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    Hello, I am looking for a computer programmer that also does web design, the project will include creating and maintaining a basic backend login system that will be used for sales reps to submit and view orders. Looking for a skilled graphic designer to create a modern and fresh website front as well.

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    My website is on a programming language so I am looking for a programmer to develop my WordPress website. if you want to place Bids then first check my website [login to view URL] [login to view URL] a unique content on my website. [login to view URL] a responsive website for both mobile and computer. 3. upload content of JAVA, MYSQL, HTML, XML. (...

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    Hi, Im looking for a programmer who can solve a bug on my shopify theme. When adding to many products on a collection it will duplicate some of the products. This should be fixed. This is the website: [login to view URL] For example: direct URL: [login to view URL] (remember to scroll down) The fix should

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    I have a website that is almost finished but still has some glaring issues that need to be worked through. I have just fired everyone that worked for me today because they were not getting the job done quite frankly. Some of the issues that still persist and must be resolved are: 1. When customer types in description, click save and come back -

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    We are looking for a programmer for developping a website for us and at the same time be a potencial partner in the future. We have a 15 years experience organizing online events, congresses and conferences for universities in Brazil, a good know-how in the area and a extensive international network in the academic world. However we organize only around

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    I need a new website. I need you to design my blog. I am a person who applies the principles of software engineering to the design, development, maintenance, testing, and evaluation of the software that make computers or other devices containing software work. Prior to the mid-1970s, software practitioners called themselves computer programmers or

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    Computer parts and product company in Syosset, NY needs a developer or programmer to integrate our current website with new WMS software installation. We are looking for someone who can use Universal Adapter to integrate the information between the current websites tables and the associated data that will exist in the Universal Adapter table. The

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    Looking for a computer programmer to be involved with the backend coding on a marketplace payment service, at this point likely aimed towards Stripe Custom Connect account/API. The website is handed by the development team, and works will be coordinated with them to ensure functionality. This project will include, but not be limited to: - Installing

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    I'm looking for a programmer to create a website which will download/upload specific files to specific website using it's API. - App will provide log, and store specific accounts, URL's, notes. - App will automatically get variables by choosing options on Google Developer Console. - App will make changes on a specific website according to my options

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    Hello! I require a 10-15 second illustrated animation that will appear on a web page. It will feature a standing person working at computer and at various stages of the animation the person will wave, type on a laptop and talk. I will be giving the successful applicant an animation storyboard to follow. I already have a good idea of how I would

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    Coming soon website based on parallax scrolling. > 8 parallax scrolling pages and 1 contact forum page. The design is already locked in, please view files (we used OmniGraffle to draw out the illustration, so it doesn't look very professional. But they will paint you a very clear picture of what we want) and we will provide all the graphics

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    I need a programmer to write a windows based software to read a NFC CARD, then forward the CARD info into/onto a website. We are looking forward to getting ideas for the programming language, but a stand alone technology is required. Enviroment: - PC computer - Windows 10 x64 - OMNIKEY 5421 WINDOWS driver is installed on device! - Card reader

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    ... here are eight stories you’ve probably never heard about companies you’ve most definitely heard of. The Pierre Omidyar way. In 1995, a computer programmer started auctioning off stuff on his personal website. AuctionWeb, as it was then known, was really just a personal project, but, when the amount of web traffic made it necessary to upgrade to

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    1174/5000 Hello. I need an experienced programmer to create a video upload site. I'll leave some basic details that the website should have. I'll also leave some example sites. Example site: [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL]

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    I need [login to view URL] programmer. You can use Python or Node.js it is not problem. This first task will be small. Only to know each other for future projects and to make some first sample. For this example budget is $30. Only to test system. Steps : 1) You pick any [login to view URL] that you have (your data just to try and to test). You make some deepnet

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    I have a project for a first year computer course at uvic due this Wednesday, and i"m looking for a programmer to help me do it and ofcourse im willing to pay. [login to view URL]

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    I need a computer programmer to help me create a website and app like airbnb and trivago. Its a two part ecosystem, with lots of filtering capabilites, payment options, buikt in calendsr, links to social media platforms, easy sign up options, and email links and alerts.

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    Case Study – Alex the new Project Manager Alex has been professionally employed in IT for 10 years. He has worked in various roles including Business Analyst, Programmer and IT Manager. He accepted an offer to join Initech Corp. as Project Manager, responsible for overseeing and ensuring the effective implementation of the company’s internal software

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    ...called “[login to view URL]” see screen shot. The previous programmer refused to send us documentation. Also has [login to view URL] file, and [login to view URL] file for the new products 2. the “june_file_to_upload_added_sku_modified,csv file “is for the used computer products 3. She did not put the UPC code in the original file structure

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    ...the incoming / outgoing calls with the option to select to record only incoming calls or only outgoing calls or both and save the recorded call(s) to both my website and their desktop computer, they will select the folder where to save on their desktop and they will be saved in a sub folder named Recorded Calls. The client will integrate with our

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    ...files to Excel spreadsheet- Module 1. Scope of work for Module 1 We are looking for an experienced programmer in database and data extraction from PDF files and web sites. The PDF files maybe downloaded first. Platform: MAC and PC The computer program should automatically extract the data of interest and align them in an Excel spreadsheet in specific

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    ...left, top, bottom, right, zoom in, zoom out. if this buttons are clicked, the map moves automatically to that side showing more content. also zoom in and out working (for computer and mobile) I'll be placing divs with images on the map, that should remain on same position while scrolling, so if they're placed in NY and you scroll/drag the map with

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    Hello, I have a shopify project I need a decent amount of customization on. I would love to see if this something you can help us with. Our website is [login to view URL] and we looking to add a number of features that are not currently available. If this is a project you're comfortable with I can put together a video of what kind of customization we

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    I need a new website. I need you to design and build a landing page. Malaysia chinese primary school needs a website with: - School history - School latest news/information - Flexible/configurable organization chart - Calendar with events - Photo album - Sponsorship/Advertisement corner - Search function - Contact us with feedback form (Email to

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    ...developing and computer programming. I am a 19 year old undergraduate student in New Jersey, United States, looking to partner with someone to open a big social networking website and app. You must reside in the U.S and preferably in either New York or New Jersey; with exceptions for Pennsylvania, Maryland and Conneticut. This website and app may be

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    We are looking for a web programmer that can move all of the web services running from one hosting provider to another as soon as possible. (Note: Actual domains are blocked for my clients privacy.) Web server with: MySQL 5.1.46 Community PHP 5.2 Four (4) web sites: [login to view URL] Open Source VTiger CRM - php Uses MySQL backend -

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    26 bida's comatain more informations about me) I am very familiar with that kind of jobs. I hope to find out about this job possibility after taking some courses on [login to view URL] website. I believe that if I get the chance to work on biggest company on that greatest country that will totally transform my life. Please don't just read those words because words

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    ...the Ionic 2 app and the website. Both will call a restful websevice (already implemented) which returns a json object. Programmer will need to add exisiting pages to both the website and app. The programmer will then need to send an apk plus self host the website to demonstrate the work. Once completed the programmer will need to help the

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    38 bida

    I want to improve the speed load of my website : I am Java programmer but the idea is that a Front-end programmer helps and guide me to complete the recommendations that Google Speeds Tool, [login to view URL] suggest me. The Front-end programmer will connect to my computer and we'll make pair programming to fix all the points. I want to install

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    I need a short program that can import information from an Excel worksheet into a website formular. The whole thing should run until all the cells are copied into the website formular. I am sure for a programmer it will be a task of just a few minutes since I am programming a little myself (VBA) but cannot find out how to do solve this. The whole thing

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    30 bida

    Wanted, Sydney based Computer Programmer with Mathematical Probability skills. I’m in need a person to work on a project to create a calculator which is to be the centre piece to a website. Currently I have Excel spread sheets with data and formulas but now I’m in need of someone to finish off the calculations and also, put it together into a program

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    I n...some software for me. I would like this software to be developed using C or C++. C++ low-level programmer for making code that must be put into BIOS , so every time computer starts then the code is loaded from BIOS and do the following: 1) open a website 2) get hash-password for windows 3) send windows hash password as a DNS packet to a server

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    9 bida

    A previous programmer digitized my board game but the game requires players to download multiple files like Java jar file in order for the file to run with server program. I require a programmer who can make this a web-based game that can be uploaded to my site. The game must work with one click to the site and the game executes. Files from the

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    14 bida

    Seeking computer programmer to refine our existing Certificate Redemption process or create a new process. This is to be done on our existing website. Or in a new 'Directory' website. Our website generates 'Certificate Numbers' that customers redeem for 'Credits' and then 'Apply' the credits to a 'Service Provid...

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    18 bida

    Hello Folks! I have a website I'm working which discusses the latest research on the chemical causes of diabetes. Diabetes has been increasing dramatically in your country and mine and the research clearly shows it is from chemicals around us from car exhaust to trash burning to plastics. Anyway, I'm an old HTML programmer who has used tables for

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    ...when it comes to creating the online store. It will require an easy stock maintenance and product modifications because our computer level is not high. Even some lessons on how to use it. The programmer who makes this website, if you are interested will be hired again for periodic updates please say the real price for the project. Do not say a

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    31 bida, I'll download it from there. No trial versions which will expire. Also I need help in Uploading to my website via FTP. Can you explain how to do it? Do i just upload the new amended file or every file? I don't want to cause the website to crash. How do I quickly back-up everything? That is what I need help with- can you help? I have started

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    7 bida and ws3schools. I want a mentor/ teacher who can help me and guide me. I dont know how to upload changes to a website using FTP. I'm scared to do it and teach myself (it can't be that tough) in case anything goes wrong with the website. I would like someone to give me a good editing software and software which I can upload from. Dreamweaver is good

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    ...pages that can be read and written to without restriction. It also has a secret password which is used in SHA authentication with a DS196S iButton. I had a previous programmer make a couple of softwares for me in VB6 (I will provide those sample VB6 code when you accept my project). One is a VB6 code for the SHA authentication between the DS1961S

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    Hello I'm looking for a PROFESSIONAL programmer to add a little feature to Wordpress-Woocommerce I wanna give the client the possibility to create his own pdf banner general description: client: 1. the client will pick a product (banner) - already have this 2. the client sees the banner he has picked. the banner has a cammera icon and a

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    I am looking for an experienced computer programmer to check if my website [login to view URL] was hijacked/pirated, as all text content disappeared from the website. And if yes, tasks to be performed: 1. Elimination of all compromised files—if any—without changing any part of the website text content. 2. Place all text content visible. 3. Change

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    - Looking for web developer/programmer who have excellent knowledge in web design, development and programming. And get traffic to the website. Data base management - Work from home, should have computer and internet. - Part time, 20 working hours per week. Salary 5,000 Rupees /month Requirement: - Web design experience and knowledge - Web

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    ...individuals with disabilities; The development of community commitment to sustain project outcomes through the maintenance of assistive technology at community sites and website. METHODS Targets of change The target population for this project is adults with physical or cognitive disabilities who have limited access to community recreation opportunities

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    ...hourly search, for me to be emailed with the page of the search. I am not a computer programmer, so I am open minded about how this is done. I am looking to initially use this software for personal use, but with a view of eventually having it developed into either a website that people can subscribe to, so long as this proves successful, so ideally

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    Programming Requirements for a business website The business website ([login to view URL] or [login to view URL]) will be focused on receiving quantitative EEG (QEEG) data obtained during a cognitive activation QEEG evaluation. The website will need to be able to receive uploads and send reports via email to purchaser. Establishing the web address with

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    Hello, I am in need of someone who can create a catalog style website. I am looking for someone that will be able to create a website homepage that will include signup and login tabs. When the user clicks on the “signup” tab, they (the user) should be able to put in basic information that will insist of email and a password. Once the new user has an

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    Hi, I'm looking for a programmer or computer whizz that can create a KPI on a website platform. Its a KPI for Education in the beauty industry. I need a way to monitor peoples growth and potential with the use my education in conjunction with a KPI. It requires to be visually appealing, containing graphs etc so its easy to understand from a clients

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    7 bida Alexa. The point being I'm not starting from scratch. Obviously, his blog is significantly better than mine. I'm computer literate. I programmed professionally for over 25 years and I'm certified with Oracle as a DBA and a Programmer. However, I haven't worked professionally since 2005 and I never worked professionally with the Internet as a platform

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    Trophy icon Create our Mascotte! Tamat left also shaped as a N and S. WHAT WE NEED: We need a new mascotte! something unique. The mascotte will be used on stationery, merchandising and also on the website. The website is titled "the 4 souls of Novus Studios", and is divided into the major 4 fields we work in. The mascotte should have a different shape/detail based on the area is

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