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    I have an old wordpress website that no longer works, admin and users cannot login, page is corrupt, and cant access anything. This project is to restore the site to working including allowing users and admin to login, and able to access back end wordpress in order to re-edit the site. Must have deep knowledge of wordpress internals, php code, mysql, apache2, etc.

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    I have a list of apps that I need to be researched to classify them based on their category (games, utility, etc.), target gender (personal judgement), target age (personal judgement), country targetting (if it's specific to one country), religious association and if it targets a particular language. I've attached the ones to be done, and an example of work that's already been comp...

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    Self publishing my first book. Independent author. My book is political fiction, government intrigue. Below is a query I have used with traditional publishers. I am looking for a book cover America doesn’t know it, but it just elected its first dictator to the office of President of the United States. Jonathan Bradford was elected in a landslide, not because of his brilliant agenda,...

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    We have a particular website (domain) using php7.0.33 but needs gd library to upload files. We need someone experienced enough to not crash or corrupt server. We need GD Library installed on this domain or entire server. Which ever works.

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    I want to disable/corrupt/inoperable some devices by using driver. This can be easily implemented with usermod but its not safe enough. so I want a driver (sys) solution for that work. general approach is blocked/allowed some devices via class guid ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) or vendor id, product id, serial number, friendlyname, bus type or another usable infomation. for ex: I wanna disable ...

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    The primary goal of this project is to develop a hobbyist DSP encoder/decode device, loosely based on the analog dbx technique which seats in between a users digital music source (PC phone etc…) and any low-cost current cassette players/recorders available for purchase from the likes of Amazon and Walmart etc. Besides providing real time encoding/decoding capabilities it will also provide...

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    I am looking for a short and simple children's book for age range 5 to 8 which would be part of a serious of books. This would be the first series. The story is about a boy who is a super hero who has hidden powers. The boy hasn't got any friends, but feels there is great injustice in his village by corrupt officials, police, and local thugs. No one dares to speak out against these peopl...

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    as title says i have a python script i am having trouble getting files to download from the web the file is about 2gb i would also like some kind of progress bar to show how the download is doing. I have tried a few examples on the net but when the download finishes the file is always corrupt.

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    We have 2 datasets. They both seem some weird hash. We need them extracting to 1 mysql database table. Data is fairly large , maybe 100 mil rows each. You must be expert in dehash / parse to new database tables Project is $30

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    recover drive Tamat left

    my server in Rescue System , because there is a problem in the system maybe, i cant start normal Anyway I was able to mount 3 drives and transfer my data Except for the second drive /dev/sdb , i don't see drive part sdb1 , and i can't mount root@rescue / # lsblk NAME MAJ:MIN RM SIZE RO TYPE MOUNTPOINT loop0 7:0 0 4G 1 loop sda 8:0 0 9.1T 0 disk ├─sda1 8:1 ...

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    Trophy icon Logo Design Tamat left

    I need 2 logo design 1. Logo Name = সুলেমান 2. Logo Name = Suleiman This is the logo for a serial. Serial name ( সুলেমান ) Suleiman Remember: * The artist/designer will provide full confirmation that the logo does not have any copyright complexity or similarity with any other logo Note: Bangla logo but I need it -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

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    Question 1This question is about reliability and scalability in Hadoop.(a) Consider the following scenario. While executing a MapReduce job two replicatedblocks of a HDFS block with a replication factor of 3 are marked as corrupt, a Node-Manager fails and the Application Manager also fails. Does this prevent the job fromrunning successfully? For the job to be successful the results must be the sam...

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    I have received a zipped word file that I would like to view. It is passcode protected but will not open as my virus software blocks it. I need to know if it is legitimate or fraudulent.

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    We're seeking freelancers who can write excellent newspaper-style articles on social justice / human rights and corrupt lawyers. As a freelancer, you should have a critical interest in justice systems and how corrupt lawyers can undermine the integrity of the justice system. We pay $10 per 700 word article. You must provide writing samples of previous short essay or journalism writing. Y...

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    I operate a Magento 2 website and appear to have problems resulting from a corrupt database. These problems show as follows: Daily backups fail Cart price Rules under Marketing do not work and the coupon codes set are not active at checkout an upgrade to the latest version of Magento 2 has failed I understand the error may relate to the CUSTOMER table in the data base. “ Database refuse...

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    There are some plugins like assets cleanup and Assets manager, for manually unloading un-used Javascripts and CSS on every page. but that is taking much time to investigate on every single page. I am looking for someone to un-load un-used JS and CSS on all pages (225 pages including posts and pages) on my WordPress. You can do this using plugin or manually. But is important to do it carefully, S...

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    I had an Android app developed and finished a while back. I'm now ready to start testing it w/a limited number of users, but the app broke due to an updated in Android Studio. Android studio no longer compiles, but this is NOT a CODE issue. It's a problem with the updated Gradle. Here's the error: Gradle's dependency cache may be corrupt (this sometimes occurs after a network...

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    I am an ordinary mother of 5 children, whose talents lie with cooking and my children. I was born in London and have lived in the UK all my life.                                          &nb...

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    DBX email files to be converted to pst

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    databases corrupt on cpanel mysql manually moved sql files from corrupt hdd

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    Modify existing python script to work properly with a specific EEPROM Currently I can read the chip however it is corrupt data, I am assuming the setting are incorrect. Current setup is a Arduino UNO and SPI Flash Programmer script. Task requirement is to fix .py and .ino to work with an ST 25128 SPI EEPROM. If successfl, there will be an additional task to write a script that automates reading...

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    I have an old band website with content that I would like to preserve online as an archive. The content consists of sound files, poster images, and live photos, plus a small amount of text. The website is www.thecreepingnobodies.com. I would like someone to update the mechanics of the website so it no longer relies on Flash. I also require a new host company as the previous one (a small orange) ha...

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    Hello we got our app built in 2016, its on the playstore, i got the android files, but seems is db gone corrupt, so i decided to buy a social network script based on google firebase all u need to do: 1. Keep the login menu the same (with my original app) 2. keep the 3d map the same 3. add easy travel/flight api on the app menu 4. reskin the app color (the app has great features already) dont ...

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    Hello we got our app built in 2016, its on the playstore, i got the android files, but seems is db gone corrupt, need it fixed, the play studio android files we got it, just need to be uploaded to our playstore the reason for this is the past developer went missing, so its problem

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    I have a corrupt MySQL database (under Wamp) that needs to be fixed. database name is 'bighead' Some tables say error "table does not exist". It has a few tables but only 1 works 'parts'. The data seems to be there (column names of tables: databaselists, image_logos, etc) Can you restore this database and send me a self-contained export file (.sql) to restore on m...

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    I've got a corrupt Excel file that cannot open, possibley OLE Header Structure Corrupt. When trying to open it "The file may be corrupted, located on a server that is not responding, or read only" Can you help? Thank you and look forward from your response.

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    5 bida

    Hi Akila Ive got a corrupt Excel file that cannot open, possibley OLE Header Structure Corrupt. When trying to open it "The file may be corrupted, located on a server that is not responding, or read only" Can you help? Thank you and look forward from your response.

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    Are you professional on MS Win7? One of our MS Win7 installs needs to be fixed. Usually it would need a fresh installation (even to MS Win10) - but as there are so many critical applications installed - I would rather like to have the current installation fixed. PROBLEMS identified so far: - MS installer (not working anymore, I wasn't able to fix it) - Consequently Adobe Acrobat Reader can...

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    Hackers Broke Into The CEO's dwellings and deleted 3TB Of Data, your Task Is To Restore The Data And Fix The Corrupt HARD DRIVE.

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    1 bida

    i cant mount a VHDX file cause it is corrupt, i need the files inside this VM

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    Trophy icon Logo Design Tamat left

    Looking for logo design. The company is a Security and AV integration/installation firm, primarily focused on Business, industrial, government clients. Some select residential will also be catered to. The security portion of the company specializes in Access Control and related door hardware, CCTV systems, both Analog HD and network based. Networking is also done in conjunction with these services...

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    Hi there, our wordpress mysql database has crashed and is not corrupt. We need an expert in MySql to repair it and recover our posts.

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    30 bida

    Got error on my website [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Error establishing a database connection My hosting provider mention this error please read it carefully then bid also mention in 15 number in bid Thank you for your patience. The reason for the issue is the work of the database "bangboxo_wp": [bangboxo_wp.wp_3PC1GE_options] Table is marked as crashed and last repair failed [bangb...

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    19 bida

    Hey there. I need someone that is better with words than me to tell my story! Nothing in my story is in accurate and will trully blow your mind. It has had the likes of [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and most major news agencies interested in it. My daughters are caught up in the middle and it’s important whoever takes the job understands that this story will change the state government fore...

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    15 bida

    Assignment Details You are a member of a recently formed multi-agency task force that was created to deal with numerous complaints against local police and corrections officers in your town. You are asked to determine if there is merit to these allegations and to develop a protocol to address the current problem to prevent these practices from occurring in the future. The allegations deal primari...

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    13 bida

    Are you able to follow PHP laravel code and arrive to money out folder ? Are you able to choose the money out folder . After getting the money out folder can you take it and use it to replace a money out folder in my website(since the one in my website is corrupt) and ensure it is working well after you replace it?

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    12 bida

    help me change the file which is corrupt and into chk format. if you are successful in converting it to a photo file, please bid.

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    12 bida

    Quick summary E-Mentor is a safe driving app I’m doing some experimenting with. You can look at it in the app store to become familiar with it. I’m looking to create nothing but “great trips” all the time. Option 1 I would like to make one device, a cell phone, to log in multiple E-Mentor accounts under one phone. E-Mentor uploads data to a website via the phones GPS. It...

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    USB datalogger Tamat left

    I need the development of the code for a microcontroller with USB host capability, which fulfills the following: • Data extraction by USB pendrive in CVS or text format. It must be indicated when it has been enumerated, at the end of copying the data or in case of not being able to enumerate. • Enable GPIO input from integrated USB port power management (overload). Regarding the actio...

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    I am a software engineer and trying to make a "self healing" SD card for a raspberry PI board (running Raspbian) in the event the board's power is abruptly removed and the root partition corrupt. I have attempted to follow the instruction at [log masuk untuk melihat URL] with out success for the latest "Buster" version of Raspbian. Can you help produce a "working"...

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    5 bida

    We recently recorded two meetings via Zoom but partway through the conversion the file seems to have corrupted. When you play the video back it starts normally and then about 5mins in it speeds up and the audio distorts. Am after someone who could fix this please.

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    11 bida

    Need the introductory pages of my website, [log masuk untuk melihat URL], edited into a story format that would be appealing to the general public.. Stuart Dizak- I want to simplify the introductory pages for the general reader rather than the legal field.

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    19 bida

    MYSQL error on GoDaddy, need someone to fix ASAP. Must be a server expert to avoid wasting time.

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    Logo Formats Tamat left

    I have a company logo which is purely text as a PNG file in my companies main grey colour. Due to corrupt files and no backup I have lost the white and black versions required for various forms of printed media. I need someone to use their wizardry and software to create these files.

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    48 bida

    We have the following - Lararavel Materials template - MySQL Database The following we have configured on it: - Working user roles, in which our employees can see everything of our clients - The super users, the ‘admin’ users of the clients of us, have their own dashboard - The normal users, can only access the hour registration, and change their own password etc. We need to finis...

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    I need a coder to unlock my wp online store and remove corrupt plugins so I can get in and cleanup the damage. I haven't been able to do business for the last year - prefer skill set included WP MIGRATION DB

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    16 bida

    I’m a 3 year military vet and currently working in the prison system as a correctional officer. Some of the people I’ve met through my life have inspired the 4 man team id like to bring to life. One is based off a real Canadian special forces team member who I trained with, and two more are based off ex military vets who currently work in law enforcement and have proven to be hero&rsq...

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    34 bida

    VSS Services issues are preventing Backup Software Snapshots from being completed via a CMC server and Backup Software (RapidRecovery formerly AppAssure). My goal is to fix some of the seemingly corrupt windows services so I can get back on track,without upgrading OS. GPO experience a plus also. Impress me with your efficiency and knowledge, I guarantee you'll have more work! Thanks!

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    6 bida
    Trophy icon On Behalf Of The Owner Tamat left

    EVERY DESIGN THAT IS NOT ORIGINAL WILL BE DELETED!! If you are copying another designers work in hopes of winning this contest? Please dont. We will have no choice but to remove you from the running ENTIRELY. The colors we'd like in the logo are FOREST GREEN, GREEN & WHITE....ONLY. A PICTURE OF A HOUSE OR A FAMILY OR A HOUSE AND A FAMILY all worked into the logo would be VERY helpful...

    $130 (Avg Bid)
    269 penyertaan