithm ensuring smooth gameplay. I look forward...

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    I'm in need of a native Mandarin Chinese speaker who enjoys watching anime, with top-notch subtitling and editing skills. The engagement involves editing existing Simplified/Traditional Chinese subtitle files (.srt). The existing subtitles are in Simplified Chinese and are about 85% accurate to the audio, and the...and convert the .srt file to Traditional Chinese. The episode is around 23 minutes long. The end result would be 100% accurate and in-sync Simplified and Traditional Chinese .srt files for the episode. In my ideal candidate, I'm looking for: - Native speaker of Mandarin Chinese - Experience in creating/editing .srt/.ass files in both Traditional and Simplified Chinese - Some background in linguistics - Fan of anime shows - A perfectionist work ethic Looking f...

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    ...Design. Here, you'll need to decide on the architecture of your summarization model. This can range from a basic sequence-to-sequence model to more complex architectures like Transformer-based models. Consider factors such as model size, computational efficiency, and the specific requirements of your summarization task. With your model architecture defined, the next step is Training the Model. Utilize deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow or PyTorch to implement and train your model on the preprocessed dataset. This stage requires access to computational resources, preferably GPUs, to facilitate faster training. Experiment with different hyperparameters and training strategies to optimize the model's performance. Once your model is trained, it's essenti...

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    ...parallel processing framework. - Develop and integrate an extended polynomial model to include additional variables (viscosity, heat capacity, density) alongside existing parameters (pressure, temperature). - Revise the data handling mechanisms to manage an expanded dataset effectively, ensuring system compatibility and operational efficiency. - Enhance the code to adeptly manage the augmented computational demands, possibly by refining the parallel processing setup. - Ensure the system's robustness and accuracy by validating the enhanced model with provided datasets. - Document all modifications comprehensively and offer guidance for any future code adjustments or scalability concerns. - Leverage experience in Python microservices for efficient model deployment and scaling,...

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    I'm seeking a professional to undertake an Arabic transcription project. Here is what it entails: - Transcribing an audio file in the Arabic language - The existing audio file is in MP3 format and is of good quality - The challenge may lie in the comprehension of different dialects, if any exist Proficiency in Arabic linguistics and prior experience in transcriptions is crucial for this assignment. Accuracy and keen attention to detail will be invaluable.

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    I am in need of a MATLAB Expert with a profound understanding of mathematical modeling and computational fluid dynamics. Your main responsibilities will encompass: - The strong focus will be on mathematical modeling, especially in relation to Nwogu's Boussinesq type equations. - Developing in-depth simulations regarding shallow water wave propagations. - Analyzing data meticulously received from simulations to make key observations. - Optimizing designs effectively based on data analysis to make necessary improvements and alterations. - Implement differential equations and other simulations to align with and validate to other port conditions. - familiarity with Nwogu's Boussinesq type equations are also a critical requirement.

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    looking for English language tutors f...language tutors from the Philippines to teach kids and adults English on Voov Tencent Meeting. Requirements . must be available to have class with students from 6 P.M to 9 P.M on weekdays and on weekend. must be a Wechat user or able to sign up on Wechat. and patient , proficient in English language. who have background of education, applied linguistics, English language ,TESOL,TEFL and Professional teacher license are preferred . 5 hopefully at least one year experience as an online English language tutor 6 have a quite place to have uninterrupted class with students 7 noise deduction headset ,camera and device are needed (laptop or desktop computer ) hourly rate :PHP 120-140 pay on a weekly basis .

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    I am in need of an accomplished research writer well-versed in advanced concepts in the field of Science, specifically with a focus on Linguistics and Law. Key requirements for this project include: - Expertise in academic and research writing - Ability to produce high-quality, advanced level research Your task will involve exploring scientific concepts related to Linguistics and Law, and delivering a comprehensive chapter in a thesis that meets scholarly standards. Please provide examples of similar previous work in your proposal. I need a chapter on "Examination of the pragmatics of legal language, including speech acts, implicature, and presuppositions" (with a focus on English language) (10 pages, 14 Times New Roman, single space)

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    As a personal project, I am seeking for a Analysis of 4E (Energy, Exergy, Economic, and Environmental) for hydrogen production via Conventional Gasification method. Initially, this system is modeled in Aspen Plus software, and then the desired outputs are analyzed using 4E analysis in the computational software EES. The schematic cycle is attached. The ideal candidate for this project would have experience in chemical engineering or Mechanical engineering, particularly with hydrogen production and its processes. Using Aspen Plus and EES for analysis is also required. Potential freelancers should be detail-oriented, thorough, and able to deliver high-level analysis.

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    ...360° detection capability. Displaying detected drones as rectangles with descriptions of the drone type or "undefined". Ability to zoom in on a specific drone and subsequently track it. Option to set a perimeter for triggering alarms. Activation of alarms in case a drone is detected within the perimeter. Monitoring the flight of drones and issuing warnings. Hardware Specifications: Computational unit: Nvidia Jetson Nano. Input from PTZ camera with a resolution of 4MP and an infrared module. Option for measuring the distance to the drone using a laser. Acceptance Criteria: The software should be capable of detecting drones with a minimum size of 30 cm. The system should be able to simultaneously detect and display multiple drones. Recognition of dron...

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    Looking for a highly skilled and experienced coder to develop an algorithm that efficiently solves the Bin Packing problem. The primary objective of this project is to design an algorithm which allows for the minimal usage of bins...algorithm will largely depend on the accuracy of the results it yields. Ideal freelancers for this job should have: * In-depth understanding of data analysis algorithms * Ability to implement tested algorithms into functional code * Proven experience in mathematical modeling or similar projects * Attention to detail to assure high accuracy of results This project requires a balance of computational expertise and innovative thinking to generate an optimal solution. The successful completion of this project could lead to additional related work in t...

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    I am looking for a financial expert who can conduct a financial due diligen...intend to purchase. Key Responsibilities: - Review, at detail level, the revenue streams and cost structure - Verify the past two years' financials, kept via Excel - Confirm financial transactions with the bank balance Ideal Candidate: - Must have profound expertise in financial analysis (CPA Required) - Experience in business valuation - High proficiency in Excel - Excellent analytical, computational, and mathematical abilities - Knowledge of financial principles and procedures - Detail-oriented, with high organizational skills Timeline: This project will start on April 1st and must be completed within a timeframe of 2 weeks. Your dedication to meeting this deadline without sacrificing qualit...

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    I'm seeking an experienced academic writer with a deep understanding of English teaching linguistics. The project involves crafting a comprehensive research paper exploring "English learners’ attitudes towards the use of technology in teaching speaking skills” This complex subject requires an understanding of both the linguistic aspects of English teaching and the role of technology in facilitating learning, and also understanding of spss and quantitative analysis of questionnaire Ideal candidates for this project should demonstrate: - A profound knowledge of English teaching linguistics - Prior experience in academic writing and research methodology - Familiarity with technology's impact on English language teaching and learning This specialize...

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    ...Matlab expert or writer to assist with my PhD research work focusing on Mathematics, specifically Computational Fluid Dynamics. Key Job Details: - Help improve the accuracy of current simulations - Aid in optimizing the design for better performance - Assist in analyzing the fluid behavior under different conditions - Particularly in dealing with 2D Depth intergrated Nwogu's Boussinesq Type Equations to observe shallow water wave propagation near coastal regions. -I need validations of the numerical hybrid finite difference and finite volume method solutions with the paradip port data The ideal freelancer would have previous Matlab experience, specifically in mathematical modeling and computational fluid dynamics. Knowledge of differential equations and simulatio...

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    I need a realistic fluid simulation for an industrial process that must include fluid interaction with solid objects. The 3D animation should be rendered using Blender, and the level of detail should be high enough to convincingly demonstrate fluid dynamics within equipment. Details: This is a demonstration simulation. This is not a finite element analysis or computational fluid dynamic simulation. It's simply meant to start a conversation and convey the physics of a device that I have recently developed. The solid objects would be industrial piping that is interacting with a gas such as Helium. We would have to show an acoustic wave propagating through the helium but we can do so with artistic freedom. It could be as simple as a gas that is slowely moving back and forth repea...

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    As an active member of the risk management sector, I am in need of a dedicated individual who can efficiently implement a minimum spanning tree algorithm in Python for stress testing. This project has a direct correlation w...tree algorithms Ideal Candidate: - Strong programming skills in Python - Experience with algorithms, specifically minimum spanning tree - Exceptional understanding of financial data processing - Knowledge in risk management and stress testing methodologies, specifically scenario analysis In conclusion, I am hoping to collaborate with a seasoned Python developer with rich experience in computational algorithms and a solid understanding of the risk management domain, to effectively implement this system. A knack for financial data analysis would also favor...

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    I'm in need of a freelancer with expertise in typing LaTeX and computational sciences. The main task will involve creating advanced post-graduate level scientific documents. Your responsibilities will include: - Writing complex mathematical equations using LaTeX - Ensuring proper formatting for high-end research papers - Knowledge and comprehension of computational science terms and principles The ideal candidate is skilled in LaTeX typing, specifically with respect to computational science content. Demonstrated experience in creating scientific documents and research papers at a post-graduate level is highly desired. Your ability to handle complex computational science terms is crucial for this project.

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    ...wealth of news about language conflict cases in European countries - Organizing the data in an orderly manner The ideal candidate should have: - Detailed project proposals - Background in Sociology of Language, Sociolinguistics, Data mining. The research needs to be structured into a Word document for easy reference and review. Understanding and experience with archival research, history, linguistics, or related fields will be considered an asset. If you are detail-oriented, analytical, and passionate about linguistic research, I would like to hear from you. Skills required: - High proficiency in English - Familiarity with Factiva, Proquest and LexisNexis databases - Excellent research and data mining skills Prior relevant experience will be highly ben...

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    I am looking for an Excel expert who can create an easily understandable and navigable sheet that can efficiently track Diesel fuel consumption with particular emphasis on calibration error analysis. This would allow me to both track fuel usage and monitor to manually input and monitor the amount of diesel used. - Calibration error analysis: Track the syndromes and rectify any differences in actual and expected fuel consumption. - Track excess and shortages: Clearly indicate any discrepancies or unusual patterns in consumption, logged on a monthly basis. Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Excellent knowledge of Excel and its computational capabilities - A good understanding of calibration error analysis - Proven track record of creating similar Excel sheets and ...

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    We're in need of a linguist who is fluent in Japanese to perform content analysis on our AI chatbot. Your primary role will be to evaluate prompts and responses for language accuracy, context appropriateness, cultural nuance and overall language quality. Ideal Skills and Experience: * Fluency ...overall language quality. Ideal Skills and Experience: * Fluency in Japanese with strong understanding of language nuances. * Ability to analyze AI chatbot interactions accurately. * Familiarity with various AI chatbot platforms will be advantageous. * Detailed oriented nature is crucial for the task at hand. * Experience in linguistics, translation, or a related field. If you meet these requirements and are keen to evaluate AI chatbot content, put your linguistics skills to...

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